Round 2 - MISSION Accomplished by Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD

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Like the title says quitters never win and that...

Like the title says quitters never win and that the reason why I doing a second review for my last and final PS. If you click on my profile you can read my half of 1st review. I really did not think I would even be writing a 2nd review after I spent all my hard earn coins on the 1st round but I digress and move on. I will say the MAJOR difference in between 1 & 2 is "Realself" I have been living and breathing this website. I can not stay off, I have delete ALL my other social networking sight, I'm on here day and night even if I out in a social engagement. lol My boys even notice they thought it was so funny when one of them looked over my should and was I was looking as someone's wish pic they thought it was me in panties and only thing I could think of is I "WISH"
I have contacted seem like countless of doctors from the "Well-Known's" to "Who are you's". I have been on a mission for three months straight trying to find the right doctor for the right price. I learned from my 1st experience just because it costs more doesn't mean you get more. (Please excuse the grammatical errors as I just write and really don't have that much time available to really care, you get the point.). Doctors from the DR. to the famous "Vanity" to a clinic in North Carolina (what they had a really good special for 3 areas with a free transfer) and after many of the Dr's telling me I need a TT to correct my problems but I refuse to get one because of the hypertrophic scars I got when I had my BR bad enough I have to look at those everyday. This is my body and it probably will never be perfect but I have live with the scars yea I can get a tattoo to cover it up but that is not the real problem it the recover from the TT that has me against it. I had my two boys naturally and have heard the horrible stories behind having a Caesarean section. Thanks but Nope not interested. Along with stalking realself I have been booking marking and screenshot all of the websites i thought may bring me value. I will share of the screenshots. I really feel that this round two will open a whole new world and opportunities for me. I ready to kick this obsession and finish enjoying my one shot.

Trying not to over spend on supplies

Here are some of the things I have purchased in the last few weeks. I orginally said I wasn't buying all these supplies I may never use. But who I'm I fooling.. No darn body... One of the things I learned from the 1st round is you can never have too much and don't be stingy when it comes to your recovery and health. I will admit that the 1st I did not take care of myself as well as I should have . By day 3 of the 1st round I was out have dinner in resturants when I should have been in bed. But live and learn. But anyway back to supplies. I think I have purchase all of the major things and most of the minor things. I even bought the booty buddy. (I'm taking my investment serious this time). I might even get some insurance on this

Let the games begin. .

first I will say that I am really honestly having a hard time making a decision on my doctor. I have consulted with vanity Dr Hassan which I kind of have my doubts about the customer service there. I have consulted with spectrum which I have spoken to caller that owns the recovery house and she is my coordinator very very nice lady. I also consulted with Dr Diaz indi Dominican Republic which his response time and availability is outstanding. now between the three it's very hard for me to decide because they all have their pros which are wonderful outstanding and great however they all have their guns which some may be deal breakers. so today for some odd reason all three contacted me to schedule a day and sending a deposit and told me that my coordinator was no longer working there but today with this great special of 3800 for all areas that I'm requesting but I'm not too sure about that. Dr D's contacted me also about the revision I want wit daystate included all meantfor 43 hundred which is great but I'm not sure if I want to go to the Dr because it has other expenses associated with that price. I also spoke to spectrum and they have a all inclusive 4 night stay for dilemma now is making the best choice for the best price. okay ladies this is where I need some input have you all had or seen any of the results from one of the three doctors that I listed. I do want to go to Miami my instinct tells me to go to Miami however I may get a better deal and better results going to Dominican Republic I feel so confused I'm just ready to get this behind me and move on with life.

Soooo. It's official. ..

It's official, I'm just became a true dolly. Get a call from Vanity yesterday about the great special they are running, called back today and talked with my sx rep and she is trying to help me pay the deposit to set a date. So after I couldnt not do a wire transfer online she tells me to do it as a bill payment and they will get the check in 5 day. ( no ma'am not me).. Sooo I tell her no, she says we need a payment to get the surgery date but Dr. Hasan is booked until June, I'm like you just told me I can get the May date I wanted. (Really??? This child can't be serious?) Ok. Vanity I'm so done with yal...

