42 Lower facelift/ neck lift small chin implant

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Friends call me Mari, after a 80 lb weight loss, I...

Friends call me Mari, after a 80 lb weight loss, I have had breast augmentation, TT, and now I am considering a face lift. I haven't decided on doctor yet. But the last one advised on neck lift with chin implant. He says I'm too young for face lift. My main concern is recovery time n advise on what type of compression garment. Need some guidance please.

Lose weight before surgery

I want to lose 30 lbs before my procedure.

General Anesthesia or Local

Really need help making decision. I'm considering having neck lift/chin implant. I have high tolerance for meds. Don't know if I want to be awake for procedure. I'm afraid I'll start panicking in the middle of surgery if I go with just the valum/xanax. I once did the Twilight sedation during a breast implant exchange and I remember the pain as they cut in deeper. Doctor had to inject more local anesthesia. After surgery my entire body hurt from tensing up and squirming. At this point I'm stuck deciding which doctor to go with. The face specialist does not do general anesthesia. . He says to many risks. And promises I won't feel a thing. Hmm

Surgery rescheduled for Dec 17, 2015

Due to an unexpected tooth ache that required immediate extraction! I had to postpone my surgery. Every time I am texting and my phone screen goes blank and I see my reflection. My surgery cannot be soon enough. I'm anxious and scared at the same time. Here are a 2 pictures for reference. My friends tells me I don't need the surgery that it might be a fail. But I have faith! And hope. ????

Nerve wrecking!!! 10 am today!!

It's 1:30 and I am wide awake. So nervous. I prepared my overnight bag and some soup . They will let me go home Friday 8 am. I usually cannot sleep away from home. I'm not too happy about doctor only giving me Tylenol w/codeine 325mg. I have a high tolerance for meds. But he insists that I'll be fine.. I have had 4 previous surgeries and have been given Percocet 500mg . My date couldn't come quick enough, now I'm all nerves.. Wish me luck. Don't know when I'll be able to have access to my phone. Will keep you posted.

In recovery room

All went well. I think... I'm not moving. I'm in and out of sleep .

Baby bottle for feeding.. Life savor

This little bottle pushes up from bottom. Avoiding me to struggle with suction...

Needed to postpone my original date December...

Needed to postpone my original date December 10,2010 new date December 17th, 2015. My first day home Friday was the most difficult. Slightly getting better. Taking in small doses of soup through baby bottle so that meds don't get me sick to my stomach. Still in allot of pain due to the fact that I fainted in my way to bathroom busted my lip. I hope I didn't move placement of chin implant. Doctor was not there when I was discharged. Nurse said I'll be fine. There wasn't much blood loss of lip

First Doctor visit 4th day post op

I was nervous, trying to hide from nosy neighbors and finally making it to DR. Didn't have any stitches of the face removed. I have so much swelling and bruising going on. That is I didn't know it was normal I would think something desperately went wrong. Here are some pictures. He said shower and do not apply anything on my incisions. No bandage! But I can't deal with the gravity of swelling on my face. I will put one thin layer (not tight) just so that I don't feel so unprotected. I started to blow up like a balloon when bandages came off. By the way! I wasn't going to mention my second procedure but I will after such an impressional thing my doctor did for me. That will be part 2 of this post.

Part 2 of previous update. Second procedure abdomen wedge.

In 2004 I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair preformed by a Dr. Richard Edison. He was in FT. Lauderdale, Fl on Stirling Rd. And west of I-95. I started to develop a large hard lump over my abdomen. I went to hospital and they did a sonogram. I went back to Dr. Edison where he opened me up with local anesthesia and removed ball (very painful) . Anesthesia only numbs outer part. It was a granuloma. My body developed small capsules around stitches. He removed them. After 4 yrs that lump never went away. Dr. Edison sold his practice. The lump was bothersome.
I decide that I want the extra loose skin above my vagina removed . That wasn't included in tummy tuck. So I spoke to Dr. Degeronimo about removing wedge. I mentioned the hard lump and he felt it. It actually hurt when you poke it. The bump ended up being a capsuled stitches (granuloma) that contained abscess. They weren't all removed the first time. Other stitches were in there that didn't desolve. Dr. Degeronimo mentioned that it could have ended up pretty bad if it continued unresolved. I thank him and may God bless him for taking care of this when it wasn't even a part of my surgery procedure. Here are before and after pics. ( by the way I had a tattoo done to cover extended scar )

Right when I'm feeling better, stitches going to be removed!

