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Hi ladies, I'm pretty new here but I am getting my...

Hi ladies, I'm pretty new here but I am getting my BBL done in two weeks (12/19/13) with Dr. Mel T. Ortega. I am really nervous/anxious and wondering if there is anyone that has done it with him that can tell me about their results. I want an hourglass shape with a biiggg booty. I already left my deposit and will be paying the rest this week. Is there any advice you girls can give me on compression and massages??

here are some of my wish pics

Ill be adding some more and of myself. Stay tuned

before pics

Welllll here are my before pics.... not cute!

my wish pics

It's Official

I got my blood work done yesterday morning and the office received the results this morning (that was super fast)!! Well everything came out fine so it is official and the countdown begins.... 8 more days!!!! I am nervous, and anxious. I hope I get the results I am looking for!! I am eating healthy this last week and getting in on gym time just to maybe lose a couple pounds before the surgery. I have so many questions about working out after the surgery because i dont want to lose my booty but i would like to firm my body up overall like my legs and arms and stomach. anybody can give me more info on working out after??

Surgery Day

Hi girls... I'm home, done with surgery. I had noooo sleep last night from the nerves but I'm done. Let me tell you my experience with Dr. Ortega! He is awesome.. his staff is awesome. They make you feel comfortable. They are upbeat and tell you everything is going to come out amazing. So the Doc drew all over my body and I felt like he was an artist, sculpting me to a curvy body with big booty. He explained everything and gave me a chance to ask questios. The anesthesiologist was very nice and got everything going as soon as I was ready to go . I was asleep within a min. Only thingi remember is while waking up different staff helped slide me into the garment and onto the new recovery bed and I remember different voices saying wow her booty is big lol which made me happy. The pain age survey freakin sucksssss I'm not going to lie. .. Be ready. I remember yelling when they moved me from the pain and not wanting to move. After I really woke up they had me slideout of the bed and sit on myboppy to wait formy hubby but it wasvery uncomfortable so I was taking time to just walk around the room which I know helps worth recovery anyway. Small and slow steps hurt like hell but at same time it felt better. The ride home I made my nest in theback with pillows and blankets and knocked out . Big bumps made mybody hurt ugh but I had to do it. I had my moments wherei wanted to cry but I didn't just some whining lol. I had a stomachache that was making everything worst but as soon as I ate i was wayyyyyy better. I'm laying down on my stomach right now watchingtv and pain is not toooo bad but I do feel some throbbing. I had some leakafge but totally normal just gross. Anyway I looked in the mirror and I seebotty but everything is so swollen that mybelly doesn't seem that muxh different. Ill take pics of after later though.

so farrrr

Well Just wanted to let you all know about my first day postoperative. My dr suggested to walk everycouple hrs because it helps with healing. So I've walked around my neighborhood with the hubs twice today. I feel better after walking. I have only taken 2 pain killers today... One every 6 hrs or so. I'm surprised that I have been able to tolerate the pain this well. Also I've been leaking through my compression and getting everything dirty. Dr told me I would be leaking out of my incision for about two days. I haven't takenmy compression off at all... I'm actually scared to loosen it up at all. I'm laying down on my stomach. No sitting At all. I've been kneeling on knees and squatting to pee. Been drinking allot of water and haven't ate too much but did have two meals. Any advice? Questions?

4 days post Op

Ughhh this swelling is killing meeee. I just want to be better. I havent gotten any massages. I've been massaging nyself lightly in the lipo areas. My lower back hurts.. tomorrow I will be taking my compression off to wash it. I have only been washing my privates because that's what I was instructed... to wait until Monday to shower. I'm really scared of what I will see when I take this compression off but ill take pics. I'm posting some day 1 vs. Day 4 pics... you can see some sellinghas gone down

day 5

Took my compression off today and took a shower. I felt soooo dizzy in the shower and I was out of breath. I hadn't felt like that at all until I took the compression off... maybe it was my nerves because I was really scared to see what was going on in there. So I have a few bruises and swelling of course. I have 7 small incisions on my back and three on my front. They are tiny though so deff not worried about scars. I had my mom massage my stomach and back after taking a shower with lotion. It hurt but after I felt a lot better. I think paying for those massages is not necessary especially because it's such an easy massage .... I googled it and watched plenty of youtube videos. You can do it yourself but I was scared to do it harder when I felt a little pain so when my mom did it, it was better because she just went in and massaged me without going lighter because of pain.

some updated pix

Pain is really low now but still taking pain killers here and there. I feel like my stomach has not been lipoed enough :/ I'm not sure if all of that is really just swellin... I'm thin at top but I feel like my lower stomach could have been thinner. I'm still being hopeful though

day 8

Well pain is minimal. I'm just sore really. I haven't taken any pain meds since wednesday night. I havent been out my house really so I've been home on my stomach or knees. I go back to work tomorrow morning :( not excited. I'm thinning out Still and I'm loving it !!

