27yo 1 Child Lipo with Dr.Fisher - Miami, FL

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Hi ladies I'm 27 years old I have one child 6...

Hi ladies I'm 27 years old I have one child 6 years old I am having liposuction with dr. Fisher in December 5th Atlanta D cosmetics I was wondering if anyone else had had a surgery with dr. Fisher vanity and how did it come out and were you pleased with your work so far everything has been good I know they have negative reviews as far as vanity online but a doctor Fisher has great reviews so far everything has been good and going smoothly I made my down payment already the only thing I thought was kind of weird it made me kind of weird was originally they told me that price was 4000 then it became 4,350 but all in all I like my coordinator she's very sweet very helpful Pleasant I'm just ready for my surgery I really want this any ladies willing to communicate it right back please feel free

just some of my wish pics

These are just a few of my wish pics I want a smooth back my waist as tight as possible I would like him to take alot lower pouch
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I haven't met him yet but so far my coordinator is very pleasant very helpful

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