Just the thought that they are going to touch my ears have me in a panic!!! I'm having stitches removed with only 6 days post-op. Isn't that too early??? Wow, I thought the holidays were not going to interfere with healing. Seems that things are being rushed.. Not happy about that. I started eating with a spoon now. Accompanied with a mirror so that I don't bump my lip with spoon. My implant was inserted through the bottom of my tongue. Are they going to touch those?? Ughh going crazy.

Totally over reacted about stitches

I was so scared I couldn't sleep . I took a Tylenol 3 and I was good to go. Only some of them were removed. I have to go back on Saturday for the rest. My chin implant shifted slightly from the head dive I took when I fainted. Doctor applied pressure ( OUCH!! ) and pushed it back into place. I have a lump in the side of my neck, doctor says it's my muscle. I guess from straining a little to get out of recliner. Also swelling (slight double chin) Here are a few pics. I think it shows the bruises better. Abdomen hurts a little now. It wasn't bothering me before. I guess because most of the stitches removed.

Dumbo ears!! Please someone tell me if this goes away.

I must admit , I feel better today. Swelling has gone down allot. Feeling kind of sore because doctor squeezed my chin implant and pushed it into place. It shifted a little when I fainted and hit the floor. I know that you're not suppose to stare at yourself. But I noticed that my ears are forward. My stitches are back there. I really wish my ears don't stay like this.

Location of insicisions

I've been trying to post these pictures for a few days. Don't know what was wrong with my news feed. Pictures taken on Christmas day 7 days post op

Slept with chin strap --- big mistake

On Saturday I had my second post op appt. ( 9 days post op). Doctor removed some stitches ( areas that looked better healed) some stayed. Once again my chin implant shifted!!! I am convinced that the fall I had plays a huge role on this. Doctor pushed hard on the chin implant ( saw stars) I put a chin and neck strap that I purchased prior to surgery. I had a diagonal line across my neck, doctor said it was normal. Mind you I am have allot of swelling still going on. Well I didn't take off the strap and slept with it... Then in the morning the diagonal line became a Hugh bruise and swollen even more now. Of course I am worried that implant will shift again if I leave unprotected. So instead I got a bandage wet the part that would go over the swollen areas. Applied Epson salt, it doesn't melt. I wrapped around my neck and wrapped around the head and chin.. I must say ( the swelling has gone down so much!!! I am definitely going to do this everyday. But not to sleep. I will take new pics and post them. Epson salt has been really good. I had totally forgotten that I had some at home. Even that little double chin I had is gone ????woo Hoo!!! 11 days post op. I can't wait until I am able to sleep on my side again. I still have the drain on from my ( ab wedge removal= similar to small tummy tuck) I go back to doctor on January 4. So much to going back to work. On Monday. OK ladies good night... It is 4:30 am and I'm still wide awake ????????????????????

3 week update / I've had trouble trying to post

It's been a bumpy ride but I'm getting better. I've gained more feeling on my face. Tingling sensation. Random crawly feeling going on. But my face is not so numb. My chin implant keeps shifting. My doc sets it in place. But I started to push & message towards center. And I'm wearing my mask as long as a can before going to bed. My doctor says I still have swelling. Still too soon to tell. But on the other hand my lower wedge incision is not doing well. Still have drains on.

One months post op. Scars very red

Positive note , not feeling pain. I'm able to slightly turn on on my side and finally getting more sleep. For some reason I just can't stand up straight. I feel the muscles in the back of my neck stiff. I'm unable to drive because I can't turn my head. Is this normal? I've heard that you shouldn't try to stretch your neck muscles because i am still in the transition of healing. But people keep asking " are you okay?" I just say that my back is bothering me. Which I do have history of back problems. I've also lost about 10 lbs after surgery. My skin on face looks irritated. Always happens when I rinse shampoo. Can't lean head back when I shower. ????

Changes every week

I hope I can get a little better posting pictures. I'm going to try n put 1 st week post and then 3 weeks after that.

Before pictures & 5 weeks post op

Good morning, slowly but surely swelling is less and less. Here are before and after pics. So far I am very pleased with results. Really getting tired of hiding from people. I will flourish with pride once my face stops swelling.

ripped my drain out!!!!

Since my surgery I put a recliner in my room . Now everything is tight. Well trying to get out of bed. My drain got caught on dresser drawer and pulled it out of my body. Of course I panicked!!!! Got to doctor , he said he couldn't put it back in. And I will have to massage the fluid out. Mind u,,, I still had gunk coming out from the infection I have. Although I'm still on antibiotics. My follow up is next Thiursday. If I have any fluid build up doctor will remove with syringe .????

