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09-21-2014. I am getting lipo in my inner and...

I am getting lipo in my inner and outer thighs, my abs, flanks and that place that cover the coaxial or coccyx., and a bit of my buttocks. Maybe my upper arms and adjacent areas.
Today was consultation with Dr. Mendieta. It went very well. My appointment was schedule for 11.00 am. I filled out some forms and then I was taken to a room where a nursed asked some health related questions and then took my pictures. Front, back and profile. Then 5' later Dr. Mendieta knocked the door. He looked at my back pictures on a screen that is located in the consultation room. I told him what I wanted and he mentioned that by doing my inner thighs there is the possibility of creations wrinkles there as I am 44 years old and the quality of my skin is different from the one of a younger woman. I love that as he was honest.
After the meeting with him I met with Vivian who is handling my procedure. She is very nice. We talked costs and all that financial stuff. I also signed a consent to have surgery done and all that legal stuff that we need to read carefully.
I requested to have my measurements taken for the compression garment. The brand the use is Marena. They have this custom made for their patients. Mine is a full body one. I couldn't find it on line. Cost 225 USD I also bought today the ARNIKA FORTE [trade mark] which composition is Arnica Montana 1000mg. Bromelain 3000 GDU 100mg, grape seed extract 240mg, Vitamin C 250mg, Rutin 100mg. I need to start to take this arnica 2 days before the surgery and 5 days post-op. Cost 37 USD.
Getting there it cost me 20 USD as I don't know how to drive on the left side of the road. And 20 USD to come back to the Brickell area.
As I don't have a friend who can look after me while in miami I am hiring a lady recommended by the practice of dr. Mendieta. She will pick me up on the day of the procedure and will stay with me 24 hrs and will take me back to my post-op check up.
That is going to cost me around 560 USD. Then I can hire her per hour. :)
I have to have a medical check up. Blood work, chest X-rays. I need to be in perfect health to have the procedure. That will take place on the 27th of August. Then on the 29th of August I will have my pre-op consultation.
I am starting to get excited. Yay! I will post my every step of the way as Real Self help me to make my decision. I want people to benefit from my experience as well.

I had complete medical check up on 08-27

I had an ECG done, complete blood work and lots of question about my medical history and from my relatives. And lung X-Rays.

08-29-2014 pre-op

I had my pre-op yesterday. It took me took hours to go through all those papers and signing all of them initial much of them. Legal stuff protecting the practice. Make sure that I understand that this procedure is completely optional as my general health does not depend on it. I had to answer once more all the question about my health, my previous surgeries et cetera.
Finally she took my measurements to determine which size garment I needed to use after my surgery. The brand I am using is Marena. I am feeling rather lazy writing about the things I will use right before my surgery and right after my surgery. I need to buy all this stuff. I will make a detailed list of the items I need to purchase and have ready after my surgery and the first post-op week once I acquired them. :)

Three days post op

Three days after D day.

Hello readers. I had my liposuction done on the 10th of September 2014. I got at Dr. Mendieta's 4Beauty practice at 10.00 am I was half an hour earlier. Then I was taken to the place where he magic happens.After a short while Dr. Mendieta came to to do the marking. I didn't take the Valium as I was pretty calm and looking forward the anesthesia. I dosed in the room I was waiting for my surgery. There was a TV with beautiful pictures of animal and a there was a show on traveling. During the interim the anesthesiologist came and asked many questions including the medication I take on a regular basis, the supplements I take and the ones I was asked to take before the surgery as Iron and Vitamin C, and the ones to stop like Vitamin E. He asked my weight and height to know how much anesthesia to use and all that tumescent liquid that is pumped into you.
The time as come. The nurses bath me with a soapy solution. I could touch myself and was asked to sit on the operating table that looks like a big cross. In my case arms wide opened. Anesthesia was given and as I was under General anesthesia I didn't know anything until I woke up.

