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After 5 years of back and forth debating, I think...

After 5 years of back and forth debating, I think I'm finally sure. I have decided that I will not physically be having anymore children, so its time to take care of mommy. Before I had my son 8 years ago, I was a petite 5' 135lb girl. I am now a petite 5' 155lb curvy mama. I was told I may never be able to safely have the children, so I feel blessed to have my healthy little guy. Since I am so small and he was so long, my body has never been the same and to have him, I'd go through all over again. But now its time for mommy to get my "sexy back".. lol. I hide my tummy very well with clothes and body shapers. I am over hiding and want to be happy with what I see when I look in the mirror. I did gain a wonderful butt ans hips (you can seem 'em from the front..lol) with pregnancy, so no bbl needed, but the belly and boobs really took a toll. I have saggy size 36b breasts and diastis recti w/ sagging loose skin. So now after ALOT of research and decision making. I've decided to go for the surgery!!!!! I will be putting my surgery deposit down next week with Spectrum Aesthetics and Dr. Mel Ortega. I am more than excited!!! Honestly I have been on an emotional roller coaster for awhile now about finally making the decision to go through with the surgery. But I feel like at this point in my life I am finally ready to move forward. :-)

Implant Type & Size??

Ok ladies, so I have been debating back and forth between what type and size breast implants to get. I am a 36b now and would like to be a full c/small d. I am a fan of saline, because they're saline filled, but not a fan of possible rippling and deflation. I am a fan of silicone, because of the more natural feel and no rippling, but I am not a fan of possible rupture and silicone gel leaking into my body. I am also indecisive on size. I am a petite woman, with a short torso and big butt. My butt sits very high and you can see my hips from the front. I LOVE my curves and so does my husband, but we both agree that too big of an implant will tobble me over..lol. I also DO NOT want a lift, I do not heal the best skin wise, besides my husband is the only one looking at my boobs without a bra anyway and he likes them the way they are now! Lol. So I've been debating between 450cc saline vs 425cc silicone. Do you think this will be too big for my frame? I will post wish pics, so you guys can see the end results I am looking for.

Surgery After Care??

Ok ladies, so I need some help with surgery after care suggestions. A
couple of varying factors: we live local (about 4 hours away), my
husband will be traveling with me, I only plan on staying in Miami for
2-3 nights and I want to be in a comfortable, clean and quiet
environment. I am debating between staying at The Best Western Premier,
behind Spectrum Aesthetics office and hiring a nurse to come and help my
husband take care of me or staying at a recovery home like Miriam
Landford's. The indecisive comea from a privacy and comfort stand point
for me. I am thinking, if we have a private hotel room, if I wake up
crying in pain or am constipated on the toilet for awhile (just being
real), I would prefer a more private setting and not to be embarrassed.
He has seen me at worst after a surgery and obviously I am completely
comfortable around my husband. Also, I don't know that I want my husband
in a house full of women who just had surgery. I don't want him or the
other women in the house to feel ackward. I don't know how I would feel
about some random woman's husband/boyfriend strolling around right after
Ive had surgery. Ok, but the plus sidr of staying in a recovery home to
me seems like the 24/7 care, meals included and the comradety of
meeting other women going through the same thing as me. Also the
cleanliness versus a random hotel. I don't know ladies, any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :-)

Post Surgery Checklist, Tips & Items Needed??

Ol ladies, so I have a little bit of time for this sincey surgery isn't slated until the end of August. But I was wondering of there are any particular items you think I should purchase before my surgery, to help with post surgery recovery. Also, any tips on post mommy makeover. I had a c-section years ago and vividly remember that experience, but I also have ridiculously high pain threshold. But regardless ANY tips or suggestions for anything, including pain management would be greatly appreciated. I've seen some things like scar away bandages, eating pineapple, ice packs, bringing microwaveable soup cans and bottled water...etc. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, any help I would appreciate it. :-)

Implants Too Risky???

Ok, ladies, so are implants too risky?? Wondering if I should just get the tummy tuck and call it a day?? I was playing arounf on my phone and altered some of my pics. Telle what you think.

Morr wish pics...

Tummy Tuck only :-)

Ok so after a long talk with my husband today, I've decided to only do the tummy tuck. I am just too scared to do the breast implants right now. Also, he took me shopping and I found this bra that makes my breast look brand new!! Lol and to my surprise its a 36D. Talk about surprised face..lol. I really love it! I also found this tie crop top shirt which is going in my collection of post surgery clothes (can't wait to see what it looks like with a snatched/smooth waist). I took some pics I'll post in the bra and shirt, just playing around, imaging my body without te gut...

More wish pics :)

It just got real!!!!

Ok, so I've confirmed my surgery date August 30th and putting down my deposit tomorrow morning!!!!!! I am sooooo excited. The first step to my new body :-) Oh and also I've decided to stay at Miami-Escape for my recovery. My hubs is gonna stay with me the first day for pre-op and through the next day for my surgery. Then he will release in the capable hands of Danni at Miami-Escape. He will be back to get me for my 7 day post op visit. We're only a couple of hours away, so he can come and visit in between the week also. He would stay with me, but we dont have anyone to take care of our son long term and I dont want him missing any school, for mommies surgery. I know I typed it already, BUT I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

Deposit is paid!!

Deposit is paid!!! So excited!!!! Ome more step closer to my new waist :-)

More wish pics...

12 weeks until surgery!!!!

Omg, 12 weeks until my surgery and the countdown begins. I'm trying to lose between 10 and 20lbs between now and then. I've gathered all my workout gear and am ready to get started. I hope I don't lose alot of breast fat, but I do know that I have to ge my weight down. I'm so excited though for the process. I know these 3 months are going to wisk by!

Tummy tuck without lipo???

Ladies my tummy tuck with Dr. Ortega includes lipo of the flanks. I've been reading alot about how your healing process is quicker if you have a tummy tuck without lipo. What do you guys think?

Getting my weight down :)

Slowly, but surely getting my weight down. I really cant believe I weighed 171lbs! partially from not eating the healthiest, not knowing I had celiac disease and being pumped full of steroids and antibiotics due to the gluten allergy. Now months later after a lot of hardwork and (mostly..lol) healthy eating habits. I'm starting to really see results. I can actually see some ribs poking through..lol. Fyi, I'm only 5' and weighing in about 150-153 right now. My goal is to get down 15-20lbs more before my surgery in August. I want to keep my curves, but lose the flab.

The Countdown...

My supply list so far...

Ladies anything I'm missing??

Wish collage....

A few more supplies I've added to my cart...

My Stomach is deflating...

Thanks to Tae Bo Extreme and my sweat heat belt, my belly fat is literally melting away.

