22, No Kids, BBL, Lipo: Stomach, Back, Flanks & Banana Roll - Miami, FL

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Like most of you, I have been researching...

Like most of you, I have been researching endlessly not only for a great doctor but all the benefits that would come with my procedure. After viewing his work, I am confident that Dr. Llorente would do an amazing job! I also spoke with Elena, the coordinator, whom is VERY prompt with returning phone calls, emails and text message! The price that I was quoted for includes everything from procedure, transportation, post- surgery materials to even a 7 day stay at the recovery house, which is beautiful btw! I will keep you guys updated.

Llorente M.D recovery house

These are the photos that my coordinator Elena provided me. It's owned by a mother and daughter, both work together to provide clients with quality care. All female residence only.

Ugh, torn! =(

Okay so I received a call from McAdoo's staff who informed me that the surgery will be 4k! for exactly what Llorente will be charging for 6k. I can totally pay the 4k in full but the only downside is that it doesn't include recovery house, post-op care or transpo., unlike Llorente who offers a 7 day stay with all included. So, I was looking on Airbnb and found a house for aprx. 40$/night soo...280$/7 days and its between the clinic and airport 7-10minutes each way, I would have to get an Uber (I doubt I would be in any condition to drive) and find a nursing service for the first night (people can't afford to be taking off from work! =/). Even though by estimation I will be saving, I'm torn between the easy and more expensive way vs the little more effort and cheaper way....opinions/ideas?

Sticking with Llorente

So, I had a dilemma with choosing between Dr. Llorente and Dr. McAdoo (originally it was Dr. Fisher but the Vanity staff informed me that Dr. McAdoo was running a better special). I've decided to stick with Dr. Llorente. After doing some digging I found out that Dr. McAdoo had a patient die May of this year after receiving a BBL, which made me uneasy and the lower price wasn't worth the risk. I'm not going to go into detail however, I strong advise everyone to do their own research. Also, I DID NOT make this review to boycott Dr. McAdoo but to simply state why I made my final decision. Also, for those of you that may be wondering: Dr. Llorente IS NOT AFFILIATED with Vanity nor Encore Cosmetic surgery. Yes, yes his name is included in the articles and on the website (which he has constantly asked to be removed from) simply because he use to work there but again he isn't affiliated with the two companies nor involved in the unfortunate event. Sooo, I will be paying my down deposit next week and am sooo excited to be moving forward with Dr. Llorente!

Wish pics

More pictures


22 y.o, 5'8, 189lb
Waist (slightly above belly button)- 32.5"
Love handles- 40" (This needs to GO!)
Hips 47.5"
Placing my D.D tomorrow for Llorente and picking my date. Sooo excited to be moving forward!

Supply list.

• stool softener
• Protein mix &bottle
• Urinal
• Perineal spray
• Wipes
• Chux
• Towels & washclothes
• Ice & hot packs
• Hygeine products
• Booty buddy
• Arnica crema &mederam
• Extra Compression garmet & socks
• Hand sanitizer
• Lotion
• Pill organizer
• Lose clothes
• Neosporin
• Alcohol swabs
• Gauze/tape
* multi-vitamins
Any suggestions?

It's official!

So, my surgery is on September 27th!! I'm sooo excited. Emailing all of my professors so that we can make adjustments to my assignments and exams accordingly. I don't want any suprises!


So, just booked my flight. Ordering the rest of my things from Amazon. I'm still deciding on what BBL pillow to get, the brand/type of compression garmet and what type of mmHg compression socks to get. Any suggestions?

I have to say..

I have to say that I REALLY LOVE R.S seriously! This is a place were anyone male, female, trans can all come and share their experiences, passion, get advice and just connect with others. Granted there are some negative Nancy's but I refuse to dwell. I just love this community!. I wake up every morning hell even out of my sleep just to look at comments and check my inbox. =) I am soo happy that I found this website and glad to be apart of something so big!


So, I was texting the amazing Elena last night (I honestly think she is like the only coordinator that is on call 24/7, lucky me!) and she was telling me how several people had to be rescheduled because of their hemoglobin level being too low =(. It has to be OVER 12. Although my Sx is in September she suggested that I start taking hema plex, floridex liquid iron supplement, Vitamin C and Folic Acid ASAP. I 'm just praying when the time comes, the test comes back okay.

Weight Gain =(

So I went from 190 to 199.2! Almost a 10lb gain =(. I have to say that it's partly due to stress since I'm taking 5 classes this summer and working full time... I know suicide. I HAVE to get this weight under control, just because I'm getting surgery doesn't mean that I can neglect my body since it will need to be maintained afterwards. Making time to go to the gym and finding healthier ways to manage my stress. Wish me luck!

