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Stats: 31 yr old, 5' 5.5", 130lbs, small 34b (I...

Stats: 31 yr old, 5' 5.5", 130lbs, small 34b (I think). So my boyfriend broke up with me today. I'm not in the best mind set to go through with the surgery because of that but I think it's important to note that my decision to get my boobs done had nothing to do with him. I've always wanted to get my boobs done since I was 25 or around the time Dr. 90210 came out and I watched that religiously. For various reasons including cost and being afraid of the surgery or not liking my results precluded me from ever going through with it. I've finally decided I cannot live my life with what ifs and finally decided to just get it done. This website and everyone's reviews have been extremely helpful and with all I'm going through right now I just needed to become a part of the community and to hopefully have everyone's support since I no longer have that of my boyfriends.
I live in NY but decided to get my surgery done in Miami only because my mother lives there and I figured she would be better at taking care of me post op. I did my research well with this site and in choosing my doc in Miami and I am very confident that Dr. Krau will do a amazing job. I have yet to meet him in person but I've been in contact via email and phone calls with him initially for the email consult and with his staff who have been amazing.
Anyways I've been trying to get my mind off the issue today and was wondering whether anyone had gone through a breakup prior to surgery or even right after if you could share some words of advice or encouragement to get me through this tough time. I know time heals all wounds (relationship and my boobs after I get them done) trying to be funny and look on the bright side there :)!

Forgot a few things

I don't know any of my chest measurements yet as my pre op appt is the day before my surgery. Most of my decisions are up in the air and will be based upon the Dr's review of me. I do know I will be going with a silicon implant in my head somewhere around the 350-400cc area. As for incisions I want to go through the areola but I still want to hear from my doc on what he thinks is best and the same goes for whether it's over or under the muscle. Dont really want to contend with the boob greed after surgery but I'm hoping for a full C cup (I'd be ok with a small D too I think).

Today's the big day

I'm excited, nervous, scared but more excited about the fact that I'm getting my boobs! Something I've always wanted! I'm also kind of sad because my surgery is the last one for the day and I'm going to be starving. I was allowed to have breakfast but nothing to eat and nothing to drink after 7:30am this morning. I took one my antibiotics last night with dinner and one with breakfast and now I'll be taking it easy til around 4 when I'll prob head out. They told me to be there for 5:30 this evening.
As of right now I'll be doing either a 350 or 375cc implant. I tried on the 350cc and I like how they looked on me but because of all this boob greed I think 375cc should cover it (or at least I hope so). I'm not sure about whether my doc is doing high or moderate profile but I should find out today. He knows the look I'm going for and I trust him that he knows what's best.
Also doing inframammary incision because my areola's are so small they wouldn't hide the scarring very well, and doing under the muscle placement.
And now the waiting and the countdown begins.....

And just like that... Boobs!

375cc high profile mentor silicone gel implants in each boob, under the muscle and in crease incision. I love my boobs! Dr. Krau is amazing! I do have frakenboob right now but I'm happy with my size. My surgery was very fast and like everyone describes on this site the minute I was hooked up to the IV and given my assortment of cocktails I was out. I don't even have any recollection of the last thing that I said. Woke up in the recovery room and didn't even think that I had the surgery as yet and I had to ask the recovery nurse whether or not it was done already. It was literally that fast!
As I was getting up from the recovery bed I had a bit of nausea and thee up a little but then I felt fine after. The nurse helped me put on my button up pj top and walked me out to the car. I slept on the drive home and got home and had some broth and 2 bites of bread with my oxycodone and muscle relaxer. However when I went to use the bathroom I ended up throwing up again and had to retake the oxy. After that I was for the night until about 4am when I had to retake the pain meds and the muscle relaxer. So far I haven't had much pain more tightness than anything else. Ive been taking my meds on time. I've heard that the second day is the worse so I am expecting to have more pain tomorrow.
I forgot to mention, everyone says that when they wake up they feel like an elephant or extreme pressure on their chest that makes it feel like it's difficult to breathe. I didn't experience that that's why I didn't think I had had the surgery as yet. I still don't feel like its hard to breathe or like I have anything foreign inside my body besides the tightness. I was actually expecting the worse so I am happy I am not as bad as I thought I would be. Just waiting for the tightness to go away. Didn't throw up today and was able to eat pretty well.
I am feeling my boobs a lot! I'm freaking out my mom :)
I just can't believe they are actually there and I'm so happy with the size as you guys know I was afraid of having boob greed.
I need to take a few without the bra on but for now here's a pic with my br and strap on.

