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Hi everyone, my name is kandy and I am 21 years...

Hi everyone, my name is kandy and I am 21 years old with no kids. I have been looking to get this surgery for a year now but now I have finally made up my mind to get it. I hope Dr.Hasan can give me the hour shape figure I am looking for. My surgery date is december 3rd 2015 and I am looking to share my experience with you all.


I am finally clear for my lab work. Everything came back good. Now I just have to pay off my remaining balance of $1500 because I am add an extra lipo of my arms.

My pre op pics

Wish pics

Weight and height

I am 5'3 and I weigh 153. I have always been small but after years of birth control I gained over 60 pounds and I managed to lose 49 pounds but then I got pregnant in June and gained some weight back. I had a miscarriage and ever since then I tried losing some of the weight I gained during that time but it was just so difficult and no matter how much weight I lose I just can't seem to get rid of my love handles or back fat or my belly fat. I am ready for this to be over and have the nice body I have always dreamed of

Pic from last weekend

I can't wait to wear this same exact outfit all over again after my sx. I felt so heavy and fat in it. Two piece are my favorite kinds outfit but I am so uncomfortable when I wear them because I have no ass do it makes my stomach look fatter then my ass. My body only looks okay in this two pieces because I wore spandex underneath the skirt so my side piece don't show as much. One of my biggest area to get rid off.

Count down

I have 28 more days and I am beyond excited. I am almost done buying everything I need. I am fully paid for my surgery and also my recovery house is paid for. I will be staying at Moni's recovery house.

Arm lipo/ labs

I am also getting my arms lipo. I don't know if I'll really need it but I guess I'll know once I meet with dr for pre op. I am getting my labs done today since I did them too early last month and they need to be done within the 3 weeks period before your surgery. Hopefully everything comes back good even thought everything was great the first time I did it. I just hope nothing have changed.

Pictures from this morning


I am staring to get really excited but also nervous. Four more days and I will be team big booty. Ugh I just can't wait to get this over with. Everything is pack and ready to go.

2 more days

I'll be flying out to Miami tomorrow morning. I am so excited but extremely nervous. Please rs sisters pray for me. Ugh the anxiety is just kicking in really hard. My flight is tomorrow at 6:30am so I have to wake up early. I have comforted everything with Moni I'll be staying at her recovery house. I just pray that everything goes well. P.S I got a great news today I got an interview next week Friday at a hospital I am so excited. Better job, better pay, and better body. Everything is going great in my life so far I pray that it continues like that

One more day

I am in philly right now on my way to Miami I'll be there at 2:30pm and then Moni will be picking me up and take me to Vanity because I still need to take a PT test over there. Talk to you dolls soon

Surgery 7:30am

My surgery is schedule for 7:30am tomorrow morning meaning I've to be at vanity exactly 7:30am. I am so excited but super nervous but I know with God all things are possible. I love Moni's recovery house. One of the girls here just got her bbl done yesterday with hasan too and she's also on rs. Please put me in your prayers doll and talk to you tomorrow.

Surgery time

It is time dolls. Pray for me everyone please. See you later dolls. Love you guys!

Than God

Thank you to you all for all the prayers and well wishes. I am doing great not too much pain. I thank God for everything and I am happy I got this over with. The surgery ain't no joke guys. I'll upload pics when I can, I have sleeping in bed all day but so far so good I look bomb through my Faja. Talk to you dolls soon and thanks for everything.

Blister or burnt?

I am day 3 post op and I can't type much because I am uncomfortable. Day one wasn't so bad I was sleeping in and out but day two I thought I was about to die, I was in the worst pain of my life so I couldn't get a massage or show but I made it to my follow up apportionment but the new girl didn't pull my garment all the way down she only checked my back and stomach and she tolde I was healing nicely but today when Moni got me up at 9:30am to get my first massage and shower when she pulled my garment down she saw the blister which had her worried. So we went straight to vanity after the massage and shower. When we got to vanity they had one of the cosmetic dr check to see what was going on and he said it seems like a burn from the garment being too tight which was the same thing Moni said. So they had me take off the garment until Monday when I come back to see hasan. They have me wearing the lipo foam and abandoned binder that Moni had to go get for me to keep the compression on the area he lipo but my butt is free out until Monday when I go back for another follow op. The dr said its not an emergency and that it happens but I am freaking out. Pls help guys

Some post op pics

Pictures don't do no justices at all my butt of way bigger in person. When I measure it today after getting a massage and taking a shower it was 43 inches but I haven't measured my waist due to the swelling. You can't see the blister under my butt but the dr will be popping it tomorrow morning when I go for my last post op appointment.

Post op pics

Some more pics

12 days post op

Miami Physician

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