Im a McaDoll!!! Miami, FL BBL James McAdoo

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Hello everyone!! I have been looking into having...

Hello everyone!! I have been looking into having BBL/Fat Transfer done for quite some time now and my date is quickly approaching!! I was initially scheduled with Dr Jimerson but i am willing to lose out on that $500 deposit because a $5500 quote is much better than a $14,500 quote!!!!! Dr Fisher I was refferred to and as far as I have seen the results are exactly what I want if not better than I expected!!!

7 weeks away from my procedure date

I am so frustrated with the staff. I am not used to going from dealing with an extremely professional staff with Dr Jimersons office to an office who wont send you information you need like a confirmation of your surgery date. Its ridiculous. I called the office for Anna and wmailed her last week and didnt get a response until today. And when she emails me my invoice its incorrect and also there are no surgery instructions, list of things i need, or a confirmation of the surgery date or follow up appointments. This is information i need to know to prepare. I dont mean to rant but damn! Is this the price i pay for going with the cheaper quote!?? I guess so chile.

13 days Pre Op!!! So Excitedddd

So its almost that time im so happy and nervous! Yesterday i contacted the office and was like ummm yea its me im coming in 2 weeks! They say ohhh lets get your labwork to you in email im like yea im glad i called! But anyway i have all my items ready to go. Amazon had the Pee-Ez but i waited too late to order so i will just get a female urinal from CVS. As far as where Im staying, me and my hubby will get a hotel room OR stay at a friends house. I kinda wanna pay the money so that I can have my privacy in a hotel room. Any suggestions on a cheaper place to get the Lymphatic massages that are cheaper than Vanitys price of $350??

Random pics

Huh? I need to lose weight 6 days preop??!!!! WTFFFFF

So i hust spoke to Julia. She asked me my medical history questions and i let her know im good, no conditions. So she says height and weight. I say 210 5.7"

She says well can you lose some weight because your bmi is a 32.9 and Dr Fisher does not operate on over a 30 bmi. How can i lose 20 lbs in 6 days!! Nobody ever told me i had to so this. Nobodyyyy. Now im atuck like chuck and she aays sorry i thought your coordinator told u.... My coordinator barely coordinates anything with me barely calls me back! She aint tell me shitt!!

Vanity changed my doctor????????

So unfortunately i was involved in the "Fisher is going out of town" mix up. Im so damn pissed and I let Juliet know too. She assured me that Dr McAdoo works alongside Fisher and produces similar results. I said Juliet do you understand that i need a fat ass and im pissed. Being that massages and garment wasnt included in my package i asked for that free for my inconvineince plus my chin lipo that was 500 extra. Im on chill mode right now. I will make sure i express on Tuesday to McAdoo that "natural looking" aint in my damn vocabulary right now!!!!

Met McAdoo Today!

Im promise this man is the most nicest down to earth fella you will meet. They had Rhianna playing in the back where i met him while he stepped out of a surgery he knew all the words! Soooo i explained to him I was looking for a heart shape and what all i wanted we are on the same page. I let him know that the website nor does social media have many pics of his work. He said well i do 3 a day you wanna see? So he pulls out his ipad and all i see are Kardashian/Amber Rose/Minaj booties!!! I tell you know lie! I am in good hands so excited yall

Finally over with! Im a McAdoll

Mannn yall dont sleep on Mcadoo. He is a beast. Im taking it easy for now I will post an update soon. Im glad they switched me from Fisher it was a blessing in disguise!!


A McAdoll

Not me but hopefully when i take of this garment ill be looking like this Doll

Newport Beachside

My hotel is the My hubby is awesome taking care of me but being in a comfy spot make it so much easier recovering. I got my candles burning relaxing watching movies just like home. The Ocien View isnt so bad either!!

2 Days Post BBL Dr James McAdoo

So satisfied!

Im recovering very well

Im recovering very well everything is perfect im also back to my kids. I understand ppl want more pics and a review but let me take care of myself a little before i pull this painful ass Faja off to take some pics for YOU ya feel me? I appreciate all of the prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery, but the ones saying more pics and all that i just dont even open the notification because guess what your day is coming and dealing with your pain, kids, bathing, and eating will come way before a POST...... Talk to yall soon


Miami Plastic Surgeon

The office has been very helpful. Anna is amazing she got me good to go.

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