590 UHP Silicones 24 Mom of 2 (5'3 115lbs) - Miami, FL

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Hey ladies! I am so excited i have found this...

Hey ladies! I am so excited i have found this website to express my excitement, ask questions, view picture and gain as much knowledge as possible about breast augmentation! First off let me start off by saying I am completely OBSESSED with getting my boobs done! I have wanted them since i was in high school! I grew up always being a A cup and then when I was pregnant with my kids and after i had them I stayed around a full B. I am also 116 pounds and about 5'2. I breastfed my youngest for about 14 months and things never went back the same. Deflated boobs. I was originally set on getting silicone because of the "more natural feel". But now that i have done some research I am completely set on saline. I don't want to constant worry in my head "what if my silicone implant has ruptured" I would feel more safe knowing that if my saline implant ruptured i wouldn't know almost immediately and know there is no potential danger! I currently live in North Carolina and I plan on getting my surgery done by Dr. Hunsaker in Miami. Which works out great because the cost is half the price compared to where I live and my inlaws live in South Florida so they can take care of me and my children! I will upload some pictures of my now and wish pics. (Cause we all obsess over those wish pics) I hope you enjoy following me and my journey because I love reading ya'lls! Happy New Year and here is to getting my new girls! :)
With Love,

Rice Sizers!!!!!!

So I finally did the "rice test" tonight and I am pretty pleased with the size! Its roughly 400CC and I'm 5'2 115 pounds. Maybe a little bigger :) Obviously I'm still waiting to talked to my doctor (when i decide on one) and see what his input is. I'm still going with saline and i'm now leaning towards the axillary incision site. Mainly because I know in years down the road i will need another surgery and this way i won't be looking at a terrible scar in the crease after that.

I've also started looking into more doctors in the Miami area. Right now I am very pleased with Dr. Perez-Gurri and I'm just waiting for his phone call (hopefully Skype) to discuss my options! I really am impressed with all of his reviews and photos! So here are the photos! What do you ladies think?


AHHH! I'm sending in my deposit for my surgery tomorrow and now I just need to pick a date. I'm pretty sure March 17th will be the day of AMAZING GRACE and my new twins and I finally meet! I want to schedule earlier but I'm not sure if I will have my tax return by then (i know i'm not the only one planning on using that money for the girls) But I guess if anything changes I can always bump up my surgery date! :)) I can't believe this is the first real step in my journey! EEEKKK A lot has happened in the past two weeks.. I found and decided to go with Dr. Robert Hunsaker in Miami, FL. I live in Fayetteville, NC an happened to meet a fellow military wife here that had hers done by him. And after talking to her the deal was sealed! He was the one I wanted. I also have decided to go with Silicone just because I was told by a doctor that since i have stretch marks from breast feeding I'm prone to rippling with saline. Had anyone else been told that? I don't know how reputable that remark is and such.. But i wanted Silicone for the feel anyway! I've also been doing some bra browsing online. What sports bras do you ladies love? Also I've been doing some extensive diet changing and working out to get this bod in shape! Gotta have my banging body with my new beauties! BUTTT I HAVE GOT to quit smoking!!! Who else quit? What helped you? Well any who. I'm super pumped that this is really going to happen! I cannot wait for the next 2 months to FLY by! I also have a couple more wish pics :)

Working on this figure, clean eating, and quitting smoking!

SOOOO... I have had March 17th set for surgery.. but now i am wanting to bump it up to the end of February... which means I NEED TO GET ON THESE workouts ASAP!!! LOL I have mad a commitment to myself and my husband that i refuse to get my BA unless i have a flat tummy.. which has been going great since i started my workouts with 21 day fix on new years. Well last week I went home to visit family (my husband and I are military) and FORGOT MY WORKOUTS! ahh so i took a cheat week. Now tomorrow i'm gonna get right back at it. HAHA. Now only to stop smoking! I'm over this unhealthy habit anyway. GROSS. I have already purhcased about 4-5 sports bras. Which i am ESTATIC about but none of them are front closure. lol I figured i could just my post-op surgical bra for a few days and then switch to my sports bras. How long did you ladies wear a sports bra or how long did you use the front closure before it was easy enough to use a regular one? I'm really not that worried about it. I plan on getting a front closure one anyway but just a question :) I've also been reallllllly worried about scaring and i was wondering what kinds of creams do you use and what worked best? Well as of now if i get my surgery at the end of Feb I am only about 1 month PRE-OP!!! AHH I cannot believe i am finally getting boobies! Its all i think about!!!!!!


SOoooooo as I had posted before I am in the process of working out and getting fit (and gaining a healthy lifestyle) and I just wanted to show my progress. I'm really determined to be in hella shape for surgery :) oh an for anyone curious i am doing the 21 Day Fix with Beachboy and now a coach! Wahoo!


