58 Yr Old Fisher Doll! Starting All over Again 2015. Miami, FL

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Hello! I'm new to real self and I'm 58 yrs young....

Hello! I'm new to real self and I'm 58 yrs young. I'm wondering are there any 50 plus yr old dolls out there who have had a bbl or are thinking about one? I see a lot of younger women posting and would love to hear about bbl experiences of women my age. I have talked to my co workers about my decision to have a bbl and they all say that I AM TOO OLD :( However I do not agree with them at all. I just think that small minded people think small. I would like my body to represent how I feel on the inside: healthy, strong, confident and sexy. I am 5'0" and 145 lbs. I have previously had an abdominoplasty and upper bra flanks removed 5 years ago from a surgeon in my hometown. I have had three consultations for a bbl and have decided to go with Dr. Fisher inn Miami Florida. My surgey is scheduled for this July 2015. I am excited to begin this new journey and would like to share it everyone:)

So Much positive support

Thanks Dolls, I just want to look great again no trying to get a stripper body LOL but it would be great. I Just want a nice butt no sagging. I wanted to have a Breast Lift to but Lea at Vanity said I couldn't do both at once. I'm gonna give Kayla a call at her Recovery House tomorrow. It feels so good to dream again life has had me down so long. Go this whole bucket list going. Please know that I'm not shallow I very educated and positive. Hit me up my Ageless Dolls.....

It don't Hurt Now

I Went to a MLK Traning today a women I had not seen

in a while approced me an said whats up with your weigh you on the swollen. I smiled cause I didn't owe here an explanation. You see when I had my cousultation in September 2014 with Jimmersons office I weight 130 pounds the coordinateor Sarha told me to gain about 15 pounds so the would have fat. And dont exercise to much or your butt will be to tight to get alot of fluids in. Sometimes Not Responding Is perfect peace. On the happy Side I did talk to Kayla at the Recovery House she was so nice and informative 6 nights and 7 days $940.00 Including airport pick up an rides to all appointment s a 24 care in your room for the first night. (This does not include air fight) just pick up.

Sill on Radar

Well My divas and Golden Dolls I had a miner set back but back on track. My surgery date is for October 13 with Doctor Fisher. Ill get to Miami on the 11th I already got my ticket and my bags packed. I had a little health issue to take of first but now my doctor has Cleared me and I recived a call from Dr. Fisher' office I'm good to go. My hemoglobin was 13 and all labs good. I know labs have to be with in 30 days but my health come first had to make sue. Also my stay has changed Lia offer my a package I couldn't turn down. For $800.00 more I would get 3 nights and 4 days at the Vanity Recovery House this also include 2 compression garments front board transportation pick up at airport 24 Hour care first night. So ill get there on Sunday. Ill be staying Sunday and Monday at the Quaily Inn near the airport I called they say they are 12 miles from Vanity. Kiyla the lady that works in the lab at Vanity told me to come in at 8:30 to get blood an hemoglobin checked only this is included in package deal with medication. She just said drink lost of water so you don't get any infections doc says I'm good to go. So I have 44 days and DUSES. ....

What!!!!!! The Hell

Just got a call from Kiale Pre Op Surgery said I didn't have a medical clearance 4 day to my surgery. WHAT THE.. she said any one over 50 must have medical clearence X Rays and EKG. Mind you I had a physical and labs August 14, They called and said labs were find. She said she sent me a email on October 5, I could up load. MY journey started mover 6 months ago or longer Today is Thursday My plane leave on Saturday. Now you telling me this shit blood pressure up. Gotta take of work now in find some were for XRays and Medical Clearene. She told me I can have EKG there. Soo upset. I have called the office over 10 or more DAM Time no one told me or asked about this.So All my Dolls over 50 you must have a medical clearence and XRays and EKG.....

At Vanity

Well the driver picked me up was at Vanity at 9:00 I was under the intention I would be their all day. Nope waited about 30 minutes and they called me in for labs. Staff was Awesome young lady came and said I must sign a Concent about 50 or more pages. Then I was told to go try on Faja she gave me two size to try on. Dr. does not light garments to tight. I was out of the office in about 2 hours. many beautify shaped women young and older Dolls getting bumped up .
Just got a call from Doctor surgery at 9:00 cant wait its time. Oh foam cost 40.00 and stomach board 40.00 faja garment 120.00.

Thanks for your support all my beautiful Dolls

Thanks dolls for your support heres updated day 3post op pics:)

photo updates

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have not had my bbl with Dr. Fisher but will post reviews after my bbl.

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