I decided to go with dr perry March 15,2013

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Hello ladies im finally writing review. I been...

hello ladies im finally writing review. I been lurking this site everyday for the last 4 years. I finally having the procedure done aug 9th.with.dr.salama. I put down a $700 deposit with Nancy at dr salama office. Im 5'3'' and weight is 175. im 28 yrs old with three children and like most I was left with a nasty stomach. I dont have a flat butt just need more projection and a flatter stomach. the last couple of months I been having a change.of.heart.from the reviews.the girls being posting about dr salama work. which.lead me to look.in to other surgeons. I came across dr yily de los santos and fell in love. I been emailing her about her availability and now im waiting for a respons. I have some what of a.butt so my my main focus is a flat stomach, and a little projection to.butt. I dont want to completely lose my deposit. we can go.through Nancy so you can know im.not a fraud. please msg me if interested in getting early.aug date

Hi sorry about the typo in last post im typing on...

hi sorry about the typo in last post im typing on my phone. if any one interested in a aug9 date let me know. What I was trying to say is I put down a $700 with doctor salama and cant get it back. im willing to take $500 to transfer tge $700 deposit over. we can go through nancy and Cynthia to make tha transaction legit I just dont want lose my deposit completely. im still waiting on a quote from yily none yet...ugggh don't know what to do?

Does any one has an email on yily dont know if I...

does any one has an email on yily dont know if I have the correct one :/

I been waiting for a quote from yilly, no response...

I been waiting for a quote from yilly, no response yet. ugggghh!!! what a girl to do to get a quote. I want to.book asap and send my deposit. im so ready.

So I just got off the phone with norma she was...

so I just got off the phone with norma she was very.nice. she got me a date for feb 25. Whoa! thats in two weeks. she told me to stop smoking today. I already been cutting back because I knew I wanted it done soon. any who! norma said dr perry will call me tomorrow. she emailed me what I need for surgery. im might just get lipo. my butt is pretty big already. I know with aggressive lipo my butt would appear bigger. im going to see what perry thinks. I might as well recycle the fat in my butt for more projection. I just got off the phone with care credit. if dr salama doesn't refund my $700 deposit, then care credit will dispute it.

I spoke with dr perry today he quote me $7300 for...

I spoke with dr perry today he quote me $7300 for lipo on stomach,waist, flanks,back, thighs and arms and bbl. not bad. I spoke with him on the phone for over 30 mins going over the procedure. I felt so.much comfortable im so ready now. he assured me I will.get great result. he said his main focus is the lipo to make your waist small. he said he like to.take his time. I will update later bcuz I hate typing on my phone. I will post more close to 3/15/13 my due date to give birth to my new body....yea buddy...ttyl

finally going through with it

I I haven't been on here in a while I had issues with the previous dates I had I finally got my boyfriend support and he will be going with me June 14 yea so hopefully you guys will be able to see my final results. I'm really bad at typing in and writing reviews I rather just show you when it's all don.I will see you guys soon

im finally doing it, bbl dr duran

I been back and forth for a year, first it was dr salaam until I starting heat bad review not just 1or 2 but many. I requested my refund and had my care credit dispute it. I then was going to Perry I put $700 deposit then changed my mind and received a refund. I decided to go to DR bcuz not many ppl go back for round 2. I dont want to repeat this surgery. I dont have a bad body its just my stomach I dont like that pouch from after having 3 kids. My friend who is a nurse is traveling with me. She is so supportive. I will contact duran assistant yo book my date

yily doll March 2016 bbl and ba

Okay I've been back-and-forth with this thing for over maybe two years now I finally made my mind up I will be going to yily in March 2016. I will be making my deposit at the end of this might as well as get my passport I'm going with a buddy so I should be fine we going to stay in serenity recovery house I've been going back-and-forth with doctors because I don't want to make a mistake I Gallipeau done last year and vanity with Dr. Bass but it was only for my lower stomach I'm ready to complete my whole stomach and get a BBL not sure if I need a BBL because my butt is already somewhat big I don't get no complaints but just for more hips and a little bit of fullness in the snatched stomach. I want to get a tummy tuck but I desire another baby and I arty had a C-section for I don't want to just keep getting cut so when I'm no I'm done having children I will have a tummy tuck. I want BBL and breast augmentation but then again, I don't know about breast because I love to sleep on my stomach. But I just don't want to keep going back for surgery so I'm torn between getting a BBL full body Leipold for sure and I'm not sure if I want to add a breast augmentation I was gonna dutiful mommy makeover but I still desire to have another child
Miami Plastic Surgeon

so I have contacted a few other PS im considering goig to dr perry and dr Robles. dr yily has not emailed me back, im leaning towards dr perry he does well with African American women. will see still waiting on quotes

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