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I never had a flat stomach in my life and work...

I never had a flat stomach in my life and work hard at the gym to get it. But even at my smallest I had that huge flanks and upper ab problem. I planned to do lipo if all else fails. And all else fail. I have one child and finding the support to commit has become difficult. So its now or never. I did my research and selected Dr. Hanabergh. I got a call from is office and he was very welcoming. His assistant Alejandra was also helpful. I will post some pics of my problem area later this week.

Nerves ...

These are my pics that I have been trying to download for the longest while. I have been looking on the site most days to see updates from previous patient from Dr. Hanabergh, but its slow in coming and makes me nervous. I already made some payments but rely heavily on updates from previous patients. I like what I have seen so far but I need more.

Booked and Ready!

I have not update in a while. Yes, unfair since I have been reading others.
My full payment was completed last week. I am going to get my upper and lower ab, back, flanks. I am now considering my arms as well.

I booked my stay at new life recovery house. William the owner, called me the same day I sent an email. That was nice. His place and two other options were given to me by Alejandra at New Life Clinic. I selected new life recovery house based on the convenience of having some one pick me up at the airport, all meals, 24 hour nurse especially for the first two days. He recently updated his website. It's much easier to maneuver. I think I came out better than staying at a hotel.

I have not yet ordered my meds. I think I will only order my Arnica and Bromelain on amazon. I will purchase my Iron pills at home. will be travelling to Miami from the Caribbean. I have been liaising with Alejandra over the period I booked my surgery and was told I will be provided with an ab board.
From reading other review it seems that I will be provided compression socks as well. Will have to clarify that.

As for travelling light, I will take with me about four dresses that I already had. I plan to do some shopping. Most likely before since I don't know what to expect afterwards. If I feel good enough to do so after about four days then I will.

I have not yet done any tests and requested by New Life. I was told three weeks before surgery I would get an e-mail stating the requirements. Over the last two months I have been trying to eat right and not put on any weight. If I lose about 5lb I will be grateful.

Forgot to Mention

Oh I forgot to mention that I already have two compression garments. Another will be provided by my surgery team. I don't plan to purchase anymore. Going to stitch them up as they get looser. New Life Recovery house will provide lipo foam as part of their package.

One Week ...

In one week I will be in Miami. Sometimes nervous, sometimes not. Am cleared with my pre-op medical. I did a chest x-ray also. It for those over 40 like me. Will start taking arnica tomorrow and stop all other medication beside multivitamin. Can't wait for it to be over and done with. Pain and all. The longer the wait the greater the anxiety.

Day of surgery

Landed at MIA yesterday. Delayed flight ugh. Had pre op visit with Dr Hanabergh. The drive was too long to get there. He is at his main office in Aventura on Thursdays. So for those coming out of state be aware of Thursday visits. Otherwise he is at the New Life Clinic near the recovery houses. Anyway we greeted with a hug. His reception was very warm. I was both comfortable and nervous. We chatted a bit about the procedure. Said I'll be good and dont worry. Had a quick examination and soon was back on my long drive back to the recovery house. Told me to hydrate well for the rest of the day, hmmm it was about 4:00pm and did not have a drink of liquid for the day except for a sip on the plane. I am carded for 5:00pm surgery today ugh. Didn't wànt to be starving for the entire day. I met Alejandra, she was very nice as well, greeted with a hug. She waited with me until my taxi came even when her shift was over.

Met Wiliam at a new life recovery house. He is much younger than I that. The voice did not give it away lol. He was very nice and eager to help in what ever way he could. I was starving so he prepared a quick meal for me. He knows his stuff and I am sure I will be in good hands. I had a Gatorade and a bottle of water. Hydration needed. Went out for a quick shopping experience. The mall is about 20-25 minutes away ugh. Returned had a bottle of water and showered and bed. Tired! Phew!

Got up about 7:30. Late :-( Dr H said I could have something light at about 6:00am. Had a banana only. Hmmm.

Reading reviews about seromas. I pray I don't get any. Pray for me too :-).

Will try to update later tonight.

Post Recovery Day 1

Hi Selfers
Just letting you know I am doing well. wrote a long review last night and of course deleted it in error grrrr.

Will rewrite it later. I have a post up visit at New Life at 9:00am. Later.

Day 1 after treatment - In the Land of the living :-)

Praise God everything went well. I went in earlier because there was a cancellation. I arrived at about 3pm where they were waiting for me. Filled my paperwork and took prey test. Met with anastheologist (hope spelt right). He asked a few questions and chatted a bit. Made me feel comfortable. I then changed into garment. Got comp socks. Dr H came in all smiles and took pics and marked me up. Everything happened fast. All staff were nice and accommodating. Soon I was on the table. Got hooked up and felt the drowziness coming on. Next thing am in recovery room with garment on. I was very drowzy. Couldnt eep eyes open. Fell back asleep. Got up wanting to urinate badly. Was given the bed pan .ha the release was felt good. Not sure how long surgery was and don't know how much CCS was removed yet. But am liking what I see so far. I ret to recovery house with William about 9:15 pm. Took my medication and went to bed. Getting in and out of the car was therapy. Same with getting in to bed. The pain was about 8 of 10. It wasn't so much of a painful feeling but extreme soreness.

Post up visit today

I had a post up visit at 9am at new life clinic. I got the surprise of my life when I was told a massaged that came with my package was scheduled. So you know what ..... I did not mentally prepare and took no pain killers before. I took of my garment in prep and saw an amazing new body. Hmmm from that instant touch by therapist (Olga) I just knew it would have been extremely difficult. I felt nailed to the cross. Need not say more. I stood up to be drained. Hmmmm. I almost cried. She took her time but even that was unbearable. My threshold for paid was very much nonexistent. Don't let me scare you. Yours might be different. Some of the girls I followed managed well. I have 5 more scheduled. Dreadin no 2 and 3.

Pic after shower

I had my shower today. The therapist showed me how to place my an board, side board and back board. I purchased them all at new life clinic. I had 8 incisions 2 at lower front, 2 upper back, 2 lower back flank area, 1 but crack, 1 navel. Will see Dr H on Monday. Getting in and out of bed is much harder with all this board. Got to take a pic after shower.

Pic after shower


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