30 Year Old Mother of 3 Finally Taking the Plunge! 400cc, hp, silicone under the mu - Miami, FL

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I have never been well endowed and have wanted...

I have never been well endowed and have wanted breast implants since I was a teenager. I'm 5'3" and 104lbs. Before I nursed my 3 children I was a 34b, every time I get measured for bras they still measure me at a 34b, however there is a lot of room left in the bras especially if I wear one with any sort of padding which I feel I have to because I have lost so much volume. I had surgery scheduled when I was 24, however, I found out I was pregnant before surgery and had to cancel it. This was my third baby so spending the money on implant surgery seemed a bit selfish to me so I wanted to wait until my kids were a bit older and daycare costs were not so high. I live in Massachusetts and any kind of cosmetic surgery is very expensive here. About 4 years ago I spoke to my obgyn about it again and she told me not to be afraid to travel because there are great doctors in many places and the fee would be much less in certain geographical area's. I have a consultation scheduled in Miami with Dr. Hunker on November 17th and am hoping to schedule my surgery in early January. I will upload photos as soon as I get a chance but haven't taken any yet.

Pre-surgery boobs.

So I managed to get a few pics. I took them myself because I didn't want my husband staring at them. I don't think I realized how bad it actually got until I just took these pics. It's so depressing. I can't wait for surgery! They look extra weird because I wear very tight bras so it makes me look like I have double boobs. Nothing looks right anymore. I can't say Irregret nursing my children but it sure does a number on you physically.
After using rice sizers my husband and I both liked the 470cc so I think I will end up going with a 450-500cc implant but that will be discussed at my consult in November.

Some inspiration photos

Some pics of what I would like to look like along with a few pics of the before and after of some of my inspiration photos.
My favorite pic is some weird file type which I can't seem to attach or open anywhere so I will have to try to play around with that one.

inspo photos

Sorry. They would not attach before

Anticipation is killing me!

So I booked my flight to Miami finally as well as a rental car. I'm starting to feel like it's really going to happen! It took me nearly 12 years to convince my husband to get on board with me getting breast augmentation and it almost seems surreal. I was hoping I could move up my surgery from January but unfortunately I can't work it into my schedule until then. I work full time and go to school full time at night and I can't miss a week of school. My mother will also be coming with me for my surgery and she can't take a week off of work until January so I guess I'm stuck waiting until then. I feel completely consumed by the whole idea.
Have any of you had an augmentation with Dr. Hunsaker and if so does he use the Allergan Natrelle silicone implants?

Some more wish boobs

I'm starting to feel like a pervert always looking at boobs! My husband has begun to question my sexual orientation because he says every time he turns around I'm staring at boobs. I don't thinkssomeone who is not going through this can understand it. It is something many of us have been waiting for for a very long time and something that is so important to many of us. Some of us feel we have sacrificed our bodies and so some of our self esteem as well. This is such a major life change that it has completely consumed me. I'm so grateful for this site and all of the fantastic women on here who happily help each other get through this process.

wish boobs

Sorry the pics didn't post. I may have had too many of them

more wish boobs

Rice sizers

Ok before I tell anyone the size of these tell me if they look huge. Excuse the lopsidedness as I didn't even them out before the pics and excuse the poor picture quality as my husband apparently sucks at taking pictures. LOL!

booked another consult

I booked another consult today with Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami. It's funny that I hadn't heard of him before and then all of the sudden I was seeing him everywhere. I'm flying to Miami November 17th to see Dr. Hunsaker anyhow so I figured I would see another ps while I'm down there. I wish I was staying longer but my plane lands at 9:39am on the 17th and then I fly back home at 12:30 on the 18th. My appointment with Dr. Ortega is at 1pm on the 17th and then I see Dr. Hunsaker at 3pm. I was going to see a few doctors up here in Boston as well but my obgyn said I should look in Miami because they are like half the price down there as compared to Boston. I'm not shopping for a ps based on price but if they have a good reputation and experience but are priced cheaper because of geographic location then I think it's worth looking into.
I'm so excited! I can't wait for January!
(I have talked to both offices I'm considering and both have openings in early January for surgery so I'm going either right after Christmas or the first week in January.
I really want to go right after Christmas but I'm a little concerned about having my surgery on New year's eve or the day after New year's. I don't want anyone to be preoccupied with their New year's plans or be tired from festivities from the night before. Do you guys think that is a legitimate concern or am I just being ridiculous?

