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Hi dolls! So apparently, I created a profile...

Hi dolls! So apparently, I created a profile years ago and totally forgot. Don't remember how but, I stumbled upon site a few months ago and I'm really happy that I did. So two months of research and backgrounds checks, I have decided to have my procedure with Dr. Enrique Hannabergh jr. I spoke to about six different Drs. In Miami, what set him a part from the others is the fact that he did a lot of procedures in what I wanted (I didn't want to go to a boob king or rhinoplasty guru for liposuction!). Also he had no lawsuits, came from a family of medical professionals, is accredited, great photos and great reviews. Ultimately! I got a nice vibe from him when I spoke to him on the phone. He was sincere, polite, patient, answered my many questions and really seemed like he cared. Alejandra his coordinator has been so amazing!! I know that I'm annoying but, she is so patient and knowledgable, I can't wait to meet them in person! I took the plunge today by putting down my $500 deposit and scheduling liposculpture of the arms, bra roll, upper and lower back, upper and lower abs, sides and flanks. Whew! Now...about me :) I am 29, no kids 5'7" 175lbs. I measure 39-32-40. My goal is to significantly reduce the size of my waist (take it all out!!) and have that nice curvy figure that I've always wanted. I'm hoping to reduce the size of my arms and have a nice sleek back. I hope that my contouring will give the illusion of hips and a butt, not interested in getting a BBL (even though I could use some extra booty lol). No prior procedures Oh and did I mention that my pain tolerance is non existant? *yikes*. I will travel from St. Croix and I am super excited!! I will be back next week with what I'm doing to prepare and also recovery house information. Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoy taking this journey with me!

.... In my preparation I chose a recovery house....

.... In my preparation I chose a recovery house, I chose A new life recovery house. It was between them and Miami escape but, Miami escape said that they would not deliver me to my PS office free and that I would have to pay an extra $50 per trip or uber for my follow up. So, it was a no brainier to go with A new life, they have great reviews, $1,000 for three days it's pricey but, it comes with a lot of the things that I would have to purchase anyway (arnica, lipo boards, 3 free massages, laundry, meals and more). when I added it up (everything that is included) it was a better deal than Miami Escape so it all worked out. I was also told that if I pay $1,000 in full I will get four extra massages! As, I said on my other review, I am traveling so I will stay in a hotel for 5 days after I leave the recovery house. I found a great deal at comfort suites for $83 per night and it isn't too far from the PS office. I haven't paid for it yet though so if any of you dolls want to split a room and save some cash, hit me up!I reposted my before pics and added some wish pics as well :) do you think it's realistic?

a million questions

Hey dolls, So I asked a heap of questions while I was interviewing my PS and Alejandra. For your benefit I put the responses that I can remember and that I think we're really important. If you don't see a particular questions, put it in the comment, I may have asked but forgot to add it here. Note, the responses are from my memory, they are not direct quotes. **Where will the incisions be? A: incisions will be inconspicuous and will be easily covered by underwear. No incisions in places like front of the stomach etc. **Can i take arnica or bromelin? A: yes, they do not interfere with the surgery and can be taken a few days before and after the procedure. **I am getting my arms and full abdominal done, which areas will you focus on? A: I will not be too aggressive on the arms because if too much fat is taken out, it can cause loose skin and abnormalities. As much fat as possible will be taken from the waist! The goal is to sculpt you and ensure that you will have beautiful natural results. **What makes me a good candidate for liposuction? A: your age and you do not appear to have sagging skin, cellulite or stretch marks (I do actually have stretch marks but none on my abdomen) **I am traveling, how long will I have to stay in Miami A: at least one week. (I will stay for 15 days) **Do I have to have massages after the procedure. A: Yes, lymphatic drainage massages are recommended from as early as the 2nd day. I would recommend having about 5-7 massages in total. **what type of liposuction do you perform? A: traditional liposuction with small cannulas so you will not have large incision scars. **do you insert drains for liposuction? I read that drains will decrease infections and seromas. A: no, drains are not typically done for liposuction. Drains are uncomfortable and are typically only used for more intense procedures like TT and BBL. the massages is what will help you to heal better and drain the fluid so you will have a lower chance of infections. Less than 8% of my patients develop seromas. **do you recommend a recovery house or nurse. A: you have to have someone pick you up right after surgery, we will not release you to a cab. I can not answer wether to go with a recovery house or nurse because I am not versed in that area. However, you must ensure that you have someone to take care of you right after surgery. You will have a one day follow up to ensure that everything is going well. ** if I do stay in a recovery house, how long will I have to stay A: three days is sufficient time for the recovery house, after that you can stay in a hotel. I really asked a lot more questions but, this is what I can remember right now.

