Pre Op with Dr. Mendieta Tomorrow BBL - Miami, FL

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I'm so nervous!! I got my medical clearance today....

I'm so nervous!! I got my medical clearance today. I'm 5-8" weigh 183lbs have a one year old son and can't wait for my new body/ butt.

Dr. M is SO nice and his staff are so sweet. They are organized and have a system in place.

Yes he's expensive but if u had one shot at this wouldn't u want the best of the best?

Thanks to this site I was able to learn about him and I've seen a lot of girls with AMAZING results. Although I've read that some of them aren't fully happy but they still look great!

Dr. M told me i have a GREAT figure and lots of fat. I've never been as excited about my fat until that day. The state of Florida regulates surgeons to a 4Liter max removal of fat. That's like 2 double liters of diet coke.

Since I'm not petite or skinny nor did I have to gain weight for the sx I was concerned that he couldn't work magic with my body. I know I have more than 4ltrs of fat and I have to compromise where I want his focus to be.

Thru this surgeon journey / search I actually had a doctor say to me once that he was "the only doctor in Miami that aggressively removed fat up to 7-8 litters if necessary.." MAJOR red flag! Could be a pitch but that's malpractice. BE CAREFUL AND DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS.

Dr. M was straight forward, sweet, super friendly, beautiful office and awesome staff. If any of u girls consider Dr. Mendieta and need medical clearance go to Florida Family Center. Dr. M's receptionist will give u 2 options. The other place (forgot name) is like $600 ..that expense is unnecessary. Florida Family Center were the cheapest and very very nice. Down fall they are in the middle of like little Havana but if u go early u should be fine with traffic. Also they did everything STAT for $ 205. if u go in advance its $190 for full medical clearance.

My sx is this Friday 5/24/13 and I was lucky to get in an opening this quick.

When I went the first time while u wait for dr. Mendieta I had to pay $100 consultation fee. But that goes towards sx. They take naked pictures of u.. front, back and side views with a professional camera. It's uploaded to this huge touchscreen in your private room. When Dr. M comes in he reviews the pictures with u and actually shows u an imagery of what he will do.. Kinda like photoshop. Pretty cool.

I've researched many many docs and I see Dr. M is compared a lot to Dr. Salama but I don't think salama results looks as natural and I don't care if he's cheaper his work cannot compare to what I've seen Dr. M do.

Anyway I will be TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY HONEST with my results. In the meantime pray for me.

I also posted some before pictures of myself :)

Ps if u are looking for home care and you're coming out of state of live here PLEASE PLEASE find someone like a friend or family member. I wasn't sure if my sister could help and I asked the girls at the offc for home care nurse info. They gave me Esther Guerra's number. Although she was extremely nice and willing to accommodate on short notice.. She was around the bush about her price. I felt like she was trying to milk it and even said she would charge more because its Memorial Day weekend. Lol that's stupid! I get it that many people are willing to overspend and Dr. M is in Coconut Grove but I'm not rich! I told her that I was on a budget and she was like "it's going to be a couple hundred bucks.." um no thanks!!

Remember Dr. Mendieta is (if not the best) one of the top plastic surgeons in Miami. He is successful for a reason. You HAVE to tell him what u want and if he can he will try.

Please feel free to comment.

Team Mendieta!

I had my BBL sx this morning with Dr. Mendieta

I can't say this enough. Dr. Mendieta IS SOOO NICE AND CARING OF HIS PATIENTS. I'm very big on humanity and to feel like my doc really cares about me is important. I was getting nervous before surgery and he gave me a huge hug. His staff all are soooo sweet and on their A game. Very VERY VERY professional. I have no complaints of him or his staff during this journey so far. (Well just one but I will get to that in a bit).

IM IN SOO MUCH PAIN. LAYING on my stomach gives me relief. I stood up 3xs to walk or pee and I almost fainted. But when I lay I'm ok. IM SO SWOLLEN I LOOK LIKE PATRICK FROM SPONGE BOB!

This morning my sis dropped me off at sx center (same place of his office different building) they took me in and Dr. M drew on me. The black marker was for adding fat and red marker was for removing. His staff cleaned me up and his anesthesiologist was by my side the whole time. His nurses cracked jokes with me and I am very happy with the way they made me feel. When dr. M was drawing on me it gave me time to ask his some additional questions although in my pre op his awesome nurse Valerie answered most of them for me.

I can't tell u what I look like yet but will try to put a pic up of it soon.

When u make ur decision to pick Dr. M you are assigned a "patient coordinator" and eventually a "nurse coordinator".

The patient coordinator schedules initial and sx appointments and arranges your payment.

Your nurse coordinator sends u paperwork and prescriptions and answers most questions for u.

My patient coordinator was Jenny. She was very nice BUT this is my ONLY COMPLAINT so far. She talked too fast (both English and Spanish) and even though I asked her A GAZILLION TIMES what are my expected costs other than the doc and sx she didn't tell me the truth!

