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After months of stalking I've finally started...

After months of stalking I've finally started typing my feelings and thoughts. Since turning 40, I've gained some weight this year, and I'm really unhappy with the way I see myself and the way I think my BF see me(even though he says otherwise). I used to love my shape not so much anymore. When you're overweight (at least I think) nothing looks good on you. I cant wear heels without being totally exhausted and feet hurting. Long story short, I want the old me back. I have a few hurdles though. I have Sickle Cell, which comes with low hemoglobin and crit levels. So we'll see how this goes.

Second Appt

Today I started my journey of finding the best match for me, as far as a cosmetic surgeon. I had an appointment at 130pm at Evolution PlasticSurgLT....well I'm from Michigan, so I was a little lost driving there. Once I arrived I noticed they were in a strip mall....I walked into a waiting area filled with people, they handed me a slip of paper with another suite number on it. I was to go to suite 304 in an office building (much better)....It was people EVERYWHERE! I gave my name and waited about 10min an someone came a got me, only to take me to another suite on the first floor....there you will find a lot of cubicles with consulting going on. I consulted with this women that was not a RN or MA.....she looked at my baby ask me what I wanted and when I wanted the surgery done. I then told her I had Sickle Cell , since she knew nothing about it, she wrote it down. I asked her was I going to see the dr, she said "no, he's not seeing people today ".....ok I thought, well when will I see him? She then went and asked him if I qualified for the surgery, due to SC, she came back and simply said "no I'm sorry" problem I said. Was I, because once I saw how everything was operated, I didn't like it. Any dr should see his patients during consultation, or at least a nurse. It reminded me of a revolving door type of place.

Found a doctor

Today I had a consultation with Dr. Enrique Hananbergh jr.....I saw him at his Aventura office near the hospital...unlike going to Evolution, where there were people everywhere and, although the customer service was good at Evolution...I didn't like the fact that the dr never came out and saw me. Anyway back to seeing Dr. Hananbergh...after feeling out my paper work....Alejandra, his asst. came out and greeted me. I then went into a room, where Dr. Hananbergh greeted me and ask me what exactly I was looking for. We talked and I told him I wanted liposuction from my bra line to my hip area. I then got undressed and he examined my body and said I had nice skin, that should preform well. I explain to him about my sickle cell...and showed him my previous labs from my hemoglobin was only 10.8. He told me to get it up before my surgery date. No least I'll try.

Finally got everything done

Today I went for my blood work...and by me having sickle cell, my hemoglobin will always be slightly came in at 10.6.....which is not terribly low. I've had several surgeries before with no complications. Other than that everything went good. I'm not as anxious or scared as I was before, now I just want it over. It's seems like every week in gain more I'm just ready to start a new track.

Actually my date is wrong....SURGERY IS FEB 9,2017

My date was moved back to February was originally December 5th,2016.....but since I want it done in a hospital due to my sickle cell and safety reasons, that date had to be moved. Please pray for me...that everything goes well.

I'm having lipo done in just one week by the...

I'm having lipo done in just one week by the wonderful dr Enrique Hanabergh....I called his real office not new life...his staff is very helpful. Although my hemoglobin is low I've been approved because I am a healthy person. I be already started a post, but can't upload photos hmmm! Any help? I'm also paying 1800 more to have it done in a hospital because of the sickle cell.....and because of that he even knocked off 500.00 of his fee.

A little worried about labs, due to sickle cell of course.

Today I paid my balance of 3000.00 in full. Woo-Hoo!!! My coordinator Alejhandra called me to say that Dr Hanabergh would be contacting me. Unfortunately I left my phone at home while at the gym...anyhow even though it was 930pm....Dr Hanabergh answered, so nice and easy to talk to. He made me aware that my hemoglobin was still low 10.8....something I already knew because due to the sickle cell it just doesn't get any higher! Maybe it gets to 11.1 a ew times out the year, but that's it. Sucks huh! Here's the thing with sickle cell, there are various types ( I have hemoglobin SC...SS is the most severe) at least my hemoglobin goes over ten, SS patients linger around seven (very low). Any how he was concerned with that....and I told him both my hematologist here in Florida and Michigan had cleared me, and told me I had to have it done in a hospital OR, not a surgical center, which I paid extra for. He said as long they can fax over clearances ( which he told me before during our initial consult, and I totally forgot to get, FROM BOTH DOCTORS,my fault ...DUH) it should be fine! He also said he would call the the head of anesthesiology in the OR tomorrow to make sure it's ok. Please let him be ok with doctor said that normally as long as your hemoglobin is over ten, and your healthy (which I am) can have just about any let's pray that's true! I would be devastated, I've been so looking forward to this. I also had told him I'd had minor reconstructive surgery, gallbladder,tonsils removed etc.. so please pray everything goes ok tomorrow. I'll keep you guys informed. GN RS'ers

I think I Amy be one of the first....if not the first?????????????????

