25... Doing Liposuction June 18! Flanks, Abs? and Upper/lowback!! - Miami, FL

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So I am doing the procedure!! I have always worked...

So I am doing the procedure!! I have always worked out and had a healthy lifestyle.. however just like we all know.. those certain areas just wont go away.. i HATE my back.. and flanks (runs in the family).. im so self conscious and its a horrible thing, and of coarse wish my stomach was flatter!! My mom and family agreed that we should do it :) We had Dr. azurin in mind.. however he passed away.. he was the best(family went to him) !!!..So, i did some research, and my first DR. was Dr. Salzhauer in Miami.. he had great reviews.. alot of lipo before and after pics on his site..and a friend of mine had some surgery done with him.. so he was my first choice! I called last week, and got in for a consult this past Tuesday the 27th of May. Minus the fact of waiting very long to see the Dr for our appt time.. He came in the room.. i showed him everything i hated ... upperback/lower back.. flanks... he said 100% he can get this sucked out!! I said i want to be very aggressive and "suck it to the bone" haha.. he was super nice..made me feel comfortable.. and very informative.. and just overall seemed like this is it, and go with him!! :) I did ask him about my stomach.. but he reccomended not to touch it due to sometimes having even a tiny bit on the ab area.. can leave wrinkles.. and he said my stomach is good.. however.. (well i can still change my mind) i asked if we did just a little tiny bit on the lower.. what he thought.. he agreed... so i guess.. ill think more about it and go from there.. of coarse i want a flat stomach.. but i dont want wrinkles or lines.. but maybe it wont happen? Anything from any realselfers?? IM debating on ab area( just minor and the bottom area not whole stomach) Thats whats in the air for now.. anyways.. Im all set for June 18th for surgery :) I did my blood work yesterday.. and i will be back for my 2 week consult next tuesday.. along with my blood work.. (assuming im in the clear with) I love reading everyone else's reviews and comments etc.. and we can go on the journey and help eachother out together

will add more pics soon!

Will add before pics soon :) And i go to the Dr. Monday with the blood work results.. so i will update after :-)

pics (Before)

Blood work!

So did my blood work last Wednesday. . i got the results around Friday I believe.. the nurse called and said that my Potassium levels were too low.. (weird).. was a little concerned.. so i will have to re take them again this week!. .So all weekend i ate alot of bananas.. orange juice spinach .. just alot of potassium.. meanwhile.. Monday rolls around ( bc friday i called back trying to find out the exact levels. . and the nurse had left the office) so i call back this monday... the nurse comes on the phone and reads my labs back to me.. and says your potassium was to HIGH!!! IM like are you serious.. they must have made a mistake.. she faxed them over to me.. and my potassium was at 5.8.. ( 5.3 is the highest) UGH.. so I have to re do the blood work this Thursday morning.. fingers crossed.. just mad i ate bananas/OJ high potassium all weekend thinking i was LOW!.. Well thats the update...... so we shall see.... :)hoping all will be fine and im clear. has anyone had this? w/ low/high potassium levels? Also Friday i go to the DR and finish payment.. and go over whatever else.. im assuming everything will b ok with blood work ! IM READY already!!!!!!!!:)


So i was a bit nervous.. being I took 2 blood tests.. and both times my levels were 5.8.. ( a bit over) So i emailed the PS about it.. since my labs got back to there office.. I sent an email saying hopefully i am ok .. i am a vegetarian and eat alot of veggies etc.. practically all i eat.. but she said they have to review everything and make sure everything levels out ( and all my other labs were ok ).. anyways.. got an email yesterday that im CLEARED, that definetly made my Sunday yesterday.. . i had some mixed thoughts.. maybe i would have to wait? maybe i need to get the potassium level down..but now i feel better. I also have my appt with the PS Tmrw.. to go over everything.. i couldnt make it last week.. so this is the "2 week pre appt" .. i have been taking vitamins etc.. & i just need to let him know everything im expecting out of this.. I was a little questionable on doing the stomach area .. but i think im just going to do it.. since there is risk of having dents and wrinkles? any other advice? but i want that flat stomach.. if im doing this might as well do it all (my thoughts )! Ill take some more pre pics.. anyways.. keep everyone updated. :) xx


