Sickle Cell and Cosmetic Surgery - Miami, FL

After months of stalking I've finally started...

After months of stalking I've finally started typing my feelings and thoughts. Since turning 40, I've gained some weight this year, and I'm really unhappy with the way I see myself and the way I think my BF see me(even though he says otherwise). I used to love my shape not so much anymore. When you're overweight (at least I think) nothing looks good on you. I cant wear heels without being totally exhausted and feet hurting. Long story short, I want the old me back. I have a few hurdles though. I have Sickle Cell, which comes with low hemoglobin and crit levels. So we'll see how this goes.

Second Appt

Today I started my journey of finding the best match for me, as far as a cosmetic surgeon. I had an appointment at 130pm at Evolution PlasticSurgLT....well I'm from Michigan, so I was a little lost driving there. Once I arrived I noticed they were in a strip mall....I walked into a waiting area filled with people, they handed me a slip of paper with another suite number on it. I was to go to suite 304 in an office building (much better)....It was people EVERYWHERE! I gave my name and waited about 10min an someone came a got me, only to take me to another suite on the first floor....there you will find a lot of cubicles with consulting going on. I consulted with this women that was not a RN or MA.....she looked at my baby ask me what I wanted and when I wanted the surgery done. I then told her I had Sickle Cell , since she knew nothing about it, she wrote it down. I asked her was I going to see the dr, she said "no, he's not seeing people today ".....ok I thought, well when will I see him? She then went and asked him if I qualified for the surgery, due to SC, she came back and simply said "no I'm sorry" problem I said. Was I, because once I saw how everything was operated, I didn't like it. Any dr should see his patients during consultation, or at least a nurse. It reminded me of a revolving door type of place.

Found a doctor

Today I had a consultation with Dr. Enrique Hananbergh jr.....I saw him at his Aventura office near the hospital...unlike going to Evolution, where there were people everywhere and, although the customer service was good at Evolution...I didn't like the fact that the dr never came out and saw me. Anyway back to seeing Dr. Hananbergh...after feeling out my paper work....Alejandra, his asst. came out and greeted me. I then went into a room, where Dr. Hananbergh greeted me and ask me what exactly I was looking for. We talked and I told him I wanted liposuction from my bra line to my hip area. I then got undressed and he examined my body and said I had nice skin, that should preform well. I explain to him about my sickle cell...and showed him my previous labs from my hemoglobin was only 10.8. He told me to get it up before my surgery date. No least I'll try.
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