I love this site!

I just wanted to say again how much I love this website. All of the women on here are absolutely amazing. Everyone has been so helpful and so supportive and I haven't even had my surgery yet. I came across a woman who had commented that she was going to have the same surgeon as me try to look at her profile but you didn't have one set up so I sent her a message asking her a few questions about the surgeon and how her experience was. She promptly replied with a lot of helpful information you gave me a detailed account of what happened in his office. She even sent me her phone number and told me I could call her or text her before my surgery if I wanted to talk or had any questions. I can't get over how amazing all of these women on here are. Complete stranger gave me her phone number and told me I could call her anytime if I had any questions or concerns or just to chat before my surgery. I didn't even know there was so many wonderful wonderful people out there in this world anymore you are all amazing and I wish the best for all of you.

bra sizes are a pain in the ass!

So I've been measured at several places and most tell me to wear a 34b. However they never fit right. I just tried several online bra size calculators and these are the sizes the different sites come up with.
No wonder why I can never find a bra that fits. I am definitely not a c or d cup regardless of band size and I only fill a b cup about half way now so when I wear a b you can see my nipples if the shirt isn't tight enough at the top. I know bra sizes will always be an issue but I can't wait to fill something without my nipples showing!
I have tried 32 and 30's before but if it's an underwire (which the much needed padded ones are) then the cup doesn't feel wide enough.
Just ranting and dreaming of boobland!

Getting ready

I still have 2 months to go but it's killing me so I have been preparing. I purchased several sports bras both front closure and regular ones in different sizes. I've been taking multi vitamins and vitamin c in preparation. I also got arnica gel and pills. Some extra strength Tylenol and silicone sheets. I still have more stuff to get but I am working on it.
I'm so excited I can't contain myself.

Getting on a plane soon!

In 6 days I will be getting on a plane for my in person consultations with 2 different ps' s. I know it's just my consult but I'm super excited. Except for the fact that my plane leaves at 6am and I am as far from a morning person as you can get! My plane lands at 9:39, I pick up my rental car at 10 and my appointments are at 1 and 3. I can't wait until they tell me the size options I have and officially book my date! Like every one I have seen on here the size is killing me. I have seen people with similar stats as me go anywhere from 270cc's to 533cc's and get the result I would like so it's completely killing me! I'm a bit nervous about this constipation thing everyone is always talking about. I've never been constipated that I can remember but my husband and one of my daughter's have digestive issues and I have watched them suffer helplessly. I never thought pooping would be such a big deal!

Almost time for my in person consults!

So I booked my consults like 2 months ago and the time has been dragging by. Tomorrow morning I will be on a plane to Miami and I will finally have my in person consults. Both doctors offer virtual consults for people who are traveling,however I just didn't feel like it could take the place of meeting them in person. It is definitely worth the $600 or so it's costing me to go down there. I'm super thrilled about tomorrow but am a bit nervous about leaving my family even though it's only for 2 days. My husband is a wonderful husband and father, however, he really sucks at certain things! It's cute really because he tries so hard but it can be tough when you need things done a certain way and he can't do it. LOL! For instance, I'm concerned about my 12 year old son and his homework. For whatever reason he does his homework but doesnt always hand it in. So we sign his agenda book so they know he completed his work but my husband really sucks at it and of course if its not signed they call me. I also go to school full time and am not home a few nights a week so i have received many calls for his book not being signed.  I have from December 20th until the end of January off from school and so this is another reason I will be getting my ba in early January. I really hope he has the 6th or 7th available! I have laid the kids clothes out for the week and had them pack snacks for school and put them in a gallon Ziploc so they can just grab a bag and go. Thankfully my husband and I both go to work at 6am so we already have a babysitter who comes to the house to get the kids ready in the morning so I don't have to worry about my husband doing that. Although the babysitter didn't notice that my 6 year old wore her soccer shin guards to school on Friday for socks because she apparently didn't like the ones I picked out. Ugh! A couple of weeks ago my daughter put on the same shirt she wore to school the day before and so went to school in the same shirt 2 days in a row. Yup. Can't wait for parent conferences next week where I will have to explain myself away.
I just don't want to know what my house will look like when I get home and what kind of hell will break loose in my absence. Oh god. What the hell are they going to do when I'm away for 8 whole days in January for my ba!
I don't even want to think about it!