Vanity is out. (as the saying goes "ain't nobody got time for that")

After the bs Vanity tried to pull with the special they are having and it can only be wire or deposit stuff plus ALL of the HORRIBLE reviews from most of their patients, I made the decision to NOT to have my surgery with them. The surgery itself ( Hell Living Life Period) is stressful enough without all the EXTRA DRAMA the include with their prices. Why have surgery just because it's cheap and you go through hell just to get a deal. That concepts works in business but this is my life and it's not worth it. I'm a witness that higher price does not always mean better quality but my life is stressful enough without the EXTRA. You know if I quit a job making $80k because of the stress I'm sure in the hell not paying someone else to stress me. Only thing I have in this life is time, stress kills and Vanity reps and they bs will help you get there quicker.

The Booty Buddy is my new BFF

I wish I would invested more time, effort and research during my first round but it was such a now or nothing moment for me but I digress.. Moving forward... So I order the Booty Buddy, I received it in only a few days (no more than 5). It is the size to fit an average chair. I should be good on my plane ride and sitting anywhere because it works my butt doesn't touch anything yet I am still able to sit.. I'm sitting on it now as I I can tell this will be worth the money I spent for it and I promise to get my money worth out of it.

My moment of clarity

So I have realized that I have become one of those ppl who I did not want to be. Stalks and lives on But to mu defense I learn something new each time I log So now that I Have PUT Vanity out of the equation my choice became a lot harder. I'm stuck between fly to DR with Dr. DIaz and to Miami Dr. Oask at Specturm. Diaz is very attentive and has very few bad reviews but most of his patients have natural results (I have that already) plus still not 100% sure traveling out of the country alone. Then Specturm has a all inclusive package which only other thing I will have to purchase is my plane tickect which is $200 less than my flight to DR. Of course you know that overall DR is cheaper but I want this to be my last.
So I have to make the right choices. I will not have a round 3.

Sooooo. I made a decision

After a restless night (which never happens only thing to keep me up is a crook in my and praying on it, going over my budget with a fine tooth comb. (I'm an accountant so you know every coin will be accounted for and tracable) . I have decided to go with Dr.Oask and SPECTURM.. lol The reason I chose to go to Miami over DR is frankly I'm too old and don't have enough energy for all the things I would have to do to go. I'm a full time single mother that is in graduate school and trying to work and keep her and the boys looking and living good that alone is enough stress and having to pay one price plus an affordable plane tickets was a no brainer. I have made my 2nd step in my journey I just hope and pray May 16 turns my life up a

It just became real to me

So I paid my deposit yesterday via Paypal to Spectrum and will admit I freak out at first because when I sent the invoice it has a lady name on it that I had not spoke to or heard of since I been in contact with the clinic. I soon let it go and remember that these ppl that work for the clinic do have a life too (lol I was kinda blowing up my sx rep phone 'texting') and decided just to contact the office during normal business hours. Sent a text when I work up (I figure they would be at work, since they are one hour ahead of me) and still no response, then I received my sx contract via email. I was sooooooo excited and it really hit me that this is for real now. So I started looking for a plane ticket but then decide to what to see if they really be cheap as ppl say they are during the middle of the night. But of course I could not wait and decided to look at Southwest (yes they are cheap and a real life Soul Plane but two bags fly free and I have used them before so I know what to expect) and I found a round trip ticket for $156.00... I still can not believe it.. I had budgeted for 250 but that was a great surprise I just hope I don't regret it. Do any one know if AssisstanceForLife pick up at the Ft. L airport? I really hope I can get down and back to Miami before Hurricane Season

Some of my supplies

I plan on not having to buy anything related to my post op sx. I have purchase a lot of new stuff and will also use things I had left over from the 1st. My prior surgery dr ask me to purchase this cream called 'Nitro-Bid' some type of ointment to increase blood flow, it was $95 with insurance i still have some left over. You already know I'm going to use. I think I have done everything under my control now I have to wait on my bloodwork and my clearance papers.

