SX 5/13 feeling better and better- Miami, FL

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Hello Real Self family! I discovered this...

Hello Real Self family!
I discovered this website not to long ago trying to do research on different surgeons and have been addicted ever since! i love the sense of community and how everyone helps and comforts each other. Its like an underground, plastic surgery, secret society. and i am now part of it! yay!

Ok so i am 20 years young and have been very tall and in shape my entire life and if i gained a few pounds here and there, it would not be obvious becuase of my height (5'10, 158 pounds) but for some reason i have never been satisfied with my body. i have a few areas that bother me and never seem to go away dispite my decent diet and working out every day! my inner thighs and my flanks ughhhh!!!! its like i will have a pretty good week and they will shrink a little but the moment i eat something remotely unhealthy they just come back to haunt me!!!! i know this may sound ridiculous because im so young and i am so fortunate to have a nice, fit body. but i figured why wait till im 30 and look even worse when i could do it now when im still youung and could wear sexy clothes and feel better about myself. i just know it would shoot my confidence through the roof!!!!!!

Hello everyone i posted this last week but as...

Hello everyone i posted this last week but as acomment so im just reposting it on my blog. Thank you Lolacincos

Hi everyone! So i finally had my first consutation...

Hi everyone! So i finally had my first consutation with Dr Perry! it went awesome! He gave me all the info i needed and took his time with me. Since i know he specializes in BBLs and that "coke bottle" look, I wanted to make it clear to him that i wasnt going for that bootylicious, curvy look (no offense i think you BBL sisters look amazing) i want more of a lean, athletic, slim look so im opeding out the fat injection to the booty lol. I feel like he understood that and he agreed it would suit my body. He was just delightful and Norma ofcourse as well :) Im going to confirm my surgery for May 20th! so in about a month yikes! im so excited but nervous of course. but mostly because im nervous of what my friends and family(and my boyfriend yikes) are going to say. Will it be too obvious that i had surgery? will it take long for the briusing to go away? will the incision heal or will they be scars? will i be able to go to the beach at all this summer lol!!!!????? oh brother im rambling. BUT ANYWAYS! so after my consutation, as i was talking price with Norma and what not, a woman from New York who had just had surgery (BBL) about 4 days prior walked in for a follow up! she looked GREAT! she was still swollen ofcourse but you can just tell you know???? she was so kind enough to let me inside and see her in her garment and show all the places he removed fat from and tell me how she felt and stuff and it was great!! It made me feel a lot more comfortable. and then there was another woman who was also from out of town that was going to do her surery (BBL) in a few days and her, the super nice lady who helps with post op, and i were talking and stuff and it was just nice and it made me feel like i wasn't alone. Like we were all in it together! Bottom line, i felt very comfortable there and i have no doubt im going to look fabulous. Hope this helps someone out there somewhere

I just moved up my surgery date to May 13th! omg...

i just moved up my surgery date to May 13th! omg im so scared now!

I am feeling a lot of axiety right now. mostly...

i am feeling a lot of axiety right now. mostly because in still in the middle of finals -_-
i hope i will feel much better once this week is over. i am planning on telling my boyfriend within the next couple days so pray for me lol!
i am also scared because i feel like a need to prepare for the surgery but i dont really know what to get. can you ladies help me out? thank you! and i will post pics soon i promise!

Hey guys I posted a couple pictures. Hope it helps...

Hey guys I posted a couple pictures. Hope it helps a little to visualize what I'm talking about. I'm crazy for doing this but no turning back now!

LADIES! 7 days till my sx! im so excited! i get...

LADIES! 7 days till my sx! im so excited! i get these random emotions out of no where. sometimes i feel nervous, sometimes stupid, and mostly excited to see what im going to look like! so time im going in tmm to dr perrys office to get an all in one bloodwork, EKG, and whatever else they need to do in the visit before my big day. and then from there i am headed out of town till the day before my sx so i will be nice and entertained and not thinking about it :)

So i think i have pretty much got everything for my sx:
-Bromelain for swelling
-Arnica gel
-Arnica spray
-Arnica pills
-Iron pills (i faint everytime they draw blood -_-)
-and mederma for scars

oh and i am attempting to go in ffor a lymphatic massage the DAY OF my sx so i scheduled a session with Eric thanks to NikkiNyce's advise. im scared im going to be too groggy from the anesthesia but i feel like since i will still be numb, he will be able to be ruthless and get all the good stuff out without me wanting to punch him in the face cuz of pain hahahaha! but im sure its still going to hurt like shit -_- and after my sx i have a bunch of colombian faja stores around my house so i will hit those up if i feel i need more compression.

OH YEAH and i forgot to tell you guys i told my boo about the surgery finally and he was SOOOOO suportive! i cant believe i was so scarred to tell him. i love him

Hello there! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all my RS mommys

Hello there! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all my RS mommys

Hey guys ok so for some stupid reason i totally...

hey guys ok so for some stupid reason i totally forgot about not drinking and i drank alcohol! we had a family party and i wasnt thinking! omg im so scared! so im eating a lot and drinking like a gallon of water! hopefully ill be ok! shit! any advise?

Hey guys I'm up and walking around! It went really...

Hey guys I'm up and walking around! It went really just my lower back hurts sooooo bad! Like I did 1,000 dead lifts! I'll update in a bit. Off to get a massage. This massage is making me so scared!

Hey ladies! I can't sleep and super bored so here...

