Coolsculpting on Abdomen & Love Handles - Miami, FL

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I have always had a chunky midsection, it has...

I have always had a chunky midsection, it has always bothered me. At my fittest I was able to harden my abs but I never got rid of the fat layer above it. Granted my early 20's insecurities and dieting obsession are gone and nowadays I appreciate a good meal and glass of wine.

In general I have a good diet & lifestyle. Non smoker, moderate drinker. I have practised yoga for the past 7 years and have periods when I go daily and others were I can't make it out of the office in time. No matter, my midsection has always been the part of my body I like the least.

So when I read about Coolsculting on NEWBEAUTY magazine and how Harvard developped it I was intrigued and contacted the doctor that was featured in the magazine article. She was a Harvard grad. and seemed very serious, the problem was she was in Boston and it was too long of a stretch for me as I live abroad. Then I found the Real Self website were I read every single comment (thank you for the posts, so am doing my part in exchange) and decided to pursue my search. I found a clinic through the Coolsculpting website that was awarded a CS Certified Practice, Medical Advisory Board Member & Clinical Investigator, in their website I found that the MD is co-inventor of the Coolsculpting technology. So I felt at ease, same as I had felt with the Harvard graduate (sounds like I am very "title oriented" but I have never done any procedure and I am rather skeptic by nature).

So I went to the clinic on a Saturday, the nurse specialist Maylen took care of me. I made a million questions, the one that got me "that's a very good question" was: "Can I see skin sagginess after multiple CS procedures?" She said as the results take 3-4 months to show, the skin is able to go back to it's place but that it could happen. The skin can lose some elasticity, so she recommended exercise and heatlhy diet. This is why I hope not to go beyond one treatment in the same area, 2 at the very maximum and for sure space the procedures at least 6 months as I rather have tighter looking skin over a little fat than loose skin on muscle and bone.

So I decided to go for it. The procedure took 2 hours, first they gave me the large applicator on my stomach and then 2 medium ones on my side, which the applied diagonnaly to contour more gracefully my waist.

I was weighed, and prepared for super odd sensations and maybe pain. The only thing that was hard was the cold gelattin-y tissue they put on you, the suction feels just like pulling, I don't know how else to describe it it is just a strong suction, it didn't hurt me, not even in the beginning. The only worry I had was to keep the applicator in place, as when she went to get the pregnancy pillow, the applicator is so heavy that if it isn't straight on your skin it feels like it is pulling it and stretching your skin. Once the pillow was holding it straight I realxed and watched tv.

Time flew. When she removed it I was so grossed and intrigued by the frozen fat roll, when she gave me the massage -which I had read it was the most painfull thing ever- I was like "oh.. it's fine" but rapidely your frozen skin starts to gain consciousness and then it hurt, luckily she was almost over with the massage, so it was tolerable (pain: 7.5/10). The pain felt like a cold burn, it helped to press my warm hands against my skin and went away pretty quickly.

Then my sides were done at the same time. The applicators were placed diagonally (picture the V of a very hit-cut bikini). NO pain whatsoever. When I was done, then the massage hurt, from the beginning. I have to say I had much less fat in my sides than in my abdomen so I think I was more sensitive. (pain: 9.5/10).Maylen said typically the initial suction hurts more in the abdomen than the sides but the massage hurts more in the sides than in the abdomen. The massage lasts like a minute or so so you are not hurting for long.

When I was getting dressed, I felt like my waistline was foreign to my body, I couldn't feel it, like I was carrying dead weight. Very odd sensation, but it didn't hurt. If I pressed I felt my skin very tender (pain: 5/10) nontheless, I couldn't stop putting my hand on my stomach as I felt so weird.

That night I was very bloaded, my stomach and especially my sides, I had two bumps sticking outwards on my sides, I still am bloaded but it has gone down a tiny bit.

They prescribed me a pain killer (10 pills for 10 days) to take at night and a patch for the day in case of pain. I travelled home the next day, had two heavy bags, and sat on a plane and had no problems. I took the pain killer the first night, not because I felt pain but because I didn't want to risk been woken up by the pain and having a bad night before my trip. I haven't taken any pain killer nor used the any patch. I feel discomfort but not pain. (pain: 2/10)

So far I am good, am still waiting for the 5 or 6 day horrrible needles that everybody talks about that could last for a week, so that is why I have my little pain killers standind by just in case. Today is day 5 and I feel nothing. Maybe my skin is still so numb... ?

Thanks for reading,

Here comes the Pain

So at day 6 I start to feel needles and by day 7 burning sensation around my belly button. Literally it feels like a bad sunburn, impossible to wear jeans or anything that rubs my stomach. Even the thinnest softest material feels uncomfortable. I am taking Tylenol 3 as prescribed by the clinic but it is only for night time. I had planned to exercise but I don't dare with this burning sensation.
The swelling has gone down.

