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Hello ladies, I am new and a bit nervous. I am...

Hello ladies,

I am new and a bit nervous. I am scheduled for August 21st for Lipo with Dr. Hasan. I'm praying all goes well with everything. I've been keeping up with a few dolls on here to see their journey and i am glad all is well. Although i am not getting BBL, i am curious to know if anyone has only gotten lipo with him. Welcome to my journey dolls :-)

Worried and Annoyed!!

So I spoke with my surgical coordinator today and she said my surgery is still on... for now. I was like well what do you mean for now?? She was saying that people appointments have been getting rescheduled because their hemoglobin was low and/or they had a kidney or uti infection. I believe that is completely idiotic because why wait 24 hours before someone's surgery to say oh no sorry we can't because your hemo is low or because you have a infection. So I decided to call my PCP and schedule a appt to get my labs done. God forbid I have a UTI, That will still give me 2 weeks to take antibiotics and get rid of it. I am really starting to get aggravated because it's always something with vanity. I am just ready to get Hasanified!! UUUGGHHH!!! Well, my appt with my PCP on Friday, Hopefully everything comes out ok. My issue with Vanity is that they are so half ass and last minute with everything. When I first sent my information requesting information on their procedures, they will call you 50 million times. It's like now you have to chase them down about things after they get your money!! WTF!!

Supply List?

So I did my labs on Thursday at Quest Diagnostics and Vanity should have my results by Tuesday. I am hoping everything is ok, so I can just get this over with! I haven't bought anything for recovery. What will I need? How long will I not be able to go to work? Pleaaassee heeellppppp

12 Days Pre Op Pictures

Well, here are my pre op pictures. I have butt, I just feel as if it's a little long. I am a mommy, so I do have my kangaroo pouch. I am ready to get this over with!!! Lol!! Vets please help me with a supply list!!

Wish pics!!


I woke up this morning to find that my results from quest was emailed to me. My hemoglobin was a 12.4 which is the highest it's ever been being that I have a sickle cell trait. Everything was all dandy until it came down to the goddamn urine and blood screening of the bladder. I HAVE A DAMN UTI!! I just wanna cry. I know she said they won't do it if I have a uti. OMG. My sx is next week friday and I have only a few days to try and get rid of it. I just emailed my surgical coordinator the results. SMH. I am beyond sad

False Alarm

Ok, so when I got my results this morning, I misread them and come to find out that i do not have a UTI. I was being a damn drama queen as usual. Lol. My surgical coordinator anna called me about 4:30 to tell me that I am cleared for surgery for the 21st and that i have to be there on the 20th to meet with the doctor! I am so freaking happy!! I still haven't bought anything for post op. Well, a majority of eveyone on here got BBL but I'm only getting lipo so I'm not sure what all I would need.

Down to the single digits!!

I am so ready to get this over with!! #Excited

Time is winding down!!!!

I just checked my portal and noticed that now I have a lab assistant and medical assistant. Just the other day, it was only a surgical assistant. It is finally starting to feel real. I am ready to get my confidence back. I am read to have the body i had 3 years ago. I'm pray for all of you dolls going into surgery and all of the ladies that are recovering. I still haven't bought anything post surgery yet. Lol.

Pre-op pictures of me

Well here are a few better pictures of me. I don't have a long mirror in my apartment, so I came to my cousin's house. Lol. I have the hips and butt. I just wanna get my tummy, flanks, back, bra line and abdomen done. Sorry if the pix are in the wrong direction. It didn't give me the option to rotate them. I am currently 5'5 186

It's almost that time....

I am having so many emotions the closer i get to my sx date. I am anxious, nervous, excited, scared and thrilled. I hope I didn't sound bi polar. I get that alot. Lol. Just kidding. Lol. Wishing all of my rs sisters the best going in and coming out of surgery. Blessing to you all

Phone Call From Vanity

So Amanda from vanity called me at 3:57pm She was extremely nice and did a medical questionaire over the phone. Basic question like my height and weight, medical history, allergies, etc. She said that they will call me wednesday with my surgery time. Literally 1 minute after I hung up with her, someone else called to confirm my date and asked if I had any additional question. She also said that I have to be there wed or thur to meet with Dr. Hasan and sign paper then off to surgery. So I guess this it guy!! I'm officially going to be a Hasanified doll Friday the 21st. I just wanna thank you all for your kind words and I will most def keep you guys posted! XOXOXO

Not So Sure And Stressed. Smh. Vanity!

So Amanda calls me today and asks me if I can come in tomorrow for surgery instead of Friday. I cannot because I have orientation tomorrow. She then put me on hold and said ok i can still come Friday and she will call me tomorrow with a time. The reason why i am so nervous is because she sounded very unsure. I cannot afford to change my date. People have taken off work just to be there me after surgery like really? I'll keep you guys posted. Pre op appt is tomorrow.

