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So I finally started my blog today. I am 29 years...

So I finally started my blog today. I am 29 years 5 feet 4 inches and I currently weigh 127 pounds. Most of my fat is concentrated in my upper body, I have a flat butt and it just seems like older i get the flatter my butt becomes. At this rate I will probably be left with 2 flat pancakes in a couple of years so I had to do something. I have always ways wanted to have this procedure done but I began actively searching at the beginning of this year.I was looking at Dr Salama and Dr Campos because they seemed to be popular at the time. Dr Campos gave me a quote of $5400 for lipo of the whole back, belly and arms and fat transfer to the butt and hips and Dr Salama quoted me $8900 and recommended that I gained 5-10pounds (I was 123pound at the time). Although Dr Campos was cheaper I struck him out because I was worried about traveling alone out of the US to have a procedure done. I also read a lot of reviews about Dr Salamas lipo not being aggressive enough and people having to go in for a second round, I started looking again and found Dr Perry. I e-mailed him late march and after a series of calls and emails he finally gave me a quote of $8400 two months later, he also thought my weight was okay and advised against gaining weight.I started leaning towards Dr Perry and after stalking Dr Perrys patients blog for one more month, reading their reviews and looking at their photos I finally made my decision to go with him. I made my deposit and I shall be having my surgery on October 2nd. I will be traveling alone, my family is not in the US, and my friends are all busy with work, besides I haven't told any one about my surgery yet and I don't know if I will. If you would be having surgery at around the same time and would like us to get together, please let me know.

Less Than a Month to get my Dream Body

I bought my air ticket to Miami , I am such a big procrastinator and I felt like if I didn't do it I was going to change my mind. So now I am committed, there is no going back for me. I also spoke with Miriam, I am going to be staying with her for 3 days after surgery and thereafter move in to a hotel. I am taking 2 weeks from work, I hope thats enough time for me to heal, we have the option of a regular desk and one that can be raised, I currently use the regular one but I am hoping to tell them am getting surgery and request for the one that can be raised so that I can just stand until I am fully recovered.I am also hoping this trip doubles as some sort of vacation, I can't travel all the way to Miami for the first time and not get to see some sights. Hey Perry dolls, were you able to step out of your hotel rooms and do some sight seeing?

Found a Massage Therapist

I found a massage therapist about 10 minutes from my house, she does lymphatic massages. She charges $75 dollars per hour, I think I am going to be using her when I get back. I don't know how many sessions I will be getting or how long each session will last, she told me it depends on what my recovery process is like. I feel so unprepared for this surgery,I haven't done anything and I have 2.5 weeks to go. I am hoping to buy everything I need this weekend and get my hotel accommodation sorted out.

Medical Clearance Tomorrow

I am going for my medical clearance tomorrow. I list includes blood work and ekg and my insurance won cover the cost. I checked on line for ekg costs in my city and it starts at 1500 dollars and goes up, I was really worried because that was way beyond my budget and most of the girls on RS got theirs for less than 200 dollars.I resigned myself to doing it in Miami before my surgery and I called Norma to told her, she advised me against it. So I started searching again, I checked online for prices in the biggest city closest to me (which is 20mins away) and voila, I found a place for $155, I even get a $10 discount if I pay cash. I am so happy, got to save some cash where can. If you live in a small town and can't find a cheap place check in the biggest city around you.
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