2nd day at work

Ughhhhh. Second day at work and hating it. I'm so paranoid to sit down on boppy or anything because I feel like I'm putting too much pressure. Can someone explain to me how the boppy is positioned and how exactly to sit on it because any way I do it I feel like I'm sitting on my butt. I have been standing on my feet or kneeling in my chair... Both have become annoying. I have been wearing 3 layers of compression for now because I'm not sure what to buy. I have on one of those tank top compressions under the compression the dr gave me plus I have a vest compression size M on top of the dr. Compression to tighten up more. I would like to get a foam board or whatever... does anyone know where to get it cheaper? How much? And any advice on compression? As for my healing.... I am not taking any more pain meds even when I massage. My lower back kinda hurts if I move a certain way. My body itches But was told its normal... I mean its not crazy itchy or rashes... just like dryness or when a scab is healing amd it gets itchy. I also feel kind of like stinging but not exactly how I want to describe... I feel it on my butt sometimes. Bending over and reaching stuff on the floor still is a little hard but do able. I measured my bra line at 34, my waist yesterday a 33 amd my booty at 46 also my bra ... I don't remember my measurements before sx except my bra which was a 38/40. I believe I was 38 waist and 40 booty but I have to go look for that at home wherever I wrote it down. Lol. Recovery is going smooth now... I'm just scared to pop a stitch. Oh and I have felt some small lumos that will hopefully go away and smooth out woth compression and massaging... they are not noticable but I can feel it when I massage myself.

2 weeks down

Happy New Year Ladies!! Yesterday was exactly 2 weeks since I got the bbl. I feel really good, I feel like I can go workout already but I know I have to wait lol. The healing process is really fast. First few days u feel like you will never get better but after the 4th or 5th day you feel a big difference in pain and it only gets better from there. On New Years eve I emailed Vivian to ask if I could take my garment off for a party and put it back on when I got home... response was yessss so I did and I looked awesome. When u got home though I could see swelling in my stomach again... I felt like I was back to day 1. I also did drink though and I know that alcohol also contributes to swelling. The swelling I think went down already from that night and I'm back to how I was before the party. I haven't measured myself lately but I can see I am still thinning out and my booty still nice size. Everyone at the party was talking abput my booty but I havent confessed about surgery to anyone except a few people. I'm starting to eat healthier ... I'm taking herbalife protein shakes... protein is good to heal your body basically. And I'm staying away from fried and fast foods. If u have any questions please ask. If you have any advice please advise :)

day 18

I have gone down 1/2 inch since I measured myself before. Bra 33.5 waist 32.5 booty 45.5 inches. I still am not sitting. I kneel down or lay on my stomach or side. I don't sit on my boppy yet. In the car I either lay in the back or I kneel in the back seat. I'm just paranoid to sit. I plan on doing this until I go back to school thw 13th. My hubby drives me everywhere. My stitches are still in... was supposed to go monday at 5 but I'm going Thursday instead. I'm actually worried about the stitches because I think they have been left on too long and is going yo hurt when they come off :( . I'm trying to figure out how to slim down my waist more and lower stomach and am in the process of buying or tailoring my compression. My belly and sides feel sore when I take off my compression but nothing serious. I'm scared to go on a diet because I have read that we could lose fat from booty if we go on strict diet so I'm watching what I eat but also including a little bit of fatty foods here and there. I have been wearing mainly leggings lately because dresses show off the compression and I don't like that. Ummmm I'm still massaging like 3/4 days a week... my hubby has been doing it lately and he does it as rough as I can take it. I will be buying either Q10 lotion or olay for firmness. I can't wait to be able to go back to the gym alreadyyyyy!!!

