So I Guess I Am Getting Liposuction on Saturday Lol - Miami, FL

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Last Thursday I reached out to Vanity Cosmetics...

Last Thursday I reached out to Vanity Cosmetics through RS. Jesse called me back on Friday and left a message. I called her back on Monday. I live in Miami to do a consultation but I have hear about the wait time so I decided to an email consult. I had to keep calling and calling to get a response. I got one early today after sending a few emails. I was told he would do my BBL for $5500. I have already had one and don't have a desire to be bigger in the butt. Two years ago I went to Carmina-Cardenas. She did a decent job but she did what she wanted. My goal was and always has been hips. I have a little bit after her but I don't want to take the chance with a new dr for them to do a fat transfer and only put it in my butt not hip. She convinced me I need a TT but I really didn't. Now I have this long scar for nothing. Since Drs can't lipo your front mid section I have a fat deposit sitting right above then entire scar. I always have space/liquid where the top of where my "6 pack" would be. Long story short I want it gone. I digress
Back to my So she tells me the price and I ask standard questions and when he is available. She said May. I graduate in May, I don't want to be that fresh from surgery walking across the stage lol. So I said I would call her back. She is doing her sales pitch saying you will lose the spot and I told her sooner is my only option so I will find another doctor. So we hang up. Then I get a text that said "I can put you in this Saturday I have a cancellation he only does 2 patients a day on Saturday". This was interesting. I asked her about the bloodwork that normally takes a week to come back. She said it only takes a day. I couldn't make it in to do blood work today so I will go in tomorrow but I need to see Dr. Hasan or Fisher before surgery day. She also said that I can only do this if I pay in cash. So this will be interesting. I am aware of the customer service issues so I am braced for the worse but we will see. I am concerned with the results and cleanliness but no instructions were given yet but its funny because everyone says such negative things about going out of the country. This is funny only because I have had surgery in Mexico whose standards are very close to the United States btw. The U.S. isn't even the plastic surgery capital of the world, it is actually Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have heard more horror stories from the US then from the other people who go to other countries. The Dominican Republic has had a very high death rate in comparison (you can look it up) I only say this to say I am a lil nervous and that isn't like me. I wasn't nervous going to another country alone and having surgery but I am a bit nervous now going across town. well lets see what happen tomorrow. I will upload before pics

Well well

So I went in today. Saw Jesse and she said that Dr McAdoo will be available to do it tomorrow. I specifically asked for Hasan or Fisher. She said they were booked. So why wouldn't you tell me this before I drove an hour. So I figured I would see him and see what he was talking about. I was sent to another location 30 minutes away. I waited for an hour and a half then I proceeded to leave then they went and got the doc. He seemed nice enough but when I asked for photos he said look them up on IG. I'm like you don't have any. So I looked at the them. They were all bbl stomach down pics. My stomach what was getting done. So I left and decided to wait for Fisher or Hasan who's work I have seen and researched. McAdoo has pics on here but the girls are bigger than me before sx and still bigger than me after. From the few pics I've seen. He seems to be conservative and that's not what I was looking for. With Hasan and Fisher I've seen girls bigger than me who's waist is smaller than mine. Those are the results I'm looking for. Since I can't get my hips done aggressive Lipo is the only way to get the appearance of bigger hips with a tiny waist. I don't want to spend money to not like my results. Here are my current pics before Lipo

12 days Post op

I'm still swollen. They lied about so much. Dr fisher told me the lied the morning of surgery. Fisher is great but too much headache from Vanity so I won't go back.
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