Want Lipo To Really Highlight My BBL From '14!! - Miami, FL

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I had my 1st BBL done by Dr. Ortega at Spectrum...

I had my 1st BBL done by Dr. Ortega at Spectrum Cosmetics last summer July 2014 and was pretty satisfied with the results. Check out my profile to see the 1st review.
After like 6 months I really saw how great the results were. It took a while for my butt to fluff and round out to where I felt comfortable without the faja and didn't feel like I needed a revision. Lol like I was finally satisfied with my natural fatty once I hit a year post op. The only thing is that even after the procedure, my lipo'd areas like my arms & back bra area weren't as suctioned as I would have liked but it might have been because he removed as much fat as he was legally allowed to.
And since then I put back on a little weight and fat in some areas have been difficult to get rid of with just exercise and diet. When I am consistent at the gym I lose some weight all over, but my back/bra area & arms I don't see much of a difference. *whiny face* I REALLY want my arms to be smaller. My stomach/abdomen gets flat but I would like my waist overall to be tiny. I have been wearing a cincher under my tops/dresses sometimes which can be quite annoying. I just don't want to have to do that anymore.
I think with the lipo it will also highlight my existing BBL since there will be less fat on my waist line and lower back area which I am excited about. I had little to no lumps on my stomach after everything healed and I pray it will look that smooth again but tiny this time around with Dr. O again.
I'll update as things progress!

Some Waist/Waistline Wish Pics

Current pics & Edited pics

Attached current pics and how I want to look after the lipo. I used the FaceTune app to edit the pics. ^_^

Sx Supplies

I still have some of the supplies from my 1st sx like lipo board, p-ez, gauze, alcohol pads, 2 arm vests, compression gloves. Since my compression socks and garment is included, I'm going to buy a stage 2 upper body garment, arm/vest garment and v-shape former from fajasmyd.us. They have pretty good prices only downside you have to call to place your order.


Starting to lean towards getting another BBL...idk though
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Will fill in as I go along...

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