Anyhow that was way too much rambling! I have to get up at 1:15am to get to the airport to catch my flight in the morning. That should be fun. Maybe I'll shower early and go to bed in my clothes. LOL! I hate early mornings!

Surgery is scheduled!

Ok so I went to bed at 10:30 last night and had to get up at 1am. I got on a plane and then went to 2 consults and just got back to the hotel a little while ago. I'm exhausted so will leave a new update tomorrow. But in short this is what I accomplished today. My surgery is scheduled for January 8th at 9:30am with Dr. Hunsaker. I am going with 400cc mentor, smooth, round, high profile silicone under the muscle. Still have not decided on peri areola or inframmama inframmamary. He said I am a g candidate for either and that it depends on my preference. He said if he thought one or the other would be better he would let me know but that either is fine for me. He did say there are some recent studies which may indicate that the chance for CC may be a bit less via inframmamary which I had read but that the evidence isn't yet conclusive. I think I may go inframmamary. Any input?

New update

Sorry about my update last night. I was exhausted. I'll give a break down of what the events were.
I originally had an appointment with Dr. Hunsaker at 3pm. A couple of weeks ago I saw some reviews for Dr. Mel Ortega and decided to book a consult with him as well since I was going to be in Miami already. I told them I had an appointment at 3 with another doctor and asked if they had anything open early enough that I could get to my other appointment. She booked me for 1pm. I said I could do something earlier and asked if she was sure that would work as I would have to leave there at 2. She said it was fine. I questioned it because I know they often run late for appointments but was told it would not be an issue. I arrived for my appointment early and checked in. I got the feeling that they never put my appointment in because the girl at the desk kept coming over and asking me my name and who I booked with and when I booked it etc. So at 1:50 they asked me to go in the exam room. I told them again that I had to leave very shortly and said it may just be a waste of time at this point. She said he would be right there so I went in and waited. At 2:05 I had to go so I got dressed and left. I told them I had another appointment and that I just couldn't wait. I was very nice to them and told them I understand they can't always stay om schedule and that it was fine and I wasn't upset but that I had to go. She was clearly not happy about this and said "well if you only have time to see one doctor then then just skip your next appointment and wait for Dr. Ortega." I thought that was kind of rude. I made my other appointment 2 months ago and had just talked to them that morning. I am always on time and I do what I say. I would never just skip an appointment. Anyhow I left and went to my next appointment with Dr. Hunsaker.
Maria was very friendly, and open. I really like her. I talked with her for a while and then met with Dr. Hunsaker. Now I can see why some people may not like his personality, however, I did like him. He is very kind of dry, monotone, and straight forward so while he is not someone I would have a good time hanging out with. I did like him as a surgeon. He was straight forward and didn't sugar coat anything. I don't want a doctor who will tell me what I want to hear rather than the truth. I showed him my pics and he took some measurements and such. Then he answered the 43 questions I had on my list, we picked a size, and that was it. He said he doesn't usually tell people exactly what size he will be using but that I was pretty persistent and had clearly done my research. He does not use sizers and didn't even have them. I was a little bummed because I was really looking forward to that part. He said he is not dismissing how other surgeons do it but that he feels it gives patients a false sense of what they will look like and that for him it's much better to show him pics of what you want as he is good in determining necessary size my viewing pics of what you want. So unfortunately I do not hhave any sizer pics but I am happy with the consult and I did book with him.


Can any of you ladies who have traveled to Miami recommend a hotel? I will be down there for a week and was hoping to have a hotel with a kitchen and that would not break the bank. I have looked everywhere and the only thing I really find is an Extended stay hotel and I was hoping for something a bit nicer. Thank you.

Does anyone know whose boobs these are?

So I found these wish boobs a few months back from a RealSelf member. Her user name was Kristen or Kristin (not sure how to spell it) and there were numbers at the end which I believe had a 0, a 2, a 6, and a 9 but I don't remember the order and I may not be a 100% correct with the numbers. I searched it before and she immediately came up but I have been trying to find her profile again for weeks with no success. Thank you ladies!

