29 Year Old from NY, No Kids, 34b Breasts....looking for my C Cup!

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So I have booked with dr. Jacob Freiman at CG...

So I have booked with dr. Jacob Freiman at CG Cosmetics. My coordinator Catherine has been nice sofar. I will keep you guys updated. I plan to do this first since I have a BBL coming up at Spectrum Aesthetics with dr Osakatukei Omulepu, MD.

I have never had any kind of surgery so I'm very nervous about being under. Also I'm afraid of the possible scars. I'm still debating where I will like my incision. I would prefer through the armpit. Has anyone done silicone implants through the armpits? Second choice is areola and third, under the breast.

I hate the scar under the breast, but I also read about breast-feeding issues afterwards. I want to have a child in the next 5 years so I would prefer that not be an issue. I am thinking about medium profile, smooth and round silicone implants of 300 - 375 cc.

Before photo

So sick.

I've been so I'll lately. High Temps at nights and low grade fever during the day. I hope this passes soon. I have been cleared with my labs so I'm all clear. I haven't booked my flight yet and I'm holding off till I feel better.


Because I was in antibiotics I have had my date rescheduled to the 9th of july. I fly in for the 8th. I was nervous at first but now I'm more than ready. I just can't wait. Going to book my flight in a bit. Been having issues getting in contact with Mt coordinator lately. Left several messages for her to call back. I'll wait and see. In the mean while I'll just check the forum.

Pre op update

Gosh this whole thing got deleted so now I have to write it again!

I flew in from new York yesterday and went to my pre op at CG Cosmetics for 2 pm. I was informed that I would not be seeing dr. Friedman because he does not work on a Wednesday. I met the ladies if the office but not catherine who is my coordinator. I signedseveral documents and had my blood drawn for labs.

Although all the ladies were reasonably polite I do have so issues that really irked me.

1. In all my prior correspondence I was informed that if I were to need a revision that it would just be $100 for the anesthesia fee. But in the documentation I was to sign it said that it ranges to $1300.

2. I was told that I would need to get a surgical bra. Apparently the office doesn't provide one or a surgical strap. I was quite pissed since I did buy several cami bras but none that opens to the front which is what they want....and oh it must only be of light color also. I let them know that I was very annoyed and just now being told this....so I was directed to the front desk where I was sold one for $20. It would be very interesting if I went in for a bbl. Would they just send me home in a garbage bag in that case?

I am staying at the Extended Stay America Miami - Coral Gables. thank goodness for uber by the way. It would be hell for me getting around without them. I signed up with them and got a coupon online for first tome rideres get $30 off their first ride. So I used that coupon to get to get to LaGuadia airport for my flight. Then when I got to Florida I called one to the hotel which was just $9. Then to CG COSMETICS from the hotel is just $5. I tried to tip and the guy refused...interesting.

Surgery date.

So I have to be there for 1pm but my surgery is not until 3.30 pm. I am a bit afraid of the wait since you are not allowed to eat or even drink water for 12 hours. I saw a lady there waiting yesterday for her surgery at three pm. When I spoke with her, it as actually scheduled for 12 noon but there were running more than 3 hours late.

I was told my surgery was for 3.30 pm but in my paperwork today I see where it says 7pm. I will call the office to confirm. There is no way I'm going to go sit in the lobby from 1pm to 7pm while I'm starving.

I flew here alone thinking that it would just be as to hire someone from care.com or from a HHA agency but they say it takes a week to get someone. So I called the front desk at CG Cosmetics and got the contact of Kayla *** to come to the surgery with me. She will pick me up and drop me off. Fill my prescription and also take me to my post op on Friday. I am supposed to take a flight back to new York on Friday night and back to work on Saturday as a bartender. I hope I can do it with the meds I'll be given.

I'm not scared or anything. I think that I'm still in disbelief that I'm actually going to go through with this. So I have right now for my surgery,

Baby wipes
fleet enema
cue tips
cami bra
surgical bra.

1st day post surgery. My new boobies! !! ????


It's not as bad as I expected. I am already feeling a bit better with the meds. I can't do too much with my arms but it's ok. I ended up getting 400 cc, high profile silicone, sub pectoral.

I called to confirm the time at 3.30Pm and easy told a could go in for 2pm rather than 1. I finally saw a nurse at 3.40pm. She took my urine sample for the pregnancy test.

At about 4.20 I finally saw the anesthetist why asked me some questions and started my IV. We hand a nice chat about the islands. I like her a lot and she made me very comfortable. She then led me by IV into the operating room. I remember to pain of 3 different medications hitting my vains me joking around with them for about 10 seconds Then NOTHING! I wasn't nervous at all. I was just so hungry and thirsty, I just wanted it over with.

Then I remember waking up screaming and moaning very loudly an crying and shaking at the same time. I heard someone next to me asking something and the nurse replied that everyone wakes differently. She then called for some pain medication, which she then injected to my IV. Thank goodness. I was still in pain but not screaming and crying pain.

