It's Finally Official....getting FISHERFIED 10/14/2016.

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Hey Dolls, I'm a 35 year old critical care nurse...

Hey Dolls,

I'm a 35 year old critical care nurse from New Orleans. I've been thinking about having this procedure since the beginning of the year. I put my deposit down in March and finally paid the balance off a little over a month ago. Thankfully, I have not had any bad experiences with Vanity's customer service. Ana has been absolutely amazing. The only issue I've had has been with my damn hemoglobin. I took my first set on 9/14 and my hemoglobin was 11.8. Fisher is very strict about not operating on anyone with a hemoglobin less than 12. I started taking iron supplements and retested on 10/3. My cycle had just ended and my hgb came back as 11.2. My nerves were all over the place because everything is paid for (flights, car, hotel, etc.) and my vacation is already put in at work. I started taking my iron three times a day, B12 three times a day, and eating liver, and green vegetables. I retested yesterday just for shits and giggles and my hgb came back 12.5!! Yayyyyy!! I just got off the phone with Ana and she gave me my clearance for surgery. She also offered me the cell saver option. I was being a cheapskate at first but I did decide to go ahead and pay for it. I will be flying into Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday and will be staying a total of 8 days. I cannot wait to meet Dr. Fisher. I have soooooo many questions for him. If any of you girls are having surgery a little bit later than I am and want me to ask him anything, feel free to send me a message. TTYL!! Will be posting pics a little bit later.


Hey y'all. Me and my cousin just landed in Fort Lauderdale. I was originally booked at the extended stay not far from Vanity but one of my co-workers who's also a critical care nurse is doing a travel assignment in Fort Lauderdale and insisted that I save my money and stay with her. So here I am!! I have my Pre-op tomorrow. I spoke with Ana and she said there isn't a scheduled time....just to come to the office anytime between 9am and 4pm. I think I'm going to head over there early in the morning to get it out of the way. I hope I am able to see Dr. Fisher tomorrow as well. Well I'll update you dolls later. Goodnight!!

Just Saying!!

Finally here at Vanity and this Daniela chick that fitted me for my garment is fine as shit!! Lawd Jesus!! Okay I just wanted to get that out lmao

Today is the BIG Day!!

Hey y'all!! Today is finally surgery day!! I was told to be at vanity for 3:30pm. I think my surgery is scheduled for 5:00pm. I thought I would be nervous at this point but I'm still very excited. I cannot wait to finally meet the man himself. I'm not even going to show him any wish pics because I know he will do his thing regardless. Anywho, I'm headed to Walmart to pick up some last minute supplies. See you all on the other side!! Muah!!

P.S. I'm going to attach some before pic I just took. They're not that great but you can still see how fat I am lol


Just pulled up to Vanity. Ready to get this show on the road!!


Well I received a call from Ana stating that I needed to be at the center for 3:30 because my surgery was supposed to start at 5pm. I didn't want to be late being that I was traveling from Fort Lauderdale and the traffic sucks so I left a little bit earlier and I made it to vanity around 2:45. I signed sat down and waited for maybe 2 hours. One of the assistants came out and got me and brought me to the back to get weighed, take my blood pressure and get a urine sample. After that, she handed me my paper gown, my compression stockings, and a surgical cap. Again I sat and waited, the anesthesiologist came in and asked a bunch of questions and I signed consent forms for anesthesia as well as the cell saver. He left and then, once again, I waited. Dr. Fisher came in about an hour later and we talked for a while. He saw my tattoo on my wrist (medical tattoo) and jokingly said OMG you are gonna be a bad patient. I laughed....he laughed...and then I hit him with 100 medical questions. He was happy to answer them all. He is so cool and down to earth. After that, he had me stand up to take my pre-op pics. When I took my paper gown off he said girl you already look like many ppl post op pics. I was like man whatever. He said I'm known for being brutally honest. Trust me when I say you already look good. Then he was like I know exactly what I'm going to do with you. After taking my pics, I sat down and ,yep you guessed it, I waited. I waited for what felt like 3 more hours. Finally the anesthesiologist came in a little after 8pm and woke me up because I had fell asleep and he said come on it's showtime. I was so excited. They strapped me to this OR table that reminded me of the tables they use in state penitentiary lethal injections. The anesthesiologist then starts my IV which hurt like a son of a bitch because my veins were so tiny from being dehydrated. Once he got the IV in he asked me if I was ready. I said yeah and then it was lights up. The next thing I remember is waking up shaking like a stripper in church. I knew it was from the anesthesia because I wasn't cold. I just had these uncontrollable shakes. I remember looking up and seeing the blood hanging from the IV pole. I knew it was the blood from the cell saver, which by the way is awesome and I think everyone should do it. The next thing I remember was this nurse walking in and putting something in my IV. That's one of my pet peeve. Don't come up in here shooting shit in my IV and don't tell me what it is. It burned like a son of a bitch. I asked her what it was and she didn't answer. She walked out of the room and when she came back I asked what kind of medicine did she give me. She said pain medicine. I said okay what kind. She said toradol. I looked at my arm because it was still burning and my whole arm was full of hives. I guess it's safe to say I'm allergic to toradol. Anyways, she gave my some Benadryl and I told her I didn't like the fact that she just walked up and put something in my IV without first telling me what she was giving me and she apologized. After that, I went back to sleep. The next thing I remember was pulling up to my friend's house in Fort Lauderdale. The crazy thing is I didn't feel any pain at that moment. I came inside got something to eat, walked around for a bit, and then went to sleep. The next day I woke up feeling like I had been kicked by 10 horses. I was in so much pain. I took four ibuprofen not realizing my cousin went and had my prescriptions filled the same night. I will say that the ibuprofen has been working better for me than the Percocet. I then had to go for my first massage which hurt like a muh fukka. They took my garment off and that's when I got a first real glimpse of my results. I was like DAMN!! Fisher really did do his thing!!


12 Days Post-Op!!

Hey y'all!! I'm 12 days post op now and will be heading back to work tomorrow night. I'm still quite sore, especially my lower back. It's worse after I awake in the mornings. As long as I'm moving around throughout the day, however, I have no complaints. I wear my garment and lipo foam religiously. I also still wear compression stockings daily. Being that I was going to be returning to work soon, I completely stopped my pain meds 6 days ago. The massages and arnicare gel have been my bestfriends. Oh, I broke down and ordered Dr. Miami's booty buddy. It arrived yesterday and I am absolutely in love with that thing. Well, I just wanted to post a quick update since I haven't in a while. I'm also going to attach a few pics. They're not that great, but I promise to post better ones later. ????????????????

16 days Post-Op

I'm 16 days post-op and just showing what I do while my garment is in the washer.

2 Months Post-Op....on a 7 day cruise

Thanks again Dr. Fisher

Almost 4 months post-op

Still loving my results

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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