Recovery House booked! (Miami Escape)

I've confirmed my recovery house will be Miami Escape, paid my deposit today!! I'm so excited! Talking to Dani, is like talking to a friend I've known forever. She is really down to earth and I feel comfortable staying with her for my recovery. Also if you're interested in checking them out, the website is Miami-escape.com

Weightloss tip..

Hey ladies, so I know alot of you are trying to slim down before surgery. Gotta get our BMI's in check! Lol. So one of things I do before my cardio workout is wrap my belly in Saran Wrap and then in my waist workout belt. I know it sounds silly, but it really helps to sweat out that fat..lol

Very informative

I found this video while browsing through breast augmentation videos on YouTube. I thought I would share it with you guys. The young lady talks about the risk and possible complications of breast augmentation. I really appreciate it because I feel so much more informed.


70 days left until surgery! Still working on getting my weight down :)

Kind of random..

So this is kind of random....but I was looking through my closet today and realized EVERYTHING I purchase is meant to hide my belly. (Sad face) I know this will seem vain and selfish, but I will be so happy to go shopping for outfits that enhance my figure, not hide it. To be proud and confident when I get dressed in the morning, not depressed and sad...sorry just needed to vent a little..I just feel like I excude happiness and positivity, but my confidence is really gone. I am so excited for surgery and look forward to feeling and looking good again :-)

My dream shape....

Hoping my results are like this!!!

60 days until the flat side....time is just racing by!!

Full body pic...

More wish pics

7 weeks until surgery OMG!!!

Almost time for my juice fast, gotta get these last couple lbs off before surgery. I had a dream last night of my dream body. Woke up feeling wonderful today. :)

4 Weeks Until Surgery!!!!!

My, my, mu how time has just flown right by. I received my labcorp paperwork today from Spectrum. I will be going to get my bloodwork done tomorrow. Fingers crossed, it all looks good. I've been eating super healthy and fasting, so hopefully my results are good and I am cleared for surgery. Still working on getting to my ultimate goal weight about 10 more pounds to go before surgery. I'm already down from a size 14 to size 7/8. So the hard work has definitely paid off. I still have more work to put in though. As my husband would say, now its beast mode time..lol


Woohoo, just got my email from Evelyn that I've been cleared for surgery! 25 more days until the flat side. Sooooo excited!!!!

Officially 2 weeks until Surgery!!!

Omg, can't believe I'm only 2 weeks away from surgery, how crazy is this?! Excited, a little nervous, buy can't wait to see my shape afterwards :-)

Officially 1 week untik surgery!!! Omg!!

Next Tuesday I'll be on the flat side. This doesn't even seem real right now. I keep trying on clothes, imaging my body without this kangaroo pouch..lol. Yes, I already bought crop tops and fitted dresses to wear after surgery..lol. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, omg everything! Lol.

Only 5 days until surgery!!

Alright, so counting down the days still... I am so excited (which I think I have been saying since my 80 day countdown..lol)! My bags are packed, still waiting on 1 more amazon order that will be arriving tomorrow (it's already here, just won't be delivered until tomorrow). I'll give a quick rundown of supplies I've purchased at the bottom of this update. Now keep in mind I'll be at Miami Recovery house for 5 days after surgery and they also have supplies there, so everything won't be needed while I'm in Miami. I have also purchased some wish clothes, which were also my motivation to keep losing the weight pre-surgery, I'll post a few pics also. I can't wait to see what my body will look like in my new outfits. I was feeling a little weary with my decision for surgery, it seemed like all of these obstacles kept getting in the way. But I am happy to now be confidently committed to DOING THIS! I deserve to be happy and look in the mirror and be pleased with what I see :-) I will be headed to Miami on Sunday, getting settled in and then surgery on Tuesday morning. I will continue to keep you ladies updated as the days progress, thank you again for all your support and encouraging words.

Post Surgery supplies:
-ABD pads
-Lipo foam
-Faja Salome Flattening board
-Cool or Hot bean bag
-Thermacare patches
-BioFreeze roll-on
-Silicone tape
-Hibiclens Bodywash
-Antibacterial body wipes
-Manuka oil

-Quercetin w/Bromelian
-Arnica 30c tablets
-L Glutamine
-L Arginine

-Memory foam slippers
-Original Birkenstock
-Oversized jumpsuit (For surgery day)
-Hanes seemless panties
-3 loose maxi dresses
-3 Leggings
-3 Old Tshirts

P.s. my time of the month came early this week (Hallelu!!) So happy I won't have to deal with that after surgery. *I think I unconsciously willed it to happen though, I was so worried about dealing with it...lol*

2 days until surgery!

Headed to Miami, the nerves are truly kicking in now. Omg, in 2 days I'll have a new body...this just doesn't even seem real. After almost 9 years of up and down, indecisiveness, finally taking the plunge and doing this!

Surgery scheduled for 1030am!

Ok, so I just left Spectrum, the office looks really clean and the staff at the front desk were very nice and helpful. I didnt get the young ladies name who helped me, but she was very attentive and gave me all of information for surgery tomorrow. My surgery is scheduled for 1030am! So excited and nervous all at the same time. Only thing that frustrated me a little is I didnt know that one of my nails needed to have no polish, acrylic, no anything. The only reason its a big deal for me is because my nails are very long and I just paid $50 to get them done before I came here, now I have to try and find a salon in Miami that can remove acrylic and gel polish from ONE nail...omg...lol. Also, anyone that is interested in staying at the Best western premiere hotel that is right behind Spectrum, don't! It is horrible, it is dirty from the time you step into the lobby. When we got to our room, I did my room check and untucked all of the sheets so my son could lay down and there was blood on the sheets....so gross!! So I called down to the front desk to speak with a manager, when I told them there was blood on the sheets, they said, "how much"? Smh. Really?? I told my husband we were not staying here, went down stairs and got a refund, then found another hotel down the street. Crowne plaza, it is phenomenal!!! The staff is super sweet amd accommodating. The room had actually just been steam cleaned and we are much more comfortable here. We will be sightseeing and having a little fun today, the its off to surgery tomorrow. I'll update you all again tomorrow morning.

3 hours until surgery!

Up bright and early with my little man (unintentionally..lol), but he is always up early. I was awoken by a rumbly belly. I drank 3/4 of a bottle of magnesium citrate before bed, so its slowly working its way through my system. But its fine actually, my gluten allergy can really trip me up, especially when I'm not at home and can't cook for myself. So this is helping with that, as well as preparing my bowels for surgery. Gonna lay back down and try to get a little more sleep. Then its off to Spectrum at 9am!

All checked in for surgery!

I'm here at Spectrum, all checked in for surgery. Now my nerves are on a 10!! Butterflies in my stomach is an understatement. Did my urine test. Now just waiting, watching tv and listening to music.

Final before pics

In the waiting room.