She's had the bbl done too and told me not to worry about the numbers because she would tell me.

Because I saw on this site complaints from other girls on the additional costs not outlined I made it a point to ask and still got no straight answer.

Doc fee was $ 9850

Additional Costs:

Medical clearance STAT $ 205 but if done in advance & not last minute like me its $190

Garment $218 (she said it was included in my 9850 which is NOT true and u can buy this online.. Literally the same exact one for 178!!!!) I will post link later with style number.

Soap and non prescriptions, vitamins, diapers, sheets, gauze, .. Another $250

You have to buy this thing called DSMO and the pharmacy they send u to is the only place that sells it for like $58 bucks! Search online in advance and save ur money. The pharmacy I was sent to is called coconut grove pharmacy. People there are nice too.

Prescription medicines is another cost and I was lucky to get that covered by insurance. That can be another 250-300 bucks.

Then you have gas expense, tolls and time off work not paid if ur not on salary like me.

I love my experience with Dr. M and his offc so far. I don't mind paying for the things I need. I just like straight answers so I can prepare in advance. Like i said im not rich. I mean some of the overpriced items I could've ordered online and save a penny or two if I knew in advance. I promise to help my sisterhood who need these pointers.

I'm going to eat some crackers now feeling wheezing and I will update soon. Thanks for reading.

The pain is horrible. Day 2 of sx with Dr. Mendieta

This pain is the worst that I ever felt.

Bbl sx day 3 the worst pain ever.

Yesterday i threw up 4 times. Every time I got up I almost fainted. The pain is horrible
I can't stop crying

Day 4 of sx I had my stitches removed.

I didn't see the doc today it's Memorial Day. I had 14 stitches removed by the nurse and it stung. I have to go back tomorrow afternoon to get the drainages removed. These damn things hurt so bad I will put up a pic. I have one coming out of my belly button, 1 from butt crack and 3 from vajayjay.

Pain IS HORRIBLEEEEEE. Ice packs helps. Got stronger rx for meds today. Thank u all for the prayers.

I meant 1 from vajayjay (see pics)

This is not at all glamorous. Ps sorry I'm out of it coz meds

Omg 2 from vajayjay u see I'm out of it

See pics I'm swollen n bruised

Will post more as swelling goes down

Garment used by dr. Mendieta

They say buy 2 garments but I can't afford it. The doctors office uses the one I put picture of. They charged me $218 but you can buy the same one at this link for $178

I hate my situation right now

I'm a very independent person and hate having to rely on others to help me, take care of me and the hardest part is not being able to pick up my son. I'm frustrated today.

The garment is really tight around my butt

and loser around my waist and lower back

Booty by mendieta day 5

Swollen bruised no garment and ready to shower!! Yaaaah! Oh and drainages come out today.

Drainages removed and stitches too

Dr. Mendieta's offc was super packed today. He's leaving out of town and i had to wait almost 2 hrs to see him. Not big deal being that i almost passed out twice, cant lay anywhere and my sister is very vocal on her opinion. Anyway there is people from all over the world to see him. Dr. Mendieta is always so patient and nice but the nurse was the one that removed my drainages. I SCREAMED SO LOUD and cried like a fool. I'm sure everyone heard. The one coming from your butt crack or belly button isn't as bad as the 2 coming from the crotch area I could feel it coming out of my stomach. Writing this makes me sick thinking of it. Anyway, I can shower now and will sleep tonight without garment. Hope y'all bbls sisters are doing ok.

My butt is HUGE and hard like a rock! lol

I am in A LOT of pain still. Maybe its just me because I am a woss. Doc says he put 1200 cc's in each butt!! Thats a big bootay for me. Although Im in bed rest, cant move and not eat much (meds make u feel sick) i LOOOOVE my results so far. I did do something dumb. I had the garment on yesterday and it was toooo tight around my butt and hips (where I obviously had fat added) so I'm worrying about losing fat life and then my right leg was going numb - no one was here to help me so I cut the damn thing off of me. It hurt to throw away all that money but i wasnt going to compromise my health or results. long story short i find it COMPLETELY UNECCESSARY to buy 2 garments like the doctors offc suggests. BIG WASTE OF MONEY. If it fits you well, wash it and wear again. Another thing... I dont like their garments I think they hinder the fat survival on your butt with too much compression. SO I'm going to try a place that custom makes them for the same (maybe less) price that Dr. M's offc charged me.



Look I know it sounds crazy but I couldn't squat, refused to sit and was in so much pain the best thing was to grab a cup with a handle on it (we call it a "jarro") The little slit under the garment lets u pee right in it and thats it... pee free of pain ;)

1 week from my BBL and I can't believe this is my body!