Mixed feelings bumed out

I know that Recovery is a process and I shouldn't stare and look for flaws. I've been hiding since my surgery. 2 of my friends haven't seen me since then. I am 6 weeks post op today. And they tell me that my chin looks huge ????. Now I do appreciate honesty. I will post a few pics. Now . My profile was awful, I love it now. But I do find my front view long and my chin like a bulb. I actually liked the way I looked when the bandages first came off. Will I look like that again? Or my body creates scar tissue causing it to look slightly bigger? Here is a front profile before surgery, bandages off and Now.

8 weeks post op, chin implant shifted

My next post op appt is next week Thursday. Officially it will be 2 months months post op. I am very disappointed that my implant has shifted. I was hoping that it will look normal but without a doubt it is out of the pocket. I don't want to have false hope and I will be asking my doctor to remove asap. As much as it disappoints me. It is a decision that I must make immediately. My chin is crooked. Some picture is difficult to see. But if anyone would touch my face you can feel the corner of implant sticking out on my left side. Here are a few pictures. I think if I remove now. My skin won't looked wrinkled once removed.

10 weeks Post Op Not Happy

After my post op appointment 1 week ago. My doctor tells me that I have swelling and that is causing my implant to stick out. ???? Not sure about that!
I have a lump on chin higher than the other. I am a single woman, and I'm afraid of kissing my partner and once he touches my face he feels that hard lump on my left side. Bummer
It's hard to distinguish in pictures but it is noticeable in person.
Doctor tells me to wait 6 months if I decide to remove it ( it cannot be removed sooner) Is this true? I'm worried that the longer the implant is in. It will stretch out the skin on my chin. My lips seem to have disappeared ! I guess having a chin makes my lips look thinner. Here are some pics .

Revision scheduled for Thursday 3-24-16

Went to my doctor yesterday! My chin implant is without a doubt, out of place. I'm starting to have bruising and a pinching sensation on the side of me face. I haven't decided if just to remove implant permenantly or have him carve the implant smaller to adjust the fit. This surgery has been so complicated! I guess I'm just desperate to get better. My scars are so red!!! And I haven't grown any new hair yet. Its driving me crazy! I want to get on with my life. This recovery feels like eternity. Here are a few pictures to show status of incisions and chin implant.

Revision scheduled for next week

Couldn't post pictures before. Here's another try

Chin Implant Removed

Today I finally removed the chin implant. The wing of implant was bruising the side of my face. I really was undecided as to try to shave the implant down and give it another run at it.. But no,,, I got to scared. My PS made the inscision inside the mouth (location front of teeth) . I'm scared of losing the feeling on my bottom lip. I'm all wrapped up now. Now back to the draw board and begin the healing process. I'm taking my arnica, vitamin C and antibiotics. Hope not to have bruising for Monday when I go back to work.

24 hours after chin implant extraction

ugh, back to the swelling. Nurse wrapped my chin after the removal. I slept in my recliner ( forgot to ask doctor) and didn't take off the dressing. Wanted to keep my head elevated to reduce the swelling. This morning I decided to take off the dressing because The tossing while sleeping It became loose.
I put on my chin strap, as the hours passed I saw my bottom lip swell up big time!! So I took it off. I took a few pics I do not like the fact I lost my profile, but then again I know I am still swollen.
Can't chew, and its uncomfortable to talk.
I'm back to texting n eating purée ????
Hope I'm better by Monday. I took the pictures myself. Can't quite seem to get the angle correctly.

1 month post op from chin implant extraction

I've been feeling bumped, and unfortunately I tend to turn to comfort food. Which had led me to gain 10 lbs.
My scars are still very red and they have a rope like feel. It's driving me crazy!!! And I still haven't had no hair growing back on the incisions in my scalp. I have like a 1 inch thick bald spot!!! My surgery did not turn out as expected. The implant the doctor used was way to big, and the fact it shifted did not help. I chose to remove instead of going through revision again. Here are some pics I took today.

Sorry for dropping from the face of the earth.

My journey was not all that well, I really got depressed for a while. i did decide to remove implant. Did not try to put it back again. I just might go with maybe juviderm injection. But I am happy with everything else. My scarring behind the ears were awfully think. But thank got for the steroid injections they flatteded out. On left side along hairline it is at least a 1" thick scar (giant stretch mark). My pics are on me cell phone. I will try to post pictures to current situation. Now Ive decided to do lipo and a BBL not the 21st. I really hope this go around is better. Hugs and kisses to all that supported me, and I am sorry for disappearing like I did.

Summary of progress

going for revision of scar behind my left lower hairline, lipo on my muffin top and transferring that fat to my bootie

Before and after pic.

My after pic I still have implant, it was removed 3 months later.
Dr. Ernest DiGeronimo

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