My boobs are PERFECT. I heard some terrible things an out Dr. Friedman bedside manner but he was very nice to me. He asked me some medical questions and I said no to everything. He then laughed a told me that I am so very boring and I laughed back in agreement.

I then showed him my wish pictures and explained to him what I liked about each photo. He said that he knew half the people in my pic. He told me that they were excellent pictures. He then examined my and said that I had excellent breast tissue to work with. I then asked him about getting it done through the nipple and scar placement. He then informed me that the diameter of my nipple was too small to get the silicone implants in. He then took out a measure and confimed. He then said he will have to do it at the base of both breasts.

I asked him about the type he was thinking about after seeing me and he said without hesitation a 400CC high profile. He said that would give me the size I gave him in the wish pictures. We then discussed the difference between mentor moderate plus and high profile for me. He said NO to the moderate plus. So I went with what he rcommended.

My boobs so far are PERFECT!!! Exactly the size and shape I wanted. Not too big or dramatic. I can't wait for then to fluff out.

About hiring Kayla to help me.....

I told her I didn't have insurance so she let me know that she could help me out to get all for $80. Just leave my ID with the prescription and money at the front desk and she would pass to get it. She sent an assistant to pick me up at 2pm and the me to CG COSMETICS. 1 got here about 2.15. After I was done at the clinic, she came to get me and helped me dress, carried my stuff, opened all doors and took me back to the hotel. Apparently she has connections with the clinic, pharmacy and the hotel staff.

When we got to the hotel she organized the bed and getting 6 extra pillows from the staff. She explained my meds and ordered some soup and got me some Gatorade. She then tucked me in, putting everything in close reach. She says that she is located just 3 blocks away from my hotel so ring her if I need anything. She then said tomorrow she is gonna show me some boobs exercises when she takes me for my post-op tomorrow at 10 am today Friday.

I want them out!

Ok so after 7 days, it is clear to me that my breasts are actually going to remain this big. I told him I was thinking full C. But this looks like I'll b a D. I guess I assumed that right out of surgery it was that big due to swelling.

Then the pain. I was given pain meds that hardly last 4 days when taken as prescribed. I'm in so much pain STILL. I can't lay down, or sit up, or stand for too long. I was in a cab and had to hold my boobs going over the bump.

They look so fake and embarrassing. I try to hide them with big shits. I know I specifically said natural and they do take some time to fluff. But I feel this size will never look natural on me. I feel like I should have gone 350cc. I just wanted a small improvement.

I am thinking of calling to have them remove this thing before it heals and put in a 350cc. I don't want huge breast, just bigger breasts.

This is the most miserable I've ever been. Gosh!

Giving it some time.

So I called the office on Thursday and they asked me to give it 3 months. I try not to look at it too much cause it freaks me out! Lol. So lately I have been paying lots of attention to the sice of all the breasts of the women around me. In the streets, on the train, in the bus, at the club, at my job...the size of my breasts now is just about average.

I guess I'm just taking time getting used to them. They look so hideously fake right now. So I found a review with a lady for an entire year with boobs my size before and after. It looked kind of decent after 6 months to 1 year.

So right now my right nipple is higher than my left. My right breast is slightly bigger than my left also. My implants are high on my chest. I have started doing the massages but my breasts are still extremely stiff. They say silicone feels more natural so I can't wait for them to soften.

My incision scars are still tender and kind of raised. I have already started the mederma and soon tho get the silicone scar sheets. I need to get more bras too. That cream surgical bra does not cut it. Lol

I just want them to eventually look nice and natural. Can't wait. See how they look in three months.

Starting to feel like myself again

So it's almost one week. And I'm starting to feel more and more like myself every day. I am in less pain, and I am able to sleep way better. I am able to sleep on my back. It still hurts feels like an elephant is on my check but now I can sleep on lately I've been able to with a strap. Before I could never keep that strap on because it hurts so, so bad. I had to take it off in 10 minutes flat. My breasts would be on fire for the rest of the night. But now I can sleep with it on all night. I do my massages every day at least twice pretty with the bio oil. And my incision masks are getting flatter but I use Mederma on it everyday.

They are starting to drop which is really good because it has been riding so high and it's been so embarrassing that I've had to cover it up, but now I feel comfortable showing some cleavage. My breasts are getting soft after the massages daily. I've been reading online about the addition of vitamin E and singulair to my regiment so I'm thinking about starting that soon.

Yes it still hurts. It hurts when I squeeze them but I am able to move my arms more freely and stretch my arms and my chest area. My nipples are also very very tender still. I wonder when that's going to stop.

I've grown a lot more accepting of the size. The initial shock about the size to me has vanished as of now. I still keep "boob watching" and I believe my boobs about average and looks good with my frame. I can't wait till my three month mark.

I've also gained about 5 lbs since my surgery....minus the 2 lbs of my implants. Can't wait to start exercise again but for now I will just work on my diet and nutrition. I was told I can restart my exercises at the 1 month mark. I have the Skimble app and also T25.

