fat transfer experience - Miami, Florida

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Afer my experience with other fillers including...

Afer my experience with other fillers including other permanent fillers I decided to try Fat transfer am still in the process of seing final results in the next few months. So far i can say that is no easy in the sense that the procedure itself and the post effects can be traumatic comparing to other fillers however that is not always the same for each patient in my case I had a lot of swelling in the TRANSFERED AREA I was very scared for a couple of days or even over a week I also had some pain bruising and swelling in the donor area.

In regards the procedure since am slim/atletic I do not have too much fat therefore it was dificult to find it even in the fat areas as belly etc because it was not pure fat there was some water and other components together with it which make the procedure a litle more difficult. However the areas were transfered so far some of the fat stayed and others the fat is gone already , for the cost I would say if continue staying some of it would be worth it even though I would need a refill.

The area around the belly even I did not have too much fat now is almost completely flat which I really like it and still is some swelling, my surrounding eye's area are so far so good as well as the area between the eyes and below my lips, I would same that all the small areas are so far so good the cheens and the area around the nose came down a lot already which mean some fat is gone already and one side more than the other. However at this point i just need to wait and see final results in a couple of months then decide if worth it to continue with another session/refill/revise or not. I will definetly continue the story.

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