Final before pics

Before pics

I'm on the flat side :)

Ok, so a quick rundown so far.

I went into the surgery room and was talking to the anesthesiologists and they said I was in good hands. Next thing I know, I'm being awaken by a nurse, saying it's time to wake up and my surgery went well. I went from knocked out to completely alert, like someone gave me a shot of adrenaline and the pain wad unbearable. Which coming from me is a big deal. I have a very high threshold for pain. The only pain I had though was from mu muscle repair. I could literally feel every stitch pulsating and spasm. It was horrible, I just kepy crying and asking for meds. They ended up giving me a fentinal shot which took the edge off, but I was still hurting, so I tried my best to breathe through the pain and relax. The more tense I was, the worse the pain was. So then Dani from Miami Escape was waiting on me, she picked me up and drove me to her house. Then ny husband came and dropped off all my stuff. Now I've been off and on sleeping. Just fell asleep writing this actually. Lol. I haven't had pain anywhere else except thr right drain site. Its leaking and I feel like it pinching my skin, which a very annoying pain. Just fell asleep agan..omg. I just took my nausea meds. Well I'm of to bed ladies.

Post op day 1

Ok ladies, so I went to my post op today, I'll break it down for you. First, I only waited about 20-30 minutes, which was wonderful. I got into the room, put on a gown and waited another 15- 20 minutes. The nurse came in and took some pics of me, just like they did before surgery. Then they changed my bandages on the right drain because that side was leaking alot yesterday. They also changed my belly button bandage. My belly button still looks super wrinkly, but I know I'm still swollen and I still have stretch marks. Honestly I dont really care about that. I'm more concerned with a flat belly and trim waist. Ok, so after all my dressings were changed, I got a new smaller compression garment and then I scheduled my next visit. I'm going to be coming to see the doctor tomorrow since I'll be going back home this weekend and he'll be going out of town Friday. I stopped taking percocet early thid morning. It was making me vomit everything except water. So now I'm only taking extra strength Tylenol and all of the vitamins/supplements I bought. I was able to keep down two pieces of fish, a small salad, one cookie and a little fruit and yogurt. My body feels replenished now, not so sluggish. I've been getting up and walking around about every 5 hours or so and in between using the restroom. I feel alot better than I felt yesterday. I definitely feel more achey now that I'm only taking Tylenol. But the pain is durable,well for me anyway. Still the worst part is the muscle repair. I feel the shift and tightness inside. If I touch my stomach it is numb and soft to touch because it's swollen. I have absolutely no pain from the liposuction, weird right? I only feel like tingly sensation sometimes and a bruising feeling by my rib cage. As far as my tummy tuck incision goes, Dr. Ortega was able to get the scar literally in the crease of my hip and leg, woohoo!! I only have pain on the right side, it was bleeding alot last night. But has seemed to stop today, but it still is achey and uncomfortable. I have been keeping an ice pack on that side. Well I think thats about it for today, I'm gonna try to get some rest now. I'll let you guys know how my appt goes tomorrow.

Post op day 1 pics

Miami Escape Recovery House

Ok, so this place is phenomenal! Dani, Samantha and Molly are great!!! They are here 24 hours a day with you. So whatever you need or want they have it or will get it for you. The beds are comfortable, not to hard and not to soft, a little high for a shorty like me, but that's my life. They gave me a step stool...lol. The food that I've actually been able to keep down has been great also. I had two pieces of baked Tilapia, salad and a fruit and yogurt salad for dessert. I did bring my own snacks because of my gluten allergy, but if you don't have an allergy they have plenty of snacks for you. Dani says, she likes her girls to eat! Lol. They also have all the supplies you need, (chucks, abd pads, gauze, arica gel, ice packs, pee-eez, etc) So you truly can pack light. I was pretty much naked my first day..lol I was just in so much pain. They gave me a hospital gown and robe to put on, but today I was able to manage to put on one of my maxi dresses. This staff has been nothing less than exceptional and has helped me through this recovery period so much more than I even imagined. I feel so blessed to be in such good hands here. These women are all very knowledgeable and help you in whatever way they can. They are patient, and do not rush or push you into anything. Thank you Miami Escape!

Waiting on Dr.Ortega

At Spectrum waiting on Dr. Ortega. My appointment was at 8 and I didn't get here until 915, due to traffic and wrong directions. It's now 1030 and I'm just patiently waiting in the exam room.

Random Things...

So since I can't fall back asleep, I figured I'd tell you guys about a couple of random things I'm going through.

Last night was pretty rough. I couldn't get comfortable, I just tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable position, plus not squish my drains.

I'm 4 days post op, still no bowel movement. Not really a big deal to me considering I have Celiac and thats normal. I did take magnesium citrate before surgery and had a major bowel movement the morning of, so right now I don't feel constipated or anything considering I haven't really eaten that much.

My legs are swelling at the ankles, I need to get up and walk more, its just hard because once I lay down and get comfortable, I don't want to get up. But I am doing a little more with each day.

My muscle repair is by far the most pain still, imagine wearing a steel boned corset all day and it constantly rubbing your upper rib cage. Ugh...I have been using an ice pack in the middle of my chest which gives me monetary relief.

My incision is fine, there are only two areas that bother me. Ok, so I'm assuming the end of my tt stitch is on my right, it puckers more and it has leaked the most. I had the same issue with my c-section stitch. It is also giving my the most grief (incision wise). It feels like this constant pinching and pulling pain. The other area on my incision that bothers me is right on top of my vagina, where I shaved before surgery. My recommendation is for you ladies to wax, as opposed to shaving. I say this because now the hair is growing back in and it is sooooooo irritating. Its like sandpaper rubbing on the incision, not fun!

My back pain is minimal, only achey, like after a hard work out.

My compression garmet keeps rising up over my booty when I try to sleep or lay down and sometimes I feel like its digging into my incision. So now I have abd pads all along the bottom seam of my garment, which is helping.

I can't stand up straight all the way yet. But when I lay down, I can stretch my arms over my head without any pain.

I still need help getting up from laying down on my back.

Ok, so just a couple of random things. I'll keep updating as much as I can.

5 days post op

Hello everyone, so today I'm 5 days post op. Headed home with my love. I'm very happy I made the decision to stay in Miami for a week. The ladies at Miami Escape took great care of me and now I can go home better prepared to take care of myself. Today is definitely the best I've felt so far. I've been taking one muscle relaxer with tylenol in the evening. Which has really helped me get through the night. Plus I don't wake up feeling so achey and stiff. I had my first bm yesterday, which wasn't painful or necessarily relieving. I didn't feel backed up...lol. I also didn't take any laxatives. Just clean eating. My muscle repair definitely seems to be stretching and I am almost able to stand up completely straight. Hopefully the next couple days I'll be completely upright. My ankles are still swelling a little, but hubs will rub and get that fluid moving. My drains are barely draining anything now, so I plan on removing them, taking a shower, changing my incision bandages and removing my belly button packing tonight. Hallelu!!! I know I'm gonna feel so much better afterwards. I hope I'm not forgetting to mention anything. But if so, I can always do another post later.

