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Today March 18th 2016 I have officially placed my...

Today March 18th 2016 I have officially placed my down deposit of $300 for my Brazilian butt lift surgery with dr.Sergio i was told by email after requesting a quote from the office of image cosmetics to come in today to see dr Sergio the office was very clean and very organized I walked in put my name in the computer to be seen and had a seat lest then 5min of logging in I was called to the back to speak with him he was sooo handsome I was like hold up how old you is he laugh n was like "oh I'm 21" lol me n my husband just laughed he was so chill about the hole thing he made jokes and really made me feel relaxed I'm like okay I'm loving the vibe here he took a look at my body and asked what type of butt I want I said I want wat ever yo mind tell you to do as long as I got them hip game on lock I'm good wit dat he like ok so no nikkie manaj booty lol I'm like look at u lol I said naw it want her big back there but not dat big something a lil natural to go with my frame as I am 26 with two kids 8 and 10 5"7 193lbs and bmi currently at 30.2 I think but it's 30 on the dot for sure but anyway he like okay I got u I kno just wat u need I'm like um I hard dat lol yea so he asked me if I had any questions I'm like naw u hit the nail on the head so then he say okay when u ready my coordinator said I have somethin for next Friday I'm like damn ok I'll take that day then she like ok let's get started he gave me and my husban a good bye see you soon hand shake and told my man hey don't worry ima get her right she gown look nice I'm like lol thanks Sergio and I'm so happy I met u I told him about the my past issues with vanity he said well u don't have to worry about that any more we will take care of you he had us walk into my coordinators office were I signed my paperwork and payed my deposit and was on my way to do my lab work in the next room with a nice nurse that did not hurt my arm while doing her thang which I loved cuz I really hate givin my blood as I don't like the feeling of being stuck...but yea I had a wonderful feeling about them and my visit to there office and one more thing they did ask if I was going to buy my own garment as it wasn't included in the promotion I said yea I'll buy my own cuz they wanted $100 for there's I actually walked across the parking lot and got a garment from a garment store in there very same shopping plaza for $70 I also was told to get an ab bord and lipofom I got an ab bord from the same store for $20 and 2 for $25 of the lipofoms I know I could have gotten it cheaper from ebay but as I said my surgery is next Friday so I CAINT wait for the mail at this point I also went to walmart an picked up some wee pads yes these are dog training pads but it gets the job done for a much cheaper price then the bed pads I also got some anti itch spray for my tummy and back after the lipo I also got some arnica gel for swelling and pains after surgery gateraid water dail anti bacteria body wash I like the bar better doe I already have a few sun dresses and bed room slides so I'm good to go on that I'm only missing the go girl pee cup anything else I will get after I'm on the other side of booty world I am so happy I'm finally getting what I been wanting for years I am even more happy to post all my before and afters to give all the new coming Sergio dolls the inside scoop to a better "image"

It's on now!!!!

Just got off the phone with image surgery set for tomorrow at 8am wish me well dolls as I am going in to the world of ass vill!!!! Sergio doll of 2016 is in locked and ready to go in lest then 24hours ????

I made it to booty land

Was scheduled for surgery at 8am and ended up getting it done at 7:26am I came in took a pregnetcy test and got undress for my bbl the doctor came in asked if I had questions and marked me up he asked if I wanted really big hips I said yes and that's what he gave me lady's please get a second garment because u are going to need it mine got full of blood and now I'm walkin around the house ass out waiting for it to dry it isn't major pain just a lot of sooreness and swelling going on I do want to add that I was dizzy af like as soon as you wake up and try to stand u are and will lose your step so try not to get up too fast regardless of who is helping u up I basically almost fael on my nurse lol other then that the doctor told me to come see him tomorrow and that is then were I will try to get a shot of my tummy as I couldn't take a shower just yet but I did get a whipe down from my husband with surgery whipes that I got from cvs I also poped my arnicare pills ASAP and had my husband whipe the arnicare cream all over me I feel a lil better but I have to be shot by blood thinners by him tomorrow and I have to Wait for my pain meds as everyone is sold out until two weeks from now :( I just said luckily I'm not in that much pain or it would have been a major issue but yea make sure u get crushed pinapples as well as pineapple juice it really helps try to eat a banana as soon as u can with crackers as it will help wit dizzyness and make sure to strech yor legs a little to self massage yourself as I wouldn't dare have anyone tuch me right now I have pictures which is much prittey in person trust me the girl is big and da hip game is on lock I really love my resalts

Used the bathroom today ugh

So after my second dat out of surgery I had a bm I kno it's not cute to say but I found using the toilet the other way around is more relaxing it helped me go and I didn't put any weight on my butt so I'm happy for that part...now on to the nasty side it's very hard to clean up back there due to u not being able to turn around n clean so I used a lot of will power and flush whipes to get the job done then I hoped str8 in the shower I took an hour shower as the hot water relaxed most of my pain and I stretched as much as I could to unlock the stiffness in my sides and back once I was out I put arnicare cream over my butt sides and tummy and put a little more around my lower back as that is how far I could go at this point...I also saw that my garment did not give enough support as to keep my swelling down in my tummy so I got a tummy rap band and raped my tummy up with the lipofoms and the ab bord and let me tell y'all it feels soooo gooooooood!!!!! Lol it took away a lot of pain I didn't know I had but yea I'm still taking it one day at a time I went to my follow up visit were they just changed my pads I didn't get the chance to see the doctor so by next week I will post pics of my tummy thanks to all the girls on real safe that showed support I really needed all of it cuz this was no walk in the park

4_01_16 one week after surgery!

