Hello Dolls Im 28 with 2 Kids and Need a Tummy Tuck Idk Who to Go to Dr Salama in Miami??? Please Help

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Ive gained 85 pounds with my kids i was 125 before...

Ive gained 85 pounds with my kids i was 125 before i got pregnant now im 180 and need to lose weight but im left with alot of lose skin that i hate and dont feel comfortable wearing cloths ... im new to real self and would like some guidance to choose a doctor for this procedure!! Im looking at dr salama not sure anyone would recommend a good surgeon here in miami for tummytuck?

Got my surgery date!!

Ok so im booked for November 1 2016 with dr salama for a mommy makeover !! Not sure if this was the right choice.. im so scared of the surgery!! Specially cause im getting a breast lift with silicone muscle repair and tummy tuck, i dont know if to get it together or separate??¿?¿? Please help me let me know your experience ¡ thank u ladies

Mommy makeover in 3 months!! What do i need to get ready??

Please help i need advise on how to get ready for surgery.. garments y may need ect. Thank u ladies!

Nov 1rst 2016 MMO with dr salama !!

Any advice before surgery getting tummy tuck with muscle repair breast lift with silicone

Have anyone had what they call dog ears ? From dr salama tummy tuck??

Would like to know if he leaves these .. thank u ladies . U can private message me

Mommy makeover nov 1st with dr salama.. scared of the burns!? Help

Sometimes im so confident of getting this done with him then i read some reviews about burns seroma and infections and im so scared i dont want to do it.. any advise or anyone going through the same as me ???
Dr salama

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