Looking for a good Dr. in the Dominican Republic to do my round 2 BBL

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I have not had my surgery yet with Dr.Osak...

I have not had my surgery yet with Dr.Osak Omulepul.So far the staff has been great with getting back with me.I love Marget over at Vanity she is a 50 year old women full of life. I nerves and hope I get the body I want or looking for.If any one has pictures of theirs please share,I want to know I'm going with the wright Dr.

The ugly naked truth!

Hey Dolls I don't know if I told you but I'm 30 with 3 kids and its time for this body to go. I hate my stomach, my arms and my hips they are box shape are something. I'm 5'3 160 pounds I lost 25 pounds so I feel a little bit better.I will post pictures of myself dressed up.I clean up very nice,and I always wear abody gridle under my cloths, I'm sick of that I cant wait to feel pretty naked.I will post a picture with me in it so y'all can see it its the boom! I will be booking the RH tomorrow for 1700 its 7 days 6 nights,have anybody stayed their if so how was it.I can't believe I'm just 6 fays away OMG!

Ugly truth

I don't know why this didn't upload with my review. I hope it post this time

Ugly Truth

Ok as you can see my ass look like a box with dimples I hate it! My stomach skin is is long and lose. I hope Dr.O can save this.I hate beening naked.I'm about to post some wish pictures on how I would like to look.

Wish Pictures

Ok Dolls all of these ladies had the BBL did.They look so good cause they are young with no kids.I know I'm supposed to be realistic right,well I look like this with my cloths and gridle on I will post pictures tomorrow to show you.Yes my gridles are just that cold.So I hope surgery can do what my gridle do when I'm naked. Please any feed back is welcome.I have no 1 else to share this with but my boyfriend,and he just agree with what ever the hell I say. I need someone else to talk about this to that want judge me.I will be posting everything about my journey to help the next Doll out.6 days down ladies I think I will start buying what I need tomorrow for my trip cause I have nothing at all!

Just Can't Sleep!

I'm about to try to get off this site for to night.I been stalking it for 3 days now.I'm sleepy but when I sleep all I dream about is azz I'm terrified that its not gone look right...Lol..But I'm about to go to bed,I got shopping to do for my bbl I need to make sure I get every thing.My boyfriend will be coming with me and we will be staying at the recovery house for 7 days 6 nightsnights for $1700.They will pick us up from the air port take me to all my appointments and back to the air port when it is time to leave.They will supply my garment and all I need after my bbl meds,Lipo board, foam,meals etc...If anyone has stayed at the recovery house please share your experience with me.Well I will update you dolls tomorrow and post pictures! Night

BBL inside a bridle.lol

Goodmoring Dolls I just wanted to share pictures with y'all on how I look in my gridle. I have so many of these things I love them.I never leave the house with out it.It snatch my waist and lift and round my butt.I have booty but over the years its wideing out.But I kind of figer I will be shape something like this with the BBL.I hope so,any way ladies that haven't had the BBL yet you can get this gridle from target for $40 it's called assest.Its very tight but comfortable it comes all the way down to right above the knees and all the way up the back.I wear large that look like a small on the rack..lol...I'm still thinking about wearing it after the surgery ,just until I get better thow.Oh yeah target is the only place that sale them beside eBay! You can also get them in boy shorts but if it don't say assests in the inside it want get the job done.

5 days to go!

Well I finally paid my money for the RH,now just waiting to hear back from them to let them know what time I fly in..My coordinator told me since I'm coming with my boyfriend she gone see if the girls at the RH house can get us in a room instead,I surely hope they can.Do any of y'all have the list on what I need to be buying.For some reason I done deleted the email.Please let me know I really need to be shopping and packing this weekend.And at the RH do I bring my on food or do they go shopping for you.Thanks Dolls in advance


What is a boppy pillow and why do I need it.Where can I get 1 at and how much are they?


Do any body know a website I can get a bbl pillow and garments.Thanks in advance!

Give me some feed back Dolls!

Do yall think I may need a tummy tuck? I really hope he don't say I do.And my butt I hope them damn dimples go away in my butt do yall think it will.I got what,like 3 more days I'm so ready I think.