Day 24

Okay so I got my stitches out a couple days ago, I went in the office sweating because I was afraid that it was going to hurt. Dr. Ortega laughed with me as the stitches were coming out, it really isn't bad at all but I had never gotten stitches before. Anyway, so the visit was quick, wait time was not bad, he asked if I had any concerns or questions. I asked when I can go back to the gym, when I can sit, when I can have sex.... his response was that I can go to the gym now, I can sit down for short periods of time but the least I do it the better, and I can have sex asap... which honestly I had already done so a week before. He also told me to keep having massages to help with swelling because my lower back is swollen and so is my stomach. He also told me to keep on my compression for three months 24/7 or as much as I can because of my loose skin that I already had from pregnancy. He told me not to worry what I am looking like right now because my body is going to be changing alot . He wants to see me in six weeks. Also told me not to go on a strict diet if I am going to be working out. I have read on LolaJae about working out and I am excited to go back to the gym knowing someone who hits the gym hard. I am still nervous about losing volume so I might wait another week and of course start slow. As for sitting, I still don't sit for more than five minutes and i never put my weight on my booty. In the car I lay down in the back, at work I stand or kneel or squat, and I've gone out to dinner and what I do is I sit on the edge of the chair and put my weight on my thighs, my legs go to sleep sometimes when I do that so i do get up every few minutes and stand, also because I am afraid that there is pressure on the booty but really there isn't. Make sure to sit up straight and put the weight on thighs.

I start school tomorrow and I will be there from 8:30 to 5 PM and I am so nervous as to what I am going to do . I don't want to bring my boppy pillow in. I won't be driving tomorrow, still having the hubby drive me around I hope until I hit the 4 week on Thursday.

I finally got my compression garment tightened instead of buy a new one and I will be getting it tightened again today hopefully to be tighter around the stomach. No need to tighten around the booty. I also wear the compression tank underneath and now I have been wearing those rubber waist cinchers that you wrap around the area to make you sweat and works better when you are working out (you can get from walmart for like $10), and I wear a girdle on top of my compression garment for extra tightness.

I have also been massaging myself with a regular hand held vibrating massager, it kinda hurts so I think it works, feels good after.

I can't wait to start working out.

Any questions, comments, advice? Please feel freeeee

Bye loves for now

some update pics

As you can see I have plenty of stretch marks which bother me but I'm dealing with it for now. Honestly I don't see my booty being huge or as big as everyone else sees it. When I compare to my before pics I do see the difference because I was flat as a pancake lol but I guess I forget about that! I hit 4 weeks now... not much had changed ... I don't sit on my butt, I sit all the time in class but I put my weight on my thighs. I don't drive yet, I'm waiting for 6 weeks. I haven't worked out yet. I have been cheating on my diet but starting again on healthy eating on Monday. I'm still wearing compression 24/7 amd plan to do so for as long as possible. I actually feel weird without it. Ummm no pain... just my butt if I hit it on something. I get home nassages frequently and now use jergens firming lotion.... I really like it!

Questions, comments, advise always welcomed

pics didn't upload

Sorry girlies, I'll try to upload tge pics again.



Okay so I've tried multiple times to upload pics and they just won't go up. I'll wait and try again.

Also I wanted to add that the price included on this site for ortega is the same deal I went for BUT once I got in the office, I was told that they don't have that special anymore. So I only got one garment and NO massages. It still kinda bothers me because they dtill have that special up. It's like false advertisement. Also, I emailed them last week asking a few questions and I still have not recieved a response.


I'm going to try to upload the pictures now. Also I finally ordered a waist cincher and new compression. I bought the vedette 700 in thong version.. the straps come off if needed and the back isn't as high as the garment I have on right now... I found it for 28.99 on ebay brand new with tags amd free shipping. Also bought the ann chery waist cincher in all black... they come in pretty colors like pink purple and blue but I'm looking for something that won't show much under clothes. I found it for 40.99 also in ebay with free shipping. Should both be here by the end of the week. I chose the ann chery cincher vs. The squeem because I read a lot of reviews and although they were pretty much tied up, the ann chery cincher is longer in length and covers more area. Also, I read that it is thicker than the squeem. I'm really excited to wear the cincher! I'll keep You ladis updated.

Week 5

Hi ladies!! Hope everybody is doing great!! I have been busy with school but wanted to update u guys on what is going on.

So I got my Ann Chery waist cincher Thursday so I immediately put it on to test it out. Let me tell youuuuu, it literally took me 30 minutes to get that thing on because it is super tight.... I got size 36. So finally I got it on an it was tight but i could still breathe. At first it was hard to sit but later on in the day I got used to it. After taking a shower that night I had my hubby put it on me while laid down flat and it was still hard but he got it on quicker thani did. So anyway that nighti went to sleep with it on. .. was not too bad and next day I wore it allllll day because I was at school all day. Its not uncomfortable except that that bottom back side bunches a tiny bit and starts to hurt so I try to straighten it out And it's fine after. I recommend this cincher. Its thick and seems sturdy and well built.

