Liposculpture journey, No kids, 26 Yr Old, 170 Lbs - Miami, FL

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Hello dolls! So I've always been considering...

Hello dolls!

So I've always been considering liposuction since i've always felt unconfortable of certain areas in my body. I absolutely hate my love handles and as much as i work out it never goes away!! Also the back fat when u wear a bra or bathing suit top, i would always have to push it down to try and hide the back fat. Itl could only shop for a certain style of clothing, like those maternity tops or high wasit jeans to compliment body. And i know i'm young and everyone keeps telling me not to do it because i havent had kids yet. But i want to enjoy my bosy now before having kids! I think its that time. Only i know what i'm going through, and my lack of confidence has gone completely low ever since i gained weight and nothing fits me anymore. This summer i dont want to be that girl covered up in the beach! I use to weigh 140 and now i've gone up to 170 in a matter of 2 yrs.

So originally i had set up a surgery in Dominican Republic with Alejandro Hernandez, his work is awesome! But i didnt have a place to stay out there and hotels were pretty pricey. He quoted me $4000 - for full back & love handles. So i decided to do it in Miami since i have a customer living in Orlando and i could heal in her place with no extra cost.

After careful research i came across Dr. Salas, I spoke with one of the coordinators names Arialy. She was very friendly and helpful. Since i obly gave them a two weeks heads up for surgery they asked for pictures right away to give me a price quote. After i sent them photos. They priced me for $4,800 for liposculpture on full back, love handles, arms, and abdomen. Which is not a bad price at all!

My surgery date is May 6, and i'm suppose to give a down deposit today of half the amount. Super anxious and nervous at the same time!

I'm attaching some photos of how i would like to look like.

Consultation day

So the day has finally come. The day i got to meet with my surgeon and Ana the coordinator. Ana was super sweet brought me to a room to finish paying off the othee half of the balance and give me pre op instructions and sign my life away! She gave me the basic instructions which they email you no drinking, smoking or eating before midnight. And then she struck me with bad news that i needed a follow up the very next day for 5 days straight that i cant go back home. With that said i had more out of pocket expenses and less than 24 hrs to book a hotel and driver for 5 days not including the faja and massage package that was mandatory. So after paying off my remaining balance i had to come up with $350 for 5 massages, $350 for driver to take me to clinic and hotel when needed, $60 garment which is NOT included. Ana referred few cheap hotels close by that i looked into afterwards. I was able to get a hotel 5 mins away for $480 for 4 nights. Sometimes you have to be prepared for the unexpected. I had to prepare my mind n body that i was going to be without any support or nurse the first days of healing. But there was no turning back.

Surgery day -__-

So my surgery was scheduled for 6:30 am! I followed all the instructions given and i barely slept. Anxiety and nervousness all night and unending prayers for strength. So i was up and ready by 5am. I was the first person in the clinic. They had me sign in and soon after my name was called. I had to give my farewells to my cousin who accompanied me with her boyfriend. They wished me good luck and reality started hitting me. I had one of the nurses escort me to a room to put all my stuff down undress into a gown and pee in a cup for pregnancy test. Once that was completed she had me sign more paperwork of all the areas being treated and permissions for surgery. Also a young nice guy came into the room to introduce himself and let me know he will be assisting with surgery and asked me medical history questions. He also told me as soon as anestesia kicks in i wont remember a thing and they will wake me up once done. That i will feel a bit of discomfort but the doc will prescribe me painkillers. Afterwards Dr.Salas walks in and asks me if im ready for surgery. Very confident i respond yes, he says great and has me take my gown comoletely off for photos. He then marks my body on the areas he will be sculpting and takes additional photos. Once done the nurse takes more photos with her camera and aaks me to put my gown back on and hands me a hair cap, compression socks and booties for the feet. After applying each one the nice young guy comes in and escorts me to the surgery room where they have music playing to have me relaxed. He settles me in the middle of the bed and starts putting the anestesia in while the nurse is strapping my arms n legs to the bed (kinda freaky). After that i was zoned out. All i remember was waking up in a recovery room trembling in a cold metal bed with nothing on. I felt extreme pain in my abdomen area. There were two nurses there to wake me up, give me a glass of apple juice and help me turn sides to put my garment on. There was bleeding everywhere. All i kept thinking was thk god i make it. I just kept thanking god for helping me pull through. I noticed the doctor left the drain on something he didnt promise me he was gonna do. All of a sudden i hear my cousins voice in the room and i was relieved. The nurse was teaching her how to change my drain and where to meet me with the car for when they escort me out. In less that 10 mins i was walking out of the clinic. The pain was tolerable it was more the constant bleeding that was annoying. My garment and clothes were drenched in blood. The nurse escorts me outside and helps me get in the car face forward And legs up. Off to the hotel i go.

