37 Y.O. Mom of 2 So Sad with Tummy Tuck - Miami, FL

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I had been wanting liposuction for years and...

I had been wanting liposuction for years and finally had got serious about it the beginning of the year. I went for a consult where another doctor told me I needed a tummy tuck, not lipo I decided to go to another consult where a friend recommend CG Cosmetics, went for the consult, spoke with the coordinator for about an hour due to the fact the dr. was in surgery. The coordinator was showing pictures of herself and pictures of people who had procedures done there but she could not narrow down what doctor did what due to there are four other doctors that work there. I was able to finally see (Dr. Friedman) where he gave me this rushed consultation, against my best judgment I decided to let Dr. Friedman do my tummy tuck due to someone else was paying for this procedure for me. BIG MISTAKE. My tummy tuck came out uneven, and I still had a pouch for a stomach, I noticed it the very next day after surgery the Dr.s tried to tell me its swelling and it will go down. I had gone back for several post Ops telling them my concerns in which the Dr. who I saw was not the dr. who performed the surgery, and finally after 3 months I spoke with the Dr. Friedman who actually did the surgery and told him my concerns he kept telling me the surgery was a success and he just kept disregarding what I was expressing to him, the dr. was being very rude and told me "well the only other thing we can do is go back in and undo the surgery and you will end up how you was. I could not be this was happening to me I paid my money for a procedure and I did not get what a tummy tuck is suppose to do. Dr. Friedmen totally ignored my situation, and ended the conversation just by getting up and walking out o f the room. I was so shocked and hurt and in tears. I paid my money for a tummy tuck I really wasn't that big from the start so I should have gotten a flatter and even stomach instead I have a uneven stomach with a pouch and his work (the cut) is so sloppy. On top of that they never gave me official after care procedures, they kept telling me home remedies to use in which messed up my tummy tuck even more. I spoke with the office manager twice and she said "well if you get another procedure done like your boobs will go back in for free to correct the problem. ( How is that so when the doctor is not even acknowledging the problem) . This place is a rip off do not be fool on the appear of the waiting area the back office is not up to par and the day I had my surgery I was in a room where the anesthesiologist hooked my IV up but did not tell me she was actually putting me to sleep. Some how I ended up In the post op room with the surgery done. Its been five months since I had the surgery and I am still in pain every time I cough I have to hold my stomach to due so. My stomach is still uneven with a pouch and no shape, The Dr. was suppose to do my flanks he barely touched them. If you are looking for a tummy tuck I DO NOT RECOMMEND DR FRIEDMAN @ CG COSMETICS IN MIAMI. I also had two other friend who had breast augmentation done there and they also in countered problems.
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Very unprofessional, not empathic,

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