Bye bye drains

I'm finally home. Oh and how good it feels. So first off, my husband gets a 10++++++++++ in hubby points. He cleaned the entire house, set up my recliner and had everything ready for me when we got home. Omg. He is the best!!! Ok, so now that I'm here, first thing I did was organize all my things, prescriptions, garments, abd pads, etc. Then I took out my belly button padding, cleaned it with alcohol wipes and put manuka honey and antibiotic on it. Its so cute and little, it just hurts behind it, it's like I can feel it tugging on my muscles underneath. Omg, the pain is real!!! Ok, so then it was onto the drains, the right one was first, it's the one that bugs me the most. Once I took the bandages off, my incision started bleeding, but I had a feeling that was gonna happen. My right side has a pucker in the stitch and the end is not closed all the way. So it's bleeding out of 3 little spots including the drain, but nothing crazy. My husband freaked out, but I told him everything is still healing and we have to give it time. It was weird, I was pushing a little on my belly button and I could see air pushing through the drain on the right, but no fluid. So I went ahead and removed the drain, which didn't hurt, but it was really gross. I felt like an alien was coming out of my body or something..lol. I did the same on the left side. Once the drains were removed I cleaned the entire incision with alcohol wipes and Antibacterial wipes. Then I put manuka honey and antibiotic ointment on it. Then my husband helped me rebandage everything. Doubled up on abd pads now that I dont have the drains. I tried to put on my full body compression garment (size m) the struggle was real. I couldn't make that happen today. So I opted for another bottom only garment I purchased, with the compression from the doctor on top. This seems to be working out well. So now I'm propped up in my recliner feeling so relaxed. I forgot to take pictures, I definitely will the next time I take everything off.

6 days post op!!

So today I'm 6 days post op. I didn't really sleep that well. But I do feel good today. I realize that sleep will just not be pleasant until I am totally healed. I attached some photos from this morning. My belly button is so cute, I put a silicone ear plug in last night, hopefully that will help shape it. The plug actually gives me some pain relief also. I'm not even sure why, it just does. Now that my swelling is going down, I can see more bruises, mainly on the left side, but I continue to take arnica tablets, plus all my other vitamins. I'm definitely seeing some definition in my waist. The right side is really contoured, but the left is taking its time..lol. I hope it all evens out. I removed my drains yesterday and barely had any fluid or blood on the abd pads this morning. So I am very happy I decided to take them out, I'm so much more comfortable. Lastly, I'm pretty much standing up straight! I would say I'm 95% of the way there. Also this nursing recliner is EVERYTHING!! Its the perfect size for me, plus its not such a deep cushion, so its alot easier to get myself up and out of. The best thing is we found it on Craigslist for $25!

Barely any stretch marks left!

Dominican Republic Surgery

This is just my opinion. I see alot of women on RealSelf with serious issues after surgery in the DR. I know the cost for ALL of the work you want done can be achieved there. But if you're sick, paralyzed or god forbid dead. Than what was the point in saving a couple of dollars. There is a reason we have certain regulations on cosmectic surgery in the states. How will your body properly heal from a tt,lipo,bbl and ba...all at the same time???? Ladies, please do your research and think about everything before going overseas for cosmetic surgery, whether thats stateside or not. Ok, I'm done ranting...

7 days post op

Looking better and better, 97% upright :-)

Playing dress up!

I can't believe its been a week since my surgery. The time has really flown by. I decided to try on some clothes I purchased before my surgery. I literally could cry trying these clothes on. I haven't had a waste since 2006! I am still very swollen and still love how I look. Thank you Dr. Ortega for making my wish become a reality!!

9 days post op and feeling great!

Hi ladies!!! So today I'm 9 days post op and feeling wonderful. I'm not gonna lie, sleeping is still a challenge, but I've accepted that. I'm still taking a muscle relaxer before bed and at 5am with tylenol. This seems to really help me around 8am or 9am when I actually get out of bed. I woke up feeling invigorated today! So great and ready for the day. Yesterday I started using my lipo board and also my heavenly shapewear garment. That compression garment from spectrum is dead and gone to me..lol. IT IS SOOO UNCOMFORTABLE! Plus I'm so little, it always rode up my back, dug into my incision and left creases all over me. My heavenly shapewear garment is super tight, but it is a full body garment, so the compression is even all over, not just on my stomach. I've noticed some dimples of fat on my butt, no bueno. So I purchased a cellulite brush that I'm going to start using next week, when I have more range of motion. I also see more bruises on my sides, since the swelling has gone down. But I'm still taking my arnica tablets and I know that the swelling and bruising will go away with time. Patience is a virtue :)

Heavenly Shapewear

Happy is an understatement...

So today I'm 10 days post op. I really can't believe that its only been 10 days!! I am in love with my results so far. My belly definitely looks the most flat today, versus day 1. I can actually see a little definition and that inward curve. I really am on cloud 9 today. Ok, headed back to bed. I just had to share these pics with you guys.

Swell Hell

Omg, so I haven't been out of the house for a week, technically two, if I count my time in Miami. So I thought I'd go get nails done and then a quick Walmart pick up order. My husband drove me to the nail salon, a 30 minute appointment turned into an hour and a half...sad face...but my nails are super cute. I wasn't necessarily uncomfortable while I was there, but it was just alot on me trying to sit up in that position for so long. So we left there and went to Walmart, omg, how I hate Walmart. But I had to pick up a baby registry gift, plus a few things for my son. I was only there for all of 25 minutes, but my stomach WAS NOT having it! I could literally feel the swelling starting to rise. I looked down and could see it puffing out a little. So as I started walking back to the car, I could feel pain in my muscle repair area, all the way up my chest. Imagine being constipated and having acid reflux at the same time. I was in so much pain, my husband just kept trying to keep me calm and get me home. Which was literally 5 minutes away, but seemed like a lifetime. So I got home and put my old compression garment on top of my new one(which I already had on) and my lipo board, sat in the recliner, took some tylenol and nausea meds. After about an hour, everything had subsided. Thank God. My body clearly spoke to me today. I will not be going anywhere else anytime soon. I will be in bed with my feet up for awhile. I attached some pics I took when I got home. Oh and I dont have any rolls, I just have my garment pulled down and folded over, so its pushing in on my hips. Listen to your body ladies, don't try to do to much!!!

