26, No Kids, Kangaroo Pooch, Lipo Abdomen and Back - Miami, FL

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Ughhhhhh my sx date is 2/9/16 and I cant wait....

ughhhhhh my sx date is 2/9/16 and I cant wait. Well needed bday gift to myself. I did a photo consultation and the Dr agree with what I want. Im staying at Cosmicare and so far I LOVE THERE PROFESSALISM. Kesha is WONDERFUL, and i feel like im going on another vacation. Everything is booked so far, and more updates will come.

Getting close

Time is getting closer, and I'm excited and nervous at the same time. My flights have been booked since August and my rh is booked with Cosmicare. My weight back in August was 188, my current weight is 180. But it tends to fluctuate between 176-180. I wanna be a solid 175 before surgery. I'm sooooo tired of sucking in my belly. Lmaooooo been wanting this for a long time. I was second guessing myself at one point and felt like maybe I should diet and exercise more, but with my hectic work schedule it's really hard. I am getting older and I find that losing weight is getting harder and harder. I feel that lipo will give me that extra push to get back on track. Maintaining should be a lot easier. And on top of that I love my curvy thick body, I just want a smaller waist. I don't post much on this site cause I'm barely on it, but as my surgery time approaches I feel I should.



There have been some speculations about this company. But I'll say this, this company is far from a scam. I have never had an issue with Kesha she is wonderful and her customer service is phenomenal. Every rh doesn't have review up front, they all start from somewhere. No one is established off the back. And they will be many more rhs after this one that will open. When I arrive in Miami I will conduct an review for my stay there since I'll be one of her first patients.


Photoshop of how I would want my waist to be. #Tinywaistgang

Wish pic

I love her shape, even though it's a bbl. I think my shape after I do the sx will be similar. I already have the ass and some hips, just need this waist snatched lol

Happy holidays

Very sweet of them, can't wait for my stay at Cosmicare

More wish pics

Till my new body

I can't wait, I think about this surgery day and night and every time I wear jeans lol. Everything is still in the go, I'm giving Spectrum a call on Monday to check every thing. I have ocd when it comes to things like this lol. I need this stomach and back fat gone. My weight has been up and down but I think it's because my cycle is coming and the alcohol. I plan to lose more weight next month to get down to 170 maybe 175 if anything. Measurements are 36 DDD, 36, 45

I've been cleared

Yayyy so I've been cleared for my sx. My current weight is 177 (on a good day) lol. I tend to fluctuate from 179-177. My nurse told me not to gain anymore weight. Which I'll try not to lol. I need to start taking iron pills. I'm so excited and scared at the same time. My experience with Spectrum so far are better then what it was last year. Emily is my coordinator and she has gotten better with returning phone calls and emails just don't ask the coordinators about any medically relevant questions. Ask the nurse.

$50 credit

Don't forget if you get your labs done with your primary doctor, you get $50 credit towards your balance.


Got my first faja from amazon. Ordered an xl. And it fits snug and tight. Took some time to get in but I managed. Spectrum will be providing me one also, but I ordered a second one to be able to rotate when one is being washed. Ughh 10 days to go, I'm so excited but nervous at the same time. I had a nightmare the other day about my flight. I do have a fear of flying and getting that I'm traveling by myself kinda made my anxiety worst. I usually throw back a few shots before boarding a plane but being that I have my surgery coming soon I figure I'll detox and deal with my nerves. I am a daily drinker and smoker but being my surgery is two weeks ago..... Let's just say It's been a hard few days :-( lol. But I'm getting there.

My faja and some photoshop

Just showing y'all my faja and how it fits. I ordered an xl from amazon. $40+ shipping I think. It's a real good compression fit. Getting it on was a bit challenging but not to bad that I couldn't get it on. Can't wait to get this done, I have 6 more days to go. I'm so nervous at the same time excited. I had a dream about it last night where I was getting it done and my best friends where there. I felt the soreness in my dream lol. Crazy

Wish pic

Recovery home

For all you dolls looking for a recovery home in Feb, here you go

My final wish pic

Let me tell you divas, this girl is giving me LIFEEE. Her results are AMAZING, I can't wait for next week. Two more days till I'm Ghuranified.

Flying out

Pre op

Just got to Spectrum. Waiting to do my pre op. Nervous as hell, I woke up with a funny feeling in my stomach. Ugh I hope everything goes well.

Pre op update

So my pre op was quick. A little to quick in a sense, I thought I was gonna see the Dr and go over things, but I guess not. One of the receptionist told me that the only thing I had to do today was to verify my payment and that everything is up to date. They'll give me a phone before 5 today to go over everything, I'll get my medicine tomorrow before surgery. Still pretty nervous, and anxious. This day is gonna go by soooo slowwww

8am sx time

When you see spectrum from your hotel window. Lol. Two more hours till my surgery. I barely slept last night, kept waking up every hour. I haven't eaten since 6pm yesterday. 10 hours before surgery No gum, no water, no deodorant, no perfume, no jewelry, nothing by mouth at all and shower with antibacterial soap the morning of was the instructions I was given. One of the Cosmicare care takers are gonna meet me at spectrum since I'm around the corner from them. They'll collect my bags and wait for me to get out of surgery. Then I'll be off to Cosmicare.