update!! im basically on Hold .. since my potassium level was a little higher then the norm. Monday i re take the blood again..had PS appt on Wednesday.. told him the nurse at his office cleared me sunday.. (didnt want to not say it to him) (dont know why she cleared me either... makes me upset.. wasnt she suposed to discuss it with everyone, then clear me?.. weird) he said let me run it by the anesthesiologist.. (since i was higher a little higher. 5.8.. regular was 5.3.. everything else is perfect levels.. only potassium is a little out of range.). (anesthesiologist said had to be all at normal levels., and he needs me to take the Potassium blood work again) (not eating veggies all week.. alot of water/.. im a vegetarian and all i eat is veggies and my water intake isnt that great.. so one week of EXTRA WATER..chugging water lol.. no veggies..or my usual amount.. and peeing alottt) hopefully monday it lowers. . results Tuesday. and HOPING IM OK BY Wed for surgery.. Thats my latest .. UGH!! FINGERS CROSSED.. i dont want to stall ANOTHER WEEK.. of waiting...... ! hate not knowing that it might not even go through.......or i have to wait another week! PS was very nice though.. and really wants this to go through.. as of coarse dont want any risks.. Fingers crossed.. ugh! thats the UPDATE ! hope everyone is great :)


after all the waiting.. and is it going through or not.. finally today I GOT CLEARED! Tomorrow at 12 i have to be at the Hospital.. and depending when it starts.. should be an hour or so later.. so who knows when i will be out? I will keep everyone posted :) Super excited.. nervous.. i dont even know .. lol. I have all my necessities ... and im ready to go. im going to be starving probably since i cant eat past 12 tonight.. and the surgery is late.. so i plan to have a big meal tonight. OK IM SO READY FOR THIS.. :) xoxo

Surgery finished!!

OMG. so we got there at 12.. literally started around 3:15.. (loooong waiting time) ( i was nervous. but decided not to take a xanex) PS came in around 2 and marked me up.. just hung out in the room.. 3 oclock the Anesthesiologist came in.. talking to me......asking questions..15 MIN LATER.... i was ready to go into the room for the IV and start.. was soo NERVOUS.. chatted with the nurses.. she held my hand... IV was in.. next thing.. said im gonna feel good.. and boom.. no idea. Woke up around 645. 7? I think.. so late lol.. IN MAJOR PAIN.. holy crap. woke up to my mom and step dad there.. nurse... telling me im finished.. i chilled for a little bit sipped on gatorade.. till i felt ok to leave.. 30-40 min later.. nurse put my clothes on.. i took a pain pill.. got in a wheel chair.. and went to the car.. Getting in the car was painful.. well i think.. as of what i remember. Felt nauseas whole car ride home...got help out of the car.. went straight to my bed.. IM SO UNCOMFORTABLE.. but got a bunch of pillows and im kind of leaning up currently.. feels ok.. and took more pain meds.. my stomach hurts alot.. but right now i feel ok.. esp the fact im on my computer and writing this :) Umm.. i am bleeding alot.. had to change the pants i was in.. and laying in my bed on 2 pads.. towel... i guess that is normal.. ate some oatmeal.. to get energy back...... right now i feel ok.. we shall see as the hours go by.. i think ill take another pain pill at 12. Depending on how i feel.. Thanks guys for all the love and support ...... we all need eachother going through this....Now lets get through a quick healing..(hopefuly) I will post pics tomororw.. JUST SO HAPPY ITS OVER WITH AND I WOKE UP ( had anxiety that i wasnt gonna wake up lol ) A nurse from the office comes by the house tomorrrow.. to shower me and clean me.. Looking forward to changing this garment and see.. well day 1 results.. which probably mean nothing. But just to see :)) OK happy healing to everyone else.. xoxoxo ! thx ffor thinking of me guys :=) -H

Update! Not even 24 hours yet!

Nurse came by today.. finally took off garment.... it is SOO TIGHT. I took a few pics that i will post.. already see how my waist is so narrow, and stomach is flat.. , when i stand to the side i look like humpty dumpty LOL. Super swollen too. it hurts to laugh also..... i keep saying dont make me laugh to all my friends.. my side area seem so swollen that area hurts the most.. especially when she was trying to wipe off the marker. I showered.. and she put the new garment back on.. OH Man is this tight.. but not taking it off at all . so i have great results... I can get up walk etc.. i seem fine.. only pain when im getting up from whatever im doing.. that hurts. walking around or sitting feels good.. stretches you out. Not even 24 hours yet... and im doing goood.. Happy healling to everyone

Just a before/after side by side pic

Update.. going on full day 3!