Sorry I have been MIA

Hi ladies I'm sorry I have been MIA for so long. I work full time and go to school. My last day of class was only 3 days before Christmas so between school, finals, and Christmas it has been pretty hectic.
Anyhow my surgery is scheduled for next Thursday! I can't believe it is really almost here. When I finally joined this site I was still 2 months pre consults. Time has flown. I have purchased plane tickets for myself and my mother as she will be coming with me, I have rented a nice little condo on the beach and packed my bags. I spent a great deal of time looking for accommodations as I wanted something with a kitchen so we would not be stuck eating take out for 8 days and I found this pretty difficult at first. The only places I could find initially were either an Extended Stay or hotels that were about $2000 for the 8 days. I really didn't want to recover in an Extended Stay if I didn't have to and if I was going to spend $2000 for a hotel plus surgery, airfare and all the other crap then I might as well have just had it done at home in Boston. I was just about to give up when I came across vacation rentals.com where I found tons of condos, apartments, etc for rent. There were so many nice places it was hard to choose but I finally decided on one. I do still have to pick up a couple of things to take with me, I think all I have left to buy are ice packs and straws.
As my big day has drawn closer I have begun to get nervous. What if surgery doesn't go well? What if I'm one of the few who is actually aware and can feel everything during surgery? What if I'm not as tough as I always thought myself to be and the pain is too much to handle? What if I go through all of this and they look awful? How will I cope at work?
While I do not do a lot of heavy lifting at work I am always moving and I work in a lab at a pharmaceutical company and have realized in recent weeks exactly how much I use my arms and pec muscles at work. Everything I do involves my pecs and what do I do if I have a hard timr when I go back? I will have 19 days off but I see women on here who after 2 months are still having difficulty.
I have also been pitching myself out by watching surgical videos and they are grossing me out. Normally I do not have a week stomach at all and have no problem with watching this type of thing but I think since I'm watching what they will do to me it's different. Watching them slice and pull and shove everything around has me a bit on edge. Today for the first time I wondered if I'm doing the right thing. There are so many what ifs and I'm not used to this. I have never been a worrier and I don't like this feeling. I never worry about anything really. So much so that people often question it but I have always looked at everything like it is what it is and worrying isn't going yo change anything so why bother.
I'm excited and nervous and feeling a bit guilty. I could do something with my family with the money I am spending on this and I'm feeling a little guilty over it.
I will end my rant otherwise I will go on for days but wanted to update and vent a bit. Thank you to all of you for sharing your stories, advice, and support.

Today is the day!

Sorry ladies. It's been kind of hectic. My surgery was moved up to 8am and I am here now. I'm nervous and hungry and hot but I'm optimistic. I will update as soon as I can. Wish me luck ladies!

All done!

I just wanted to give a quick update. I have only haf a few short hours of sleep in the last couple of days so I'm exhausted right now. Everything went ok and when I first came too my boobs looked great. I'm assuming because there hadn't been any swelling yet. I was very tight and sore but no nausea. It's very hard to take a deep breath. They are very high and swollen of course right now and don't loik like anything in a picture. LOL! I texted a pic to my husband and he said "they don't even look any different" ha ha! Anyhow here is a quick pic but you can't really see much. I can take a shower late tomorrow afternoon so I will take some naked pics then.

Forgot pics

My right looks like it's the only one that is high and buldging in the picture but I assure you they are both like that. Ha ha!

Day of treatment

Sorry for not having updated. I will do a separate update for each day since surgery.
I arrived at the office at 7:15 to sign my life away prior to surgery. At about 7:45 I went in to see everyone before surgery. Amy the anesthesiologist came in first. She went over the whole process with me and answered all of my questions. She was very friendly and did a great job calming my nerves. She took my vitals and then Dr. Hunsaker came in. He went over everything with me again and took some before pics. He talked to me for a while and calmed me as well. I peed and then went into the OR. They brought me some nice warm blankets, wrapped my legs in those things that prevent blood clots and put an IV in my hand. Now I have very easy veins and a high tolerance for pain but she was having a really hard time getting the IV in. She stuck it in my hand 6 different times, changed needles and was moving it around in my hand. Honestly it was the most painful part of the whole process. I couldn't believe how painful it was. I was about ready to tell them to forget the whole thing. They finally got my IV in, Amy rubbed my arm for a few minutes and then said "here is the I don't give a shit juice" and I was out. I woke up in the recovery room still topless and I could see my boobs. They looked great and weren't riding high or looking square yet. I assume because the swelling hadn't set in yet. I was thrilled. I stayed there until I woke up completely and the nurse kept coming in and making me raise my arms over my head. We left at about 11:30 and the ride back was brutal! I decided Miami has way too many friggin speed bumps. By this time I was in some pain but couldn't take anything until I got back to the hotel. I was starving when I got back and in pain. I ate some food, took my Tylenol 3 and pretty much just lounged for the rest of the day. I wasn't in a ton of pain but my muscles were very sore and stiff. I never felt sick or lost my appetite. That was pretty much it for day of treatment events.

