25 No Kids ... Lipo Sculpter or Bbl Indecisive - Miami, FL

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I'm scheduled with Anthony Hasan on Nov 7 ... Iam...

I'm scheduled with Anthony Hasan on Nov 7 ... Iam so nervous ! My current measurements are 34-36-42 ... Iam 4"11" ..25 no kids ... I'm scheduled to get lipo360/ lipo sculpter of the full back, front, flanks, bra and arms ! Total $4,500 ... I'm indecisive about adding bbl for $1300 more ... Please help ! I want to look really natural :)

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I arrived at pameleto around 5:30 am. I was dr. Hassan's first patient ! He was nice but blunt he told me I didn't need bbl but if I wanted too, I could add it for 1,000 extra on the spot. I asked for his honest opinion and he told me let me sculpt your hips and butt forget about the arms I want to focus on sculpting you ! So I listened ... When I woke up I was shivering cold but the nurse had a heated blanket over me , but I was still freezing and out of it. I stayed at curvy angels recovery for a total of 9 days sun-Mon. Vanity kept telling me the burns are from my faja being too tight I argued them down and made them give me a prescription ! So fisher prescribed me silvadene ... I've been using it consistently everyday ! The pink part is starting to show .i developed seromas in my lower abdomen bc vanity said to take
my garment off for 5days to let my skin breathe ! Big mistake I just hope my stomach goes down and the burns don't leave a scar.. I'm staying positive ..I will keep you updated
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