1.stop taking pain pills and anicare pills due to saver diarrhea please keep water and gateraid in rotation

2.Used massaging shower head and WAHL heat and cool self massager kit from walmart for $32.00 i took two hour showrs massaging my back and stomach along with my neck and legs to help relieve swelling i also used coco butter on my entire body while massaging my body with the self massager kit i did my hole body except my hips and butt that can be gently rubbed by hand to get the blood moving around in there

3.I slept on my soft couch on most nights due to the bed being too flat which added to my soreness i now use pillows under my stomach the long way and another pillow gowing the normal way under my hips this helped me sleep in bed better but my sides did get stiff in the mornings but nothing too major so now i can sleep next to my hunny bunny at night so thats a pluse

4.I am walkin up right much better and much faster then day one i feel much better then day one and very close to normal just caint wait to be able to sleep on my back and sit down again other then that all is well till next time ladys????

Tomorrow makes 1week post 4_01_16

Friday 5/6/16 makes 6weeks post op

Soooo it's been 6weeks and a lot of ups and downs for me one day I look good and body looks sexy an curvey then the next I'd ask my self wtf happen and y did I go threw all this pain for nothing don't get me wrong it was a diffrents in how I looked befor surgery to now but I really wished I could have gotten all the booty and curves I wanted in one round i do look good in clothing but I still wish I had bigger hips and really big booty I mean he made me look natrual was my main goul but I still wish that I was really curvier then I turned out to be my husband loves it as I do too but damn FUK it ima be real if u stop warring your garment too soon that will give u a way diffrent result so if u want your body to look like it did when u first leave the surgery room keep your garment on at all times until you are fully healed I didn't do so and also watch wat u eat lady's I gained 15lbs after surgery due to them damn protein shakes them shits is the devil from the hells of surgery hell don't do the shakes take protein pills as our body will smoke up the augers which is a big major spike in forming fat cells I found that I swell easily without he garment and drinking the shakes don't do it...I will work out my abs and keep up my investment in this ass cuz it set me back a few and I will not let my money go to waste I'm up and about again I'm laying on my back I use to lay on my side but I will wait a few more weeks as I don't want the last bit of fat on them to die out so I'll give the side sleeping a full five more months to be on the safe side....I don't eat as much as I use to and I definitely try to stay active by walkin and doing light workouts to get my weight back down cuz only then will I see the true result of this lipo on my back and abdomen areas I keep on my garment more then ever befor and I keep coco butter on my skin to keep it from tighting up at night cuz it tends to do that from time to time I still haven't had my follow up visit with the doctor yet but I will be going to see him hopefuly next week other then that it's been a roller coaster ride but I will always stay positive and thank god I made it out alive and try to love my body no matter wat I will not be ungrateful as I came a long way to get a body like mine on behalf of how I looked befor it was a major change it wasn't 100% of wat I wanted but hay nothing's perfect lady's in the words of j cole "LOVE YOURS" till next time to all my following real safe dolls

Before 1week after 6week

6 Months After!!!

soooo...i know i haven't been online much i have absolutely no reason to say why that is but i can tell you this ladys!!!! i will be going back to dr Alvarez for a revision in march i talk with him yesterday and he told me he has no problem doing another surgery for me that the price will be $1,500 it is for ONLY the surgery room and anesthesia so i definitely will be going in not because he didn't do a good job the first time around its just i knew going in the first time that i wouldn't get the results that i wanted from just the one surgery although i tried to avoid it but hay once you put realistic views in your head about your out come of the bbl u getting then and only then will u not be disappointed i said i was going to another dr for a round two early on but truth is dr Alvarez is the closest thing to getting natural plastic surgery results there is in my book i know what to expect from him so i know then that i will be in good hands so without further or due i now will post my 6month results my butt is more round and soft my stomach is more back to normal which means no more pain and discomfort i still ware a body suite from now and then and im filling out my clothing very nicely i will be going back for more fuller hips and a round shelf i was told that it would be best to come back for any type of surgery after a year i know some dr day 6months but truth is your fat is still getting use to growing in new places as well as your body still healing so just give it time to level out before going in again ladys that will also help give the doctor a better view of fat to suck out and softer skin to place fat back into all in all im hapy with the flow of things and im sexy as ever with or without clothing it feels good to finally feel and look like the beautiful woman i was set out to be thank you to all the ladys on my page that have been following me threw out my journey thank you to all the lovely ladys i ran into at the image office that were either going into surgery or just getting out of surgery may god bless you all if you were in dr Alvarez office at image on Wednesday October 5, 2016 i was the girl with the burgundy plats n the blue dress lol if u didn't see me due to being in surgery at the time hello to u too! till next time my lady loves

6 Month Update!!! (Photos)

im coming from no hips at all and a very boxed butt so i am happy to see some improvements but Dr is willing to do a revision for me so that i can get the fullness that i hoped for like i said before i new going in the first time around that i would have to come back a second or third time to get the look i really want and looking at my body from now and before ill say im happy to be half way there best wishes and preys to all my real self and Alvarez dollz till next 6months my dears????
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Very funny outgoing and happy person makes you feel welcome and cared for him and his staff were wonderful and the place looks very high end to be in lil Havana I rate him 10 stars for that alone I love this man ugh!!!!

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