Day after surgery

I was still a bit sore but felt MUCH better the day after treatment than I did the day of. My back and neck muscles are what hurt the most. My incisions and boobs felt fine. I took a Tylenol 3 at 6am, 12pm, and 6pm. I ate normally and was able to move around and use the bathroom on my own. It was a little easier to move the day after than it was the day of. I was able to shower for the first time and it was heaven! I was able to get undressed and dressed by myself although it took some time to do so. I had to remove the gauze and there was virtually no blood on it. I didn't shampoo my hair and just kept it in braids instead. I was also able to brush my teeth but I did not floss. Periodically throughout the day I would raise my arms over my head as instructed. This wasn't comfortable but could be done slowly. The worst part about doing this is that my back and neck muscles were so tight it was hard to move them. He wanted me to do it during every commercial break but I must confess I didn't do it that often. I was not due to get my period until the 18th but I got it the day after unfortunately. This is common after surgery but still a pain in the ass. I also ventured out for a few short walks in the fresh air. I noticed after walking around a lot my muscles get really tight but I think that's pretty normal. The bloating today was ridiculous and I between the engorged looking boobs and the massive belky I definitely looked pregnant. No stomach aches or constipation but very very bloated.

2 Days Post op

Other than feeling better and having an easier time moving around not a lot has changed. I stopped taking the prescription Tylenol today and took a stool softener instead. I didn't feel constipated but had been eating quite a bit and hadn't had a bowel movement. I also have endometriosis and using the bathroom can be painful when I have my period so I wanted to be prepared. I took another shower and a few more short walks.
I forgot to mention sleep in my previous posts so I'll go over it now.
Day of: slept sitting up and only dozed off for about 20 minutes at a time. I wasn't in pain but my back and neck muscles were so tight that it kept waking me up.
Day after: sleep is still the same and only getting about 20 minutes at a time
Day 2: sleep is still about the same but I did sleep from 5:45am until 9am only waking once for a few minutes at 8

Day 3 post op

They still look the same as in the days before. I don't imagine any visible changes to be taking place just yet. Moving and doing things on my own has become easier with each passing day. I could hear my left implant a little today and I also felt it move. I didn't hear or feel the other one move but my right side is my dominant side so I imagine it will be slower. I have been sleeping for longer periods and they are pretty stiff when I wake up. I'm guessing this is morning boob. I haven't had any pain other than in my neck and back muscles. I slept for longer periods and took a 3 mile walk. I was very stiff after the walk but it's normal I think. I also had a BM today and although it had been a few days I never felt constipated.

Day 4 and doing great!

Moving, waking up and doing things on my own have continued to get easier. It's amazing what a difference every day makes.
Pain: this has been virtually non existent. I stopped taking my prescription Tylenol with codeine the 2nd day and stopped taking any pain killers as of yesterday. I probably could have stopped the day before but I was nervous that I would be in pain so I took regular Tylenol for one day. Muscles in the neck and back are still a bit stiff but a nice shower, a heating pad, and stretching does wonders for this. Stretching can be a little difficult when you are very stiff so if I have trouble I have someone help me raise my arms by slowly pushing them up for me. I also stanf next to the wall and use that to slide my arms up. Putting your hands behind your head and then pushing your head back works well and so does kneeling in front of your bed and sliding your arms across your bed.
Sleeping: I have continued to sleep more and more each night and slept for 8 hours only waking once for a few minutes. I have never woken up in pain from my ba and a sore back and neck has been what has woken me up.
Dr's Appointment: I had my first follow up today. He made me raise my arms over my head with my elbows touching my head and my hands together a few times. He also squeezed them pretty hard sideways and pushed straight down on them. He said everything looks great and to continue to stretch. I see him one more time on Thursday before I go home.
Nipples: so a lot of women complain about sensitive, hard nipples, or nipples that have no sensation and this was one of my biggest fears. Yes all of these can happen even when your incision is in the fold as the nerves are still being severed.I I'm happy to announce my nipples have been completely normal. I can feel them just fine, they don't stay hard and they are not overly sensitive.
Bathroom: everything has been going normally in the bathroom department.
If I forgot anything you would like to know then please feel free to ask. Thank you for all of the kind words, support, and great information. Every woman on here has something to say that is important to someone so keep all the posts and updates going!