Well exciting but also nerve racking news! Booked my pre-op and surgery with Dr. Hunsaker! Pre-op is Monday march 2nd at 4 pm and then surgery is Thursday March 5th at 930 am! Yayyyyy! I've also completely decided on salinemainly because I k ow if it has sutured I'll know right away. I also felt my friends the other day and was VERY impressed! So saline it is! Aiming for 450-500 HP. seriously so excited! I also stopped smoking cold turkey last night. Almost bough some today but didn't! Haha was wondering what kind of vitamins your ladies take to help with recovery! Thanks and I uploaded a few more wish pics!


Well.. I can't believe i am only 10 days out from having some lady lumps! I am currently packing to head to South Florida to stay with my inlaws for my surgery. Tomorrow I'm making the 11 hour drive by myself with my two kiddos and two dogs! (Pray for me) lol. Like I have mentioned before, hubby is deployed. I have all my post op bras and plenty of sports bras to wear after. I know I plan on getting more of those coobie type bras from walmart. They are SO comfy and thats all i've been wearing along with sports bras for the past two months. I have been having CRAZY dreams about my BA. Last night I dreamt that my doctor didn't even discuss a size or profile and fed me a heater meal immediately BEFORE surgery! I know everything will be fine and i'm over thinking it. I know for sure i'm going to be extremely nervous the day of surgery and hopefully i can get some kind of meds to calm me down before going into the OR. AHH NERVE RACKING! Everyone says that being put under is pretty cool and not bad at all.. but I still get nervous. Mainly bc I don't know what its like or what to expect waking up. I CANT WAIT! This week I plan on spending time with my inlaws, getting a mani and shopping with my mother inlaw! Maybe hit up the beach with the kiddos one day. :) I can't wait to get to sunny Florida its been FREEZING here in NC! Well until next time followers! If anyone has any good snack and meal ideas for post op i would greatly appreciate it! :)


Welp.. today is pre-op. This is also the first time I will be meeting Dr. Hunsaker! I have absolutely no doubts about him or his staff! I'm just so excited to get my size! lol My appointment is in 4 hours and I will absolutely update when i get home :) Wish me Luck!!

Boobs less than 48 hours away!

Welp pre-op was yesterday and it went GREAT! Except when the doc told me the size for the look i wanted... my jaw about hit the ground and i spent ALL night panicking and rethinking this whole process (although its a little late haha)

So we decided on 590CC UHP Round Smooth Silicones (mentor I believe). I always knew i was petite but dang i didn't know i was that tiny. My main goals are sideboob, good cleavage and roundness(but not too much up top) So you can understand why I was freaking out! But once I talked to friends and read reviews on here I understand its just a number and my doc has a ton of experience and wouldn't make me into Dolly Parton.. Especially since i expressed i didn't want to go too small but also feared of going too big. I had my heart set on the incision through the nipple but with smaller nips and a large implant he didn't recommend it. So underboob it is! I also finally made my decision on SILICONE! I am too freaked out about rippling and Dr. Hunsaker says my results will feel much better with silicone mainly due to lack of breast tissue. I got my prescriptions filled today and did some fun things with the kiddos. Tomorrow I plan on having a relaxing day. Probably some baking with my mother -in-law and anything to keep my mind of the surgery. My biggest fear about this whole process is being put to sleep and waking up... Hopefully that goes smoothly because its my first time..

Tomorrow i'm gonna take lots of Pre-op pictures and will post before i head to bed! Oh and Surgery is at 730am eastern time on the 5th! :)

I finally have boobs!

I can finally say the wait is ovaaaaaa. I got to Dr. Hunsakers office around 730. I signed all my paperwork brought the staff some goodies and went back to pre-op to get marked and meet the anesthesiologist Amy who was AWESOME! The last thing I remember was laying in the OR, looked at the clock and it was 815. Then woke up at 950 and experienced more pain that I imagined. The pressure wasn't too horrible just mostly pain. By 11 I was on my way home and couldn't wait to eat and take my Percocet! Once I did I felt great! I haven't had any nasea just soreness. Doc ordered me to make sure I'm lifting my arms above my heads to help with that! I seriously am so happy it's done and over with! Now to recover and enjoy these bad boys! Here are just a few pre-op and post op pics :)

DAY 4 Post Op!!!

Today marks day 4 post op! :) I feel so much better today than i did day one and two thats for sure. It is true that everyday gets better and better. I first took a shower yesterday morning and that my friend was GLORIOUS! I also was able to actually stay awake yesterday. I have been able to do all normal things (except heavy lifting) since i got home. (wiping, washing my hair, etc.) The percocet the doc perscribed me wasn't working for me. I felt nauseated, weak, had a headache and couldn't keep my eyes open. So all day day of surgery and the next day i did nothing but sleep. Its all a blur. I completely switched to extra strength tylenol and it works great without any side effects! My only complaint about this whole recovery process is sleeping. I cannot for the life of me get a good nights sleep. I am a definite side sleeper so sleeping propped up on my back is total torture. Last night i remember waking up every hour SWEATING all down my back. And of course I wake up with a stiff neck and back along with morning boob. lol So that is by far this biggest downfall.