4 am I'm up thinking/looking at a$$

Not sure why I haven't been able to sleep or really eat anything, I guess I have so much on mind /plate til it's starting to catch up with me. So I find myself on realself since about 10pm and now it 4. Smh. Not sure but my soon to be 8yr old is enjoy it because he wakes up afraid of something which is his was of getting in my bed. I swear (& that's something I never do) I'm obsesse with ass. I'm always looking in the mirror at mine sneaking looking at other women (not in
a lustful way). My ass looks great from 1st rd but it's other areas are my concern now. Ok rambling..

It's 4am and I figured out why I can't sleep is because no one knows of my 2nd round. I have been suggesting in a playful way that I'm going to take me a few days vacation for myself. My 1st I made the mistake of tell close friends and a few cowokers. Thank goodness I live a different state as my family. My mom did know cus she watch my boys but I never went into details. She does have a never meet a stranger personitly but as far as I know my family doesn't know but I think they do because I talk to my sister and she mentions this guy we know having lipo plus I never had anyyyyyyyy ass but since last year I got plenty. So with all that been said.....

My problem is I'm missing some friends that can relate and understand what I'm going thur. No one I know can relate andI ALWAYS FEEL ARKWARD talking to the few that do know. So if any of my rs sister need a sx buddy for Miami in May or just need to chat (which most us are women so we or have questions I'm here. I'm very open minded and down to earth. I guess I'm get my personality from my mother...

Ok 4:30 and now my other son just join. So threesome in my bed tonight.. lol

I live for my boys, times I feel so guilty for want to accomplish something I have wanted since I was 9.....I will say since I got the 1rd up esteem self value and confidence has sky rockette but in a humble way.

Lol I'm so thankful

I'm sooo thankful for growth mentally physically and emotionaly. I was looking thur some old emails and found pics of when I made my first attempts to change my body. Honestly I forgot how long I been looking my 1st consultation was back 4/28/2010.. Man I have been on a mission seems like a lifetime. This even before I had my breast reduction. I will share some of my pics.

**Warning the picture you are about to see are nsfw or your eyes lol.

Sx reschedule for June

I made the decision to reschedule my sx for the month of June. I originally wanted to have it in May prior to the hurrican season but I think June will work better because my boys will be out of school and I will have extra help. I was a little disappointed but I quickly got over it because during my first round I made so many rush decision and don't want to make the same mistakes. I want this to be my last round. Besides compared to the body I had before an extra month will not hurt. Ascension takes time..

Pre op pictures

I receive my back compression garment in the mail on yesterday. I came from London but worth the week in a half wait. I'm also received my stage 2 compression garment after calling the company but it's too small so I have to send it back. Someone over looked it runs small so I have to order a 3x. But on the brighter note I ordered a new compression vest to wear until my sx. I start waist training before my 1st sx and started back when my Dr said it was ok (2months post) but the one I had was entirely too big. I'm looking forward to wearing it and my back compression to see if it helps with my problem areas.

Rolling Pin

Awhile back I read on another rs page about using rolling pins to help massage and break down scar tissue. Ladies I will tell you that I have been rolling myself for about a month and I see a huge difference in my scar tissue on my stomach. It really works combine with my hand held massager I feel a tingle afterward in the numb area (yea 1yr post op I'm still numb in some places of lipo). I regret not taking rolling seriously early on. It's so cheap to. I took the one out of my kitchen and it has been relocated to my bedroom when I use it daily. Try it if you will thank me later.

Started back waist training

When I finally decided I could not let my results from my 1st bbl make me feel bad about my decision and start my round two journery I stop waist training. Since I ddecided to push my sx date back I decided to start back so I ordered a smaller vest cincher and as my ppl say in New Orleans Babbbie it snatching my waist like taking candy from a baby. I started before my 1st bbl and I must have been very determined because it didn't borther me but this time I can only keep it on for a few hours at a time. I know from previous experience that I have to get use to being in it.

I also took my measurements ( yes during the entire post op from round 1 i never measure myself).

Upper: 37in
Middle waist: 31in
Lower: 37in
Hips:42 1/2 in
Butt: 44in

The measurement was taken with no clothes on.

It's happening..

