BOOKED July 6th! BBL with Dr. Balgobin!! Trained by Dr. Miami!! No more Hassan!!

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I am unhappy with my entire midsection, so I want...

I am unhappy with my entire midsection, so I want it all "sucked-out" lol! Back fat, rolls, flanks, tummy...all of it, as much as possible! I've decided to go with Dr. Hasan at Vanity in Miami. I've heard a lot of bad things about their customer service but as long as the doctor safely delivers what I want...I'm cool!

BEFORE PICS and Plan Update

Here are some BEFORE PICS of me. I am 5'7 and 200 lbs. Dr. Hasan says that I need to lose 10 lbs before my surgery! That's simple. I'm actually on a weight loss journey, I started at 230 just over a year ago! Anyways, my BESTFRIEND is going for a BBL at the same time with Osak. February is the plan so far and I'll be making my $1000 down-payment Friday, Nov 20th and I'll let you know the exact date I choose!

I will be 100% honest.

I am scared. I am really going to go through with this and I am starting to get really nervous! What scares me the most is going under general anesthesia and being so far away from family (Dad has no clue). I've had a c-section but no other surgeries. I'm very afraid. IDK! Putting deposit down November 20th! In need of words of encouragement LOL. Thanks DOLLS!

Before Photoshop/ After Photoshop (Wish Pic)

Well, I've been playing around with the Body Surgery App! With this app, I slimmed my waistline and trimmed a little off my butt to help make it more round! This is what I would look like if my waist was small! Butt looks nice right? Its already 44 inches but since my stomach/back is so FAT, you can't tell! I dont want a BBL but he can lipo some fat out of the top of my butt to help shape it. Amazing, I can't wait!

Where did you get your Faja, Ab Board, Lipo Foam?

I'll be getting 12 areas of lipo and my BFF is getting a BBL. We will both be needing most of the same things so I'm trying to make a list for us! Where did you get your Faja, Ab Boards, and Lipo Foam? Please share. I want the best. Do we need back boards for extra compression, too?


I haven't been on here in forever. Does anyone remember me? Anywho, I'm going to Dr. Balgobin instead of Dr. Hassan. His office is closer, plus he was trained by Dr. Miami! I'm going in April, I am very excited. I'll keep you poste . Follow him on Instagram, Dr. BBL!

BOOKED with Dr. Balgobin for July 6th, 2016!!!

Im getting my BBL on July 6th, I am so excited. I'm not nervous at all, I'm very, very happy and ready to go! I met with Dr. B this past Saturday, and he was so very down to earth! Very kind, honest, and confident. It took me a while to decide who to go to or if I should get the surgery but I'm not going to let the internet scare me! I trust him, I trust myself with my own aftercare and its a DONE DEAL!!! Now all I need is WISH PICS. I want a nice pear shape, no bubble butt. Just natural.

Small details about my upcoming surgery!

One thing that i like about Dr. Balgobin is that he includes all of the supplies in my quote. He provides everything. All I need to do is pick up my own prescription and be at my appointment at 7:45 am on July 6th! I'm excited, I'm not nervous about anything! I will not be under General Anesthesia, I'll be under IV Sedation, which means I'll be able to leave after only 30 min. I'm soooo excited. I'm obsessed with looking at everyone's butt on Instagram LOL!

One month away! SX buddy?? Dr.Balgobin here I come!

I am so excited! My surgery is in exactly ONE MONTH! Time is flying. My total surgery cost is $7795. I decided to get a BBL instead of Lipo 360 only!!! I want hips and I don't want my butt to be so square. I can't wait to show everyone! Anyone need a SX buddy? I want to fly and room with someone going around July 6th. I doubt it, so short of notice.

9 more days!

I go in 9 more days to get my BBL! I am so excited and at times I am nervous, at times I am not. I'm just ready to get it all over with so I can finally relax and stop with the constant researching and stressing LOL! I made an SX page on Insta if anyone is interested in following there too but I'll never neglect my RS sisters.

A week away from being 4 months post.

Soooo ladies, its been awhile. Got hooked to IG (Balgobin_model) and forgot where i came from LOL! Anywho, I got my SX on July 7th with Dr.Balgobin and he did amazing. Took out 4 liters of fat and reinserted 2000 cc into my butt. He didnt use drains, I didnt leak hardly at all. Garment was not soiled. I felt fine but ended up feeling weaker as the days went by, I lost too much blood and got a transfusion. With all the fat he took out, blood loss was expected. Glad I saw the signs and went to ER.
Miami Physician

Changed my doctor from Hassan to Dr. Balgobin.

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