First Day of Exercise

I went to a Vinyasa Yoga class.

To my surprise it actually felt really good to exercise, the tight gym clothes helped to feel good as they compressed my skin against my abdomen.

The class was so strenuous that I didn't even think about my sensitive belly button, at no time did I feel pain or discomfort.

Highly recommend it.

Pain no more

It's been 3 days since I haven't felt any discomfort nor pain whatsoever. Feeling good.

Visible Changes

I have started to notice that my clothes feel looser and the appearance of my stomach and side has improved. My sides are no longer protruding outside of my jeans, which was very frustrating for me. My partner has noticed changes as have my friends so I am very happy.

I haven't taken pictures yet as I want to do it wearing the same clothes as I did pre- treatment.

I haven't exercised (only twice! since the procedure) and my eating patterns have remained the same, that is: overall I eat a balanced meal (I don't follow a diet however I have been more conscious this past 10 days of what I eat) but every so often I go have dinner out or have a cheat food.

So any changes are strictly due to CS...

I do wonder what results I would have had if I had exercised religiously and followed a diet...

Will upload pictures soon, it's been 6 weeks since my procedure so still have 6 more weeks to see final results.


Ok so I knew there were some changes as I felt my clothes looser but when I compared my before pics to the ones from today I must say I am in SHOCK!

I took the pictures with the same clothes as the night before the treatment, must say the results so far are great, I am beyond Happy.

Not sure if it will continue to improve since I am at week 7, I have my post procedure check up for the official AFTER pictures until mid November so I am half way there.

Will keep updating.


7 weeks after Front View

7 weeks after photos

14 weeks Photos! Couldn't be happier

To think that before taking these pictures I was unsure if I had continued to have results, is crazy. The change is so progressive that I couldn't notice it on a day to day basis. SO glad I did it, so worth it.

Exercise and Green Juices are paying off

I wondered during my 7 week mark what how my results would be affected if I exercised and dieted...

So for the past 2 weeks I have been doing a high intensity interval training (most popular as teh "insanity workout") BUT I have been doing it only 3 times per week (so 6 classes so far). I must say it was difficult to get back to any routine but I enrolled my friends and we are motivating each other. I can feel my jeans a little looser on my bottom and saddlebaggs.

As my diet is concerned, I have been incorporating GREEN JUICES in the morning which consist of any raw green leaf (spinach, kale, etc.) mixed with a fruit such as mandarin wedges (in water or juice, not syrup) which taste awesome, otherwise I use pineapple or any other juicy fruit at hand. I drain the juice and remove the foam, so I get a clear dark green juice which to my surprise tastes so good that even my 7 year old nephew who refused categorically to try it, loved it when he did. So give it a try. Other than the juices I keep eating normally, eating out 2-3 times a week max.

I cannot say if my diet has helped me but maybe the exercise has? In any case, I wanted to exercise again to make sure my skin did not become saggy.


So It's been 11 months since I had CS on my abdomen (big applicator) and side flanks. I am still super happy with the results, nothing I had tried before ae me such results. I tried Endermology 3 times (it sort of worked, I just felt my skin had better elasticity but no reduction in measurements whatsoever). I tried some laser-massage thingy (which I understood as a type of endermology with heat) which did not work at all for me.

As I had posted some time ago, I want to space out my CS sessions (even if I want to treat different areas now), a few reasons why:
* Skin sagginess: depending on your skin tone, it can be a CS side effect, so I think patience and spacing treatments over time is always a wise thing when it comes to letting your body and skin recuperate.
* Appreciate results: I don't think I could truly appreciate my results if I did treatments to often. THis allows my to evaluate & appreicate my investment.
* Financial cost: it allows me time to save up and not go overboard, I only treat myself to CS if I can pay it cash. I am afraid of monthly payments, if I cannot afford it now, I will wait to do it.

That said, I want to do CS on my back-flanks (I guess its my lower back area right before my bum), right where the jeans hit me, as now that the front and front flanks have decreased in volume, the back looks bigger in comparison. My skin there has the same fatty-quality that my stomach had (when I pinch it I cannot pinch just a bit of skin, I can touch a thick layer of fat under the skin), so I am hoping for the same results as I had in my abdomen.

I will post once I have booked my CS appointment.

Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

I did not meet with Dr Bowes. The procedure was done by Nurse Specialist Maylen, she was very professionnal and responded to all my questions, checked up on me numerous times during the procedures and was kind. Maylen has called me to check up on me, she a few times before she got a hold of me, so I appreciated her insistence as it is an international call after all. She asked me numerous questions and wanted to hear how I was doing, if I had had pain or other symptons. So am pleased, will have to go see them in October for my after procedure consultation and take my after pictures.

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