I don't know where to start. I'm still in a lot of pain. Tolerable but bad where I can't bend or get out of bed without squealing like a pig. I wobble when I walk and the bruising and swelling is bad. BUT MY BODY IS BANGING!! See pics. Yeah the size will go down and blah but I love my shape and butt I can't believe it's my body!
Only time will tell how long it will last and how my final 6 months results will be but I will be sure to post. Also, I still have NO GARMENT which worries me. Doc said they will exchange for me which is really nice of them but I have to drive all the way to Miami on Monday (when I need to get back to work) and then find a seamstress to adjust the top. Won't bore you all anymore but for the record I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THEIR GARMENTS, THEY STRAIGHT UP OVER PRICE AND OFFER NO OPTIONS FOR U TO SHOP FOR OTHERS GARMENTS MORE FITTING SINCE EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT AAAND it could've been included in his price since your spending that amount of money. I also find it ridiculous that they tell clients to buy 2... What size will you be after surgery? Exactly.. No one knows until its done. They measure your body pre-op for garment. Can someone please tell me how that makes sense? Thanks bbl sisters.

Oh one more thing. I asked "what undies do I wear since my old ones don't fit and I don't want to mark up my skin ".. The girl's response was "the granny types u wear when ur on ur period..."

I'm very confused! So sleeping with no undies and no garment..


Because both legs are swollen (thighs and knees) my right leg hurts a lot and Dr. M offc said they want to make sure I don't have a clot. Please pray for me.


Thank you all for ur support. This site has been amazing in my journey and I want to thank all you anonymous women who are on this site to support each other and not tear one another apart.

Turns out I'm having typical swelling and normal PO pain. ER doc said I looked great and told me to keep mobile around the house :) I was supposed to see Dr. M today to follow up but I couldn't drive or get a ride (1-1/2 hr drive). You should've seen me on my way to hospital. Called cab told driver I just had surgery laid in back seat and sobbed the whole ride. Pretty pathetic site. The hospital did ultrasound of the veins in my legs and all is good thank God.

Dr. M offc has been amazing. They call me back no matter what time i leave msg w answering service and Valerie (nurse) is amazing. She calls me back within minutes. I asked Coleen (receptionist) For a doctors note for school/work and it was emailed to me within minutes.

Tommy (office manager) helped me with the replacement of my garment efficiently. I know that a lot of ppl find Dr. M to be pricey and I'm not sure how other doc


Damn thing cut off. Anyway not sure how other offcs work but my experience with dr. M and his team by far has been phenomenal and great quality.

I feel better today but when I lay down at night and get up to pee the pain in my groin and butt is horrible. It goes away after awhile but damn I'm over the pain!!

Garment - what is a BBL girl to do?

I've been using one with cut out holes but was told by nurse that Dr. M hates them. Not sure why coz I haven't seen him to ask and she didn't know why either. Anyway, I gotta use something in the meantime. The price of garment was 13o at "fajas y mas" on 163 in north Miami but u can order same one on It molds my body amazingly but leaves circles around my new butt. I was beginning to get circle bruises. Im getting replacement of garment from dr m shipped overnight after I paid 28 bux.

This is my conclusion. Garments play a huge result in final result. I'm getting nervous coz I know I'm in the early stage and NEED something and was worried I'm messing up my new body. I also don't want to go against what my doc suggests. I Just can't seem to understand how pressure against new butt helps.

SOOO whether u opt for butt out or not what I've done is stretch the butt part so much to the point I hear a little rip. I keep tugging at butt part to loosen it up like a pair of new shoes.

Will post pics soon. Swelling down a bit. I got on scale and weigh more than preop weight (assuming its water and swelling) butt is shrinking still big and still can't believe this ls my new shape and hips. Still happy about my decision :)

Bruised and achey butt on day 13 of bbl

It seems to me that my butt is way more bruised now than after sx. It aches on one side. Feels warm when I lay down. If u look closely u can see the marks from the butt out garment. Got new one today. I'm all depressed feeling like I ruined my new expensive butt because of the stupid garment ordeal. Feeling like I killed all that fat. Look at the pics tell me what u think. I'm seeing doc on Friday.

Week 3 of my bbl

Well here we are at week 3 going on to week 4 and all is ok. i feel better but still sore from time to time. I stood in front of the mirror and with all the swelling and bruises and lumps tears filled my eyes because I couldn't believe this was my body! For the first time in my life I was happy with what my shape looked like. It's worth every penny. I haven't been eating so good tho and I had to sit to drive and for work. I try my best to avoid it but its part of life I have to sit. When I saw the doc he recommended I get massages and since the garment was causing some folding in my skin they gave me these foam pieces for me to wear. MASSAGES are so important I can't begin to tell you. Get it done ASAP and make sure it's an experienced masseuse. Check out my week 3 pics let me know your thoughts. Hugs sisters!
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