Surgery @ 6:30am

Well I have been in Miami since 9am this morning. I went to Vanity and was there for hours! But boy let me tell you I have never seen nothing like this in my life.Every where you look is a cosmetic surgery building on the corner.I seen so many girls in Vantiy that had gotten the bbl.And yes they all looked good. They where looking at me asking me have I did it,I was like no they where shock they said you already got booty..lol..But its my gridle I never go anywhere with out it! Anyway I go for my surgery in the morning at 6:30am.So I'm gone give my bf some all night so he can shut the hell up.I will let yall know the details tomorrow on my sx!


Omg,I'm on my way and I'm scared as hell! I feel like I'm about to shit my self! OMFG! I CANT BELIEVE IM DOING THIS!


I been here since 6am and still haven't had my sx.I'm thinking my labs came back yesterday and they haven't came! On top of that I'm hungry and thristy ass hell.I pray my iron is not low,if so Dr.O will not do the surgery. If I could just eat something I will be alright!

Finally Prep

Ok yall I'm finally naked and prep! Dr.O is so sweet and gentle. I told him what I wanted and he was like yeap I can make that happen...lol.. He told me he will get me in a hour.But he listens and I love that.I told him I want a flat stomach and hips and I don't want a shelf booty,he was like ok let me write this down! For some reason I thought he was gonna be fat but he is not.I meet some more realself girls that was really cool.But I will keep yall posted got to go!


Hey Ladies I feel horrible, here are some pics. I can't really take good pics right now. I'm stuffed with all kinds of stuff. I woke up crying because I didn't know where I was. This shit hurts like hell. As soon as I'm able to take some naked pics, I will...and I hate lying on my stomach. I'll check back in after I sip soup, drink Gatorade and rest. The doc said I have a lot of loose skin and I need to wear the board for at least to weeks. I brought my boyfriend with me. He was a great help. He never said "eewww" or anything. He's handled my blood, pee and vomit. But he did say "look at those hips". Lol I'm waiting for my pain meds at 10:30. Also, there's pain at the top of my butt, but not at the bottom. Did he do anything to my butt at the bottom?


Don't know why they didn't post.

pissed off

I wanted my arms did but Dr.O wouldn't do it.And I'm glad he didn't cause I need these bad boys to help hold this ass up! But anyway he told me to get my money back.I called Vanity and told them and they gone tell me 3 or 4 weeks I'm like I gave it to you in cash why you can't give it back to me in cash I need my money.They go on to say a bunch of bullshit.Have anybody had this problem I would like to buy a few extra things I need with that money while I'm here.

Ready for this pain to be over

Im so ready to get back to normal,how long does it take ladies to start back walking without getting weak and throwing up.Plus my face is swollen from laying on my stomach all day.I'm nervous about the plan ride Tuesday I know its gone hurt to sit down...smdh

before &after

Hey ladies her are some before and after pictures. I am happy with my back. My stomach have a lot of lose skin I will keep wearing my foam and Lipo board,and when my skin is not so sentive I will wear my waist trainer.I took a shower today my bf cleaned me so damn good I feel so much better.I have had two massages and I threw up and got light head each time,only when they mess with my stomach thow.My appetite still haven't came back I been eating soup and pineapples and I don't want that.I'm hating these drains so bad I hope he take them out before I leave. I take my pain meds every 4 hours just so I can sleep.My face is swollen look Like I been hit with a bat.I'm sorry for being all over the place I'm just tired.Let me know what you think I will be posting more pictures as time goes by.

Need some advice

Hey Dolls do my butt look square to you,will it change over time.And is it another way to sleep,my neck and head hurts so bad sleeping on my stomach and my arms go to sleep.I'm on my way to my thrid massage and I hate them they hurt so bad,but I do feel better when they do.I took some pictures so y'all can tell me if I'm tripping but my ass look square to me.Damn I hope it rounds out.I tried sitting backwards on the toilet cause I thought I had to BM but I haven't had 1 yet.And my legs went to sleep..lol

do my butt look square

Don't know why they didn't post


Ok Dolls I went for my massage and flow up today.I find out that that extra skin I have is full with fluid,meaning when it drain it will go down and tighten up over time with the Lipo board and foam.I was happy about that so I may not have to get a TT after all but we will see I keep my garment on and it will round me out as I drop and the swelling goes down.I have to go home tomorrow with the drains so I'm very sad about that, I want them things out.I want to thank all of yall for being so honest,I'm glad I can come here and vent to y'all.Y'all are truly a blessing to be able to talk to ladies that know what you are going threw and how you are feeling means a lot to me.I will continue to post my journey it might help some one else like y'all have help me.Any way I'm gone try to go to the beach since its our last day here I hope my ass keep calm till we get back... Lol


