Feeling good about Lipo and BL! Update w/ photos

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Was scheduled to do breast lift no implants and...

Was scheduled to do breast lift no implants and lipo on abs, flanks, back and inner thighs on August 27th but because I decided to do breast lift at the last minute my procedure coordinator didn't alert me that women over 30 have to do mammogram. I said ok and had it done the same day. Luckily, my cousin works for the breast center & was able to get my results read & reported the next day(Thursday). Oh boy! Because I have dense breast tissue, the radiologist suggested a ultrasound. My cousin scheduled me to come in the same day needless to say, the radiologist recommended a MRI because I had lesions in both breast.... Now I'm scared to death! It's now Friday afternoon, so my cousin saves the day again by scheduling MRI at her offices other location the following Monday evening.

Monday 7 pm arrives, I'm now at the imaging office and the receptionist ask for my insurance card and a $250.00 copayment. O_o :o((((! Dr. requested a contrast MRI so I had to be stuck w/ a needle and have some chemical pumped in me for 30 mins while I lay on my stomach uncomfortably in the machine. Cousin to the rescue & I finally got results of MRI today... Thank The Lord, I'm clear to have my lift done on September 9th.

Items I've gotten so far:
Wipes, straws and arnica

Looking through photos and the implants just looks better and I wanna reduce the risk of sagging again with my up and down weight. I'm seriously scared to do an implant because of leakage but what do you ladies suggest? My stats currently 36 yrs old, my measurements are 36-38-46 at 5'5 186 lbs. Goal measurements are 34-28-44

Getting the gitters!

My operation coordinator called me today to advise that I start taking my iron pills and I should arrive at the office for surgery on Monday at 8 am...reality set in and as I sat at my work desk I began to picture me on South Beach next summer with my new body. I got plans this weekend to clean my entire house, get the dog groomed, shop for post sx supplies and then sex the hell out of my man! I don't plan to get the implants again, PS don't feel I need them, so the lift will seficie. However, I have been stalking the BBL reviews for the last week and man what a difference an big booty makes... Butt lol I'm always told that I already have a fatty so maybe next year I will consider the transfer. I'm curious, how many inches did you ladies loose off your waist after lipo? TTYL.

Got some post sx supplies...2 days to go!

Got post op items... Lots of juice and water as well. Still looking for bed pads tho. I have read tons of reviews that mention the squeem and faja for compression items, I would like to buy one now but I'm not sure what to buy and size. Any advice on that? I started the Arnica and prescribed iron pills yesterday and its been making me have some serious bowel movements. Got plans to get the dog groomed and to clean my entire house tomorrow so I can relax on Sunday. I'm super excited! TTYL!

Praying for great results!

Still exhausted from house cleaning yesterday and I haven't thought much about tomorrow until now. I took the relaxing pill, thought it would make me sleepy but I guess not. I praying for a speedy recovery and that I get the results I desire... Nice round even breast with a small waist line. Will be posting pics when I can.

On the Road to Recovery

I went in the plastic surgeons office at 8 am by 9 am I was in the OR. I was waken from a snory sleep by the nurse and my boyfriend at 4:00 pm. I felt groggy with little pain. I just wanted to sleep, the nurse had to hit my nose with a ammonia stick. I was hungry for soup. Got home and wanted to go in the bed so bad and I was feeling nausea so I didn't listen to my boyfriend when asked me to wait for his assistance to go upstairs. I got to the top and had to sit down, I began to doze off, it took my boyfriend 2 minutes to wake me up only to find that had peed on myself. My boyfriend is the best caretaker I get food meds and bathroom breaks on time. The nurse came to see me at my home today. Man it was hell getting the compression gear off and on. She was so nice she hung out with me while my bf went to the store for suran wrap for my breast. I took a light bath. Ladies let me tell u, if you have a recliner consider yourself lucky, I can't imagine trying to get in and out of a bed with all the soreness. I have been drinking lots of pineapple juice. Feeling a little bit better.

Now lets talk about the service provided by the PS office. Everyone was so nice, my discharge nurse kept kissing me as she helped me into the car... I thought that was so cute. I got a day one and day two blog video from my doctor. Top shelf service for sure! I got 3 extra garments and socks. I would recommend this doctor to anyone.


I'm really irritable today. No position is comfortable and my period came on. My head is killing me and everything is still swollen. I just want the suffering to be over!

Feeling better

But this stuck in the house shit is for the birds! I can't wait for the swelling to go down. I had to change my compression suite from L to XL my head was throbbing really bad for the last two days. I feel a lot better. I took my second bath and ordered black garments to return to work. My boyfriend has been putting neosprin in my open crouch area of my butt, it's been feeling kind of raw and itchy. I'm walking a little on my own but I still need assistance to get up and down. Knees still swollen. How are you ladies feeling today?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Yesterday after work, I just knew I would be in pain because I have major stiffness and numbness in my flanks and back. But to my surprise it felt really good, the therapist used a current flow massage machine. She suggest 10 sessions at $950 but I'm only going to do 2 more for $190 and drink plenty of water. My waistline is getting smaller but it's still uncomfortable to sleep so hopefully things will get better.

Second massage! Wow what a difference!

The large Lumps on my flanks are finally going down! I drank a gallon of water today before going for massage. Today she did current and ultra sound massage. The US massage was a little uncomfortable on my flanks but it was worth the hour.