To post on real self about having surgery and having sickle cell disease...if there's anyone else out there please contact me. I have tons of questions! Thank u!

All cleared...thank god!

Today was my final clearance....chest X-ray and ekg. Also two docs sent over clearance letters, because of the low hemoglobin. I'm just ready so excited and nervous, cause I look at people with great outcomes and I start to think "why do I deserve to be happy rocking a nice body, is this selfish of me to spend all this money getting this done"! Idk it's just how I feel sometimes. Then of course like everyone "the whole, what if I don't wake up thing, goes through my head"! This is elective. I don't need it, I want it! Is that selfish to want my old body back!

Only three more days!

Hey RS'ers.....omg can you believe I'm about to be one of those beautiful shaped women in like three days! I CAN'T!! I haven't bought nothing y'all, except for like veggies, healthy foods and water lol! I don't know what to get....I definitely don't want to waste money and buy all that crap that I won't use... and honestly by me being a PA(physician assistant) student, I have a lot of medical stuff, and, I have taken care of 3 aunts and 1 cousin who's had cosmetic surgery years ago when it was wayyyyy more serious and secretive. I know god will protect me, and I'll be fine. I just pray not to come out with any lipo burns or deformities. Dr. Hanabergh has all five stars from over 60 reviews., which is good.

Ladies please be safe!

I know we as humans have a tendency to follow the crowd or what's hot at the current time.....but still DO YOUR RESEARCH. I WAS ON REAL SELF FOR OVER TWO YEARS. I had several doctors lined up, and every month one would get crossed off my list, an it wasn't because of malpractice or anything, it was mainly because of popularity! YES POPULARITY!! See I'm a PA STUDENT....and I've shadowed doctors and see how hard they work and their case loads. When I start seeing a doctor having his own reality show, becoming an inventor, having seven (yes, seven) offices, requiring fame.....something is going to get neglected. Either your job, family or both! When I read on here of a certain famous doctor doing surgery at 1 am....come on!!! Medicine is a serious craft that requires continuing's only 24 hrs in a day! I'll take quality over quantity any day!

Omg it's Tomorrow

I can't believe I'm having liposuction done bf is here to take me. It's at 730am...regional memorial hospital. Please pray for me thank you guys for all your inspiration.


PLEASE EXCUSE ME IM STILL UNDER ANESTHESIA!! You guys will not believe what happened to me!!! I arrived at the hospital at 600am.....from the moment we pulled up...if was easy parking. Regional Memorial South in Miami is small and intimate!! When we walked into this EXTREMELY CLEAN HOSPITAL. , security asked who was having surgery, me or my bf, " I said me,sir". He then asked for my bf D.L. Card and ran his pic through a multitude of pics. I guess checking for previous visitors and trouble makers. I went register p, and the young lady was super pleasant for 6am. It was never a wait or line for anything. After registration I was told to go to the second floor....immediately off the elevator my pre-op nurse was standing right there to escort me. He then handed my bf a paging system with five different colds on it...each color showed the progress of me....and when on green that meant I was ready! Everything was on time no waiting. HOW COOL IS THAT!! I told them I have a port and they had to access that instead of starting an IV line which they'll never get due to the sickle. ONCE AGAIN NO PROBLEM! 3 different Anesthesiologist came and saw me. They explained everything and then Dr. Hanabergh came in right on time. He marked me up, had me try on a faja, which fit perfectly and said I'll see you in a few minutes. WELL HERE IS WHERE IT GOES BAD..... when you go under general anesthesia, patients getting some sort of abdominal surgery gets either trach tube or a laryngeal mask....well I required a tube. Come to find out after they put my under and tried to insert the tube, the tube was was way to large and could not fit. I've had my tonsils and adenoids taken out two Twice. Two anesthesiologist tried and said my throat swelled up so bad that they'd rather be safe then sorry, which I appreciate it. I was devastated..cause this takes planning, and time off from work/school. My mouth and throat HURT SO BAD, AND IS SO SWOLLEN, due to them trying to intubate me. Well I am now rescheduled for march 2,2017! Let's try it again.

Muscle pain from anesthesia

Right now I'm just experiencing extreme muscle pain from the anesthesia, which has happen to me before when I had my gallbladder I have to get over this part cause it hurts really bad. I just feel as though all of this is preparing me for the actual surgery, cause if I can deal with all this, lipo pain should be a cinch!

Looking forward to march 2

Now I'm looking forward to march...just ready to get it over with! Pray everything is ok again! Ready for my spring body!