Plan update

Good morning divas! I hope all is well. So, I just got off the phone with Elena and I was updating her on how I want to maximize my transformation by getting some lipo done on my inner thighs because LAWD knows I need it! So, she instructed me to loose 10lb since I'm 190..... well might as well say close to 20lb now that I weight 198/199 =( So that Dr. Llorente will be able to take from my inner thighs. ( he won't take from my thighs if I already have a lot of fat in my mid section which makes since and saves me $$). SOOO I have 2 months and about a week to make this happen. Now, I know that I probably won't be able to loose all 20lb but I sure as hell am going to work my ass off in the gym. Will keep you ladies updated. XOXO

22, No Kids BBL&Lipo

Okay so after doing so much research as I'm sure most of you can relate to . I have decided to invest in Dr. Orlando Llorente. The deal that I received was unbeatable and my coordinator Elena is amazing! She is always available. My procedure will consist of a BBL and 12 areas of lipo. I can't wait!!

Jennifer, Coordinator

So, I got an email earlier this week stating that Jennifer was going to be my new coordinator. I was soo confused and surprised that they took Elena away from me! Immediately I called and they automatically transferred me to Elena with out even saying a word (lol) Elena informed me that Jennifer is her coworker and that they split up the pre-op process. Elena is over the intake and Jennifer is over the surgical aspect. I left Jennifer an email & Elena left her a note however, she hasn't returned anything yet....I know New Life is pretty busy and I'm pretty positive I'm going to get a reply sooner or later..

Eating Right

So last night I cleaned out my pantry and got rid of all the processed foods! (with the exception of oatmeal). I brought fresh and frozen veggies and fruit and lean meats. I actually brought more frozen than fresh because I'm always on the go and I would just hate for it to go bad! Ya know? Any who, Last night I made some baked lemon pepper tilapia, rice with onions, red, yellow and orange bell pepper mixed in, and organic carrots. I had 1/3 cup of rice, 2 tilapias and filled the rest of my plate with carrots. Now maybe it's just me but, I can honestly say that I tasted a difference in the organic carrots vs the pre-cut nonorganic carrots! Does any one else taste a difference between organic and nonorganic?

The Ugly Trust

Welp, I said that I would upload more pictures and here they are.

Weight loss

Okay so I went from 199.9 to 196.6. Slow progress but worth it. I haven't done any exercise which I need to start doing. I've just changed my eating. I'm currently going thru sugar withdrawals and man are they a b*tch!. I constantly have a head ache and somewhat groggy. But I'll pull thru. Peanut Butter and bananas or sugar free strawberry jello with whip cream are my go to in order to curve the craving. If you guys have any other ideas left me know .


So, I just got my labs back (I honestly forgot about them haha). And my hemoglobin is 14.5. I had my blood drawn about two days after I started taking the iron supplements, so I'm pretty sure the supplements weren't the reason for my results. Nevertheless, I will continue taking them, just not as often as I am now. =)

Weight update

I'm now down to 191lb! Today was the last day of class so I had extra time to hit the gym...It felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest! lol. But I managed to burn 700 calories. I was on the treadmill at an incline of 9.5, speed of 5.5. I'm not gone lie I hit the pause button a couple of times hahaha. But all that matters was that I was able to get it done.

6 more weeks!

Good evening future dolls & vets! OMG the time can't come soon enough! One of my good friends asked if I was nervous. I said no, but that will probably change once I get my ass on that table lol! Oh goodness. So, I took off 2 weeks from work. Hopefully that's enough if not I'll just extend my time, thank God my job is very flexible. However, I can't say the same for school, one week tops. I've been thinking about how I'm going to conceal my BBL pillow in class. Lord knows people are nosey, so sitting in the back will have to do.

Debating if Post-op massages ar as important as we are told they are

So, I was calling around to find deals on post-op massages. And I called the plastic surgery office that I researched prior to. I spoke with the receptionist and she informed me that they don't recommend the post-operation massages. When I asked her why she said because they aren't needed, they are offered just to keep you coming and it's a money business. I'm torn because the surgeons results are sooo good, his people don't look lope-sided and all, and on the other hand I see all these videos of swelling going down etc.

Researching the importance of Post-Surgical Massages

After my recent discovery and my on going mental debate whether the massages are important or not, I decided to do some research to find out. I came across a 2014 clinical trial article that stated PO procedures are essential to an adequate and fast recovery . It's not a blog nor obtained from a biased website, the article is scholarly and peer-reviewed and pulled from my university's database. I will try to find it on the internet because only students have access to the database.

