28 Years Old, 1child, I'm Getting a BBL and a TT - Miami, FL

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Hello Dolls, Ive been visiting realself.com now...

Hello Dolls, Ive been visiting realself.com now for a few months after a friend of mine found a Dr. On RS And got her BBL. Her work came out GREAT!!!! After weeks of talking to my boyfriend he finally begun to support my choice to get my new booty! I've already named her Betty lol! I'm so nervous about the idea of having a major surgery. I'm really looking to you guys for additional support. I'm torn between getting my procedure done in the U.S. Or in the Dominican Republic. I'm not going to lie the DR is much cheaper and the ladies I have seen on RS who got the work done there look like goodness. But I'm worried about the language barrier, my health during and after the surgery and traveling there alone. If anyone has any words of wisdom or has had the work done there please reach out to me. As for the Dr.'s in US there are so many how can I choose???

Updating my Fellow RS'ers on my Thoughts.

Ok guys I've been planning on having my bbl for about a year. I decided in Dr. ghurani and then I was going to wait a year and go back for my TT. I had my phone consultation in June and the Dr. Told me to lose 30 lbs and the I be the best BMI for my safety. I've been losing the weight but the time has been passing and I'm following a lot of ppl on RS watching their progress and that lead me to

I haven't talked to you guys lately....

Hey Dolls,

How have you been? I've been going threw a lot of drama in my life. But I won't talk your head off with all those details. But long story short I'm going to have to postpone my sx. I know I'm so very, very, very sad about this. Last week I went on a eating binge and now I've gained 6 lbs. it took me 4 weeks to lose them and 1 week to gain them back. Now I'm in overdrive at the gym trying to get these lbs off and get back on track. Who knows ladies maybe a miracle will happen and I can still have my procedure.

I'm starting to think the things that have been happening is because I have not truly made up my mind about who will do my surgery. I was so set on just having my sx in Miami and waiting a year to have my TT. But after viewing the work of the dr.s in the DR I'm really considering new doctors. I've been on here reading all the post and looking at the wonderful results. Thanks everyone for updating.
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