Hey ladies! I can't sleep and super bored so here goes. First off perry is awesome! As they were putting me to sleep, he started playing classical music in the surgery room and it was so Niptuck of him lmao! But everything went well! It's hard because you can't use your stomach muscles to get yourself because if hurts so bad so you rely on your arms to lift yourself up but since i did lipo on arms so you can't because it hurts too bad lmao!!! I got a message with Eric and it was painful as you all said lol. I feel like I'm abnormally swollen. Like I'm bigger then I was before. But idk

I could tell im going to be really tiny! But this...

I could tell im going to be really tiny! But this recovery sucks! My entire torso, front and back is really uncomfortable and swollen although slowly but sure I'm finding semi comfortable spots. Semi lol. And thanks to Marta she's been amazing with her massages. They really help ladies!

SX 5/13 feeling better and better

My waist is getting tinier and tinier which is awesome but I feel like he either didn't take off enough of my hips or they're still really swollen :( I'm really scared because my hips are the main reason I did this I hope they go down ugh

New pic

Day 6

Hey girls! So today is day six and I feel ok. I'm sleeping all night unless I have to take my antibiotics and I have to pee. I don't sleep, lay or sit down without ice on my back. It's the only thing that make me feel better and it soothes my back. I have my 5th massage on Tuesday and my 2nd follow up with Dr P on Tuesday as well.

On the upside, I bought a new faja yesterday! And also bought a bra thing that compresses my armpit fat and arms. Not compressing those areas were really worrying and now I feel much better. Ok so the faja is SO TIGHT! OMG it took two ladies and my mom 20 minutes to put it on. But OMG what a difference! Ladies, we need tighter fajas than the ones the ps's give us. They're not tight enough as crazy as that sounds. The less tight the faja, the more you swell. The more you swell, the more pain you're in. It needs to be tight so there is no room to swell and your skin needs to reattach to your body. If not, fat will reacumulate back there and we wasted our money. Ladies we spent way too much money for this procedure to just throw it away. Spend the money on a quality faja and you won't regret it. I had that huge fluid pouch on my lower abdomen and this faja totally took it away I promise!

Ok! Rant over lmao! I'll check back in later. Bye

1week post op

I am now 1 week woohoo! I am back at work which sucks but I feel good. This faja is amazing. I'm just soooo itchy!

12 days post op

I feel like I really need to get drained :/ I'm so over this pregnant stomach!

Hey ladies here are some updated pics of my current prego situation -___-

Here are some pics for you guys! I'm going to be two weeks tmm. And just want to be reassured that things will get better -___- not bashing dr perry AT ALL! I still think he is top of the line amazing and completely understand that this comes with the territory, especially with aggressive lipo and the amount of fat he tries so hard to take out. His results are amazing. We just need to be patient :(

15 days post op

Hey girlies! So yesterday was my 2 week mark yay. I feel like My stomach has gotten a bit smaller since my last post so that's good! Been taking bromelain 3x a day which I forgot to mention before but who knows if it really works or not lol. I have a lot of swelling on my lower back and its really tender to the touch. Idk if im suppose to let it be or if i should massage it to the front but the last thing i want is a bigger stomach lol. I am also surprised at how little I bruised! I thought I would be a walking black and blue since I'm so white but no! Anywhoo just wanted to check in :) have a good week everyone!

New Massage lady!

Well hello againn! Ok ladies so I found a new massage lady for all the perry dolls out there! I just finished the massage and it was great! She's got great hands, great advise and all the works. She even has ultra cavitation. And best of all... SHE DRIVES TO YOUR HOUSE! It was great and way less then the others charge. So for all my bbl sisters who can't drive to massages this is an obvious choice ;) her name is Soreli so if you want her number please message me!

3 weeks post op

Hey girls I'm 3 weeks today. Time flies! Bought a board and still getting massages and still getting smaller

4 weeks baby

Hello everyone! Today marks my fourth week post op! I'm looking better and better everyday. But to be honest they really lie to you about this healing process man lol I thought I would be ready to work out by a month and ready to take my faja off but no way man. This takes a long time lol! I still have a pouch of fluid on my back and a little in the front too. I have been dancing though which is good but nothing too full out but as far as working out no way. I'm seriously dying to go back the the gym already :( :( :( ill post pics in a little


Oh I forgot to post measurements! Ps when I say hips I mean the love handle area.
Waist- 29-30
Hips- 37-38
Hips- 35-34

Over 5weeks p/o!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to check in for a second. Feels like it been a while. I'm feeling really good. I'm going to start working out next week! I have been waiting for this day for a long time! So my mom is have surgery with dr Perry next month! I'm so excited for her. I think I'm going to make a RS account fore her. She's having a tummy tuck so I think it's important because perry doesn't have many tummy tuck reviews. It will show that he is more versatile and maybe someone will get inspired to do it because of my mom :) I am beyond excited! And just wanted to stress what an amazing person Perry and Norma are. They are just so accommodating! They have made me and my mom feel so comfortable! Ok I didn't mean to blabb!! Ok I'll check in later and maybe more pics. The tape on my stomach is hypafix tape I think. He put it on because I'm getting two creases on my stomach because I sit at a desk all day and I guess my slouching is causing some crease so he went to town on my stomach. OMG he is so funny! Have a beautiful day ladies!

Before and afters

Random update

Hey girls i just wanted to do a quick update and tell you in doing really well and i am super happy. i stopped wearing my faja at exactly 2 months. i just dont find the point anymore. at first you start swelling and it feel awful but eventually it goes away. it dont want to depend on that thing anymore. i still get smaller i think but i think my thighs have gotten a little bigger :/ but i havent been eating amazing either. so as you all know my mom had a tummy tuck last monday and i have been taking care of her. she had been such a champ. i cant believe it! she is super swollen and super bruised but she is totally doing awesome. will keep you guys updated with us! take care!

New pics

Hey guys. Just some updated pics enjoy

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