Peer-reviewed article



So we had a hurricane where I live and it sucks because the place where I set my appointment is closed until further notice! I'm trying as hard as I can to find somewhere. The hospital is my last option, they want $600 for everything and I don't want to pay that much! Although I have until a week prior to surgery to get the results in I really don't want to get it done at the last minute because of how long it takes to get the results back. Going to the nearest town is a possibility.


So I read about the unfortunate event at Vanity with the death of a patient. Yall PLEASE verify tgat your surgeon has the proper credentials!! It's seriously not worth the risk not doing your research and knowing.


Almost here!

I have a little over a week before my Sx, I'm sooo excited. I completed all of my labs. The 1st round was just a measurement of my hemoglobin and the second set was with all the surgical requirements. My hemoglobin remained the same. However, the staff at New Life stresses the supplements so I'm going to have to start taking them =(. I have a few more items to get and I will be set! As far as my weight -_- it remained the same but hey at least it didn't go up right!?

Good to go! YAY

Okay so, I called New Life for something totally unrelated but in the process I found out that my labs were all good and that I was good to go for surgery! A totally of three people have to sign off on my lab work and I'm waiting on the last signature.

It's done!

Everything is complete and I'm ready to start my new journey! Will keep you dolls posted.

Good news!

So I have some good news to combat today's negative energy. I finally found somewhere that can do my lymphatic massages! Hopefully I can learn her techniques so that I can do them on my own =)

Just spoke with Jennifer

Okay Jennifer just called and I asked about an early morning surgical appointment. She said that its on a first come first serve basis, so since I will be flying in early (8am) the day before surgery it is very likely that I will getting a morning spot because she comes in at 8:30am. So for those of you that prefer morning I would suggest booking an early flight the day before surgery.

Last set of measurements before surgery

Last set of measurements before surgery:
5'8 197lb
Waist- slightly above belly button: 32.5" (stayed the same, TYJ)
Lovehandles: 41" ( gained an inch -_-)
Hips: 48.5" (Gained an inch. No complaints here!)
I really need Dr. Llorente to be aggressive with my love handles and waist! I know he will deliver =). My hips are fine however, I do want my dents to be filled and my banana roll removed!

Leaving tomorrow

I will be leaving tomorrow morning, thankfully it's a short flight. Ladies this seems so surreal, like it is finally happening. I can't wait to meet Elena & Dr. Llorente =D.

Soo not feeling American Airlines right now.

About to take off! But I'm having a little issue with my seat. It's too damn small! -_- . I seriously have to get this taken care of before I come back. Maybe because it's a short flight? Is that why the seats on this plane are small?

Made it

Dr. Llorente is everything you have heard and more. Nothing but positive reviews from everyone that his magical fingers have touched in the office. He is soft spoken and doesn't talk much but he let's his results do the talking. I was prescribed 3 prescriptions. Percoset: $12/13, Biaxin:$67/68, and Cipro: $4. I filled the prescription at Walmart. Make sure you ask for the generic brand for those that wanna save money. These were the out of pocket costs.

Recovering from the factory

Hey ladies. I apologize for the late update. Surgery was a success. Before surgery I had to take a pregnancy test and from there Dr. Llorente marked me up and I followed the nurse to the back which is very cold btw. They will give you a blanket but make sure you bring a jacket or robe for when you wake up, the nurse anesthetic was very nice and funny gave me an IV and I was out, I can't recall how long it took. Upon waking up Anita and Yeny was right by my side. The first thing that came out of my mouth was "chapstick, chapstick" I hate when my lips are dry and tight lol. They placed me in a wheelchair and I actually sat on my bottom heading back. Back and sides were soar and bottom was slightly numb so it didn't bother me. I was very dizzy when I walked in the home and couldn't wait to lay down!! I got up once to pee and when I got to the bathroom I was sooo nauseous and sore that I didn't even feel the need to pee anymore and was rushing back to the bed. Anita gave me two Percoset- and I took a motion sickness pill. I will post up a picture. After that much pain has went down a lot

Massage 1

Heading to massage. And yes, it hurt like hell to the point where I was screaming. This is my personal experience as everyone's pain tolerance is different.


So, I took my measurements however, they were with my faja on. Waist 37, hips 50. To be more accurate I will measure with everything off in the morning. I'm still swollen so this is just my way of keeping track of my transformation =)

Banana roll

Idk if I mentioned the removal of my banana roll, too lazy to go back and check but Dr. Llorente said that removal of the banana roll is a bad idea because it is a dangerous area and will cause your butt to sagg.