Since I pushed my date back , I have been feeling like this sx is unreachable but I know it's well worth the wait.... I told myself if I got the correct cg (because I they sent the wrong size) that it is faith and will happen because eveything is linning up. I was looking to rebook my flight and found one cheaper than before. I will fly out on a Tuesday and back in on a Tuesday. I have been watching the trends and it's seem Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly. So if yal looking to get a cheap flight look for a Tuesday or Wednesday flight. I just trying to stay positive. I went for a pre sx check up and found out my current weight is 180 so I have decided to lose at least 20lbs before my sx so I don't have to do a 3rd round. I have given up carbs sweet and alcohol (living in a party city this was the hardest of them all) and I have started back waist training and working out. It's a lifestyle change that I have decided to include even after my sx. I'm not trying to be the finest chick walking I just want to extend my life by being healthy and looking fablous while doing so.

Question ladies

They say pineapple juice is great for this sx however when I went to Sam's Club to stock up I read on the label it has vitiam E in it. Do you still drink it before the sx or just after? Don't want to bleed to death by comsuming the Vitiam E.

Weight Loss Update

I guess the saying is true "Bought sense is better than Told" because I really did not workout for the 1st round but this time around "God" got me going thru all kinds of tests and trails. I went to my fist Weight Watcher meeting this morning and I found out that I have lost 5lbs since last week (I'm still smiling) and I have 17 more to go. I was so out of place in the meeting because I was the only one under 40 and of course the best shape. All the women were giving me the dirty eye "like WTF she here for" but Im doing everything possible to lose this weight. I do not want a round 3 anytime soon. I have given up alcohol, breads and have cut my sweets by half. I will say that this journey is really changing my life to the better. I learned so much today with just being aware of what you eat and portion control. I am going to kick it up a notch this week and incorporate exercise this week to see how much I can lose when I do. I also been working on toning my arms as they have increase in size since my 1st sx and If I can save myself 500 by doing a few arm exercise I will. I will post some of the things I learn and have incorporated in my plan in another post.

My Weight Loss Plan

Just like anything else I would like to accomplish I came up with a weight loss plan that can help me loss the weight I want in a timely manner.

Weight Loss Plan:

1st stage: No breads, soda/sweet drinks, Nothing with high fruitcose corn syrup, cut sugar levels to a minimal amount. Drink detox water everyday through out the day.

2nd Stage:

Join a weight loss/management group or team (even if just you and a friend). No need to spend a lost of money, check with your insurance company to see if the have any healthly programs. (Mine covered a month of Weight Watchers for free)

3rd stage:

Complete 3 day Carido Diet. This is a diet plan invented by a Alabama Heart Doctor for overweight/obese patients for quick weight loss prior to sx. (I tried it with a friend a few years ago and lost 12lbs on it) I tried it for a month. I will admit it take willpower but it works.

4th stage:

Step up exercise program. I started out with some stretching and 10mins of light cardio. Then I moved to walking in the park and streching afterward. Last I use my wall as my gym. (Yea my wall or any wall around you). I know some may say I can't workout with a wall but you will be surprise how many exercises and strech techinques can be done on the wall. (Great for toning and the best part it's free).

With all of stages of MY weight loss program I hope to knock this 17lbs out in two months tops. I know it can be done in one. (You can lose up to 10lbs on the 3day diet {I lost 8 the 1st time I tried it} in the 3days but contuine for a month.)

I hope this information can be helpful to you and if you have any questions or need some support please feel free to contact me.

I will keep ya updated on my weight loss progress.

Weight loss update

I will admit that this weight loss program is not easy. Since my first sx I weighed the same amount but I started being aware of what I ate. Since I have decided to lose weight prior to my round 2 I have lost almost 10lbs in three week. My first week I lost 5lbs but gain 3 back because I started back eating bread and white rice but quickly cut it after my weight gain. But I step on the scale and I was 176.5.. I actually kinda of glad I postpone my sx because I was orginally going in May but I see a few others had sx around the time I was schedule and they have contracted Staph. I knew in my gut to wait and now I'm glad I did. I'm praying for all the ladies that had to go through that. I will continue to watch for more patients of Dr. O & if they continue then I'm going somewhere else. I love me too much for all the extra. I'm not paying anyone to give me and infection.

