Soon to Be a Salas Doll! 25 Years Old W/O Kids Getting Lipo to the Full Abdomen, Back, Flanks and Waist - Miami, FL

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I've been a member of real self for years now,...

I've been a member of real self for years now, pretty much before I was even legally allowed to drink lol! I've been wanting to have cosmetic surgery done for so long and I've been terrified to do it and couldn't find all the funds (y'all know that s*** is expensive lol). However I decided to make the jump and I'm putting my down payment with Dr. Rafael Salas at Vanity Cosmetics. I was going to go with Dr. Hasan but after hearing about his disappearing act I wasn't buying anything that they were telling me at vanity. My patient coordinator also told me that one of their really good doctors returned after going to get his board certified licensure! She said Dr. Salas even performed more aggressive lipo than Dr. Hasan so I was like hey why not! I'm way too nervous to get this done. I've suffered with iron deficiency anemia for years and I've had a blood transfusion when I was 16 because my blood levels and iron was so low. Has anyone here been anemic and performed lipo?? I'm doing lipo only to my full abdomen, flanks, back and waist. I was contemplating doing a bbl but I already have something to work with back there and I figured if I added anything more it would look ridiculous on me! All I want is that nice curvature in my waist! Ladies please help me through this journey!

Can't wait for my surgery!

So why are me and my boyfriend here watching that new plastic surgery called Atlanta Plastic and he asked me if that's gonna be me soon. Lol! I couldn't stop laughing because it will! I had to ask him are you going to act weird and low key jealous when I get my surgery and he was like why? I said because you know things are going to look really different on my body...ladies I'm still waiting for him to answer that question! I guess he will! Anywho I'm getting pretty excited. I'm heading to the store to buy some iron tablets, folic acid and b 12 because I've suffered with iron deficiency anemia. I also made an apt with a hematologist in May to check out my blood levels at least two months before my surgery that way I have some time to make changes if anything is needed. I can't wait to start pulling out the outfits I really want to wear.

I love my patient care coordinator. I heard some bad things about the staff at vanity but to my surprise she calls me even when I don't call her and makes sure she responds to all of my emails ASAP. I also shared the things I heard about them "claiming" to not see the money that people deposit into their account and I was like if you lose my money I'm coming to look for you lol! Jk! But she assured me that wouldn't happen. Overall she has just been really pleasant.

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