Just Booked My Massages

So i tried to get appts with Marian for the drainage massage, but there wasn't any available for Saturday and they are only open until 5. Im only free after 5, so I researched and found this place in Miami lakes which is not that far from my cousin house which is where I will be staying post op. I was reading reviews online and on their Facebook page and decided to go with them. They are affordable and had really good reviews. I booked 5 massages for $250. They have a special of 10 massages for $450 and the 11th is free.

Pre Op Appointment Later

I haven't gotten any sleep what so ever. My period decided to come on, so I was up all night cramping. Uggghhhh why me. Lol. Anyways, my pre op is today. I'm going around noon because I have things to do this morning. Glad I took today off also! Lol. I'll keep you ladies posted. Have a great day!

Surgery Time And Pre Op Instructions

So my medical assistant Keila just called me. I will be Dr Hasan first appointment tomorrow at 5:30 Am. She gave me all of the pre op instructions. No polish, shower in Antibacterial soap, no deodorant, no piercing, etc. This is it ladies! I will keep you guys posted every step of the way! I'm going to vanity in a few hours to meet with Dr Hasan and signy life away! Lol

Made It To Vanity

I know I was suppose to be here before one, but traffic sucked and my orientation was longer than expected! Ugghh. Finally here now and I'm just waiting.

My Review On Vanity Pre Op Visit

I got there about 1:10 PM. The receptionist asked for my info and told me to take a seat. I got called to the back about 15 minutes later, so the wait time wasn't bad at all. I signed 1,000 papers basically signing my life away. Lol. I tried on a garment, but refused to pay $120 for it, so i went to marian to get a garment. Omg! She is such a sweeet heart. She eveb opened up to me about her personal life. I wish i could get my massages from her, but she is extremely booked and her hours of operation doesn't correspond with my schedule. Anyway, that was about it. They took my weight and asked me my height. The women there are very nice and made me very comfortable. I didn't get to meet Dr Hasan, but I did meet his assistant. I think he was in surgery, but I'm not mad because I should've been on time. Im so glad I'm his first patient in the morning. Wish me luck dolls!

Finally Got The Supplies For Post Op

I am last minute with EVERYTHING! LOL! But I want to make sure I had the green light before i went ahead and spent a bunch of money. Anyway, I'll be staying withy cousins for the weekend post op.

I Made it!

Hello dolls,

I had my surgery and thank god it was a smooth process. I'm not in pain, just sore. I'm walking by myself and just changed my clothes on my own. Im draining like hell. I'm beyond sleepy, so I'll give you guys the run down later XOXO

My Review On Vanity And Dr Hasan

I contacted vanity July 28th 2015 in regards to their services. I paid in full August 1 2015. I got my surgery date the same day. My coordinator was Anna. She was really nice and made feel comfortable about doing business with them. When it got closer to my surgery date, it got a little unorganized because they wanted to push my date from the 21st to the 20th of August, But i couldn't because I had prior plans. My preop appointment was quick. I already did my labs at quest diagnostics on August 6th, so I went just to sign paperwork basically. On my surgery day (today), i got there at 5:20am and went into surgery at about 6am. The anesthesia guy name is rick. He was really cute and nice. He was kinda rough putting in my iv which hurted like hell. The nurse was nice and made me feel comfortable. She asked me to pee in a cup and then Dr Hasan came in. He was straight to the point and very informative. He comes off as a bit of an asshole, but for the most part, he's nice. He marked me up fast and we laughed about woman blaming their fat on babies. Lol. Then we went to the operating room. I was wiped down by the nurse and then i was strapped on the table. Me and Rick laughed about tequila earlier, so when it was time to get the medicine, he said here's some tequila and then i was out. I woke up cold as hell. My medical assistant was amazingly nice and nurturing. She called my cousin in advance to pick me up, so he was already outside when i woke up. She put blankets over me, was rubbing me to warm me and taught me some breathing techniques because i was shivering so bad. In conclusion, I had a great experience with vanity. Customer service was good and my results are amazing. I highly recommend them!

Follow-up Visit At Vanity

Omg, first let me say, today was painful. I guess yesterday wasn't that bad because the anesthesia was still in my body, but i woke in the middle of the night in pain. I'll say like a 7. They give prescribe you Tylenol with codine 300mg and it does absolutely nothing for the pain. When I went to my follow up, I asked for oxy or percocet but dr hasan wasn't there. Omg. I wanted to cry. The appointment was quick. She just changed the padding and told me some aftercare info. I bought some lipo foams and board and I was on my way. This recovery sucks, but I guess beauty is pain right?

