32yr Old Mother of 3 Ready to Take the Next Step - Miami, FL

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So I've been watching this site for almost 2yrs...

So I've been watching this site for almost 2yrs now, and I'm ready to start mapping out my new shape. I have one ps that I'm highly interested in (Dr Salama) but there's also a ps closer to me. At this point not sure what's realistic for my body type/structure. I have a natural" shelf" and I love my "cuff" kiss looking to project or as my username says" "round me out". I have no clue what the very first step is. Do I get consultations first to find out what's realistic? Lost on that part, and I know weight loss is a must for me I'm 5'5 245lbs, majority of my weight is my mid-section, breast and arms (in that order). I can normally take anything one throws at me but rt now I'm mentally, emotional, and physically drained so pls go easy with the criticism, I want honest opinions and observations not nasty rude hateful replies.

Wish Pics

Am I being realistic lol b4 children I was 145lbs soaking wet and at that time I was all books and hips, hips are wide and deceiving Lol gives the illusion that a lotta pass is in tow. #NOT! So I'm thinking MMO w/ BBL or TT w/BBL I dun know maybe Dr can help me decide. But one things for sure I wanna drop @least 60/70 lbs 1st!!!!!

Beautiful personality....

I get that A LOT! Im becoming more and more self conscious about my weight as the years go by. To meet me you wouldn't know that I'm sad about my size. "I clean up reeeeeeeeelll nice : -)
I wear 2-6 inch heels, wear bright colors (they match my personality and my skin undertone) and own the rm whenever/whenever I stroll in. But deep down this stomach nd butt are brining me down! I feel foreign in my own skin and I'm tried of guys approaching me as though I have low self-esteem and if they tell me I m pretty/gorgeous they have a chance...ugh

The thing about my weight...

As many would assume from looking at my pics I tend to over indulge, WRONG! Or that I frequently eat fatty, sugary foods, WRONG AGAIN! My issue is the exact total opposite, I don't eat enough, HA! And I actually eat pretty healthy when I do eat. I eat A LOT of salads (Italian, and vinegarettes for dressings)
I don't fry (hate grease popping on me) so all meats go in the oven with my favorite Ms Dash. I eat a lot of chicken and fish (tilapia, salmon) shrimp and crab legs, I also eat Turkey wings but that's about it for meats. I don't drink colas, ginger ale is my soda of choice. I drink teas (celestral teas) And juice (ocean spray cran-(anything) I down a lot of water too. So it's kind of hard for me to figure out on my own how to fix my problem???? I eat vegetables too can, but no salt or low sodium and I even rinse them. I've been told I need to eat more and bring in more calories because my body is literally running on E so I'm in starvation mode and need to get my body/metabolism out of that state...with this kind of diet issue it's hard because I only eat when I feel hungry which is maybe (big maybe) 2X a day. If anyone else has this issue NOT THE REVERSE can you please tell me how you overcame or are handling this issue

used the plastic surgery simulation and th s is what u wish for

Want my stomach in and my buffalo @$$ed out lol I think it's possible and I'm so game! Signed papers at the gym today. So I'm getting ready!
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