Spent $7500.00 to Have my Body Ruined for Life! - Miami, FL

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I never had much of a waist and wanted to improve...

I never had much of a waist and wanted to improve it by getting liposuction in my lower flanks to produce one. After doing extensive research, I went to Dr. Blinski and he performed liposuction of my waist/flanks. After healing patiently I noticed that I had been left botched, warped and one flank was more uneven than the other. I went back to Dr. Blinski and he told me he could "fix it". Trusting him and believing that he was highly skilled, I let him perform a second "revision" procedure but this left me even worse! He took out fat from my outer upper thighs and/or hips and injected it into the grooves and warps he had caused, but in the end, I developed small pockets on the areas he took fat from which I didn't have before. So now I have that in addition to my botched back. When I asked Dr. Blinski about the results and let him know about my concerns and the damage he had done, he snapped at me, trying to make me feel like it was my fault!!!
Devastated, I have gone to another plastic surgeon to seek help in trying to improve the damage that was done to my body but this plastic surgeon is not too keen on doing anything since the damage is done and further surgery might make it even worse. Had I known that Dr. Blinski would ruin me for life, I would have never gone to him. I am devastated.
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