I need blood!

I know the title is a bit cray cray but, seriously my hemoglobin level is 10.11 when it should be 12.5 for surgery. Any suggestions on what I can take or eat to have it up by August?

Ball of nerves

So I am about five weeks away from surgery and I am anxious and nervous. Reading these reviews really helps me to calm my nerves and also helps me to be better educated. It's so depressing when girls stop writing reviews because it always makes me think that something terrible have happened to them *ugh*. So I hope that I will be able to continue positive thinking and find away to ease all of my nervousness. Hoping for the best.

Mandatory blood tests and new diet

So I was asked to get three blood tests (CBC, BMP and a PT/PTT/INR) and an EKG.

My results were all great, my iron is sufficient and I'm ready!
This week I have decided to limit my sodium, I am trying to make it a lifestyle change because sodium will be restricted from my diet the week before and a few weeks after my procedure. Sodium makes you bloat so I am not interested in dealing with that lol. I also just received my arnica pellets, I will begin taking them a few days before the procedure.

Shopping, shopping, shopping

I have begun doing online shopping for extra compressin garments for my abdominals and arms. Also, cheap comfy maxi dresses and sleep gowns. I am so excited yet frustrated because I know these items will get ruined by blood yet they are pricey. I am looking for dresses I can step into or button/zip in the front because I am getting lipo on my arms and don't want to wear anything that will cause me to move it around too much. This is the first time that I'm not enjoying shopping lol.

Everything's paid and I'm ready to go

Hi dolls,

I paid for my procedure, lipo of the arms, upper and lower back, upper and lower abdominals, bra roll and flanks. Also my recovery house stay for three days and hotel stay afterwards. Also, paid for my flight from st. Croix and I am totally ready to go! I spoke to my coordinator Alejandra, she told me that I can start taking arnica and Bromelain so I will start taking them in addition to my iron pills today. I'm more anxious than nervous. I really feel like I am doing the right thing and I can't wait for my results!

Today is the big day!

All set, say a prayer for me and wish me the best! Talk to you guys soom

The day before the plunge

The day before the plunge....So I arrived in Ft lauderdale, checked into my hotel and then I went to Dr. hanabergh's office. Alejandra greeted me, she was very up beat and seemed genuinely happy to finally meet me! I waited for about forty minutes to see Dr. Hanabergh, (I didn't have an actual appointment time because I wasn't sure what time I would be in so the wait was expected) he is so down to earth, funny and polite (mini crush lol). I really feel like I've known both him and Alejandra for a long time. When it was time to change into my underwear he called Alejandra into the room, I thought that was nice of him and made me feel comfortable. He stressed to not eat or drink after midnight (not even chewing gum) he also said no makeup and to have a robe (not a dress or pants) to change into after the procedure. Then he told me that the procedure would take place in Miami at new life recovery. I was a bit annoyed because I didn't know that before and if I did, I would've opted to stay in Miami instead of ft lauderdale as Dr. Hanabergh is only at his ft lauderdale office on Thursdays. But, that was no big deal... He then informed me that my procedure would be at 4:00pm (ugh!) and that I shouldn't eat after 7:00am. I received my prescriptions from him (OxyContin somethings else that starts with a K) I went to cvs but, they didn't have one of them so I filled it at Walgreens. I left the office really happy and definitely felt like I was doing the right thing. He asked me questions and I got to ask him questions and explain to him what I wanted to accomplish. Only thing, I would suggest you ladies write down the things that you want to say and ask because I forgot to mention certain things. I spent the rest of my day shopping and walking. (I used uber to get around)....Then I had a good night rest, anticipating my procedure the next day! :)

The plunge!

