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Ready for my bbl/fat transfer like now..im so...

Ready for my bbl/fat transfer like now..im so nervous about the surgey (before and after). What did you do to prepare for surgery? How long did you stay home after surgery before you went out with friends? Where did you stay after surgery hotel in Miami? How do you feel about your results frm doctor M? What questions did you ask him? help I'm so ready but have alot of thoughts.....

Moving alone

So I did all my required test. I go to Miami on Wednesday to pay the remaining balance plus to make sure my testing went well..Still haven't decided on where I'm staying but I have reserved some rooms.When I go there I'm going to look at them for my final decision. #Ttyl

counting down

Okay so I got my medical clearance paper's I'm all ready for surgey..I leave for Miami Monday morning surgery on Tuesday.this is my last week of work whoop-whoop! Still have a few more things to get from the store other than that I'm ready.I have 4 girlfriends tagging alone with me. I so love them since my hubby will be working he will visit on the weekend. #TTYL

4 days till the big day

So last night was my last day off work till December I'm taking 3 months of pto time whoop-whoop! Those hours was adfing up for something big but I had no clue glad I did use them.Anyway I leave on Monday morning dnt know how to get my hair.still have a few odds/ins to get but other then that I'm ready #TTYL

Almost that time

So I have less then 5 hours till my surgery Boy am I excited, nervous can't even believe it almost here.but I'm ready I can't sleep at all ugh! But any who up watching catfish till 6:00am #TTYL

scared straight

Okay my Big day is here sitting waiting on tge doc I'm all marked up ready to go keep me in your prayers Vis Versa Muah ladies!

it's over

So I had my surgery on 9/17 it went by smooth till I woke up and boy was it hell.thee only thing I been doing is sleeping I tired to shower yesterday it felt like I was about to pass tf out lawd! I have been moving aroung more better I can say trying to do number 2 but there's no hope so far. As for my results I will wait to judge I'am very swore #TTYL I will upload before/after pic will I feel a little better
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