Favor ain't fair

Favor ain't fair nah. I'm a true southern bell that believe in the power of pray and walks by faith and not sight. I orginally schedule my sx for May however had to cancel due to lack of support for my post op. Then I read about all the infection of staph infection that was seem to been contracted within the time I was schedule. Then I reschedule for June but decided to postpone until I lost the necessary weight not to have round three and I TG I did because my grandmother passway and I wouldn't have been able to attend because I would been in Miami. And truthfully I was starting to feel a little disappoint until today when I got my sign it's still in his plan for this sx to happen. I checked my mail after ab few days of being out of state with family and what's in there????. It's my post op compression garments that I DID NOT ORDER OR PAY FOR. See I order a post op compression garments afew mo ago and they sent the wrong size and when I called to the correct size they didn't have it in stock and sent the next size down and it fits but was a little snug especially after sx but today I get the size I orginally wanted without even requesting or paying for it. Plus I start a new job with the fed government later this month so I can have excellent insurance to help accompany the sx plus paid time off.. I made have had to push it back but it's working in my favor.

Almost is finally here.

Well... It's been a while since I updated you all on my journey. Mainly because I decided to push back my date to lose the necessary weight and just waiting on the right time. I not the type to give ever day of this journey. I feel like the important information is only necessary.

OK . so on to the good stuff. I bit the bullet an scheduled my date for the end of March exactly two years from my 1st sx with Spectrum & staying with a their recovery house. So far my experience has been very good though I'm only paid my deposit and set my days. I have been buying my supplies here and there so I'm all good to go. I get nervous just thinking about it. But I know that it's all apart of the process. I have also booked my flight and oh yea lost the weight I needed????????????????????. I'm down to 170 which I wanted to be a least 165 . One other important information I also cut out all liquor and starting detoxing getting myself prepared physically and mentally. Only thing left is my job... Ughhh. I work for the government so it's hard to hide anything from but I plan on taking the week of spring break so they won't suspect anything. I just tell them I had back surgery when I walk in with my bbl pillow. Lol . it's something else I wanted to share with you all... On yea.. Because I work sitting on my butt most of the day my butt has shrunk 2inches. Yal I'm so hurt.. I even had a hugh blow up at my job because I wanted to bring in a chair and they would notallow me. I knew it would happen but I need my job more. So I have sucked if up and focused on obtain my goal. This time around I'm going all out I want the biggest butt my body type will hold. I can't go through another round. I learned a lot and have matured alot since the first round. Ladies please know that taking care of yourself post op is the most important part of the process. That's why I'm not staying with friends this time but somewhere I can get the proper post op care. I will update once I get at least 30 days out and post some updated photos then.

From the running man to Jump man..

I'm going from the running man to Jump man because I finally found someone in my area that does the Manual Lymph Drainage. I'm soon excited because I didn't have any during my first round I truly believe my stomach is lump and has all type of scar tissue because I didn't. But not this time around. I am going to start the massages before I go so I wI'll have better results. Also I have will have as many as I'm allowed while I'm in Miami. Based off the convoy with the therapist it is best to have a few done prior to flying. Something I never thought about before.

Update pics

Here are some pic so you can have a better idea of what Dr. O has to work with. Overall I think I have a ok body with clothes and once he get finished with me I will have the banging body I was image.

Convenience Supplies

I'm starting to login to realself more and more as my date gets closer. I'm still buying supplies (it might be overboard but I want to be prepared as much as possible ). I found some items on amazon that I have ordered that I think will make you post op easier. I hope this info is helpful to someone...

Lipo foam

I forgot the lipo foam from pinkroom. I did order of foam but I think this one will be easier to insert and position with my cg.

