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I am 35 years old and I have had four children via...

I am 35 years old and I have had four children via cesarean section. It has changed my body drastically. I had my first two children during my mid-twenties, and my body bounced back to its pre-pregnancy shape within 3-5 months. I had my third child, in late 2009,when I was 32 years old. It felt like it took forever to regain my pre-pregnancy body. In reality it took me about 13 months, but my lower abdominal region had become more relaxed. I thought I would never fit into my old wardrobe again. In 2011, we received a wonderful surprise, we were expecting our fourth child. I knew I was high risk because it meant having a fourth cesarean surgery. I took my pregnancy very seriously and stayed off my feet.

My normal body weight fluctuates between 125 lbs- 132 lbs. My weight gain during pregnancy is within the normal range. I usually end up weighing around 165 pounds at the time of delivery. With my last pregnancy, it was quite strange. I dropped quite a bit of weight rather quickly. However, most of the remaining weight is in my abdominal area.
For every subsequent delivery after my first cesarean, I have made excessive scar tissue and suffer from adhesions, My last surgery presented with the most serious complications, however I had a wonderful doctor and pulled through nicely. I am currently 138 pounds, but I look like I am five months pregnant.

After having surgery dramas and trauma, a tummy tuck was not something I gave any thought. I am used to regaining my pre-pregnancy body, but I know this time I will not based on the laxity in my tummy. I had a breast augmentation(B.A.) in 2004, and I love the Plastic Surgeon who did it. However, I know a B.A. is a completely different procedure from abdominoplasty. I saw my existing P.S. about liposuction in May, and he mentioned a tummy tuck. Three months later, I have come to terms with possibly undergoing a tummy tuck.

I have been doing extensive research, and communicating with numerous doctors. In addition to my abdominal area, I would like to have a fat transfer to my calves and buttocks. I became frustrated and felt ambivalent because each doctor made different recommendations. I realized that the doctors who did not have any experience with fat transfer to the calves told me outright I should not have the procedure done.

And then I stumbled upon a plastic surgeon in the South Florida area, who came highly recommended and was willing to do the transfer. However, he was adamant that I have two separate procedures: the tummy tuck and then the fat transfer procedures. I explained to him that after my surgery complications I do not want to undergo two procedures, unless it is necessary. I also explained that my fat is mainly located in the tummy area, I tend to be on the lean side. And I suggested that if it has to be a two procedure process, I should have the transfer done first. Also I am currently overseas, so it would be quite an inconvenience. But, having had five surgeries I know the risks and complications that come attached. My health and safety comes first. But I just could not accept having to have two procedures.

I went back to doing my research, and I realized that there were patients who had the three procedures done in one go. Most of the plastic surgeons stated that if the right lipo techniques were used there is less trauma to the fat cells, less bleeding, and the outcome is positive. However, most doctors do not use the right techniques, or limit the patients options. This is when I discovered Dr.Pazmino on the internet, I read his bio information on his website and I was very impressed. When I perused through his pictures I was more convinced he would be the one.

I contacted his office via email two days ago, I received a prompt response from his patient coordinator, Cathy via email. She told me to compose an email stating my concerns and attach fully body images, and then the office would contact me for an i-consultation. Yesterday, 08/01/12, I received an email for an i-consultation today at 5:30 p.m., extremely impressed
Today, I waited for the phone call from Dr.Pazmino at 05:30p.m.. However, I did not receive that phone call, so I called the office and I was told that he was running behind schedule and l was assured he would call me. I immediately thought the doctor was not going to call me after 6 p.m, everyone gets tired much less for a top Plastic Surgeon. But to my amazement, I received a phone call around 6:45 p.m..

I am pleased, thrilled, and excited with Dr. Pazmino. He has an amazing disposition, is dedicated, and he listened to all of my concerns. I felt as though I was having an in office consultation. I did not feel rushed or pressured in any way. He listened to all of my concerns, and he asked me to communicate what my expectations were. As I did this he literally altered my pictures ,through i-consult, as we both viewed them. If I was not pleased with something we went back to the drawing board, and the end product was exactly what I hope to look like soon.

He spent nearly 40 minutes consulting with me. When I asked about a tummy tuck, he seemed surprised. All the other doctors seemed to be insistent that I must have a tummy tuck. I explained to him that I had four cesareans and stretchmarks in my lower abdominal area. He immediately said we would work with my existing cesarean scar, and if we can get away with a mini tummy tuck, then that is what we will do. I was stunned. I think I must have asked him three times, if this could be done in one procedure. He probably thought we had a bad connection. He explained that he would be using 5 different types of liposuction, which makes the procedure less painful and makes for a better recovery. And the fat transfer to both areas is moderate and there was no reason to undergo two separate procedures.

Tomorrow, Cathy will contact me with pricing and booking details. I went from being ambivalent, to ecstatic about what the future holds for me with the amazing Dr.Pazmino. As I go through the various steps, I will keep posting :)

Best of Luck to everyone in Pursuit of having the appearance they desire:)

2 wks. post-op. The first four days were extremely...

2 wks. post-op. The first four days were extremely rough due to the fact I had multiple procedures. One week later I felt much better and was able to stand up-right and walk frequently. I am happy that I opted to have surgery, despite the immense pain and discomfort for the first few days. I also stopped my pain medication on day 2 and took Tylenol(CVS brand) at 500 mg.
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