Post op bra and strap

More day one post op pics

Beware zombie passing

lol I have to catch myself I'm walking like a hunchback zombie! I try to stand straighter when I find myself doing it. I know it's a normal reaction because it feels so heavy in my chest and it feels like it's pulling me forward. Been doing my moving around hand exercises as well and the nurse told me start using my left side more if I can instead of my right hand since I am right handed and the left boob is higher.

post op day three

Not much to update between post op day one and post op day three. They said day two would be the worse but I have to experience unbearable pain. Only tightness on my chest and the weight of it all I hunch over to protect them. When the bra comes off it somehow feels tighter - the bra actually alleviates some of the tightness. Im still taking the meds for the tightness.
Whenever I do use my right arm sometimes I feel a sharp pain in the side boob I'm not sure if this is what is considered a zinger or not but it only happens if I use my hand a certain way not any other time.
It feels great to be three days out and right now I can't wait for them to feel like a part of my body and for the tightness to dissipate.
Also very bloated but that was expected. Does anyone know how long til the bloatedness goes away? I'm feeling very fat :(

Post op day Five!

I will try to post some day five pics later. I haven't taken any pain meds or muscle relaxers today! Today has been the first day where I haven't experienced tightness to the point where I had to take either a muscle relaxer or a pain med. Yesterday I have to admit I was a little scared because I only had two muscle relaxers left. I texted one of the nurses to see if she could send the Rx to a pharmacy by my moms house. I only took one oxy yesterday because the tightness in my left boob wasn't excruciating but I just didn't want to feel it. It feel like someone is squeezing your boob repeatedly on the inside ( that's the only way I can really describe it) . Before she could send the Rx though I changed my mind since it was feeling better and told her I would just wait it out since my next post op is Wednesday, hoping between now and then it wouldn't feel as tight. And I'm glad to say it worked. The nurse also told me to just use my arms more. I'm trying to use my left hand a more to do stuff than my right since the left is the one that is sitting higher and feels tighter. I did take a muscle relaxer before I went to bed though because I didn't want to wake up with the tightness but I haven't taken any today. I'm down to one muscle relaxer left and I'm debating on whether or not I should take it tonight before bed to forego the tightness again in the morning or if I should skip it and see how I feel in the morning, again since my post op appt is tomorrow as well?
I have to also admit that the sleeping at an angle hasn't been very bad since my mom got me an angled brookstone pillow thingamajig. I'll try and get a pic of it today as well. But I use that along with an extra pillow and a travel neck pillow. I have no back pain and I sleep like a baby! No issues with sleeping. I do happen to slide down a bit at the angle but I use my butt and my abs to scoot back up on the pillows. Not sure how long I have to sleep upright for but I don't mind the sleeping at an angle so long as I have this pillow for a while!

Brookstone pillow pics

got this at Bed, bath and beyond for abt $90 but I'm sure it's on Amazon for a lot cheaper. It's been really comfortable though I have had no trouble sleeping and no back pain or discomfort this whole time! It's well worth it I think especially for undergoing surgery!

Side effects of anesthesia?

not sure if anyone else experienced this but I've been suffering from a serious bout of flakes or dry scalp the week after my surgery. I've never had this before so it extremely noticeable to me now and I'm wondering if somehow this is a side effect of the meds or the anesthesia and if anyone else experienced this if it will all go away once everything is out of my body? I sure hope so because I do wear a lot of black clothes and it is extremely noticeable ????

Ten days post op!

I'm loving my new girls! Left is still higher and trying to use my left hand a lot more than my right. Can't believe how time flies! Just waiting on them to drop and fluff and look more natural and normal. Still don't have full range of motion in my arms but can do a lot more since post op day 4. Only looking forward not back! Here are some pics to update. I bought the blue bralette on adoreme.com - I really should've taken a before pic but I didn't get around to it. The size is a medium and I've never bought anything other than a small in my life up until now! So happy!
Ps I actually took these pics on post op day 9.
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