Hi ladies. So I tried to take a picture of this but you can't tell in the picture so I didn't bother posting it. So anyways I found a dent in my left breast yesterday right on tge inside of the cleavage line. Is this just part of the settling process or is this going to be permanent? It wasn't there before yesterday or at least I couldn't see or feel it before then. This breast is definitely healing faster than my right and has already started to settle in a bit. I have an appointment tomorrow with my ps so I will ask but I'm freaking out already. Please let me know if any of you experienced this and if it went away. Thank you and happy healing!

Day 6

Feeling better and I think one is starting to move a little. My left side (which is not my dominant side) is now lower than it was and lower than my right. Not sure if it's visible in pcs but it's definitely visible in person. This side also doesn't feel as tight and I can move it much easier.

Pain: still no pain other than back and neck muscles. I did stop at one of those things at the mall that does massages while I was out shopping today and I felt a hundred times better afterwards. No pain meds of any kind since day 2.

Dent: so there is a dent in my cleavage on my left breast. A lot of what I found said this typically goes away in time but not always. I really hope it does. You can see it in the pics now and I will ask my ps about it at my appointment tomorrow.

My cleavage is also much closer than it was before and I think it's pretty visible in pics.

Sleep: still having a hard time with sleeping because my back and neck are sore. I tried sleeping on my side last night but it was really uncomfortable so I gave up and went back to my back.

Bras: I have a bunch of sports bras in different sizes but after a while they all feel constricting. I've never known what it was like to go home at the end of the day in anticipation of taking that damn thing off! Don't worry ladies my ps said at my appointment it was up to me whether or not to wear a bra.

Follow up appointment

So I had my follow up today and he removed my stitches. One side didn't hurt at all just felt really weird and my other side (I think righty is going to be my problem boob) hurt a little bit. He said to just let my steri strips come off on their own. I also asked him about the dent and received the response I expected. He said there are going to be a lot of changes going on so he can't tell me for sure if it will go away. He also said that he doesn't see it very often so it most likely will. If it doesn't and I'm not happy with it he can do a small fat injection to fill in the little dent. I'm cleared to do whatever I think I can and he said to just pay attention to my body as it will know what I can and cannot do. It's been a hectic day as I'm going back to Boston so I didn't get any pics today and don't anticipate getting home until around 1am. I will take pics and post them tomorrow. Happy healing everyone!

Day 10

Sorry again ladies. I was away from my family for 9 days and they have been requiring extra attention since I came back home. Everything is going well. Tasks likes getting dressed and washing my hair become easier every day. I'm also able to sleep on my side and move around at night so sleeping has been back to normal for the most part. I didn'trreally notice many changes until I just took pictures and I can see a huge difference already.
I drove for the first time on Friday. I was fine but since my muscles are still really tight certain movements didn't come as easily but it was good. I'm sure I would have been fine to drive by day 4 but since I had my mother with me there was no need to. I continue to stretch every day and began massages on Friday. My steri strips started to peel off already so I stuck a piece of medical tape on the bottom just to hold the other tape on a bit longer. My left side feels almost completely normal but my right is still tight. I'm right handed so it will probably take a bit longer for that side to catch up.

More pics

side by side pics

Here are some pics from day 2 and day 10 side by side. The angles etc are not exactly the same because it was much harder taking pics in the beginning. You can see a big difference from then until now though. Or at least I think I can.

Sorry. I hit the post update button on accident

Side by side pics from day 2 and day 10.