It's time

Wish me luck dolls

In recovery

I'm ok dolls I'm in recovery

Just a little something for you dolls

So I'm at Cosmicare right now, the girls a wonderful. Very helpful, the place is beautiful. My pain is kinda minimum at this point. I thought it would be worst, but honestly I feel like I can run. I haven't even taken any pain meds lol

Post op

I'll go into full detail of my review about anything when I get back to NY. But for now, I'll just post pictures. But do feel free to ask questions.

Two days in

Two days post, still very stiff. Some soreness but Tylenol and arnica has been helping. And so have the massages. The therapist for Cosmicare is wonderful, she comes to the house and sets up. She massages your whole body and is very knowledgeable in what she's doing. I've been wearing my lipo foams last night. There were very uncomfortable, but there helping me achieve greater results. I also have the board but I feel I wasted my money buying it when the foams are good enough smfh. I guess it'll come in handy in the long run. Everyone thought I got a bbl until they see me sit down lol. Dr Ghurani was just able to shape my booty since I already have one.

Back to ny

I started to write my review yesterday when I got back but I was kinda tired and real self deleted the pics I was gonna post with it smfh. But, I left 70° weather and was back in 2° brick city :-(. The minute I was of the plane the cold air hit my lungs so hard, I could barely catch my breath. Lol ughhh. My flight was at 1:55pm, and I got to the airport at 12:30. I had already checked in on my phone but I had to check my luggage in. It was a carry on but being that I can't lift and such I just checked it in. I brought a first class ticket coming back so it was free anyways. Sitting down was a bit uncomfortable because of the drain that I have in the crack of my butt. I used the pillow and the covers they give you to make it more comfortable to sit. Going thru TSA was a breeze as well, it's nothing they haven't seen before. Especially with my drains and faja. I also did have the foams on and they didn't fuss about it.

My stay at Cosmicare was great, it was the best decision I've ever made. Even after they whole controversy of it being fake and a scam. People will do there best to bring something down without finding out what it's really about. It's kinda sad. Every business starts somewhere, nothing is established over night. I like Cosmicare because I didn't stay in someone's private home. This is an brand new luxury apartment in Miami Florida. The rooms were spacious, the kitchen is cute, and every room has there own TV with DirecTV and WiFi. I had my own private room, and shared a bathroom with another doll. The aids always kept it clean, after we used the bathroom and emptying my drains. Its 24 hour care, so your never alone. The food was bomb, 3 meals, 3 snacks, Gatorade, water, and pineapple juice is what I was served. They keep track of everything you eat, how often you drink water and Gatorade. They check your vitals on each shift and write down when you took your meds. I felt like I was at home with Cosmicare, and the owner always made sure things were running smoothly. For our massages, Esperanza came to the house and set up in the living room. She is so wonderful at what she does.

Spectrum is a lot better when your there face to face then over the phone. Dr ghurani is such a sweetheart. I even asked him about me getting a breast lift and he answered my questions without any problems. He made sure I was comfortable, told me that I would have great results because of my shape. Took photos, marked me up and I waited for the anesthesiologist. She was great to. Given me the iv was a breeze, very gentle and she didn't have to poke me a bunch of times to get the vein. One shot deal, then I was out. Woke up with pressure, cold AF, and scared out my mind lol. Thought I was being abducted by aliens. The bright lights, the oxygen mask, and shivering like a mofo. The day of treatment on a scale of 1-10 my pain was a 7. Then I walked around and got some of the fluid out and my pain slowly and down. Now I'm just tender and sore.


Question for the vets out there, how long did you have your drain in if you had one placed? Now this is gonna be a little tmi but my faja or my drain caused a sore on my vagina lip, has this happened to anyone before? What did you do? I had to take that ish off over night and use my keyshia kaoir waist eraser over my skirt. It was really bothering me down there. Smfh I wanna play dress up so bad, but these drains won't let me be great. How long was you sore for? It feels like imma be sore for a long time, I wanna go back to work this week but I highly doubt that's happening. I'm 6 days post op and I feel little things are getting better but not enough.

Round 2 in the making! 8/8/17

Ok dolls, I'm going for round 2 next year with a different doctor. His name is Dr Ravinder Jarial. I'm getting full body lipo, which means I'm doing my arms and inner thighs. I didn't do those areas with my last sx. I'm kinda pissed I have to do this again, but being I have a dent in my stomach, and my butt looks like a bookshelf with still back fat left is unacceptable. I'll keep you guys posted as the date approaches.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

This man is such a sweetheart, he answered all my questions without no hesitation. He whole surgery staff was just wonderful, I was ecstatic I saw him. But dealing with the coordinators can be a hassle. I would suggest don't ask them any medical questions, save them for the nurse and the Dr. But I'm going for a round 2 with a different Dr. *Update* Going to see Dr. Blinski for my round 2.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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