Since I didnt get home late Wednesday night from Surgery, this is the beginning of only day 3!! So overall I can say im doing ok. I can get up/ walk / do everything myself.. well im not sure about driving anywhere..yet (Hoping Monday.. for work... sure ill be fine) I am just uncomfortable and bored!!! I hate how the upper part of the garment is so tight under my boobs.. like killling me.. I put little socks underneath so it doesnt stab into me.. for some cushion.. i guess it works a little bit.. ladies that is a good idea :) I am starting to get itchy too under the garment.. and i kind of want to wash my hair, so since i didnt when the nurse came on Thursday. .. I was like ok lets take this off i can shower itch myself.. andg et back in the garment.. I unzipped the garment.. its such a pain.. and it feels so weird taking it off.. literally i was so swollen i looked like i was 3 months pregnant lol.. i couldnt even look i had to zip it back up.. i was having anxiety.. meanwhile it felt weird without the garment sucking me in too.. haha! so i never ended up showering! maybe tomorrow ill try again.. but yea i am very swollen.. ! I also took a laxative yesterday.. still havent pooped yet.. stomach is like rumbling.. so hoping today.. something works!!!!! Is it hard to get this marker stuff off of where PS marked you? its still all over me.. but not worried. i walked around Costco yesterday with my mom.. felt great to get out of the house. ( i was scared i would see people in public, since i only told 3 friends and fam.. since i was walking hunched over and super slow../not looking to great, lol but i didnt see anyone ):)_..and feels good to walk. stretch etc... little things like that make the day go by faster.... :) also havent had much leakage at all.. only on day 1/2.. i think i feel it a little while i sit up though sometimes... this weird feeling.. but i have the thick pads underneathe my garment so it doesnt show through..... so im not sure...I have been taking tylenol through out the day to take the edge off.. but weening off vicoden.. well saving it for night time.. bc thats the worst and not comfortable .. Ok.. now off to a long boring.. sitting/standing/laying cirling the house/back to laying long day. Oh man.. Happy healings to everyone


Yay. So I finally hit the 1 week mark as of yesterday.. hoping the time keeps speeding by.. so recovery will be over!! Basically, im back to work.. driving...etc. Obviously not working out or doing anything to active... but getting up from laying down is much easier now.. walking is fine.. only thing annoying is being uncomfortable when im in a posittion for to long.. the garment at the top under my boobs gets SO tight, i cant breathe.. so sometimes (at work, while im sitting) i have to unzip the sides..other then that im good! Had my one week post up appt yesterday.. Got the stitches out.... and the doc wants to see me back in 10 days.. I feel like maybe i have some fluid still in me.. whenever i sit or lay down i feel this weird dripping sensation running in my back, but nothing comes out.. so he said in 10 days if still fluid , we can drain you.(not a big deal). hopefully its gone by next week. .or maybe not .. so i can get it all out, and swell will go down faster? But im finally starting to lose the swelling i have. From this past Monday i was HUGE.. i will post a pic in the garment.. from the side.. i looked PREGO. it ws a bit discouraging ( which i do read on reviews its normal.. you get big., but to see myself bigger then when i went in for surgery, and look like im expecting twins.. i was DEPRESSED.. cant help it.. haha, i could have taken maternity pics and fooled my friends.. not joking) but now i am starting to see the swelling go down so i feel WAY better.. ..monday was horrible!! IM SO ITCHY too! I dont have to much bruising.. on my sides is the most area with bruising.. but other then that i didnt bruise to bad. so weird to see no back fat on my back, which was my BIGGEST Issue.. so trying on shirts that are backless is like YEA, and the pudge in my tummy is away.. so happy i did this! cant wait to try stuff on.. my sides are still so swollen.. feels weird to put anything tight on my hips.. so i have been wearing super flowy loose stuff of coarse..Let these days roll by ladies so we can be hot and OUT IN public ..... fly by timee.. fly by ! I will post some pics today! xx

New pics!

Some new pics


Another pic.. before back , and after.. and also this pic shows you how from the side my stomach is so swollen and by pubic area.. looks like a baby bump! haha, i cant suck it in at all.

Almost 2 week mark!