On the way to the beach thought I would post some pictures. I'm riding in the back seat of a small car on my stomach lord I hope we get here fast cause he can't drive..lol

I need you guys help!:(

Feel like shit I have finally made it home and let me tell you walking in the airport trying to find your gate is no punk!I was at Vanity from 11:30 till about 5 yesterday so believe I was tired lady. Dr.O had to drian me and I passed out of course, I was filled with liquid and I dont know why I got a massage everyday after surgery. So I had to come home with the drains.The plain ride I hated it.I had to sit the whole time and it was so not right.The ride home was worse 3 hours in the bAck seat.So I woke up feeling like day 1 in pain bad.Anyway has any had their hips done with their bbl please let me know I feel and look like a hot air balloon I'm so scared it want go down,please anybody tell me I want be stuck like this.He took 4 liters of fat and put 2000cc in each butt cheek.I was like dang really.I just don't see it, all I see is hips.But anyway please share about your hips cause I'm not feeling this.


My bf did my massage today and it felt so good.Ladies can you tell me why I have so much fluid on me.Dr.O had to drain me yesterday and today I'm full again.I think I'm gone start doing a massage twice a day,cause this fluid shit hurts.I post pics please give feed back tell me what y'all think.I'm still sore as hell.And oh yeah I left my $120 garment and 1 of my foams at the room I thought I packed everything. Now I'm down to 1 garment can anyone tell me where I can get these things cheap,like what website. Thanks!

Pics from my massage

This site be tripping! Anyway pics from my last post that didn't post.


This site is really tripping! Let me try to post these again!

Need help removing these drains!

Can anybody walk me threw taking these drains out.They're empty for some reason I'm not draining but I have fluid on me.But I'm gone try to take them out myself ,have anyone took them out their self before. Is it hard? Does it it hurt?


Dr.O said if I go 48 hrs with the drains below 25cc I can remove them.So I remove them last night.I'm not understanding thow why I'm not draing and I'm full of fluid. Im gone have to call to see what to do to get this fluid off of me cause it hursts.But I'm posting some pictures to show y'all!

Need y'all help!

Can somebody please tell me how can I drain this fluid out of my abdominal myself! It was a girl on here saying she did hers herself.I just can't remember her name.The E.R. want do it.So if I can do it myself please tell me how.I saw Dr.O do it but don't remember the size of the needle are syringe.This fluid got's to go!

My feelings is hurt: (

Well I'm so upset I can cry! I went to see a surgeon today and I was told that I have so much fluid on my stomach that I needed drains again.So I go tomorrow to get drains for a week.I have to pay $600 dollars not bad but is a lot when you don't have it.I already feel bad for getting the bbl done cause I have kids,now this. I can't even enjoy my results cause of this damn fluid build up!But anyway I will keep y'all posted.

Thanks Dolls for being so supportive

Hey Dolls,I want to thank y'all so much for your kind words in your support.You really don't know how much that means to me.I have really been so down about all this extra fluid build up I have.But I go get the drains put back in tomorrow,I'm just gone stay positive and not let this minor set back upset me.But so far I haven't lost any fat it is soft at the bottom and hard at the top still.My hips do hurt some he did give me a lot of them, pictures are not good enough I'm gone have to do a video to show you....lol.I haven't tried on any clothes yet due to the fluid on my stomach I can't stand nothing to touch it but my garment and foam.What I hate the most is sleeping on my stomach I can't sleep on my sides cause I don't want to kill the fat in my hips...lol! I have been sitting a little here and their but not long cause its unconformable. But any way tell me what you think.And do you think when the fluid is all gone will my stomach be flatter?

Hey Dolls

Hey dolls I went and got my drains today,I was woke and it hurted yes it did.But I had so much fluid it went everywhere and I feel better.I keep them in for a week to make sure I heel.What I didn't like about it I had to lay on my back so that mean I was on my booty and I didn't like that 1 bit....lol.... But here is some pictures before I went to the Dr.I wanted to see how I looked in a dress with out the garment.I'm so ready for summer!