11 days post op

So I woke up feeling achey and honestly a little miserable this morning, plus I couldn't really get comfortable. But regardless I got up and walked around a little, got the blood flowing and now I'm back in bed. Lol. I'm going to a friend's get together later today, so I will be doing absolutely nothing until its time to leave for that. Hoping to avoid what happened yesterday. I did pick up this cute bikini for $5 yesterday. Its a little snug on my hips, still swollen. But give me about a month and I know it'll look phenomenal! Living in Florida it's summer all year, so I know I'll be purchasing more..lol I can't believe I havent worn a bikini 10 years!! Wow! This is definitely a surreal moment for me. Also another random thing is my sides have been super itchy lately. I think its because the swelling is going down and everything is beginning to heal. My belly button is also starting to scab over a little, so its healing also. I feel like everything is progressing as it should be. I am very happy with my results so far.

A few more supplies I purchased yesterday..

13 days post op

Hello ladies, so I woke up feeling so-so today. Not great, but not bad. Just achey on my sides still. So its hard to get comfortable at night and get a good night's sleep. Last night I removed my tape and cleaned my incision with Hibiclens. I also packed on some more manuka honey. I didn't put anymore tape just yet, just abd pads. I want to check the progression of the opening I have on the left side from the drain. I also ordered some micropore tape and benzoin capsules. Once those arrive, i'll rebandage everything up. I'm still super happy with my results. Everyday my stomach looks better and better. When I touch it, it feels less and less swollen. I can feel the muscles underneah the skin. The most swollen area is directly above my incision. Also I have puckering skin on the right side of my incision. It doesn't really bother me as long as it heals ok. I also have little keloids along my entire incision. But that doesn't really bother me either. I know I'm still early in my healing process so no rush. I know the pictures arent the best, but I did the best I could..lol

2 weeks post op!

Ok, so I made it to 2 weeks post op!! Without any major hiccups, hallelu! If you've been reading my older post I try to post regularly to keep you all informed of what's going on. There really hasn't been alot of changes from yesterday, so I thought I'd do another random things post instead.

Manuka honey is literally a gift from God! Lol. I honestly can't remember where I read about it, but it is amazing. If you have open wounds it will literally begin to heal the same day. Hospitals are beginning to use manuka honey to treat mrsa, so you know its good stuff.

Constipation is REAL and evil!!!!lol. But (no pun intended..lol) it can be prevented. This is partially my own fault. I have celiac disease and I know I have to drink atleast 2 glasses of Prune juice a day to stay regular. But I have been slacking. Plus I have been eating alot of rice, which is also a big no no for me. It doesn't digest well. PLUS I have been ordering out alot because I can't stand and cook for hours. So I figured out a solution today. My hubs drove me to the grocery store. I bought alot of ingredients that I can "prepare" but don't necessarily need to be cooked. For instance, gluten free turkey wraps, ceviche, vegetable soup, etc....and a big ol' bottle of Prune juice..lol. I wish I had thought of this prior to coming home from Miami, but it's no biggie, I'm doing it now. So ladies, unless you're staying in a recovery house for awhile after surgery, prepare some meals or get some healthy easily prepared meals to eat post surgery. Trust you will not have the energy to get up and cook for yourself.

Swollen ankles, remember to keep your feet elevated and if you plan on going out doing more walking than usual, where sneakers or shoes with alot of cushion. Compression socks if possible as well.

Driving, I'm still not driving myself yet. But even if you're only riding, I suggest bringing a small pillow or a little neck pillow to put on your stomach. Then put the seat belt on top of that. It has been my savior for those quick stops or unexpected pot holes.

Sleeping, I'm still not comfortable, but can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am sleeping in bed propped up with pillows under my back and legs. When my stitches are completely closed I will be able to sleep on my sides atleast. Yay!

Lower back pain, to be honest, this just started for me about two days ago. I think it is partially attributed to my constipation and I also havent been taking the muscle relaxers as much. I havent been able to walk for too long without my lower back muscles tightening up. Which is no fun at all. #sadface

Coughing, Sneezing and Laughing, ok so for the first week. I would cringe at the thought of coughing, it was excruciating! It felt like my muscles were ripping apart inside. My husband is a jokester and would try to cheer me up, by making me laugh, but it actually was making it worse..lol. So no laughing, maybe a slight chuckle, but nothing more. Sneezing, well I can't really speak to much to this. I just had my first sneeze today and it wasnt that bad, I grabbed a pillow, pushed it against my stomach, braced myself and let it go. It honestly just felt like someone knocked the wind out of me. No pain really, just a big push of pressure and my muscles all tightened up for awhile.

Bending, Reaching, Pulling and Lifting. Well I'm already short and can never reach anything, Lol. So I bought a foldable step stool, which is very light weight but sturdy. It helps me get in and out of bed as well as reach the cabinets and microwave. Bending, only if THERE IS NO ONE THAT CAN HELP YOU and its a necessity, like you drop your phone or something. This is not only a big no no, it hurts like hell. It honestly hurt to just bend my neck and look down for the first couple of days. Let alone bend my abdomen to wipe myself. Omg, it wasn't happening. I was so happy the ladies at Miami Escape were not squeamish and willing to help. Pulling, that I've been doing from day one. To get up from a laying down position I would ask one of the ladies to hold out their arm, I would grip it and pull myself up. For getting into bed I would push up on my arms, on each side and shimmy into my position. The only part that would really be bothersome is right between my breast, at the top point of my rib cage. It felt like I was tearing the muscle, ugh. Lifting, NOTHING, not even that purse girl! Please be very careful. I literally would only carry my neck pillow to my appointments. No lifting ladies, you will hurt yourself.

Muscle repair, I thought this was the bain of my existence for the first week and a half. It was really the only pain I've consistently felt throughout this entire process. If any of you ladies are familiar with wearing a steel boned corset, it feels like that on the inside of your body. Super tight. So it takes time to get use to and for your muscles to relax from the stitches inside.

Liposuction of the flanks, ok, so in the beginning, first week. I had no pain from the lipo at all. I was swollen and numb, so unless someone literally punched me, I didnt feel it. Now for this week, its a completely different story. My swelling has gone down tremendously, so my skin is meeting with underlying tissue and muscles. It is painful, achey and itchy. I just apply benadryl topical gel and biofreeze. The combination seems to work well for me. All of my lipo bruising is gone. I only have one bruise on my front, bottom, left side of my incision. I think it's from where the drain was though, not the lipo.

Medications, I only took percocet and nausea meds the first day, percocet makes me vomit, so I stopped taking it after day one. Day 2-13, taking Tylenol 2 pills every 6 hours. Day 3-13 muscle relaxer before bed and at 5am. Now no meds, only 1 tylenol if needed.

Supplements, in my previous post I have a picture of the supplements I'm taking. They are mostly tissue repairing supplements. What bodybuilders take. I believe they've attributed to my swift recovery.