Today i've done some cleaning and trying to help out around the house and with the kids more but i do listen to my body and take it easy when i need to. I will say that i LOVE my boobs and i was completely nervous about getting such a large implant but i know that its going to give me the look i desire! sI think my arm stretches my PS has had me doing since i got to recovery has been the key to my rapid recovery and feeling so great! Now i just have to sit back and wait for this D&F process :)

I go back for a post-op visit tomorrow to check on everything and then i will get my stitches out later this week! :0 I will keep you ladies updated!

8 Days Post Op!

Today is 8 days post op and i am feeling great. I went yesterday for a check-up and got my stitches out! WAHOO! I am so so happy with my incisions so far! Hopefully they continue to heal so awesome. I just wish I was able to go to the beach!!! AHH. I also started my massages today. Which surprisingly feel good especially in the morning when i'm the most stiff. Sleeping gets better and better every night. But I will never take sleeping on my stomach and side for granted again! I have only been wearing sports bras post op. And occasionally I have slept without a bra. I also really like the coobie type bras that you can buy at walmart for like $5. Those are super awesome! I have had more discomfort in my left breast than my right. My PS said thats completely normal and it may switch up and my right may become more sore than my left at one point. The boob farts have gone away (THANK GOD) and now i think the "zingers" have started... only in my left though. Seems as though my lefty may become my problem child.

WORKING OUT.... OHH HOW I MISS THIS! I am beyond over not working out. Although my PS has released me to all normal activities I know my body isn't ready. Which he told me to make sure i pay attention too. I think in the next week or 2 i could start some light workouts.

CLOTHES AND BATHING SUITS: I totally was NOT excepting shopping for bikinis would get harder lol. Its much easier to find your size when you're a small and not a large or XL in tops. But I LOVE how much my breast fill out a swim suit now. I haven't had any luck finding cute suits. Im wanting to get a cute triangle or bandeau top without underwire or push up.. which seems to be the trend nowa days. So any advice on where to shop besides Victoria's Secret and Target would be great. I wasn't impressed with Walmarts. Although I did buy just a plain black triangle top for $5 from there! SCORE

We will see and I will keep you guys updated! Well thats about all i've got for now! I will post again at 2 weeks! :) Happy Healing Bresties!

17 Days Post Op! Everyday I love them more and more!

Today marks 17DPO and I can't say enough how happy I am with my results! I'm SO SO happy with my decision and I'm so glad I trusted my surgeon on the size! When they say every day it gets better and better and you love them ore and more. Its SO TRUE! They seem to get softer and softer. The are usually pretty stiff in the morning but after i get up moving and do my massages they feel great! The only discomfort I have is the bottom of my breast kinda feels like i have sunburn when I'm not wearing a bra. I think This has something to do with the numbing starting to go away down there. My incisions look great as well. I am gonna start using scar guard next week. They are healed up but just to be safe. Tomorrow I'm going in for a check up with my PS before I head back home on Tuesday! I will keep you guys updated but thats all i have for now!

4 weeks TODAY!

Squish test
WOW! Time really does fly when you're having fun! I can't believe today marks 4 weeks. This sunday (the 5th) will mark one full month! A lot of dropping and fluffing has happened in the past week and I'm ESTATIC about my results! They get squishier everyday! My hubby is still deployed and I'm back home in NC getting ready for his return (about a month and a half) I am back to my normal activities except working out. I'm just not quite ready to take that step. I'm gonna try again in another week or two! My scars are healing perfectly and I've started using Scar Guard (what my doc recommended) I also plan on tanning in the next few days and will just cover them with a band aid or silicone strips. I am still a little numb on the bottom of my breasts' but that is slowly going away. So no worries there! I have uploaded a squish test taken today! Good luck and happy healing to everyone on their BA journey!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Seriously I cannot thank Dr. Hunsaker enough for my results! I am only 4 days post op and I LOVE my breast! I know i'm still swollen and high but I can tell my final results are going to be just as I wished them to bed. And not only was Dr. Hunsaker awesome but his ENTIRE staff is so nice and comforting! Maria who works the front desk is almost a good friend me. Whenever I've had a question or concern she is there to help day or night. The anesthesiologist Amy was great too! I was stuck 3 times before getting my iv in but she was AWESOME! The only complaint I have about this whole process is not being able to sleep well. Other than that my recovery has been GREAT and all thanks to Dr. Hunsaker! YOURE THE BEST DOC!

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