When I woke up the morning of the surgery, my stomach was in knots and my heart was beating fast. I guess subconsciously I really was nervous. I had a nice breakfast of oatmeal with cranberries, banana, one pancake a one slice of bacon at 6:30am. That would be my last meal until I have my procedure which was scheduled at 4:00pm (I really wish I could've love done it first thing in the morning instead, ugh!). I arrived at new life plastic surgery way early so I had to wait in their freezing cold office for a long time. It's a very nice place. Beautiful blue Windows outside, inside is clean and cold with white walls and frosted glass doors. Everyone there was Hispanic, including the patients. Everyone I was in contact with spoke great English so I was happy about that. Finally I went in to do my procedure at 5:00pm I was in a sour mood and I was so sleepy and hungry. The anesthesiologist so so nice and funny her really helped me to re relax. I took a pregnancy test, photos, got marked up, then I was ready to go. I walked into the room, got hooked up to the machine and I was out like a light. I woke up smiling at around 9:17 with nicest nurse in the world but, I couldn't talk. She kept on encouraging me to speak and little by little I got my voice out then the back pain came. It really hurt. William from a new life recovery house came to pick me up shortly after he was just as nice in person as he was over the phone and through e mails. The 15 minute drive to the recovery house was hell due to the pain but, I made it. Walked up the stairs to me room, his mom fed me broth which I did not want but they assured me that I needed to eat in order to take my pain meds. I took them and I was out like a light.

Day 1

William woke me up in the wee hours of the morning to give me my pills. I took them and was out like a light. I woke up around 7:00am. My roommate was up too. We talked a lot and I was really happy for the company, she is so nice. William gave us some broth and the I took pills again as well as arnica. The night before he gave me something for nausea and I was not nauseous at all. I didn't have a stomach ache and I didn't need to throw up at all. I ate a banana around 11:30 and walked around for the first time, I then got my massage. The Massage did not hurt but, there was some discomfort. She did a great job, I drained a lot! and I had to stop once because I felt dizzy, they gave me some pineapple nectar to drink and I was able to continue. She recommended taking a shower. Dr. Hanabergh gave me a call to check on me right after my massage, I was feeling pretty good and he was very happy to know that I drained a lot during my massage. He also told me that he took out the full 4 liters of fat! Yayyy!When I went to take a shower I felt dizzy and I had to sit down William quickly came to my rescue and so did the nurse, they told me that my lips were pale and I felt that way because I drained a lot. They gave some Sprite to drink and I instantly felt better the color in my lips turned back to normal immediately and I was able to continue my shower and pressed on my stomach for as long as I could (which wasn't much) to get more fluid out. I also took an iron pill. When I was done, William cleaned my incisions, bandaged me up and helped me into my faja and added foam for extra compression. I walked around some more and had a delicious lunch with two of the girls at 2:30pm. I still drained for the rest of the day. Right after my surgery my pain was at an 8 in my opinion and today it was like 4/5.

I just love every single thing about my experience so far, I love the girls, the house and William. I Am so happy that I chose to stay at a new life recovery house. I looked into other recover houses as well but, I got a nice vibe from william and I just knew that he was caring and would be a great fit, I was not wrong.

I look forward t the swelling going down because I'm not crazy about my results yet but I definitely see curves that wasn't there before.

Day 2 photo update

I feel like my shape is narrow, then big, then narrow again. I will point it out to my doctor when I go to see him tomorrow. Hopefully it's massive swelling that will go down. Besides that I'm feeling good. I'm keeping up my arnica, antibiotics and iron pills. I take Tylenol for pain instead of the OxyContin and it's working fine. My pain is the same as yesterday 4/5

This and that- tips and garments

After my procedure they gave me a garment with zippers and hooks in the front. It's a 3x and wasn't uncomfortable at all. I will ask for a tighter garment because even with all my foam and ab board it's not tight.

