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I am a busy mom/ student/ teacher/entrepreneur/...

I am a busy mom/ student/ teacher/entrepreneur/ boss. I love my body. I feel beautiful and I'm blessed to have the ability to get rid of my stomach fat. I love my little booty and thick thighs. I just want my flat tummy back like before life got out of hand. I know it's easier to maintain fat loss than to actually lose the fat. I'm hoping to get the surgery over the Christmas break from teaching.


Today I am set on Mallol December 16. I started taking my folic acid. I'm going to get iron and vitamin c on my lunch break. I am really excited to work with Mallol. I want my waist gone!!! I've attached my only inspiration photo because this is exactly what I want

Moving forward

Today I placed my deposit. I'm super excited and ready to go. Surprisingly I met another mom at my daughters school that has had the same surgery. That was so reassuring. As moms we often spend most of our time taking care of others we do not take care of ourselves.

I started my vitamin regiment especially the iron. I really worry about my hemoglobin being that I have alpha thalassemia. I have started to coordinate everything and look forward to December. I turn 30 in February and I want my body to be in top shape!!!


Today I am concerned I am choosing the right Dr. Mallol has few reviews and I do not see a lot of lipo only results. I have decided against a bbl for recovery reasons. I simply won't have enough time to recovery because I have to sit for conferences and lectures in January.

I just wish I could see more results from here. I will be crushed if I cannot get the look I want from lipo.

Looking for a new dr

I had pneumonia back in the earlier part of the month and I was unable to get my surgery. Thank good I purchased travel protection on my flight. I was uncomfortable with Mallol doing my procedures anyway. Now that I am better I am looking into Sergio Alvarez again to do my lipo. I just want a tight tiny waist. I reached out to his staff today. Hopefully I can get everything coordinated. My suitcase is already packed and ready. Hopefully we can settle on a date and recovery location soon. I'm ready to get my summer body started.

Sx in 48 hrs

This has been a long road. I am finally days from getting lipo. I have selected Dr Assassa at Pacific Lipo in San Diego. Total cost $3,475 (march special and military discount). This morning I started my antibiotics and 2 days ago I started arnica Montana.

I will post continuously to keep everyone informed of my results as well as keeping myself accountable.

Today I am 5'10 219 lbs.

I'm drinking a gallon of water a day, taking my vitamins, and trying to relax before Friday.

Today is the day

I'll be on the road in 3 hours. I just finished my antibiotics and I'm headed to drop my daughter off. It has been a tough week with the nerves and work. Everyone at Pacific lipo has been amazing. I cannot wait to get this done and over with. I'm so ready for summer 17.

That's a wrap

Yesterday I got lipo on my upper and lower abdomen. I'm a little sore but I get good. I'm sleepy so I'll just post a few pics from the the before and durning

Day 3

It's been a roller coaster. This morning I woke up with minimal swelling now I'm as big as 3 days ago. Massages and arnica are everything for real.

Ups & down

A week and a day update. It's been eight days and my stomach is no longer flat. It's hard and swollen. I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard to do. To help the swelling I added an ad board. I just want my flat flat.

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