1 month update

Ok so this is my one month update after the fact. At my first month I was really more into my massageas. Pain was still there, especially in the bottom right of my right breast.

My right breast has been dropping nicely but the left breast is giving me some issues. So I started using the breast band to help while I sleep, cause I read somewhere it helps. I also sleep on my sides cause it stops the implants from riding up....and be a use every other position hurts. I'm a tummy sleeper so this has been difficult for me.

I use merderma on my scars and bio-oil on my breasts at least twice per day. Also went out to walmart and got several sports bras.

I started some light cardio exercise after the first month mark too, to help with some of the weight gain. Recovery has really been difficult for me. More so because only u guys on Realself.com know what I have done. Not even my family knows and I prefer it that way....and almost no one has noticed cause I have always dreamed conservatively and this size really suits my body.

I can't jump at the 1 month mark with my exercises and I have to wear the strap the stop them from bouncing cast that hurts.

I also have tried several bras and eventually settled on 38C, coming from a 34/36 B.

Of course I was freaking out when I saw the size of my breast, but taking photos with clothes on really calms the shock. Then I also compared mine to to see of other ladies in the street and see I am about average. I NEVER REALIZED HOW SMALL MY BOOBS WERE BEFORE!!!! Looking at photos now I'm shocked of how small they were!

* lower pole still very numb
* nipple sensitivity off the charts. Wear cotton over nipples to help.
* it really hurt when my bf laid on top of me during sex. Then when I was on top he kept playing with them. That set my recovery back about 2 weeks.
* scar still sensitive
* breasts hot all the time....like they have a low grade fever
* I now know what the hell boob sweat is. Kept thinking something was running down my bra.....and it was sweat! On hot days I wear tissues between and beneath them.
* was finally able to lift a case of beer at work after 1 month

6 week update

This is my 6 week update after the fact.

So 6 weeks in I started having serious sensitivity of my left scar. My left scar was so pretty and flat. Suddenly there was a bump and it started turning black. I ignored it but when it started getting darker, I grabbed a light to inspect closely with a magnifying mirror.

I noticed a microscopic hole. I squeeze but nothing came out. So I just cleaned it with alcohol and placed a bit of diluted tea-tree oil on it. I found out that this oil is excellent for inflamation. I repeated this over 3 days while doing research to figure out what caused it.

I came to the conclusion that a knot on the stich was basically acting like an ingrown hair, causing the inflammation. The advice was to go to the doctor and have them remove it.

Well my surgeon is all the way in Florida and I live in NY! Also I have no insurance so I removed it myself.

I took a shower. Then cleansed my tools by soaking in 80% alcohol (a pin and bird Beek tweezer ). Then I cleansed my entire chest and fingertips. I then layer my tools out on a clean sheet of bounty an began.

Yes it hurt but it was not hard to find the stich once I got in there. I get lots of ingrown hairs so I kinda know from that how to find the target under the skin. Then once I found it, I grabbed and pulled slowly. The thing came out like a white worm! It freaked me out! Didn't expect it to be that long. I would have taken a pic of the stitch but it fell and I lost it ????.

I then cleansed with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Then I bandaged with my tea-tree oil. Next morning swelling was down.

2 days later it was tender again but in a spot next to the original hole, that was now closed. So I took a shower planning to do another operation. But when I dried off from my hot shower I stared squeezing and the old hole reopened and pus came out. So I squeezed the sore area again and puss came through the hole next to it again! I squeezed until only clear liquid was coming out (and there was lots of it). I stopped when there was almost nothing left. I then cleansed again and put that tea-tree oil bandage on again and went to bed.

Since then it's been fine but now the scar is blackened. Will work on my scars.

2 month update

Ok. So my right boob hurts like hell at the right corner base. Especially when they lean closer to my armpit depending on my position.

My left scar is sensitive again but still flat so I'm watching it closely.

Massages going well. Implant is very mobile when massaged. My nipples are still slightly sensitive and feeling in the lower poles of my breasts have mostly retuned.

1 year

Girls still look the same but my recovery and pain was definitely not expected. I had severe pains all into my 4th month of recovery. I still have pain and tightness in my left breast. BOTH breast still feel like foreign objects in my body and I'm very aware of the implants especially without a bra. I hate how they feel in my body but they look great and the men go crazy so that's a trade off lol. They are a bit bigger than I wanted but they suit my frame. I still would have preferred a large C rather than a 36D but it is what it is. The scars are healing great! I do glycolic peels to help lighten them out. Wish I could remove them and do fat instead. I really despise the feeling of these implants moving and contracting beneath my chest muscles! I was scheduled to do a bbl 2 weeks after this with spectrum but cancelled since I took so long to recover. I am now scheduled with NEW LIFE plastic surgery on Sept 15th 2016. Wish me luck! Overall I do recommend this doctor. He was great in person to me and staff was kind also. I think he likes big breasts though so if you want smaller and average breasts ,be sure to be firm in your desire when meeting him. Surgery was great, followup non existing after the postop (which I expected ). Incision is great, breasts themselves look awesome. Once again I do recommend him.
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