First Massage Today

So I had my first massage today and it wasn't that bad because I took a percocet before i got there. The lady name was Dania. She is really sweet and give great aftercare advice. I'm 1 day post op and because my body heals so fast, i drained alot on my own. Today was my first day taking off my garment and was finally able to shower. When i took off my garment and looked at myself, I couldn't believe it. Dr Hasan is a master sculpturer. If you already have hips and butt, you won't need BBL because he'll sculpt you to the point where it looks as if you had one. If you look at screenshots from my vanity portal, you'll see it says only lipo. Dr Hasan is amazing and my results are amazing. I have alot of fluid in my lower abdomen as you can see, but eventually it'll go away. I washed my garment and put in the lipo foams and board, so I feel a little better

Incisions Closing Already

Hey dolls! My incisions are closing already because I heal very fast. Im still draining from a incisions on my left side, but all the incisions on my right side are closed. When do I use the scar gel? I swear getting on and off the bed is so uncomfortable. All of my fluid has went down to the very bottom of my stomach.

Before And After Pictures

No major updates dolls. Just a few before and after pictures. I hope you all are having a beautiful day ????

Discomfort, Discomfort, Discomfort!!!!!!

Omg! The lipo foams and board is beyond uncomfortable. Getting on and off the bed is a pain in the ass!!!! All of my fluid has shifted to the very bottom of my tummy and back and it's highly uncomfortable! My garment feels a little looser now because my swelling and stuff has gone down, but this freaking fluid..... uuuuggggggghggggg. This is beyond annoying and I've been crying all morning. Why would I do this to myself!!!

I Drove Today

I went to my second massage appointment and I actually felt a tad bit better. It was uncomfortable in certain areas, but it actually felt ok when she massaged my back. I drove myself to and from the massage therapist office. I didn't have a bbl, so i was sitting on my butt but i did use a pillow for protection on my back. I noticed that I'm starting to bruise on my upper back, but I'm not sure why. Driving wasn't that bad, it's just that goddamn fluid in my lower back and stomach that bothers me. I'm just ready to heal????

Swollen And Discoloration

Ok now I feel like I've messed up. Yesterday when i got my massage, i was fine, but then i noticed a black/purple bruise. I've been using thd board and foams which have been extremely uncomfortable/unbearable. I started driving yesterday and went to work today. I have a desk job, but i get up from time to time. Being that I've only had lip, sitting wasn't the issue, it was me being so uncomfortable because of all the compression. When i went for my massage today, i was extremely swollen and the massage was painful. My tummy was bigger than it was yesterday and the pain was unbearable especially on my sides. It was suggested maybe i did have too much compression and to not wear board and foam. I am beyond stressed ladies. Pray for me

Crying My Eyes Out

I just got admitted into the hospital because of infection. I am super swollen which isn't normal as I suspected. I am constantly crying non stop because this is beyond stressful. I'm praying for all of you ladies undergoing surgery. God bless you all

Thank You

I just want to thank all of you ladies for the kind words and well wishes. I really appreciate each and every one of you. Unfortunately, I'll be here in the hospital for awhile according to the doctors. They believe its cellulitis. Cat scan shows alot of swelling which the doctors believe it's a mixture of blood tissue. I'm not even sure if my results will be the same. I'm just beyond stressed and tired of crying. I hope you ladies have a great day and stay beautiful.

Always Listen To Vanity!!!!

When I first started feeling the pain and discomfort, I called vanity and they told me that it was normal. Also, to come in if i had any concerns. By the time i would get down there, it would've been closed. So I opted to go to the ER. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! Hospital Drs know nothing about cosmetic surgery. They told me I had a infection and admitted me, drugged me and was wrong the whole damn time. Nobody could tell me what was wrong with me. My blood work and everything was fine. They kept getting doctors from other departments who was all clueless. Every doctor i spoke to knew nothing of lipo and the process. Long story, I WAS JUST FULL OF FLUID AND NEEDED TO BE DRAINED. I called vanity today and told them every. I basically was in the hospital for 2 days for no reason. This is vanity always advises us to come to them because the hospital will tell you that you have a infection when you really dont. So i signed myself out of the hospital and went vanity. Keyla my medical assistant drained 10 big syringes full of fluid out me and i still have a ton of fluid to be removed. The problem was that because i heal so quickly, my incisions closed without giving my body time to drain the fluid. It was way too much fluid for my body to absorb which is why i needed to be drained. So my advice to you ladies is to LISTEN TO VANITY OR YOUR COSMETIC SURGEON. If they say go to them with any issue, go to them. I didn't have a fever or nothing. This hospital just doped me and misdiagnosed me because they dont know shit about cosmetic surgery. Anyway, i thank you all for the prayers. I am fine and just need more draining. Love yall ????

Its My Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to me! Lol. Whoop whoop!

1 Week Post Op

I feel better day by day. I went and got drained again today and OMG that needle is huge! Between yesterday and today I've had 15 cups of fluid drained out of me. I'm not sure as to why my body isn't absorbing the fluid. I still have some left inside of me, but I'm not sure how much. My new garment is so uncomfortable, but I'll live. Lol

More Pix

Took off the garment and decided to take a few pix. My stomach is still puffy and hard. Not as much fluid since I've been getting drained, but stomach is hard.