Restroom and bathing, ok, so where do I start...Day 1-3, I was pretty much naked all the time. Just a compression garment and robe. I could use the restroom by myself, but couldn't wipe. Day 3-5 , I could use the bathroom by myself and wipe myself in the front. But I could not turn around and wip my butt. This may be a tmi, but I try to keep it 100 and hopefully this helps someone. It hurt less to crouch and wipe from the front, then turn and try wipe after a bowel movement. So I would reach down with one arm between my legs, as far back as possible and wipe myself (still doing this now). Day 6-now, I can shower alone, but I do make sure to do it while my husband is home, just in case I was to fall or something, better safe than sorry.

Attire, I live in cheap black maxi dresses I bought online and my bathrobe. No pants or underwear. My incision is really low, plus while you have drains, you're going to be very uncomfortable with anything rubbing against it.

That's all I can think of for now. I did begin work again today, but I work from home a very sedentary job. So no big change in my at home routine. If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Happy healing everyone ????

Abs at 2 weeks!!!!

Yaaasssss!!! I can't believe I forgot to post a photo. Look at these abs!! Yes, no photoshop and its only gonna get better!!

A few new pics.

So I had some oozing clear fluid from my belly button and was freaked out a little bit. I emailed Spectrum and they were very prompt in responding to my concerns. They reassured me that it would all be ok. I have also seen alot of youtubers go through the same thing. So I have been just working on keeping it clean, so it doesn't get infected. My incision scar is healing nicely as well. The pics are from a couple days ago. It looks alot better now. The little black stuff you see is dead skin and the yellow is dried honey. Most of it all has been washed off now. My swelling has been up and down, but it seems to definitely be subsiding. I rebandaged my incision before taking new pics. I will make sure to take pics the next time I change the tape. I will also post a full body pic from today.

17 days post op

To waist train or not to waist train....that is the????

Ok, so I've been slightly concerned with the unevenness of my sides. I have an old Camella's short torso corset, I thought I'd throw on for a couple of hours. So I did and wow! Instant mirror sides! Also I like the fact that it didnt leave a weird bulge between the top and bottom of my incision. There was some creasing caused by the steel bones. But the compression garment leaves the same creases, just horizontally...ijs. So to help rectify that, I put a little foam on the inside of mu corset, I also put a tank top on underneath. We'll see how this all works out, but I can't lie, I'm intrigued....

Also, a quick regular update. My incision is completely healed and doing well. The next time I remove the tape, I will take pics. My belly button on the other hand id NOT cooperating. But its coming along. Other than that, everything seems to be progressing well. I continue to take my supplements (until the bottles are empty) I really do praise them for my swift recovery. Let me know if you guys want an updated list by the way. I have no more pain, except occasionally on my sides where the lipo was done and that's only if I push deep into the skin. I am still applying arnica gel and biofreeze twice a day to help with that. Now that the swelling is goinh down, I can definitely see some creases. Hoping my cellulite massager can zap those out. Also I looked at myself in the mirror today in just a bra and panties and felt so beautiful. I know thats random. But for us ladies, that can seriously be an everyday struggle. Ok, well time for bed.

P.S. now I'm thinking about getting my boobs done...lol..omg

Vitamin & Supplement List

Arnica Montana 30x (Hyland's)
Vitamin A 8,000IU (Radiance)
Cranberry 4200mg (Cvs Herbal)
Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine (Vimerson)
L-Arginine 500mg (Vitamin Shoppe)
Bromelain 500mg (Vitamin Shoppe)
Glutamine 500mg (Bodytech)
Vitamin C 1000mg (Sundown Naturals)
Raw Manuka Honey Active 15+ (Y.S. Eco Bee Farms)
Arnica Tea 2 tea bags per cup (Herbacil)

*I haven't yet. But I will be adding a Womens Multivitamin, Dhea and Green Tea extract to my daily routine as well.*


(Star Trek Music playing in the background)

These are the Voyages of NewNewBody4Me....to seek out new tips and ideas for the future women to come and to boldy go where many women have gone before...lol.

Ok ladies so I thought it'd be helpful if I could write out a couple of scenarios to help you guys recover. I've only had a tummy tuck with liposuction, so can truly only speak to that.

Tummy Tuck:

This surgery is no joke! I would definitely say it only takes second place to a full mommy makeover. This is major surgery and should definitely be treated as such. If there are any mom's out there that compare this to Csection, I believe that is valid, but please keep in mind that after surgery you are not in a hospital with a team of nurses to care for you. Plus there is no pain pump, etc. All of the comfortable things that help you recover. Also the muscle repair pain is REAL! I was not all prepared for that. I have a particularly small torso, which may have attributed to my specific discomfort with this. But nonetheless, it was painful! Ok, so for sure the worst for me, was the muscle repair. Any of you who have ever worn a steel boned corset, this is what the muscle repair felt like to me, literally like someone had stitched me up my stomach inside and any little movement, there was a shift inside as well. Even now I have a little discomfort when I have a sneeze attack or try to get up to swiftly. My body is like, girl, no! Lol. The incision has honestly never really caused me any pain, minus the sides, particularly the ends of each side. Those areas only because they experience the most movement, twisting, pulling and such. Also my compression garment would push down on them whenever I sat down. So abd pads worked great as a cushion between the my incision and the bottom of my garment. Ok, onto my belly button...I literally almost felt like I would have rather told the doctor, I dont need a new bellybutton..lol. It was so painful and I was surprised no one has talked about this! So think about your anatomy with this surgery, your abdominal muscles are pulled together and sewn like a shoe string. Your belly button is cut, pulled up and into an incision about an inch wide and stitched closed. Imagine your belly button is a rubber band in the middle of a balloon, which is on the cusp of popping. Your abdomen is so swollen and every time you get up to walk that rubberband belly button gets pulled further down and inside, plus the stitches around the skin are also pulling. Then the compression garment is pushing on it from the outside ugh, you just can't win! This honestly didn't subside for me until about day 10 or 11 when the majority of my swelling went away. My suggestion is to get up very slowly (obviously) and brace your belly button area, before making any movements.


This really was not a bother for me until about day 7ish. I was so swollen, I honestly could not feel the lipo. Around day 7, swelling was significantly decreasing and bruises began to appear and I could feel the tenderness on my sides. It honestly has never been too bad, especially in comparison to the other pain. It really mainly hurt when I would remove my compression garment. Because the sides would dig into my skin. So to help rectify this I started wearing a thin tank top and would pad my sides with abd pads at first, then lipo foam the more I progressed in healing.