Idk what to do

So we all know Dr. O has left me and ALOT of ladies disappointed and hanging. I figured with my case it's not meant to be. I originally had scheduled my sx for May 16, 2015 but I canceled and thank God I did because that was the one of the days resulted in his license being restricted. I could have been one of those women. So now for the last week I have been on an emotional ride because now Spectrum has switch me to Dr. Alvarez . He has his own practice and all I seem some of his work on IG and it's just ok, not the Wow factor like Dr. O. So I decided to check out Dr Cesar Venilla and reached out to Evolution MD. Only problem is it's not convenient like Spectrum with all inclusive and the schedule me with Dr. Jose Jayas. I don't see many of his work on here but he did have some on IG and it's good. But while I was on there I found a Dr. that works with Dr. MIAMI and I LOVE his work but he is in Minnesota. I guess things happen for a reason because I was just stuck on Dr. O but now I see soooo many other GREAT doctors work. Has anyone had work done by Dr. Alvarez , Dr. Jayas or Dr.BBL (he the one on IG )? Please share any information that you have good and bad. Thanks in advance.

Dr. Alvarez Dolls

So I got my email to have my labs but I'm soooo unsure if I want Dr.Alvarez to perform my sx. Only because I don't see many bbl he has done. Spectrum told me to look at his IG page but I only see pic of him and not his work. Do you all know where i can find any pictures of his bbl patients? Of so please share if so...

My last post

Since I started documemtion of my journey I rarely get any support. I try to be helpful and positive to other dolls but since I don't get any in return, this post is my last as for as this blog journey. I hope the information I posted will help someone else alone the way... Good luck to you alll..

Mission accomplished by Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD

I know I said I wouldn't be continuing my blog by I have to let yal know that this is on of the best doctors in Dominican Republic but he is not know like others. I I'm so happy with my results and I'm still swollen so i know its onot goingto get better. I showed him a wish pic and he delivery and went beyond my expectations. I have no complaints or complications. He is very attentive and has a wonderful personality. Ladies just because a doctor doesn't have a lot of pics doesn't mean they are not good. My results are great but I seen some of his patients with my own eyes and they are video vixen status. My advice is to do your research and it's YOUR journey. All of my pics are taken without my fajas and I'm 2 weeks post. Good luck ladies on your journey.

Almost 5 weeks post op

I'm almost 5 weeks post op. I'm still waiting for my butt to shrink but it just keep getting bigger so I can imagine when the fluff fairy come see me in a month or so. My massage lady told me most of the swelling in my but is gone, so what you see is all mine to keep. (Hopefully.. lol)..

8 weeks post op

I'm almost 8 weeks post op. My results are starting to show more and more. I'm amazed that my butt has not shrunk at all and now it's starting to increase in inches. My current measurment are 36 29 46.. My goals are 34 27/28 47.. The swelling is ALOT better in my back. I'm still compressing 23 hours a day. I have 7 different fajas so I have my options. One thing I did notice when I wear certain fajas my shape changes. So please be mindful when choosing a fajas as it shapes your body. My 1st round I didn't wear one at all and I truly believe that what my results were not good. But I'm glad things worked out like this because I can truly appreciate my results and I'm truly humble but fine. I always wanted to be one of those women with beauty brains and a banging body with a humble spirit and now I'm there.. lol ???? ???? I just didn't know what it would take to get me there... But the crazy thing is I wasn't even checking (researching) for Dr. Mallol I found him at the last minute (2 months before)... Best last minute decision I ever made. I have more pictures on my other review.

12 weeks post op

As of today I am 12 weeks post op and so glad the worst is over. I'm still compressing 23 hours a day and taking my vitamins plus the high radio frequency Cavitation treatment. I save a lot of money by buying a professional machine for home use. I still have very little loose shin plus I'm working on the damage my round 1 doctor did. I get upset everytime I think about I paid that lady double of what I paid and she botched me.. but I digress and move on cus Dr.Mallol worked it all out now. The love and revenge I been getting is mind blowing. My exs are going crazy they all.want me back.. Even my kids dad asked me to move back to the state I'm from to be a family after 6 yrs of moving away. I'm amazed of how a nice shape will change a man whole attitude.. lol..
Dr. Osak Omulepu

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD is one or the best doctors in Dominican Republic . No complaints or complications. He gave me more than what I expected. I give him 5 stars.

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