Day 1-3 (short & brief)

Day 1- painful but bearable, no appetite, no sleep, and non stop bleeding. Thats when the wee wee pads and bandages come in handy. Also you'll feel like an icicle due to the anestesia. I popped the indicated meds which was vicodine every 4 hrs. But sometimes i would pop 2 every 4 hrs if the pain worsen. The vicodine knocked me out and worked MIRACLES with the pain. My few hours in heaven. I did not eat at all the first day just constant orange juice. Which was more than enough for me. I would try walking every hr to avoid blot clots. The hardest part was climbing in and down from bed and peeing on your own.

Day 2- excruciating pain! U thought day 1 was tough? Day 2 was the real test! First thing i did that morning was pop 2 painkillers and get ready for my driver to take me to my follow up. My driver has arrived and shes a licensed nurse also, super sweet. She was in shock when she saw i was able to walk on my own and climb into the car on my own also after 1 day of surgery. She said shes attending another 4 girls who are already 4 days in and they still cant walk on their own. I felt a bit accomplished and content about my healing. She walked me to the clinic which one of Dr. Salas assistants took me in asked how i was feeling, removed my garment half way (painful) and removed the bloody gauze pads i still had inserted from surgery. She basucally told me i could shower on my own now and gave me basic post op instructions which i already knew. Only thing that freaked me out was thhat she mentioned since i did bbl i wouldnt be able to sit down for a whole month (crazy!) still contemplating how ima pull that off. She also mentioned my massage will take place on day 4 atleast 2 a day and on day 5 my drains would come off (thk god)! So the follow up was done. I didnt meet with the doctor. Till day 4. The nurse/driver was waiting for me outside patiently. I had her take me to walmart to buy some light food to stock up in the hotel room and tylenol extra strength!! She helped me in picking out food low in sodium and etc- i picked out a box of jello, gallon of orange juice and diet green tea, carton of eggs (protein), whole wheat bread, light peanut butter (protein), and water crackers. She didnt let me get soup bc they are packed with sodium. Once i got back to the hotel i whipped up 3 scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast and took more meds. By the middle of the night i started feeling light headed and nautious. As soon as i knew it i was throwing up everything i ate and the anestesia. I popped more pain killers to knock me out. But i was up every 4 hrs.

Day 3- less pain, more walking and climbing in n out of the bed more rapidly. Very little discomfort. I saw progress. I was stuck in my hotel all day just watching tv and snacking. I was able to take my garment midway and take some photos and do some handwashing of dirty clothes i had from surgery. I was def more mobile but still in little pain. I was able get some rest on n off but the excruciating pain kicked in at midnight. It was unbearable. I couldnt even get up from bed. All the pain was accumalated in my back. It was a struggle to find diff methods to slip out of the bed to walk to my pills. Just when i thought it has ended. I had no other choice but to pop 2 pain killers to be able to make it through the night.

Day 4

It feels like im stuck on day 2 & 3. Still no improvement. Bruised and swelled up. I still had no appetite. I was able to wipe myself down with babywipes. Along with the painkillers the doc also gave me stool softners to take which i havent been taking religiously just bc im not ready for that step yet. Its a struggle to squat and pee with a drain i can just imagine how hard it will be to poop with a bbl! ( it could wait!) lol. I did get better rest today. By 10 am my nurse has called me and told me she scheduled my first 2 massages today for 2pm. All i have left to do is wait and be prepared for the pain about to arrive. That is going to be the death of me! Ima make sure i bring my painkillers with me which are slowly coming to an end wahhhhhh ;( Keep u dolls updated with the massage results. This is no joke! Would i do this again? No! Lol wish me luck! I hope the updates have beeb helpful for those looking into liposculpture.

Massage & Day 5

So to continue where i left off. On day 4 i went to get my first massage. The most painful experience ever. You just dont want no one touching u. Ur body is so sore but the massages have to be done.

Day-5 less pain, but the swelling hasnt gone down. And i cant see my results. I feel like im still the same as i walked in. I dont know if the surgeon didnt take enough fat out bc now i accumalated a lot of liquid in my lower tummy. It looks like a little kangaroo pouch. The bruises are slowly lightening up but still drastic. Very little impovement. I thought by day 5 i would see much more progress but it still feels like im back to day 2 and 3. Im a little worried bc i hve to resume work in 4 days and i dont want it to be so obvious that i just did surgery. I just cant know what to expect. I have good days n i also have my bad days. :(

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