Feeling better

Hey dolls I got my drains out and I'm so happy now I can go on with my life..lol...OK let me start off by saying I'm still sore and stiff and having this surgery is worst then labor! But I'm happy with my results and I pray I keep all he gave me.I'm rounding out nicely I must say.I'm still hard in some places thow.My stomach hurts the worst I'm swollen and it hard places here and their.I wear my foam Lipo board and rap all day and night I sleep in it.I want a flat stomach so its a must.I wear my garment 90% of the time every now and then I sleep with out it.I'm also sitting more cause I have to,but its not that bad.I'm just so ready to get past all this healing to see my final results.I was so scared I was gone look square but I don't. I never showed Dr.O my wish pictures,I just said I want hips please don't give me a shelf and make it look natural big but not too big....lol...And he did that. My advice to all the ladies that will be going threw this is don't get upset on how you look when you come out of surgery. Cause you not gone like it at all,but as time move on things will fall in place. Any way I'm ready for the next few months, I can't wait to get back in the gym tone my legs and arms and get a six pack. I will keep you all posted as I heal!

Garment pictures

I just feel like sharing ladies.I'm so sick of laying on my stomach I can just vomit! And to think I got another month of it just make me want to cry! But anyway my birthday is next month and I have already ordered my dresses I can't wait to get them.It feel so good to order or pick out something that I know I'm gone look good in.I just hope I don't lose anything I'm so ready to completely fluff out. My measurements are 30 waist and 47 hips/butt that's crazy but its those hips I know it is.I would Like my waist smaller so I wear a tight thin waist trainer inside my garment since its to big now. I'm still sore and itch like crazy.I posted pictures in my garment since that's all I wear now.I haven't been out and no 1 has seen me so I don't wear cloths.But as soon as my skin stop hurting trust and believe I will be out in about.Ladies when is a good time to start having sex again cause my ole man is on it all he see is ass and he wants it.I don't know how much longer I can keep him off me..lol...I will keep you dolls posted on my results as I heal TTYL!

Up Date

Hey Dolls I got out today had a nice time but I'm stiff as hell now. My skin on my stomach is so tight and sore,I be so glad when that is back to normal. I went to the park today to eat and hang out and let me tell you baby all eyes where on me.It was to funny.Here is a few pictures I took today with out the garment on.But I was so glad to get home and put it back on,its like my safe Haven I love this garment. Lol....I be so glad when I'm back at a 100%


Well today is a month for me and recovery has been a bitch! But anyway my butt is soft and yes I sit on it all the time.I'm still sore in my stomach and back every morning I'm as stiff as hell.OK I love my shape but I hate my stomach its not as flat as I wanted it.My top is but my bottom stomach is not,I'm hopeing when I start back to workout I can get it like I want to now that the fat is out.I have mad stretch marks that I didn't know was their before the Lipo,and I mean they are mad. They all at the bottom of my stomach so I'm glad about that, cause I can hide them well.I need to find some kind of fade cream to get rid of all these surgery marks. Other then that im doing good and looking good.


Hey dolls just dropping in to let you know how I'm doing.Yes I am covering my stomach cause I hate the stretch marks.And I don't want to discourage any ladies from going threw the bbl.I will start off by saying I do love my shape, I think I look almost like my wish pictures.Dr.O gave me a big ass guys I can't go anywhere with out white black blue green people staring are telling me how good I look. Like I can put on anything and look good.The attention is uncomfortable thow I must add it will take some getting used to.My family be like damn girl you bad ass hell look how your booty sitting up....lmao....My boyfriend tell me all the time I look like a goddesses don't make me f*** you up.I been eating so bad guys like any and everything cause I don't want to lose any fat.I will start Monday on eating more healthy and working out cause I want a small waste.OK let's get to what I don't like,I really don't like my Lipo on my stomach its lumps and pumps and I can't be out of my waist trainer no more then 30 min and it feels like I'm feeling up every where.My back my sides it just hurt so bad until I put my trainer back on.I went out the other night and was unhappy cause my skin hurt so bad with out the trainer. But if I could do another round of Lipo I would...lol....But I will try my luck in the gym.My booty is all the way soft I sit on it all the time but I sleep on my stomach still. I made myself a Lipo board two days ago I will keep yall posted if it works on getting these lumps off my stomach.I like it better then the 1 vanity gave me. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Pictures that didnt post