So here is a little update.. im almost to my 2 week post mark! Yay.. on Wednesday! Well overall im pretty much fine.. a few things that are annoying: Well.. im SOO itchy.. and im all bulky.. I am wearing the garment of coarse 24/7.. and still using the Foam pads. (back and front) I really am looking forward when I am allowed, by my PS to wear the Spanx garment.. and not be so bulky..i have to ask about that too.. when I can switch.. When do you usually go from garment to spanks?.. I want one that are shorts.. not allk that are above my knee.. When im in clothes I look like hunch back because of the pads in back. also.. as of a few days ago I can finally sleep on my side.. it felt a little weird at first and I didn't want to force it. but I slowly got into it... and now im fine on my side.. which makes night time way better!! I always have to keep switching sides bc it feels all stiff and burns a little when im on one side for to long.. but whatever ill take it .. then being on my back.. so NOT comfortable!! I Worked an event this past weekend which was outside.. that was BRUTAL.. with sweating under the garment and pads.. and being in sun.. wow BEYOND itchy.. omg.. worst feeling!! I got through it though... I also went shopping .. I couldn't try on really, (i was in garment ) but I have a wedding coming up.. so of coarse im soo anxious to try stuff on.. well I found a cute open back nice dress ( I can never ever wear open back, bc of back fat I had before) so I was STOKED TO try it on when I got home, and showered.. I got home took off garment.. tried it on.. and omg I loved it.. so crazy to not have any more back fat!!! Trying on stuff is so much fun.. but I only take off garment for about 45 min .. have fun try things on shower.. and get right back in the SUIT. Lol. I took some pics in a bathing suit.. im so happy, seeing a flat stomach.. wow.. shoulda done this years ago! I took a few pics.. will post. Also with my one week post apt last week with P.S I had told him that I felt this dripping sensation in my back.. nothing was leaking.. but it felt like my whole back was draining down inside.. he said see me next week, we might have to drain you, bc extra fluids etc.. but the days went by. .. I really haven't felt any of that anymore.. so I called my PS this morning to see if he still wants me to come in.. of coarse if it is necessary I will be there, so waiting if I go in again on Wed. or not.. how do they drain you.. ? ! I also noticed.. some days are better then others! Wake up feeling skinny, or wake up feeling swollen. . just depends. I haven't went into the gym yet.. I definetly feel ok to go.. well walk on the tred mill etc.. but know everyone at the gym.. and going in with not my typical outfit and being in a garment.. I don't want them to be like umm where have you been.. and what are u wearing.. haha.. so im debating. but I feel ok to go... I was thinking maybe go late at night in a big sweater and leggings.. and hide in the back, ill feel way better getting a little sweat in. with that being said.. gotta get to work.. Happy recovery to all... oh one more thing.. bc I usually can eat ALOT.. however..being sucked in this thing.. ill probably lose weight.. I get so full like with one bite of food.. because its so damn tight!! I usually have like 3 plates of food.. or salads etc.. and I have one im like I CAN NOT Breathe.. IM DONE. so this is good.. I think ill save the garment and wear it out on dates , or to dinner.. haha.. so I think im full and stop eating! :) HAVE A GOOD WEEK ladies.. and gents


Im sure soon, in a week or 2 .. or whenever I will be able to get out of this bulky garment with all the zips and can move into a spanx or another brand.. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions or advice as to the compression garments in the second stage.. would be greatly appreciated.. of coarse ill take whatever compresses me the best.. even if its not comfortable.. but I don't want to wear anything that isn't sucking me in.. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE :) so I can start looking online to purchase....... since I did not get any lipo on my legs.. i assume i can wear a more one piece shorts/or underwear type garment.. not over my legs.. that's what i want to wear... keep me posted ! t hx:))

Few pics..

captions didnt work!!?

Don't know why the captions don't work when I upload the picture. aanyways.. the Picture in the garment where I look HUGE was my one week last week.. I was seriously depressed.. Freaked me out.. going in smaller , and coming out and looking HUGE. I could have taken maternity pics.. but wow I saw the light.. as of last week or last Friday I started going down each day.. now in my garment im no where near that big..(thank u g-d) also the other picture is when I tried on a bathing suit this past sunday.. it was great to see I had a flat tummy and no back fat..wooo!! crazy..!

Fun to try on clothes :)

No changes really lately... maybe i am feeling a little more sore/tender as of this week (second week ) in my flanks area and low back.. i was not feeling this last week... so im assuming im healing .. and its the process.. Definetly sore though! I can even see in my garment how my flank area/waist seems to be going in and the swelling is going down , so that is good! I still havent went to the gym yet.. i think i will go at my 3 week mark, maybe next tuesday... since i feel im a little sore, i dont want to over do myself and create more swelling! But i definetly am looking forward to getting a sweat in.. or maybe when i change into the second stage garment next week.. still need to talk 2 my P.S and get a good answer on that! Hope everyone is having a good week. I tried on some gym clothes the other day.. ill post a pic of before and after with the back fat showing on the left.. and now its gone :) woo!! Long weekend .. happy 4th everyone :D xx
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awesome :-) so far soo good!

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