My measurements as of last night are:
Bra 33 (right under breasts)
Waist 31 1/2
Booty almost back to 46

I'm not sure if I'm fluffing now or not but I hippie or happens to get this booty nice and round. Lol. I'll try to post pics later on today to show you guys the progress and also maybe a pic of the cincher.

Other than that. ... still not driving... one more week. And sometimes I do sit on my butt for short amount of time if there's no way around it but usually I sit on with weight on my thighs like I mentioned before.

Ok ladies leave your comments below

Waist Cincher Pics

Here are some pics with the Ann Chery waist cincher. They say to wear it 6 to 10 hours a day... I end up wearing it more than that.

week 5 update pics

Just wanted to post update pics to compare with my before and previous weeks. Not only so I can compare bit so that you ladies can see the type of changes the body goes through each week. Sometimes I don't want to look in the mirror because I feel like a whale and other times I'm looking at myself like damnnnnn . I want my stomach to get tighter and hope that once I get to go to the gym that i will be able to work the rest off

having hard time uploading

Only one of the pics uploaded previously, I will try again for the rest them

2 months

Hi ladies... I've been super busy with school so I havent been posting. I found an old pic of myself and realized damnnnnn that's a big difference! The After pic is from this morning. I started working out yesterday ... I'm doing a lottle bit of everything but focusong on butt/leg workouts and ab cardio workouts. I stopped wearing my cincher all day last week but I'm wearing it to bed and to work out. I wear a light girdle in the day. I'm eating pretty healthy. My weight has been up and down since surgery.... I weighed 177.6 last week and this week I'm at 173.6. Ummmmm well not much to say. I still do feel a little soreness in my butt, my back gets swollen sometimes but I hear that's normal.... any questions/comments?

2 more update pics

4 month update

Hi my little beauties!! I have not forgot about youuuu! I havent had time to really keep up. Just a quick update... I have been feeling slight pain in the butt area for a few weeks for some reason... I feel a few small lumps also kinda like a knot... it feels sore. I emailee vivian and did not get a response... I'm not too worried about it because I have no fever, the area is not red or warm. Nothing abnormal that I can see... I also have noticed that my thighs have gotten alot of cellulite compared to before! I don't like that! I'm not sure why that is showing up there. Overall I am happy with my booty! I stopped wearing my waist cincher but I'm back in it again because I feel like my shape isn't as profound as it was before.... but I'm just a perfectionist. Everyone else is always telling me I have a really nice shape, thin waist especially when u look from the back. I was eating bad for 3 weeks and I didnt really gain weight in my stomach but I saw it in my face so I'm back to healthy eating lol... And I'm working out... Doing lots of squats ;) I can see a difference, squats make my butt get in to even better shape! Ummm well other than that there's not much change. My booty looks natural, isn't high up. I have friends that keep telling me I have a rounder shape in my bottom and I tell them it's the squats lol. I'll post pix later but busy right now. If u have questions please feel free to ask.

4 month pix

I know they are not the best but heres something just to keep you with some kind of idea. I'll really try to post better ones.... just sooo busy.

6 months

Hey girls wow its been a while. My results are the same... I still try to wear my waist cincher and I use also a girdle vest I bought at sears a while back. I wear that all the time really and the waist cincher when I work out. My schedule is busy so I dont work out all tje time. I try to eat on the healthy though. I did gain 5 pounds from eating whatever I wanted and it went to my face and idk where else but not really to my stomach area. I'm now back on to eating good... I hate having a fat face. I have no pain at all anywhere but I feel weird doing sit ups or things like that where I'm putting so much pressure on the booty... I think its just my mind though becuase it really doesnt hurt. Heres a quick update pic... 3 for 1 lol.

11 months

Hi girls, just a quick update. I have changed my eating lifestyle and have been working out. My legs are more toned, I'm down to 171 pounds, which may not be a big difference but my weight had been up and down a lot. I was mainly staying at 175-177. My booty measurements have stayed at 45inches, my waist at 31- 31.5 inches. I'm not sure what it is but lately I am not happy with my body. I am thinking about getting a tummy tuck. I think that is what I need because since I have a child I have the saggy skin at the bottom, which Dr. O did warn me about. It wasn't a big deal before but now it's almost been a year since I had the BBL and I feel like the results would look better overall if I just had a tummy tuck. I am trying to put that off because of my busy schedule but I am looking into it. Also, I am not sure if it is worth it if I might want to have one more child. The struggle!!! but I know that no matter how much I exercise the saggy skin will always be there!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have had a consultation with Dr. Ortega, he was very professional, funny, made you feel at ease. The office is really nice and looks clean. Staff is friendly. I feel confident in Dr. Ortega.

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