For my arms they just used bandages. I ordered a garment for my arms on Amazon, I will ask my dr. If I can wear it.

I have foam in a triangle shape on my back, side boards and an ab board. I received it from my surgery center (new life surgery center) it cost $90.

They gave me compression socks to wear everyday for 7 days as well.

I recommend packing very lightly, no underwear needed lol, buy long maxi dresses to wear to cover up your compression socks. However, you will spend most days in a robe.

I highly recommend new life recovery house- William Miranda for your post op care. He is absolutely amazing and the house is impeccable! He is so nice, knowledgable and caring, I really couldn't do this without him. I will write a separate review on the recovery house with his contact details.

Keep up your iron pills and arnica to help you to feel better and heal.

Also take stool softener like dulcolax.

Visit with Dr. Hanabergh

Today was my first visit since my procedure on Friday night. Dr. Hanabergh reassured me that I am still very swollen and that my area of concern is one that he really concentrated on. He also said that I gave him a workout because my fat was hard (whatever that means lol) he said that I'm doing really good and my skin doesn't have an folds or creases, which is a great sign. I will see him next week Tuesday before I head back home. I really like Dr. Hanabergh, he is very down to earth and caring. I highly recommend him!

I also got a smaller garment so I am wearing an xl (I wore 3x before) with all of my boards and foam on.

I got a massage after my appointment, which was pretty intense! (Third massage so far). I also went on a lymphatic drainage machine for about 25 minutes, that would help me to drain. I got my massage with Olga from New Life Plastic surgery today and yesterday, she is soo sweet and caring. She really hates when I am in pain and tries her best to comfort me during the massages. She doesn't speak much English but, it's ok because she is so good at what she does.

I was advised by Olga to keep taking the arnica and to drink pineapple and cranberry juice so that I can drain more.

I have three more massages before I leave. I will do them with Yaz from Spectrum. They were included in my stay at the recovery house (New Life Recovery House).

As for how I'm feeling, I can move around but I have to do everything slowly. I am at the hotel now by myself for the next week so I am being very independent, which will help me to recover faster. I'm sticking to my low sodium, low fat diet and getting plenty of fruit, water and veggies. My pain is super low but, I do have trouble standing straight up and getting comfortable when it's time for bed (I've been sleeping on my back) I take my antibiotics, iron, arnica (tablet and tea) and 1 Tylenol per day for pain. I also walk slow but, all of this is expected. The drainage massages are the most painful part of my experience.

I will take pictures after a month, so continue this journey with me ladies and keep those prayers coming.

What I had done

just a reminder, I had liposuction on my upper arms (I have incisions above each elbow and on the side of each armpit). Also on my entire back (four incisions on my back) and my flanks and entire abdominal (two incisions on my bikini line). So in total I have 10 incisions. No bbl ladies.

6 day update- Hanabergh hottie

Ok I just couldn't wait a whole month to update you ladies like I said I would lol. I had my 5th massage today (I had one everyday except Sunday). Feeling great, I take one or two tylenols per day. See my six day photo update. (Lipo on back, abdominals, flanks and arms) Loving my progress so far. Hanabergh Hottie!!!

4 weeks

Four weeks down yayyyy!!! I moved into a medium faja at week three. It's one of those with 4 rows so it can adjust. I wear my foam and ab board every day (two more weeks then I can drop the foam and board).

I got 8 professional massages during the first 10 days and I give myself daily massages for 10 minutes with antiseptic soap in the shower.. I also apply arnica gel on my stomach and arms, neosporin on my incisions and bio oil all over. I'm not taking the arnica pills or iron anymore and No Pain killers at all. I drink the arnica tea almost daily and im still on a diet. I am still swollen and hard but I get better everyday.

I can do everything, I'm just careful when bending down but it's pretty much back to normal. I will probably start exercising when I'm two months (personal choice).

I think I lost about 6lbs and two inches. I am still very swollen. Here are my photo updates

SUPPLIES AND ROUTINE (read before asking questions)

People are still inboxing me and asking about supplies. I will make one last post on everything that I took and used, after this I won't be responding to those questions anymore because you can just read my review....

