40 plus, 5'4 , 194lbs, Mother, Wife, Putting Herself First for Once - Miami, FL

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I'm excited about my BBL which will take place at...

I'm excited about my BBL which will take place at Spectrum Aesthetic. I am 45 years old weighing 190lbs. I've been a size 12 and a 13/14 depending on the style of clothes for 10 years now. I am ready to have my body transformed to a more curvy look. My BBL will be performed by Dr. Sergio Alvarez who I have yet to meet. I'm hoping to meet with Dr. Alvarez the day before since I have many questions pertaining to my surgery. All communication has been through via emails, phone calls and texts. So far the ladies at Spectrum have been very polite and willing to help. All documentation have been signed and submitted to Spectrum Aesthetic. My surgery is set for June 14 so I set my dates from June 13th thru the 21st at the Sping Hill Sunites by Marriot. My husband and daughter will be with me during the whole process which makes me feel at ease. I will post the after surgery pictures after surgery...

I'm 45, 3 Kids, Wife, Teacher, 5'4 weighing 190lbs ready for a BBL! Putting Herself First for Once

As I get closer to my surgery date, I receive a phone call from Spectrum Labs that my white cells are too high and I need to redo my lab work. I redo my blood work and this time my sugar level is a bit high. I was told to redo blood work in fasting instead. I was disappointed yet relieved that Spectrum cared enough for my well being to call me immediately. I have 11 days till surgery and Im hoping my third blood work cones back normal. As I take more photos to post, i have to admit I have never postes or dared show myself half naked with my undergarments. I dislike the way I look. To make matters worse I've gained 2 pounds these pAst two weeks. Really?! Will Spectrum deny my surgery because of my weight/BMI?

10 more days till my BBL!

It is time to be bold. No more hiding behind clothes. A before picture of my behind. 10 more days for my BBL!!!

Today is the day!

Super excited about my surgery today! I will definitely report to you all how my surgery went with Dr. Alvarez at Spectrum Aesthetic.

My surgery update...

My surgery began with excitement then a scare. On June 14, I was prop and marked ready for the surgery, and the inevitable happened, my hubby fell to the floor unconscious! This scared all of us! The staff were amazing, attentive and showed so much care. The peremedics arrived and my surgery was moved for the next day. Thank God my husband is doing much better. He was diagnosed with severe dehydration and released the same day. Again, the ladies at Spectrum Aesthetic were amazingly kind, attentive, and professional. I felt comfortable and safe at Spectrum Aesthetic. Dr. Alvarez was honest when explaining to me the after results and expectations. He did mention that in the future I should consider a tummy tuck due to lack of elasticity. I was ok with his honesty. The area was clean, the rooms were clean and Chris the anasteciologist was profesional and thorough. After my surgery, I was feeling out of it, sore, nauseated and I in so much pain. The first day of surgery you will be severely swollen, in pain, difficult to move around so it is best that you have a love one to assist you and take care of you. I was blessed to have my daughter and husband with me. I highly recommend Arnica products and immediate iron, vitamin C with orange juice. Take all your medicine as prescribed by Dr. Alvarez. The second day some swelling will go down but you will still feel sore and in pain. I'm hoping by the third day I feel a bit better to move around and less swollen. I do not see a drastic difference on my body. So hopefully by the 10 day I will. I highly recommend the fluffy butt pillow sold by Spectrum Aesthetic. It has helped me immensely.

Feeling unsure and very sore

Its been a week and I am not sure how I feel about my BBL. My oldest child state there isn't a huge difference in my body's form or look. My husband state he notices some. I guess time will tell. My first week was harsh, painfull, and very uncomfortable. I am still struggling with soreness and pain. This I was told will probly last till four to six weeks or so. My sleeping patterns are oUT of my control.. First, not being a tummy sleeper has been a challenge for I am a side sleeper. And second, I wake up every hour or so to stretch and walk around the house do to my muscle soreness and pain. The walking has helped with fatigue as well. My body began its itching healing process so do purchase Arnica Cream and Arnica Tablets and use daily. This stuff works! I will continue to post my recovery hoping it might help someone as well.

Help! I am getting dimples and cellulites on my butt!!!!

I am on my 5th week of my BBL post open and my husband and I began to see cellulites/dimples forming on my bottom . Is this normal? Will it go away? I am no happy with my surgery. I have rolls on my back as well. I lost most of the fat in my butt but I understood that I would lose 50% of the fat. However, no one stated I would receive cellulites from the surgery. I have been so careful wearing my garments for it keeps the swelling down and it helps with the slight pain I still feel from the surgery. I sleep on my side and drive using a butt pillow at all times. Everything I wear leaves a deep mark on my skin and my sides/stomach feels so hard to the touch. My butt hurts to touch and I still feel slight pain. I need to know if this is normal? When will the swelling and pain go away? Will the cellulites / dimples remain? Will I always feel hard on my stomach/side areas? And will my back rolls remain or will they smooth out a bit? Please help?! Thank you

My 6 weeks post open is here!!!

I made it! I have to admit my buttocks, back, waist and hips are still a bit sore. I still feel discomfort, especially when I am laying down or sitting. However, I try to be positive by telling myself every week I will get better and better just have faith and be patient. My body is slowly shapping itself after the surgery not as I wished but it is OK. There are areas of my body that are still lumpy, hard and uneven. I am now wearing my garments for 12 hours daily and will continue doing so for the next 2 months. I do self massages twice a day to better those areas. I still take my Arnica pills for soreness. I swear positive things on the Arnica pills and lotion if you want to recover swiftly. In other posts I've read many women are experiencing the same after their surgery so I guess its a matter of being patient for my end results. Will continue to post with pics. Have a great week.

2 months op from my BBL with Dr. Alvarez

OK so I made it to my 2nd month. I am seeing a change in the sculpting performed and only 60% of the BBL has remained. I pray that it stays. It would be a disappointment if I lose it all. Now, I am 90% less swollen.. I am able to sleep on my back. There are some areas that are a bit tender. I am concerned with how the sculpting done is taking a different shape. My right side looks different than my left. Near my belly button I have a small lump. When touched or massaged you can feel as if a small marble was placed inside of me. I had lipo done on my arms and they do look a bit weird. I still feel a bit sore on my arms. Hopefully the swelling / shape will be more profound by the 6th month. I am hoping to see a better sculpting by the 6th month. One of my but cheeks has a small little dent making it look a bit awkward. Again, I'm not sure how to feel about my new look. I do say it is 45% percent better than before the surgery.

7 months post op bbl by Dr. Sergio Alvarez @ Spectrum

I am on my 7th month post op from a BBL/Liposuction performed by Dr. Sergio Alvarez @ Spectrum. I fear I have 2 necrosis hard lumps on my right lower bottom. I have massaged the area to see if it would soften but to no avail. I really do not want a revision performed but I feel it would be the only solution to remove the necrosis lumps that at tImes feel tender and very uncomfortable . Also, I had Liposuction on both arms by Dr. S. Alvarez but have yet to see a difference. Has anyone experienced any symptoms/conditions of what I'm currently going through? I live in Tampa and if I can find a nearby qualified surgeon to perform the revision I would truly be appreciative.
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alvarez was polite yet many questions were left unanswered. He was concern with my well being and health.I do admit some of the staff we're very professional and polite however do not expect a full care it is a quick fix and good bye treatment for it is an out patient facility. I am not sure how I feel about my cosmetic surgery so I plan to give my complete evaluation in December which is the complete 6 months recovery.

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