Sorry. hit post update button on accident

I hope this is ok to discuss here

Before my ba I was wondering how long until you felt ok enough to have sex again and I didn't see it discussed very much. I'm hoping since we are all adults here that it is acceptable to talk about. Anyways I was away for the first week post ba so it wasn't an option but the night I returned home we were intimate. I felt fine so I figured we should give it a shot. We were careful not to squish them or bounce around too much and everything went fine. We have been intimate every day since day 7 and it gets easier to maneuver around every day. He was very careful not to put his weight on me until last night when I think he kind of forgot about it. It was a little uncomfortable but he quickly realized what he did and stopped. You should wait until your ps gives you the go ahead but mine said it was ok as long as he didn't put his mouth on my open incisions. That's kind of gross so it won't be an issue.
The boobs haven't changed at all since my last pics so I will post some new ones in a day or 2.

I'm so sorry ladies

I want to start by apologising for not updating. I set up a notification on here to remind me to do so at least onxe a week but it is apparently not working as I did not receive any notification. Anyhow this is what's happening so far.
WORK: I went back to work on Monday and everything went well. Not happy about having to get up at 4:30am again but hey we have to work right. Lucky for me we received 3ft of snow during a storm on Tuesday so I didn't have to go to work on Tuesday.
PAIN: I am still not in any pain and am experiencing only minimal discomfort at this point. If I raise my arms up really fast or turn really quickly (like you do when merging onto the highway) then it feels like my ribs are being tugged on a bit but other than things like that I feel pretty normal.
SLEEPING: I have been comfortably sleeping on my side since about day 10 or 11. I don't need to put a pillow or anything under me and it feels more normal every night. I have also laid on my stomach for about a week now although I only fell asleep for about a half an hour on my stomach. My ps said I can sleep on my stomach whenever I feel comfortable doing so but you should see what your ps says before doing it. I was reading on another ps' s website, who uses the same surgical method as my ps and he recommended laying on your stomach for at least 15 minutes every day for the life of the implant and that was starting on day 3 so I figured I would give it a shot and I felt fine so I do it every day. I still do not sleep on my stomach all night though.

I forgot to mention I do still have some discomfort in my rib cage. It is not just under my boobs but my entire rib cage feels almost as though it is bruised. It's fine unless you touch it but has gotten better every day. From what I understand this is fairly normal especially when cautery is used.

BRAS: So my ps told me at my 1 week follow up that wearing a bra was up to me and that there is no evidence that wearing one or not makes a difference in your results so I haven't worn one since then. Every bra I tried made me feel like my ribs were being squeezed. I bought the biggest sports bras I could find and I was still very uncomfortable. So for now I'm not wearing one at all. Lucky for me it's winter so I'm able to hide the nips in my sweaters. LOL! I imagine that once they soften up I will be able to comfortably weara bra but for now it's a no go.

DENT: The dent in my left cleavage is still there but I still have a lot of healing to do so for now I'm not going to worry about it. Most of the info I have found says it usually goes away with time and massage.

MASSAGE: I have been massaging every day per my ps and it does make a big difference in hoe they feel. I only did it once one day because I was out doing errands all day and they definitely felt more stiff. My ps said to do the massages every time I use the bathroom because it's easy to remember so that's what I try to do. I also do it in the shower and in the morning and at night while in bed.
INCISIONS: My steri strips finally fell off when I got out of the shower tonight so today is the first time I have seen my incisions. My left one looks great and my right one looks pretty good. I will attach pics but I have to say they look a thousand timed better in person than in the pics. They have been covered up for weeks now so there is a bit of dry skin on them but in person they look fantastic already.

BOOB PIMPLES:? So I have seen a lot of women complain about getting these little pimple like things on their boobs while recovering from a ba but I always thought maybe they were not washing them thoroughly because of pain or being worried about damaging them or something byt I have out that is not the case. I thoroughly wash my boobs every day with antibacterial soap and I still got these little pimple things on my boobs. I'm not worried about it as I'm sure it will go away.

some side by side pics

These are some pics from day 2, 10, and, 20. I didn't take them with doing a side by side comparison in mind so they are not exact but they are there. I actually don't see much difference between days 10 and 20 which is a bit disappointing but oh well. I must be patient.

More pics

Miami Plastic Surgeon

My consultation is scheduled for November 17th so I have not met anyone in the office yet, however they were very friendly and responded to me right away.

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