I got this garment from vanity for 60$ and I love it.I don't know the name of it ladies but this garment is my sister....lol


Hey Doll's I'm just checking in to let you know how I'm doing.I been good I'm 100% soft now I sit on my but all the time no more pillows for me.I don't sit for over a hour thow cause it gets uncomfortable. I still sleep on my stomach it hurts when I try to sleep on my back.I was out of my garment for Like a week and I felt fine but I started back wearing last night.Now I wear my waist trainer 90% of the time because it hurts so bad when I'm out of it. I was 47 inches hips and butt and when swelling went down im Now 45 1/2 inches. I pray I dont lose anymore.I been eating very bad but I plan on eating better and working out next week so I can tone up.The attention is crazy y'all I can't go any where with out people looking,women coming up to me asking how I get my figure like this.My family like damn girl can I just sit on it...lmao! The pictures do my ass no justice Dr.O gave me a big big ass..lol.....Any way just ready to hit the gym and get this body right! I love the fact I can almost wear any thing ..the only thing stoping me is this truck load sometimes..lol....And oh yeah it will be 2 months June 30th since I had my bbl I will keep y'all posted on my results I pray I keep what I got,I would hate to do this again! Any questions feel free to ask me.


Just a few pictures. Everything is going ok with the healing but I'm getting dimples in my butt checks and I don't like that.So I will be changing the way I eat for real, I can't go back from where I came from So I think I will do the military diet I will let y'all know how that works.


Well I have finally started working out cause I have gained some weight. Plus I want to get toned up a little. Everything is OK I still hurt from time to time from the Lipo. I got to work out hard I have dimples in my butt that I don't like so no 2 piece for me I don't know where the hell they came from. But any way I will post again when I hit 2months June 30th.

Small video

I hope this video post.

Round 2 in March or April of 2016

I will be going for a round 2 next year durning income tax time. I have Lost volume my stomach have lumps for some reason I see fat in my bra area I have more fat at the top then I do at the bottom and I don't like that. I will be going to Dr.Hansan because I love,love his work.He is a pro at snatching your waist I will see if he can remove the fat at the top of my butt and give me more volume at the bottom. Dr O did a good job so its not his fault my results didnt stay but I will not go back to him. I will post pictures later this week I really want a flat stomach more then I want anything else ladies.I'm not being a bitch I just want to look good in a two piece and out of my cloths and these lumps just want allow it. My sister told me to day sister your ass look like a regular ass you lost volume. And I don't want a regular ass I want a big ass with a small waste. So I will be contacting Vanity in the A.M to see how much Hanson cost and I also want my arms did, that Dr.O wouldn't do and I still haven't gotten my money back from that. I will be getting a round 2 I pray nothing stop me from doing it again.

smdh What a nightmare!

Well I'm 11 weeks pregnant yes 11 weeks,I can't beleave it. I already have 3 kids and my baby is 14 years old.The baby is due in February! I'm just in shock my money is gone down the hole. I will be fat again.:(... I was trying to be safe with sex and take my birth control this damn man of mine just couldn't wait till I healed up before he got some.Damn why do men have puzzy on their mind all time.I'm just upset I don't want to start all over with a baby. I have thought about getting rid of it but I don't have $1000 dollars right now and by the I do I will be to far alone. Im gone try to get a trainer and eat right and workout while I'm pregnant I just can't go back to where I came from,Today make 3 months since I had the bbl done.I will keep y'all posted.


I'm 14 weeks pregnant today.I still have pain in my back real bad and my butt still hurts everyday, really hurts when I sleep on my back. I hope it stops soon.

Going for round 2 with the BBL

I will be going for round 2 this time I'm going to the Dominican Republic. Do anyone know a good Dr. over there. Anyway I have had my baby and gained weight and I want my butt did smaller in a heart shape with a snatch waist. Where are my Dominican Republic dolls at?

Dr.O is sweet and honest and straight to the point.I told him what I wanted and he delivered.How ever I wish he would do a phone follow up just to check on his patients. But he is a busy man.But I'm loving my results.

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