I've been drained twice and have a total of 15 cups of fluid drained from me. I still have some fluid in my belly that travels from my back to stomach. I need a faster way to get this crap out of me other than draining because i refuse to have that big ass needle poke me again. :-( Any pointers? Its not as much as before and once this is gone, it'll be no more fluid. My incisions are already almost healed (I believe I am a reptile because my skin heal so fast lol) so I've been using the scar gel to make it disappear completely. All is well my realself family. I promise everyday gets better and better. I'm just so ready to be fluid free!

Bathroom Pics At Work

Here's a few pics from earlier today at work in the bathroom. You can see all of the available space in the waist area of my work pants. I need to go shopping. I can't fit anything. I'm going to be brained one more time Saturday. I started back getting my massages and I'll resume those tomorrow. My back is hard and i just had a bit of fluid in my tummy. Other that, I am completely happy with my results. #Hasanified

2 Weeks Post Op

Hey dolls! I snapped these pics after my massage today and wanna give a quick update. I still have fluid in my belly as you can see (Im ashy, don't judge me. Lol). I'm going to vanity tomorrow to get the fluid drained for the last time, hopefully. My faja is starting to become really big. I am still swollen especially in my back. I did end up bruising on my side at about 2 or 3 days post op. It is now starting to scab and fall off (it looks gross. As if i was burned with a iron). I'm starting to feel back to myself slowly, but surely!

I Got Drained Today

Today I got 5 cups of fluid drained out of me. 4 cups on my right side and 1 cup on my left side. Alot of my fluid was in my flanks and abs area. Now that it's gone, my stomach is completely flat and i can FINALLY fit my stage 2 garment. What a blessing! The full body faja was very annoying! I still have a little, but i think it may absorb on it's on *fingers crossed*

No Garment And Fully Drained Pics

As i stated above, I was drained earlier today so now my belly is flat and fluid from my flanks is gone. You can also see the bruising i was telling you guys about when i was 4 days post op. Decided to take a few pics with the garment off. Enjoy dolls!

Before And After Pics

Hey dolls! I was bored and decided to make a little collage of old pics and new pics. Have a great day dolls ????


Met With Dr Hasan Today

Hey ladies. These past 2 days have been extremely rough. I've been in so much pain, so I decided to take a trip to vanity. I met with my lovely medical assistant Kayla and she drained me. This maybe the last time because all you can now feel is muscle and much fluid didn't come out today. Thank god! I told her about the pains i was having around my hips on my incisions. Also, i showed her the Skin Necrosis i developed. Dr Hasan was coming out of surgery and we was jolly as ever. Lol. Remember how i told you guys I bruised? Well it wasn't brusing, it's something called skin necrosis. It started out as a purple bruise with discoloration and then the whole thing scabbed. A majority of thd scabs came off on it's own so now it looks fleshy and pink. Gross! I was a heavy cigarette smoker, but i didn't quit in time for the nicotine to get out of my body which is why i developed it. Smokers and people with diabetes are at high risk of getting it after any surgery. It looks like a second degree burn. Dr hasan said it's not severe, so simple wound care will cure it. He also stated the pain I'm feeling is just the nerves repairing it's self and will subside over time. Ok so let me back up, when he walked in the room, he looked at me and said "you look absolutely amazing. Are you ready for the guys to be all over you? You are officially Hasanified" Lol! I took off my clothes and he was so amazed by my shape. He kept crackin jokes and made me laugh like crazy. I am so glad i had him for a dr. He told me i have absolutely no fat in my upper body which explains why I lost 10lbs. I am so ready to recover. My whole recovery has been a little rough and vanity has held my hand every step of the way

One Month Post Op

Hey dolls,

Just a quick update. I'm still swollen as hell, especially in my back. I feel like a brick!!! Lol. I had a massage today and I feel so much better. Dont mind the bandage. Lol. Happy healing dolls!!

Not A Update But....

Ok so I met this guy that has alooooootttttt of money. Lol. Omg i souns like a gold digger, but anyways.... He's like so obsessed with my body. He's a aggressive guy, so he likes to grab me and hug me tight. OMG!! THAT IS THE WORST! I am still swollen and hard like a brick. I haven't said anything about my surgery at all. Lmaooo! I know he has to feel how hard my stomach and back is! Wtfff! Lol I just had to share that with my rs sisters. I thought it was soooo funny

5 weeks Post Op

Hey dolls,

Nothing has really changed. I am still hard and swollen. Everybody my waist is getting smaller and smaller. I need a new waist shaper because now it's way too big. Thats about it. Dont mind the dirty mirror lmaooo
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