I stayed at a recovery house (New Life Recovery house for five days) so I really didn't need to purchase any supplies to be honest, they literally give you everything. I would recommend purchasing arnica tablets and start taking them three days before your procedure and during recovery, arnica tea, antibacterial soap (I used dial), iron pills, Tylenol or ibuprofen, maxi dresses (it's easy to put on and they will cover your compression socks which should be provided with your procedure, if they are not then purchase a pair of compression socks to wear for the first 5-7 days). A cardigan to cover your bandaged arms. No need to wear panties at all because of the faja but pack bras. You can use a disposable cup to help you pee (I found the pee easy things did not work that well, so don't waste your money), wipes are also good to have on hand. A robe is also very important because they will not dress you in regular clothing after your procedure and its good to wear in the house. I used Metamucil and did not have problems with constipation so I recommend purchasing the powder and the cookies to have during the first 3-4 days. Lastly, buy neosporin (the type that's says its for scars, itching and bruising is best) arnica gel or cream for the bruises that you will have and bio oil to help the scars heal. That's all that I purchased. If you are not staying in a recovery house, you will have to purchase pads for the bed for the first five days because you will drain a lot!

I didn't use the arm compression that I bought. They gave me bandages, I wore it for the first five days and then they said I didn't need anything else.

As far as medication, I drank arnica tea daily (I went through two boxes) and I took my arnica pellets daily until they were finished. I also took iron pills daily. I only took my prescribed pain pills twice and then I just took about 8 or so Tylenol pills in total before my massages. I'm not taking anything currently.

For food, I use salt free seasonings to season my food, I really limit my salt intake to avoid boating. I eat a lot of pineapples both fresh and juice as it helps with inflammation. I also eat a lot of other fruits, salads, yogurt, apple sauce, oatmeal, eggs and other healthy snacks.

Topical treatments, I massage myself with antibacterial soap 10 mins everyday before I shower. After I shower, I massage arnica gel on myself, treat my incisions with neosporin and finally rub bio oil on all over. I still do this to date.

I wear my faja and foam pads and ab boards 24/7 but I will only wear the faja at night now that I am six weeks. After three months I will stop wearing the faja altogether. I am wearing a medium faja that I got on Amazon, it comes with five rows of hooks to adjust so it is really great. After my procedure they put me in a 3x faja, it was too big and after 5 days I purchase an xl and then After another 7 days I started using my medium faja that I am still wearing to date.

Hope this helps.

This girl is on fireeeee!!

The "on fire" / burning sensation in my side and back sucks!!! It's not horrible or unbearable but it is uncomfortable at times. I spoke with my plastic surgeon today and he said that my body is healing and that it can last for months (ugh!) he recommended taking Tylenol or ibuprofen. He said that it will get better in time. The feeling is off and on and I am definitely looking forward to getting past this.

Did any of you other hotties go through this, what did you do to aleviate the pain?

Gaining weight, Ready to start exercising!

Hey guys, I am still healing and doing well. I'm not following my diet so I've gained weight but the curves are still there. Swelling is pretty much gone. I still have that burning sensation but not as much as a couple months ago. I will start exercising soon (I wanted my body to heal before going into that). My results are natural and beautiful. I just need to get the diet back on track and get rid of these scars! I am using bio oil still. I still wear the compression on and off but, that's about it. My life is basically back to normal. I will probably do a photo update at 6 or 9 months when I start exercising. I probably won't write for a long time so, I just want to let you ladies know that I do not regret my procedure for one second! I look great in clothing that I never was able to pull of before and I just look sexy, I am healthy, I had no complications and I truly had an amazing doctor and recovery house. Best of luck to all of you dolls!
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

I had liposuction of the back, abdominals and arms with Dr. Hanabergh. He did an amazing job. He also has a great personality, is very knowledgable and professional. I highly recommend him!!! Both he and persons in his office are great. I loved everything about my experience and if you choose him, I know you will too.

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