Get ready again and feeling better

Im starting to feel better. The myalgia, due to, too much anesthesia to incubate me is starting to feel better. I swear all of this has me sooooooo prepared for march 2. I'm not even afraid anymore, anxious yes, nervous a little, but not scared. Just ready to get it over with. I'm wondering should I buy some of those lipo foams? I'm also trying to lose some weight, since that was one of the problems, that I'd gained weight since my last surgery years ago. Here is a check list of some items I found. Some good ideas.

Almost time

Well it's almost time for me to try this again...I'm so nervous, I've literally researched everything on intubation and anesthesia. Specially since I've never had a problem with anesthesia before. Great thing is, they (the hospital) knows what to do this time, and as long as I'm not given a certain muscle relaxer, that caused the myalgia pain , I'm fine.

Well well well....smh!!!

Lord this body of mine, definitely has a mind of its on. Went to get my blood work done ,considering tomorrow is my surgery . I already know my hemoglobin is going to be a little low, I'm thinking maybe 10.5, like normally. Instead it's 9.5....wth!!!! Ok, fine we can deal with that, but that's not all!! My PTT (protime-INR) is super high, 45....meaning it will take my blood 45 seconds to coagulate(clot), not good at all. Hopefully it's because I just got off my period yesterday. My doctor called me and they put me second hoping to see a difference when they retake my blood in the morning. This is so frustrating, I keep preparing for this , only for it to possibly not happen . I just wish my body was normal! Please pray all goes well tomorrow.


Well my surgery was yesterday, at 8:30 am,done at Regional Memorial South. When I arrived I wasn't sure if it was gonna happen, because the day before my blood levels (PTT IN PARTICULAR), were really high. So when I arrived they had a hard time finding a vein to draw from. The anesthesiologist had to do an arterial stick. By the way this was one of the main reasons I had the surgery done at a hospital....see because of the Sickle Cell I have no more good veins to start an IV, an I have a port in my chest, for easy excess. Although they ended up using my port, they needed that blood to come from a vein. Once everything came back great, they prepped me for surgery. Dr. Hanabergh came in and marked me up, and told me what to expect. I was then rolled back to the OR, transferred to another bed, they put a mask on me, and I was out! I woke up WITH HORRIBLE BACK PAIN. my lower back was hurting sooooo bad, they wanted me to eat and drink, I tried but my throat was hurting sooooo bad, because once again they had trouble intubating me. I was able to get hot tea done. I went to the bathroom, and omg I sat to pee, and blood poured everywhere. The nurses couldn't believe it, the had to call maintenance to clean the bathroom. I was n so much pain I couldn't even put on my I went home in a gown, my faja and my hoodie on. The nurses were awesome, they lined the car seats large under pads. Once I came home, at around 700pm my bf helped me in the house, and into bed, I was freezing cold and so exhausted. Around 200am I started yelling his name, there was blood everywhere, I guess I lied on one side to long. I went to stand and pretty much fainted in his arms. He put me back in bed, and I slept for maybe another hour, then the back pain woke me up.

More pics to come

I get my first massage tomorrow.

Had first massage

Today was my first massage, it was not bad all. It was actually nice, the only part that hurt, was my lower back. Forgot to take pics without faja...I do have two lipo burns though :(( . Hopefully it heals ok!


How many should I get?

Post op care

Hi everyone....thank you for all your prayers!!! Besides the lipo burns or possibly garment burns....everything looks great, he did a great job contouring me. He says he's never had a good patient with burns and, it could be due to the Sickle Cell disease and lack of oxygen, considering your skin is an organ ( actually the largest). I've had no crisis pain, from the sickle cell, thank god. Here are a few new pictures of me without my garment on my stomach.

In a dress

Today I wore a body con dress with nothing wrapped around my waist!! Although you could see my ab board...I must say I'm starting to look pretty good. I go to Michigan next Thursday to see my hematologist about my wound and what can be done. My waist is still super swollen but no seroma's or anything thank god!

Skin necrosis

Skin necrosis.....I'm on my way to Michigan to see my doctor, hopefully he can add to the help I'm getting here in Florida.

Really good care

I have been using a good care taker and masseuse.....who are certified and and has helped me a lot with my recovery.

Almost 2 months later

This is wounds are healing good. Love the flatness and small waist. Still swollen so more to come. Still numb in certain places, and have that itchy, burning feeling that I hate.

The ABSOLUTE BEST COSMETIC SURGEON. Dr. Hanabergh truly cares about his patients. He personally called me himself and gave me his cell number just in case, or if I have questions or concerns. Excellent listener on what I wanted. I went to his personal office in aventura, where his assistant Alejhandra, is the best. They call you right back with no problem. Just had surgery yesterday, and they have called to check on me three times. Just awesome!!!!

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