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Hi everyone. I decided to finally write a review...

Hi everyone. I decided to finally write a review since I'm laying here doing nothing lol. I flew in yesterday to Miami from NYC and my surgery was this morning.
I've been wanting to do this procedure for so long and originally wanted to fly to Colombia to get it done. I don't speak Spanish so the thought scared me and I kept postponing it. My friend went to Dr fisher and she looks amazing. One of the best Lipo only results I've seen and being from NYC and working in night life I've seen many...
My case is a little complicated since I have silicone Injectons in my butt. So I couldn't add any hips like I would have wanted to (my butt is big enough). One day in June my bf took a side pic of me in a dress and I was just so depressed. I called vanity the next day and asked them to schedule me asap. I spoke to Margaret and she told me the next available date is December and I told her I couldn't wait that long lol. She told me to give her a second and that she'll see what she can do. She finally called me back and said if I was willing to pay the full price ($4000) in full she'll lock me in for September 13th. I paid the next day. After I paid she wasn't that fast with commutation anymore and I had to Call her to confirm that my surgery was locked in. She then told me that Dr fisher had to clear out that date because he's going on a conference. She said I can either reschedule with Dr fisher or go to Dr hasan. When I did my research it was fisher or hasan that I wanted to go to but I didn't know hasan was back... She sent me a few pics of Hasans work and I looked up hasan dolls in this forum... I love his work and I called her back to schedule surgery. I was scheduled end of June for August 3rd. Pretty late minute. I immediately bought blood builder supplements and bromelain .
The following week I found a cheap flight from NYC to MIAMI for 230. I paid extra 129 for free luggage and choosing my seat to be able to sit in an exit row... Also free cancellation and flight flexibility.
My research for recovery houses was a little more complicated. There are mixed reviews about every recovery house and I didn't like the fact that some of them did not provide you with three meals a day. I then read about Claudia and how caring and sweet she is and that she'll provide three meals a day. I contacted her right away and locked in my stay for 5 days...

Starting to feel better


Lipo with Dr Hasan

I had a few issues with vanity. They rescheduled me once but for a
sooner date. They don't really tell you much like how to prepare myself
for surgery but I did my own research so I was fine. I did my blood work
two weeks prior to my surgery and two days layer followed up with
vanity and they confirmed the results came back normal. One day before
my flight they told me they don't have my HIV and UA. I had to call the
blood lab to request it to be sent to vanity which they promptly did.
Around 7pm the night before my flight I still hadn't heard from vanity
and called to make sure I'm cleared for surgery . When I called thry
informed me that my ua came back abnormal and I most likely have a Uti.
What???? I mean I'm pretty sure I would've felt a UTI and after I
complained and said there's no way they told me to go to the hospital
and repeat the test. At 8pm I went to the hospital, repeated the test
and it came back normal. I made the doc write me a paper stating this
went home, finished packing and the next am caught my flight to Miami. I
stayed at Claudia recovery house. Claudia picked me up from the airport
and dropped me off at vanity where I bought my foam and board. The next
am I went to the hospital where dr hasan performs surgeries. I was
scheduled at 8 and at approximately 9 am Dr hasan came to see me. He
draw on me and said he'll take as much fat as my body lets him. I'm a
hard case because I had silicone Injectons in my buttocks 4 years ago
and he couldn't go as low on my back as he wanted to.

I walked into the surgery room and kind of got cold feet because it
looks scrary. The nurse calmed me down and as soon as the
anesthesiologist came in and talked to me I felt very calm. He reassured
me that I was in great hands and I have nothing to worry about. I felt
the narcotic burning in my arm and a weird taste in my mouth and next
thing I know I woke up. I was shivering and felt nauseous. Dr hasan came
to tell me that the surgery went great and he gave me a tiny waist. I
just put up my thumb as I felt too weak to talk and my throat was
hurting. The nurse helped me get up and walk to claudias car. She
brought me back to the recovery house, fed me soup and gave me my meds. I
wasn't in any pain whatsoever just felt discomfort and hated to feel my
wet bloody back. The night was okay too. Frania, claudias assistant
helped me walk to the bathroom everytime I needed to go. She made sure I
took my meds on time and was comfortable.

Swelling going down

14 days post op. My waist is tiny

Side view after exactly one month

One month update

Ladies the recovery is no joke. I really underestimated the whole process. I'm one month post OP and I'm still sore. Whatever you do make sure you get post surgical care like lymphatic massages, cavitation etc... especially if your doctor performs agressive Lipo like Dr Hasan. There are many places that offer these services and ladies, again, it's very crucial for your final outcome. The surgeon only performs half the job,it's on you to finish it. GOOD LUCK TO ALL YOU LADIES

6 weeks

Baby abs

So two different massage therapists asked me if dr hasan did abdominal etching because I have abs :) i don't think he did because ive never asked for it but I'm not complaining lol. The pic isn't as good but I def have some baby abs shining through

Abs! Dr Hasan is the best!!!!

Dr Hasan is the best! I'm so happy with my results

Love takin pics now

Miami Physician

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