Finally Getting my Brazilian Butt Lift! - Miami, FL

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Finally Getting my Brazilian Butt Lift! - Update

Hello Dolls,

I decided to do this blog to record the journey of my BBL surgery with Doctor Orlando Llorente at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, FL. I am a 34 years old mother of 2 beautiful children. I exercise a lot but it seems that doing insanity workouts and a bunch of squats daily is not going to take away all the fat I have in my stomach, butt and thighs so I finally decided to get a liposuction here in Miami, and of course my hubby talked me into the butt lift surgery lol. Ok, so last week I had lab work done (still waiting on results), and my interview with Doctor Llorente who told me I needed to gain some weight if I want a bigger booty!! I can not believe I don't have enough fat for my surgery since all I see in the mirror is fat everywhere in my body. But anyways, since my interview with Doctor Llorente I have gain like 7 or 10 pounds drinking Ensure and all kind of yummy food I was avoiding before. I also purchased some of the stuff I needed for my after care surgery but I don’t know what else I need except for the garments that I will buy online since the price is much cheaper than at the cosmetic surgery clinic. I will post a picture of the stuff I gat for my after care and pictures of my actual body weight which I believe is 165 right now :( . Ladies, I just want to ask you for more tips regarding proper care after the surgery and I would like to know if I lose weight after my BBL the fat grafted to my butt will stay or it will go away? I’m confused about this because I want a rounded and bigger booty, but I don't want to weight 165 pounds forever just to keep my new butt. So please it will be nice if you can share some of your experiences after surgery with me.
PS. sorry for my english! I thinking in Spanish while writing.

Finally a Llorente Doll!!

Ok ladies, Yeap! Pain is horrible and I'm so nauseated, but Im so excited about my new body that I decided to post a few pics of just hours after surgery. I told Dr. Llorente that I wanted a tiny waist and not a super big butt, and I think he just did an extraordinary job with me. I know this is not a final result but I am happy with what I see, and my husband is in awe!! He tells me every moment he can "baby you look wonderful" with a big smile on his face, lol. I will update when I feel better.

1 week post op tomorrow! looking amazing thanks to Dr. Llorente!

Here is a pic of my 1 week post op. This week has been really hard for me because the pain is horrible and trying not to sit on your booty is really hard. sleeping have been hard too; for moments I feel like I wanted to cry and just sleep and sit normal no matter is my results get ruined but my husband have been a really good support to me on keeping me focus and helping me with my two kids. so here is a current pic of my results. I promise I will make a better update once I feel better with all the details about my experience.
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