So I was told

By my massage therapist that raw cabbage leaves is great for pain and swelling. I'm to sleep with them against my skin over night and I should feel better in the morning. We will see how this goes.

Cabbage Patch Kid

So I'm told that I have to keep using the cabbage for the swelling because it's topical however, I did get some relief from the tightness. I did my 3rd massage today and I'm feeling a lot better and lumps are getting softer. I'm going to ask my PS on Monday to drain with a needle if possible. I drank a gallon of water today so it was toilet city and still is. I'm sitting here thinking about all the effects I've suffered from the surgery: a swollen wrist from the IV, right side of my tongue is still numb for some reason, swollen ankles (gone now), lumps in my inner thigh & mid section, rash on my butt from the opening of the cheap compression garment given after surgery, burn between breast from garment and peeling skin on chest. So sad I know but everything is slowly coming together. I may not see some real results until Thanksgiving. Crazy enough, my BL hasn't given me any problems with the exception of trying to find cute wireless bras. Praying swelling goes away soon. I will continue with arnica and cabbage.

Slight workout this morning

To reduce the swelling and fluid in flanks and back I decided to get on my elliptical with waist band for 30 mins. The first 15 mins was hell... Heart was doing 100 mph but the heart pumps out the fluid so I guess it was good that I decided to workout. My lumps are surely improving. They are smaller but the road to recovery is still long.


So yeah some swell more than others & I am still super swollen with fluid and the 9th will be a month. Every day gets easier. I did my last massage yesterday ( all I could $)and man my back and sides were on fire. I was told that's a good sign, it means my nerves are trying to regenerate so now I apply coco butter to keep my body moisturized and to heal insicious. I am shrinking and lipo on inner thighs I feel was worth it now, they are evening out real nice. I will continue to drink a gallon of water a day, wear my vendetta 149 at work and exercise lightly 4 days a week. The tape on my breast come of next Tuesday, I super excited.... No more blow drying my tits after each shower. I will keep u guys posted. GN.

Still recovering

Well after 5-6 massages with lady in Aventura at $95 a pop, I found a place in Coral Gables done 4 massages at $50 each and I'm seeing major improvements because they technique is more aggressive on my fibrosis. If I had gone to CG in the beginning, I wouldn't need any more massages. Oh well you live and learn. However I'm still numb in my inner thighs flanks and lower back. I going to need a revision on my left breast it's slightly bigger than the right & I have a bra roll on the left. I'm going to still need a revision on my stomach and inner left thigh, I feel I still have fat that was left behind. I'm looking to get everything fixed in January. I'm still not sure if I would do the surgery again, there's lots of things the PS doesn't tell you as far as true side effects. Recovery is a process for some.

Full body revision in January

Had my 2 month visit on Tuesday and my doctor asked what wasn't I pleased with, welllll I still have fat in my inner left thigh, my stomach has some fat and it's uneven, fibrosis on my flanks, bra roll fat on my left and a lil on the right and left breast is larger than the right. My doctor said immediately that he stands behind his work and wants me happy so he will be fixing everything if there are no improvements by January. He wants to make sure all the swelling is gone before going back in. Now I'm thinking to pay for lipo to my arms and fat transfer to my hips. We will see, I'm just happy that he's supporting me wanting to have great results. So far I look ok... I don't have muffin top or back rolls and I did loose 5 inches from my waist, I just feel there was to much fat left behind. I mean I have paid $1,000 in massages & my lower back, flanks and knee area still gets stiff and numb. I just want to get what I paid for so I can use 2014 to recover so I can have to body I desire.

Am I the only one

Still itching on lower back and flanks and the burning sensation is killing me, it's worst at night while I'm in bed sleeping. Will this feeling go away? What do you ladies suggest to ease these symptoms?

Pic update

Full body revision scheduled for the 6th

I gotta start by saying I got the best PS in the world. His goal is to make his clients happy and I'm glad I choose him. First I knew I would need a revision on my left breast because it's slightly larger but as my lipo began to settle I noticed a had fat left on my left thigh and bra roll fat. My expectation was not to have a completely flat stomach, only a TT could do that but my flanks and abs I could still grab so PS agreed to go in and fix as well. Currently, I look good naked and in a dress, I get lots of compliments on my shape. I'm excited because I know exactly what to do in after care this time. Getting my own garments and start massages immediately after surgery. See you ladies on the other side because summer is around the corner.

I made it through revision today

Not as much pain as the first time but I was more nervous than first when they went to put me under. I can wait to see wha I look like tomorrow when the nurse comes out, all I know is im a bloody mess and in need of a shower. Ttyl.

One month post revision

Lots of swelling gone, still a little stiff with some small scar tissue on flanks. Left inner thigh still hurts when being massaged, I just wish I asked to have the right upper inner thigh revised because I have a small pocket of fat left behind from first surgery. Feeling a lot better about my body but I think surgery opens the door for wanting perfection because I think about how I should get this and that tucked or what I should've done a lot when in fact my body looks 10 times better than it did before the surgery. Go figure.

Post revision photos

Look at my side sitting

Back and inner thighs

I can't say I like those folds on my back but I understand it's skin.

Back and inner thighs photos

Beautiful Bal Harbour office. ALL staff are courtesy & pleasant. Coordinators return calls and answer emails quickly. Dr. Salzhauer is friendly professional and returns calls as well. I feel I'm in good hands.

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