44yrs Old with 2 Young Adults 1grandchild. Miami, FL

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I will be 45 on May 29, in which im looking to...

I will be 45 on May 29, in which im looking to enhance my curves from all angles. Yes, I still consider my self young and beautiful, but you know we ladies need that hour glass look to give the two snapes up. I heard of this procedure about 2 months ago and seen that this is a safe procedure to do. Therefore, I decided yes hun this can be me a present to oneself. I will be going on a 7 day carnival cruise in August so this would definitely be perfect.

Dr. Change from Ortega

1st choice is. Dr. S. Alvarez
2nd R. Ghurani
My final decision will be posted on Monday March 21, 2016. I feel at this point its best for me to move forward to a more crafty detail person. Im 5'8 carry a weight of 178lbs, which needs a defined scupt detail on my body which you ladies can understand.

Staying put with Dr. Ortega

I called spectrum to make a Dr. Change and my coordinator Emily stated that I should stay put. She insured me that Dr. Ortega can give me the results im looking for. She stated that I already have the body structure to get the best results. Ladies my nerves are all over the place, I guess as the date get closer it get even more realistic. I will pray and ask the Lord to bless my surgeon hands and sculpt my body to my likings. Also, to protect , shelter, heal, and bring me through recover with little to know pain.

Update on the old me

Hello ladies, my date is getting closer which is May 27th with Dr.Ortega. I'm posting my before pics up here so we can see the difference. I'm also on instagram at bbl_Ortega_doll_24 to see more. Im ready to get this done so I can move forward.

More before pics

Its coming soon

Bbl pillow

I'm officially 25 days away for my bbl ladies. I just received my bbl pillow so I can use on the airplane coming back home. I went today for ekg and doctor visits so I can get cleared for sx. I will get the labs done by Friday since im almost done with my period. I also purchased the liquid floravita for my iron to bring it up quicker.

Need help

My doctor office just called and said my iron is still low. I understand do to my menstrual cycle just going off. I'm a anemic and im taking floravital and blood builder supplements. I dont know want else to do, any suggestions are helpful please. I will be retaking my labs on Monday coming.


Hello ladies, I went to labcorp yesterday to do my labs and which I was trying to view them on line. Has anyone log onto labcorp to review their labs, because I'm anxious to see my results. I'm praying that my blood work is better in which I have been taken the liquid and pill to bring my iron level up.


God is truly good, I am truly thankful that my iron is up thanks to Ms. Evelyn at Spectrum. She guided me on taking this liquid drink that taste horrible, but I drank it. I took the liquid along with 2 iron pills a day. Also ladies thanks to all the bbl dolls who encourage me to eat my spinach in which I ate each day. I'm thankful to everyone because I always suffered from low iron. I will continue on with keeping my iron up for my sx and after which will be apart of my lifestyle change.

Its almost Ortega time

Im in the ready set position right now waiting for the take off.

Packing items

Getting my luggage ready, checking to see what else is needed.

Count Down is real !

I'm ready ladies to get this done! No more kagorro pouch, no more hiding the purse in front of the stomach lol. Know more crossing the arm over either. Its time to flash the stomach and ass all over the place. I never was into the thongs but I'll soon be. Now, don't get me wrong I did try them but they her the girl ass and it didn't look appealing to me. Therefore, if it didn't look good to me I know it wasn't appealing to my husband. So ladies this is how the new me going down for me and my husband.

Sx in 2days

I need some Questions answered please.
1. Is it to late to take the arnica pills?
2. When do I take the laxatives the day before or after?

Sx May 27

Hey loves, my sx time is 7:30am tomorrow so I will be getting my eat on until 11:00pm.

Made it through sx ladies

Sorry for not posting but I wasn't feeling up to posting. I didn't have the energy and the pain was painful. Im just starting to feel a little better today. Just let me say this, Dr.Ortega keeps it 100, when I sent my photos they look like I had enough fat to get my wish pic. Once I arrived in Miami to see him he informed me that I didn't have enough fat on my stomach and no fat on my back. Trust me I was like whatttt, he said that we may think we have enough but when you meet with him he shows you that's really not enough. He stated to me the only way to get me my wish pic is to take the fat from my thighs and hips. I was so relieved he said that because I needed some removed from them anyway. I'm glad he suggested that because I was about to go crazy. Now once I looked in the mirror I was like what the hell, because the garment made me look like a damn pancake. Once I took the garment off yesterday to take my shower I was amazed with my results. I'm very very impressed with what he did. I will provide the pics once the lady come to give me my massage. Thanks ladies for being sooo supportive through this whole process. I definitely would say its a process from stressing if your iron up, if you have enough fat, do you have everything you need for recovery and so on.

New me ladies

I love my results

2wks Post Op

Sorry for the late posting but here we go! I will be 3wks this Friday.

Need some help ladies

Its been a month in which I had my sx. I am still swollen in the stomach area "what should I do? I still wear my garment but its my stomach driving me crazy. When I stand fir long periods of time my legs swells up also. My swelling in the bbl has almost completely gone. I have started sitting on my butt in which im not having any problems. I have loss some volume but I still love my results. I need help with the fluid that builds up on my stomach. Thanks in advance.

7mth Update

My 7mth update, and yes starting next week I will be working out to tone all of my fat. I will post again in two months after working out.

Finally coming together!

I am a little over 2 months post-op, and my swelling is going down dramatically. I must say it is definitely a recovery process that each person must take into consideration. I honestly was going through my ups and down days, regarding this whole procedure. Including doubts about the doctor of choice, I honestly feel that its something to truly consider when making this decision, and if you will have the time and money to continue to invest. It doesn't just stop after you put your money down on the sx, it continues to go on. Meaning, supplies, massages, money loss if taking time from work without leave or school. Home life with family and friends, these are the things that takes a whole on us as we recovery from this procedure. I dont want to leave out the sex that we put on hold, so again its along process with this procedure. Now, I dont regret having this procedure at all, I love my results, and I truly believe healing comes with time with everyone. Some of us ladies see immediately results, some it takes time. All of our bodies are different including our body shapes and structures. Therefore, this procedure takes time to see your actual results. I want to thank all the ladies who in courage me and supported me doing this process. RS is definitely a site for all new and old bbls to come to provide true love and support. I am sorry for the long post but this is how I feel after two months post op.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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