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I had want this procedure done since I was 12 yrs...

I had want this procedure done since I was 12 yrs old but those time "fat transfer" was not even looked at. Was referred to this doctor by another surgeon in Maryland who originally I wanted to use for this surgery Dr. Rodriguez Baltimore, Maryland. His site is so amazing very, very educational. He told me that the Dr. Mendieta does and believes in his techniques of fat grafting. So I went and did my research for 2 yrs. I went to see Dr. Mendieta April of this year 2014 for my visit. Took pictures and post them on his flat screen tv and he did like photo shop lol to the target areas I needed work on. He asked me what is my expectations what do I want. But first I told him looking at these pictures I want you to show me whats would look best. So he did and I love it lol basicly what I wanted, curvy look and a nice rounded, fuller buttock. So commented to my fiance and we scheduled a second visit because my fiance wanted to meet the doctor in person (second visit was at no fee). My fiance got his question answered so after all that we scheduled my surgery for June 9th 2014 st 6:45 am. Time came got thered at 6am lol and my luck the one who was scheduled before me at 6am got her times mixed up lol so I got what I wanted to be the first patient :-)... ughhh! The anesthoseoligist nurse soooooo great! I really dont remember his name I think klode, klyde or clinton lol his hands with needles was so amazinnng!! To be honest with you I was not nervous or scare at all I think because I guess I was undenial that my dream is really happening really!! So everything went so fast the prep I was like great! Lol the faster we get things done and I dont have a minute to sit and think the better...all the nurses were great (I love nancy).. 'till this time I have no idea when I knocked out lol all I remember was being washed up, placed on the OR bed spread my arms and gone lol.. right now 6 days old from surgery and let me tell you hm, hm, hm ((sigh)) thats all I can say lol yes it has been a very, very good learned lesson lol... my hardest days was day 3 and day 4 smh. I am still swollen of course but I love my shape and butt so cute lol.... I am on percocets. Each day is different so, so, good, better and so on on. There has been times that I cried to my fiance and said whyy! What I dooo!! Lol not because I dont like my new figure but because the desperation of finding a good position facing down to sleep smh and the discomfort!!! Let me tell you man it is a challenge lol... Dr. Mendieta is a very nice, proffessional doctor he is very, very good he keeps it real with you lol. I will continue this later I need to lay down.... photos will come soon.

Feeling wayyyy better :-)

Tomorrow will be 14 days... I started to feel way better on day 10. I had good days and bad days... still feel achy but not as bad smh phew lol... I will take better pics later on in time... I am happy with my new body and thats what really matters to me of " I " am happy with myself and I am. I am so inlove with my new shape. My selfsteem is brand new. I tried to love myself how I was born did therapies, read books, everybody use to tell me the opposite of how I feel about myself , I felt I was the only one blind. I asked myself so many times crying looking at myself why?... why? I cannot see what others see? Why?.. only had 3 partners in my life and they all use to compliment me as I am beautiful before even they realized I had self steem issues. So I did this for me, myself and I am really, really happy.... no matter what... God will still love you... for those who are in faith, I cried to God before doing it because I was going to touch his temple, and after wards it was done. But God no matter what will always love you... He is the only one who really knows ur hearts motives and ur thoughts.... Thank you all for all the comments :-).... to be continued... let me tell you though once those drains were taken off I felt soooooooooo much better lol it didnt hurt me while on or when they took it off... Nurse Nancy is the besssst I love her....

Tips from those who had this done already are welcome!!

Please for those who already went through this, advises are welcomed and tips!!!

update pic for my girls :-)

Here are some update pics girls... Happy :-)... wish all you ladies the best!
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