Post Surgery:

If you plan on going directly home, prepare meals prior to surgery, so they are readily available to you. Also low sodium light meals. Lots of whole foods, veggies and water. Also lots of healthy snacks, you may not be able to eat a complete or you may just feel super hungry (side affects of meds) so its better to snack on grapes, not potato chips. Now with that being said, also havs some snacks or little candies that are your favorite. This is something that mentally helped me cope. I don't know why, it just did. Also, prepare your home. Disinfect everything, make sure you have chuck pads or old towels you can lay on your bed in case you leak fluid ir blood in your sleep. I was bleeding so much my first night from one drain and a pucker in my incision. So this is definitely a necessity. Also invest in a waterproof mattress pad cover as we as waterproof pillowcases. You never know what will happen post surgery, vomiting, urinating yourself, sweat, blood, anything. Just keeping it real. Also invest in a walker or cane, either of these will help you get up from seated position as well as get around if you're home alone. A recliner or chair with ottoman for sleeping and sitting. I have a nursing chair that I purchased on Craigslist. It is phenomenal! Its small, reclines, rocks, swivels and has a small ottoman. Also have alot of your everyday things at counter level. My husband is really tall ans has a tendency to put things high up, but forgot that when he was at work, I couldnt reach anything. Lol. So I have since made sure to put everything at a comfortable level for me to reach. I also purchased a foldable step stool that I can easily lift and use if necessary.

Recovery House-
You really don't need to bring anything with you after surgery. Well I stayed at Miami Escape Recovery and they have everything and wait on you hand and foot. I have an earlier review on them if you want specifics.

Same bedding supplies, I mentioned previously in (Home). Also make sure to have a room with fridge and microwave. So you can heat up your soup and what not. But also keep your water and juices cool. As much as it sucks to get up and down, let room service clean your room. You're paying for it, so let them do it. Plus during that time you can get up and get your circulation going.

Set an alarm on your phone. Waking up in pain, is not fun. The pain meds will also make you constipated, so if you need to take pain meds for an extended amount of time. Make sure your diet reflects that, lots of green veggies, prune juice (mix with grape juice or apple juice for better taste). Laxatives are not good for your belly, but you gotta do what you gotta do, doo...lol. sorry, that just happened.

3 weeks post op update:
So my period decided to start today. Awesome! Not! Omg, why didnt anyone tell me I would be miserable...lol. So last night between cramps and bloating, plus my muscles tensing up. I could've screamed literally. I literally laid in bed breathing through the pain, like I was going into labor..lol. But breathing through pain is really something that helps me. I know I'm not supposed to, but I have to breath. I am so bloated and swollen and ugh, just everything. Lol. You know how it is ladies. Also, my hormones are a mess, so just trying to keep my emotions in check as well.

I can't think of anything else right now. If you ladies have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Post op 3 weeks pictures

Lets talk about "Physce"

"The human psyche is the mind or soul. It is the center of an individual's emotions, thought and behavior. The psyche controls the individual's response to his environment. The etymology of the word refers to the animating spirit of the individual."

Ok, so your physe through this process is very important. This is something I havent really dug into yet, so lets get into it. Elective surgery is as much of a psychological journey as it is physical. Alot of us work so hard prior to surgery getting our bodies right, loosing weight, eating right, getting our BMIs in order, iron levels, etc. Which is great and I believe shows dedication to the process that will soon follow. But remember you have to mentally be just as prepared. Prior to surgery I doubted myself soooo much. Second guessing every decision. Literally up until the night before, like it would be so easy to turn around and just go back home..lol. I can just wear corsets and baggy clothes, hiding my belly, the rest of my life. Lol. But I knew deep down inside, that would not make me happy. My emotions were a real roller coaster post surgery as well. Looking at myself in the mirror, wanting instant gratification for a surgery I had yesterday! (Lol, not realistic) We have our minds set in wanting tk look like our wish pics, right away! Not happening, this takes time and a lot of patience on your part. Ok. So to break a few things down and this is purely from my perspective and what helped me. Before surgery, I made sure to try and stay positive, looking at the positive side of everything. I hung out alot with friends, went shopping, watched funny comedians on YouTube, anything that made me smile. Literally the night before surgery. My husband and I were watching funny comedians on YouTube before bed. After surgery I did the same thing and then some. I had a list of shows I knew I wanted to watch on Netflix and a dvr full of recordings at home. Anything to keep my mind off of the pain and the fact that I was pretty much helpless. Its hard to go from completely independent to asking someone to help you wipe yourself afer you use the restroom. Its also quite embarrassing if I'm speaking truthfully. So maintaining a positive outlook is key or was for me anyway. Keeping my mind occupied. It hurt to laugh, but a little chuckle every now and again was worth it. I also looked at other womens progression videos on YouTube. I still do that now actually. It helps me remind myslef that I wont always look like this, the swelling will subside, the pain won't be here forever...I can wear a bikini soon! Lol. Just being honest, those little things, really are helping me through this. So my advice is to do whatever you can to stay happy and motivate yourself through this. Your results are gonna be wonderful and in the end you'll be happy you did it! :-)

Full Supply List (so far..)

Mostly everything I purchased was from Amazon.com. Oh and just to be clear, I don't get paid for any positive reviews or promoting a product. I don't even have social media..lol. This is as close as it gets for me. Everything is purchased with my own money and my own opinion. Amazon is just hella convenient for me. If you have Amazon prime, you can get 2hr delivery for most products. Also, same day, next or 2day delivery for no additional charge or tax. There is only a $10.99 fee every month for the service! I love it, because after surgery I couldn't walk around Walmart or the grocery store. Real talk, I didnt want to sit in one of those buggies that beep when you back them up...lol. just being honest. But I could go on Amazon.com, click what I wanted and have it delivered to my doorstep. Love it!

$15 Walker
$25 Nursery Recliner

Coldpac (2)
3M Micropore tape
Benzoin Tincture swabs
Boiron ArnicaCare Gel
Jeronic Folding Strep stool
Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite massage oil
3 Piece Anti Cellulite massage kit
Jaybird and Mais 30/31 adhesive foam
Jobar International P Ez
Macks pillow soft silicone ear plug
Mepitac 298400 soft silicone tape
Fajas Salome 2507 Support Flattening board (Fyi: this is just a hard piece of cardboard wrapped in fabric)
BioFreeze pain relief gel roller
NON21450H sterile abdominal pads
Hibiclens Antiseptic/Antimicrobial soap and pump
Herbacil Arnica Tea
Heavenly Shapewear Garment

Walmart (Pre-Surgery):
Hanes Black Underwear 6 pack
Waterproof mattress pad
Waterproof pillowcases
Black bed sheet pack
Black washcloths and towels

Travel Neck pillow
Eye sleeping patch
Manuka honey ointment
Extra Strength Tylenol
Wet ones Antibacterial Wipes
Baby wipes
Small Scissors (Stainless Steel)
Tweezers (Stainless Steel)
Bandaids Multipack
Rubbing alcohol pads
Cotton balls
Small hand mirror (Helps with seeing incision, you can't bend down, so holding the mirror in front and just looking down was so much easier)

Weekly pill organizer
Vitamins from supplement list

Swelling going away..