Last review for tonight: Solution to uncomfortable faja straps

For those of you who are experiencing uncomfortable faja straps that are cutting into your shoulders, use maxi pads to make shoulder pads. It works and stays in place! (make sure to remove the plastic strip) =)

measurements II

My waist came in at 33" and hips 50" (with faja off). I still have a lot of swelling. Honesty, I'm not worried about loosing inches from my hips, they were already 47" =). I will do weekly updates.

Boards keep moving

My boards and my back foam keep moving =/. I may need to get my faja taken in sooner than I expected.

9 days post-op


Driving effing sucks! I have the bbl pillow and even use another pillow for my back. I'm just so nervous to place pressure on my bottom that I'm tense the entire time driving.

All is well

Sorry for the late update. Soo, certain areas on my bottom are softening up. Not complaining but I didn't think that it would be so soon. I measured in at 49in hips. I'm praying that it continues to go down, because it's just too wide =). Overall, I'm happy with how my body is transforming each and every day. Abdomen is still swollen around the perimeter of lipo-boards. In the mean time I have been exercising my arms. No abnormalities. Will post pictures later. =)

Update & measurements III

Sorry for the delay ladies. Alrighty so my waist is now 30.5 inches and hips are in at 49 inches. Still some swelling in my lower back and around the perimeter of the boards. I have to get my faja fitted AGAIN because of the drastic reduction. I purchased a bandage but it would crinkle and caused my skin to form that way, idk maybe it was too tight? I'll do an update on that later. So now, I'm thinking about getting a corset, too soon?

Does anyone know a good jean/pants brand

I went shopping the other day and ended up leaving disappointed because I couldn't find a pair of pants that fit me well, like the hips were okay but the zipper area was too long! Using a belt did not help either because the pants and zipper would just bunch up. Does anyone know of a good pant brand for more curvier women?

Hey guys!

So recovery has been going well. Lower back is still swollen. I bought a corset and have been wearing it for mmmm, I wanna say almost a week.. maybe a little over? I purchased a small which I thought would be too small but it actually fits perfectly! I will be moving to the 2ND set of hooks because it isn't as tight as when I first wore it (BTW, silly me was wearing it upside down, as you will see in the photo). Waist went from 30.5 to 30 inches and hips are still 49 inches. I'm giving my faja a little break for now because ( TMI Moment!!) my vagina is still healing and I really don't want it to be smothered by the faja. Here are a few pics. It's soo hard to take a booty pic but hopefully you guys will enjoy =)

Almost forgot

Wish pic

THis is the wish pic that I showed Dr. Llorente prior to surgery.

Cellulite City

So, I purchased an Arabian coffee bean scrub for my legs because it's cellulite city down there! I REALLY want to get it corrected since my graduation is in December =D. I am also implementing a workout regimen. During a check-up, my doctor suggested using the elliptical since it helps to work out all parts of your body. AS much as I hate the gym, I know that it is a part of the recovery process and the key to a better me so I am up for the challenge! I will post up before pics later.

Heat rash

Ugh, I was doing so good with my recovery and then I noticed these small red bumps popping up on my abdomen. I assumed it was the new bath and body works lotion that I purchased so I stopped using it but it kept spreading! Come to find out I have a heat rash. Pretty common in humid and hot places like good old Florida -_-. I purchased aloe gel and 2% hydrocortisone cream and unfortunately, I have to take a break from my corset AND my faja, the friction is too much to bare. As a result, my abdomen is starting to swell more and feel tight =/.


Hello everyone! Okay, so quick update, heat rash is getting better but lower back is still swollen and I'm starting to get hot tingly sensations in my butt which makes me not want to sit on it. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Measurements remain the same . Here are some few photos. Enjoy.

Hey, hey ,hey!

Hey ladies sorry for the very late update. So much has been going on with me: graduation, holidays, working, funerals blah, blah blah. All is well. My results are coming along okay... I say okay because my ass is a little too big for my liking now. My measurements are, waist: 34 inches, hips -50inches.... Yes, 50 inches. I took the measurements a few days ago and I want soo badly to blame it on my grannys good holiday cooking. Any and all weight that I gain goes completely to my ass, thighs. As far as my abdomen, completely fine! No lumps, bumps, hardness, swelling. No, I haven't been wearing any compression, I've just been massaging. Now that my schedule is more flexible I will be spending more time in the gym to get my ass and thighs under control.
Orlando Llorente

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