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Hey everyone, I've been browsing and now that I've...

Hey everyone, I've been browsing and now that I've paid half my surgery I thought I'd introduce myself instead of being a creep and stalking everyone's page. I'm Alex, 5'7 weighing 172, pre op measurements are 38-31-48 (my butt is already big) I'm just wanting lipo to sculp my waist. I've been back and forth with doctors and my decision is made! Is anybody going to Miami the week of April 8th with vanity! Let's buddy up! I'm in dallas tx btw!! Here are a few pics of me... I think I have a little to work with :)

Any help is appreciated!

I've probably read through every hasan patients journey but it's so over whelming!! I'm staying at a hotel, any recommendations? I'm soooo excited


So I paid 2k on my surgery and was told she (Ana) was going to email me my pre op information. Haven't gotten anything, no invoice, receipt. I texted and email and still nothing. I paid through quick pay through chase

Omg wendy Williams!!

I love Wendy Williams (how you doin') but I do NOT want to be shaped like her and I'm scared because I'm top heavy like her and her waist is tiny tiny!

Ok... Got my pre-op information but...

I got my pre op information but on the phone we scheduled April 8th... My email says April 5th.. Hmmm

My befores..

Guess I can add what I'm hoping to get close too

Wish pics

Date switch with hasan

Although highly unlikely.. But is anybody doing to hasan in February or March and would like to trade for April 5th ;)

So who's going to start this thing off...

So with all the news from yesterday I won't be satisfied until I hear it for myself. It's 730 my time 830 Miami time.... I will be calling if anybody is serious about going to DR late February early March I'm in... Cabral contacted me on whatsapp this morning.. Waiting on my quote... Oh yeah, yily and Duran added me to Instagram but still no quote

I'm just the messenger

What I was just told


I talked to Stephanie (idk who she is) I pretended to be someone else and that I wanted to book a surgery and she was like ok, with which Doctor, I said hasan, she said he won't be back until the first week of April.. I said ok that's fine, I'll call back then... I'm just so torn. I'd hate for them to be lying and then April comes and he's still gone but I'd hate to lose my spot and he does return.. What to do!!!!!!

Any hasan news?

February/March dolls... Have you guys confirmed or heard anything about hasans return

Not enough fat???

So I got a quote from Cardenas and she was very honest and said I already have an hourglass and that lipo wouldn't improve anything! Huh? What? A doctors has never told me this. I don't want to waste money if I'm going to come out looking the same. I just want a smaller waist and back

Fisher said hasan IS coming back!!

This makes me feel better seeing fisher say that hasan is definitely coming back

April 5th is so far!!!

I'm ready to get this over with!! April 5th is coming to slow :(

I'm being a brat....sorry

Changed my name and took all pics down

So.. This site can be extremely dangerous! I've been getting weird messages and random comments.. So I took my pics down and changed my name. :(

New pre op pics!

So I blurred my face and tattoos...

Ok now ladies lets get into #formation!!

Is there a real self calendar where we can put our surgery on there so we know what day who's getting what?

My sister rescheduled

My sister was going to dr Osak April 5th but was rescheduled. He is suspended From surgeries for 60 days... They are letting her choose fisher or hasan.... Please call your coordinators and if you're scheduled this week or next with Osak and they're still telling you yes, they're lying... #this sucks!

Going to yily may 3rd, vanity refund blah blah

So, I requested my refund from vanity. Ana assured me hasan is coming back! He is waiting on some paper work from Tallahassee so I'm assuming something happened but I just couldn't chance it... Anyway... If anybody is going to the DR in May let me know... Also, I noticed some girls said there waist couldn't get a certain size because there rib cage is wide... What does that mean exactly :-/

Confirmed date with yily! Vanity refund updated!!

So, I have my confirmed date. I've booked my flight and recovery house.... I'm ready to get this over with!! Eeeek.... I haven't seen any yily patients on RS in a while.... Where are y'all hiding!!!???? I talk to a few on her IG that's where it seems to be. Anyway, vanity confirmed they got my refund paper the day I sent it, so I'm expecting my full 2k! Anyway, hope everyone is doing well, and preparing for surgery.... And if you already had yours... I hope your recovery is going great! Ttyl

Some pre-op

** hasan not coming back for April surgeries

Ladies, I know this is some straight bull, I've been keeping in touch with some ladies on IG and was informed hasan will not be coming back in April.... It's really sad that this is happening but at least they're calling people in advance and not day of... Anyway if your in April please call and get another doctor or start refund process

Hasan, Vanity refund, sports injury, Yily etc etc

Hello lovelys.... Well today SHOUDVE been the day I was to be hasanified BUT I'm not... Still no word from him and vanity still lying... But on a positive note 30 days from today I will be a Yily doll.,, I've gotten my passport and that's about all the preparation I've done... I also tore my plantar facsiities which I have to walk with a cast for 6 weeks. I told my doc... That's going to have to wait because I have plans!!!

I contacted vanity and they said my refund will be sent out tomorrow... So I should get it this week...

Question... My period was late this month so according to my period tracker my next period will be at the end of April with my last day being surgery day. Will this effect my hemo. My flow is normally regular, not super heavy..

2 more days til I'm a Yily doll

Well, it's here!! After the vanity/hasan mess. I'm finally getting my surgery! My plane leaves at 4am, I'll be in DR at 2:50... My surgery is Tuesday!! I'll keep you all updated

Photos only

I'm alive and well.. Just wanted to post these so you can see. My review coming when I get home..

Where to begin

Well, as you all know I had my surgery with Yily may 3rd... I came home may 10th.. And had to go back 3 weeks later because my breast incision came open! She closed it back up.. This has been an eventful journey. Here are a few pics.. Sorry it's not detailed but my review is pretty much the same. I'll answer any questions. I only got lipo and breast lift.. Does anyone have recommendations on a good faja

5 week update!

Doing well, breast are healing pretty good. Still in swell hell

Word on the strret

Hasan is back! My surgery is done but just in case

7 weeks post op with Yily

Everything is coming together!

5 months post op! Yily

So far so good.. No complaints.. considering going to Cabral for a round 2! If anyone is going in February or march let's buddy up
Miami Physician

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