NOTHING could've had prepare me for the pain. I was in pain. Like if I did I pretty heavy workout multiply by 1000 times. OUCH. I was taken home and I took my OXYCODONE/acetaminophen 5-325 MG pain Killer. It does not kill the pain completely but I helps you to manage it. I dosed on and off. I walk every two hours and walk until my body told me to stop. Each person is different but I am not the girl than didn't feel the cut under her skin because that is what it is.
I drank at least 1 liter of bended PINEAPPLE juice. Not from the box. I ate jello made by me the night before. I have been prescribed a HIGH protein diet. Tuna fish and TOFU as I don't eat any other kind of meat. But lean turkey and chicken breast will do wonders. Arnica gel and ARNICA pills bought at GNC are my new best friends. I started with the arnica two days before D day. IRON and VITAMIN. NO vitamin E at all. All supplements need to be stopped except for the ones recommended by the Doc.

Following day I started my CEPHALAXIN 500 MG each capsule antibiotic 3 X a day for seven days. Continuing with Iron and vitamin C for a month.
Like I said PINEAPPLE is my best friend and will be my friend for months to come.

TODAY I HAVE STARTED the lymphatic drain massage. It was even more painful than the pain bared until now. Having done for two hours has been OUCH but the result has been SO worth it. The inflammation as come down considerably. I have drain clear blood and real fat is very greasy what comes out. Used the loo for number one several times. In Latin American people start the lymphatic drainage massage 24 after their procedure. This is crucial so bumps and ripples are avoids. Bumps are the fat that has not been completely removed. In the Miami area there's a wonderful therapist that started by working from little place and by worth of mouth in 8 years has trained four girls working for her. Her schedule is tight almost back to back. She knows her stuff. I love her. Send me a private message if you want the info and web page. I found her on internet while doing my research from INDIA where I live. And then her number was given to me by my Doctor's practice. It was meant to be. I have schedule 30 hours of massage. A promotion for 1200 USD
It is been thought but my pain killer have been amazing. It has to be taken before the pain set completely in.
I don't want to sound preachy I just want to be precise so I don't waste your time girls and boys.

I am attempting to upload 2 days post op pictures.

Post op day two

I didn't have fat transfer

Not so happy with post op back view

Saddle bags. And upper hips

I can't wait to see my results in one month.

Two days post op. Bruised as fudge!

One more. Right side post op, obviously


Never get garments without a zipper.

I bought a Marena full body suit for 150 + USD. It has no zipper only several hooks in the front. The thing is that the garment doesn't with a front zipper. Get only a garment with hooks and front zipper otherwise you won't be able to close it if one gets as swollen as I am. My stomach is scary flat by inner legs are not touching but my butt and my legs are more swollen today, particularly my right one in the knee even though I had my lymphatic drainage massage done with morning.
I am feeling frustrated at this moment. My friend brought music to my new empty apartment. I have a TV but not channels as I felt lazy to connected.
I will post pictures once I get less scary.

The butt I wanted

The after but is what I was striving for. Dr. Mendieta is very conservative and he will not do and aggressive lipo or so something just to please someone If the results are going to be bad. However I think he could have taken more fat out from my Whatever part is that bellow my waist. If it is doable I am getting a revision.

The butt I wanted

I love her results

Seven days post op

Seven days post op 09/17/2014

The pain and the swelling.
It has been hard. My Marena garment provided by Dr. Mendieta for 225 USD has driven me crazy has it is a full body suit (mid calf length and 3/4 sleeve) as it tight in my armpits and my abs. I did my upper arms and just below my underpits, and also that outer side of my chest where my chest meet the underpits. Ohhh jeez my English!!!! I also had done my hips and all the area right on top of my gluteus Maximus, including the sacral area. My flanks, saddle bags, inner thighs.
So I have been so swollen on my 3rd and 4rd day. On my fifth and sixth days my pointy and boney knees started to appear.
Today the swelling has improved a bit as well. The drains are still on. They come out right on top of the pubic area. I can't wait to have those out of me!


Today in the morning doing much better.

Pics from this morning

Applying arnica!

More pics

Swelling is coming down

My arms


Drains out of me!!!

Drains were taken out yesterday.
I felt so free by having those taken out. I am less swollen. I am overall better. Learning patience, to myself.
I am still taking Arnica and fresh Pineapple, ginger and mint blended juice.

Swelling is coming down.

I am very pleased with my results. Dr. Mendieta has sculpted my body very nicely. He is a sculptor. He knows the female body. I will post pictures later on.
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