Still bloated and feeling blah, but atleast I woke up a little less bloated. Seeing the arch coming back in my lower back as well.

Time for Scar Therapy, Incision has healed!

So my incision is finally completely healed. Yay! Now its time to start scar therapy. I am using Mepitac tape. Mepitac tape comes pretty wide. So to save a little coin and also to no be wasteful, I cut it in half. Besides my incision is tiny, so I don't need that much tape. I'll keep you guys updated on how this new part of my journey goes :)

Just a quick review...

So I woke up to sunshine literally and figuratively speaking, my period is over! Hallelujah!!!! I was like thank you Jesus!!! I was so miserable. To celebrate, I decided to get out of the house. So my husband drove me to the nail salon and I got my nails done. Then we went to the grocery store. I only did a little walking in the front. Then we went to the mall. I only went to one store, but I must say, it was really nice to get out and feel normal...lol. I realize I can't get do too much though. I did notice some tightness and swelling by the time we were leaving. But honestly I think it felt worse than it looked. (I forgot to take pics) but it really wasn't that bad. Ladies at the end of the day, I'll still take this little swollen belly over what I used to look like, anyday!! Besides I'm only 3 1/2 weeks post op, I know its gonna only get better!! I plan on taking off my scar therapy tomorrow and checking the progress. I'll definitely take pics and let you guys know how its doing. Also my pain level isn't too bad at all right now. I still have tenderness on my sides from the lipo, still noticing the unevenness, hopefully that works itself out at some point. I definitely feel as though I'm stretching out more. I see more definition of abs and the arch in my back returning. Omg these dimples on my thighs and butt though are no fun. Those have got to go, my husband keeps saying, babe you're just swollen, don't worry about it. It'll go away. I pride myself on a natural, dimple free, round booty...lol. so I hope he's right. This is truly the least active I've been in years...well time for bed. Have a good night all.

25 days post op!

So today I am 25 days post op! Woke up feeling a little achey. But then all that pain went away when I looked in the mirror. Lol. I am soooooooo happy with my results so far. I really cant believe I just had surgery a little over 3 weeks ago! I ordered a new bikini and thought I'd take a few pics for you guys. I'm loving my shape, eventhough I'm swollen, I could totally go to the beach and feel confident! I haven't worn a bikini in 10 years! Wow!! Also, I posted some pics of my incision progress with the Mepitac tape. I cant really say I see a huge change, but its only been a few days. Now for my belly button on the other hand it looks great! The skin around the outside is all smoothing out and blending together. I am no longer shaping it with the earplugs. I am happy with how it looks. Oh and to be honest I know alot of us are concerned with our bellybutton looking a certain type of way, but I haven't even seen my belly button in 10 years! Lol. So I'm just happy to have a cute little button, that looks normal.

The JEANS test!

No more mom jeans for me! Sorry I don't have a before shot. My stomach used to hang over all my jeans, so I would always hide it. But not anymore!! Feeling like a teenager again with this little body. Thank you Dr. Ortega :-)


I woke up like this...

1 month post op!

So today I'm officially 1 month post op! I really can't believe how quickly the time has passed. These past 30 days have seriously been a rollercoaster of indecisiveness, nerves, pain, happiness, questions, sadness, everything! But regardless, I can say with confidence, I AM HAPPY WITH WHAT I SEE IN THE MIRROR. Even though today I am super bloated..lol. At this stage I would definitely recommend this surgery. I honestly wish I had done it sooner. I love my results and am excited to see the progression of my new body :-)

36 days post op!

Hey ladies! Sorry its been awhile since I posted anything. Life has been crazy! So since my last post I have stopped wearing my garments except at night when I sleep. I feel like it still helps to hold everything in place. I still am swelling, but thats to be expected and honestly I'll take my swollen self over my old self anyday!! Plus I can suck it in, worse case scenario. Lol. I still have pain on my sides from the lipo but more towards my back and only if you push in on it. I also feel like the bottom of my sides are stretching out. So I've had some discomfort when trying to get up from sitting for too long or moving around in bed. I still cannot sleep on my stomach, but can sleep completely flat on my back and on my sides. If I'm on my side, I just have to tuck whichever leg is on the bottom up under me. If I don't the pulling sensation is very uncomfortable. I am able to turn and wipe after number 2, but it is still a struggle at times and hurts a little. My incision is healing ok, but these stitches that randomly decide to poke out ate driving me nuts! I am constantly rubbing and feeling them. Ugh. My belly button is healing well. Its looks a little weird, but its a belly button, its not supposed to look perfect. I also plan on getting it pierced, so it's no big deal. I still have puckering on the front and right side of my incision, I'm sure if that will change or not. But if it doesn't, I think I cam get a scar revision to fix. My arch has continued to show more and more in back and my booty is looking awesome! I love that all of my squats are showing off now. I love my little athletic curvy shape slowly starting to show. I begin working out next week also, nothing crazy though. Just treadmill and light cardio. I did where heals for the first time since my surgery this weekend and my body looked sooooo good. I am so in love with my results!

40 days post op!!

Almost 6 weeks post op!!! I am in looooovvvveeee with my new body!!! I have gotten so many compliments on my new shape! Let's just say my husband isn't complaining either. Lol. I look in the mirror and feel so beautiful. Ok, so lets chat about pain. Currently the only consistent pain and bothers I have are in three areas, my back/sides where the lipo was done and to the right and behind my belly button. The pain on the sides is the worst, I think everything is really starting to attach because I see less and less swelling everyday. I also believe my torso is stretching out more, which is causing the pain behind my belly button. The muscle repair pain crept back up on me! lol. I have been taking Motrin and putting biofreeze on my back for the aches. I haven't really lost any weight since surgery, but nor do I really care to. I love my shape. Besides lbs mean nothing to me, if I feel good in my clothes. I currently wear a size 7/8 in juniors, 4/6 in womens and small in shirts. Measurements 36-29-44. I am still fairly numb from my belly button to my incision. I still have stitches popping through the incision every once in awhile, I just snip them off. The little pouch I get over my incision, when I sit is slowly going away. I am still taking my supplements everyday and arnica tea before bed and when I wake up. I'm not wearing my garment at all anymore or shape wear. Its hot in Florida, so the less layers the better. But if I do want a little extra coke bottle shape, I have some highwaisted underwear that I wear.

A few more pics

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So guys I haven't disappeared. But all of my post are not loading for some reason now
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega was really nice, he explained everything clearly to me. He took off ALOT of skin for me, which is awesome and wasnt too aggressive with lipo.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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